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Medicide. Graphene Oxide Dotted with Lithium Becomes a Superconductor. UKC News 30th June

Added Benjamin Fulford's newsletter and Mr Makow on the graphene

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a Glutathione precursor. The vid 'COVID19 is caused by Graphene Oxide' recommends it to neutralise the graphene oxide. NAC is readily available in health food supplement shops and online retailers. Get some before the scum outlaw it. If enough people get cleaned, it would leave Musk's AI all dressed up with nowhere to go and the whole plandemic project and its nonsense an entire waste of time. In my opinion. Just the prosecutions left to sort out. I wish the legal profession would get its act together. Do we really need to wait for the international "Nuremberg 2" team to perform?
(I know Namaste has been involved in the international exercise, any possibility something could be established in Britain?)
Graphene Oxide Dotted with Lithium Becomes a Superconductor
I haven't had enough time to go digging through papers but I strongly suspect that this is the source of the magnetism introduced by vaxecution injections. Perhaps the presence of lithium in the graphene lattice constitutes a battery or a capacitor/condenser. A self-powered electromagnet.
Taken together, the harm graphene oxide provokes with that of lithium and I think it reasonable to assume all that is conveyed in the video claiming graphene oxide is SARSCOV2 (COVID19) is justified.
That leads me to ask whether (HIV?) spike proteins are a problem or is that story a blind alley to distract from the actual pathogen, the graphene-lithium lattice?
How about this idea. The graphene oxide readily coats virtually any surface. If it coats exosomes, even undoctored, would the graphene form a blanket over the spike protein thereby making it less easily detatched so leading to cell damage? If so, is it going to cause continuous damage in all that get the artificial GOLi pathogen? Just another 5 star Musk - NWO SNAFU by all appearances.

This article includes the analysis performed on the swabs used in the fake PCR tests demonstrating the presence of lithium.
DARPA; COVID Shot & Test Swabs – The Pineal Gland and Faith
May 19, 2021 by YNightingale
It seems the more you research the creepier it gets. In fact, the creepiness factor in the world has got to be at an all time high, probably comparable to Noah’s day.
The “Truth” community is aware that the various poisons being encountered in the air, food, water and vaccines all have one affect in common, and that’s the destruction of the pineal gland. From Fluoride to Aluminum, Mercury and Lithium, the assault has been going on for decades. Considered a “vestigial” organ, meaning that it has “lost some or all of the ancestral function in a given species” (thank you Charles Darwin), the Pineal Gland is essential for all higher brain functions and produces Serotonin (happiness hormone).
Conversely, the Pineal Gland is stimulated by entheogens, which is an interesting study; On the one hand we have the satanic elite poisons killing the Pineal Gland and MSM pouring out a steady stream of FEAR (the opposite of both happiness and faith). While on the other we have the (also satanic/occult) New Age “Truth” community referring to the Pineal Gland (depicted as a pine cone) as the “seat of the soul” and aspiring to “awaken” it, embracing entheogens to help them “ascend” to higher levels of Consciousness.
What’s in DARPA’s Hydrogel?
An analysis was performed on COVID test swabs in an unnamed hospital laboratory in Bratislava, Slovakia.
“Lithium is an element (Li) that does not occur naturally in humans. It is highly toxic to the influence of the pineal gland. In low doses it blocks the pineal gland and in higher doses it can completely destroy it.” source
“Darpa Hydrogel and lithium block and destroy the pineal gland and cause the thinking person to become a controllable biorobot. A hydrogel is a carrier of an active substance, its task is to get the substance into the body at a pre-desired place.
Briefly on the issue of vaccines. Vaccines contain Darpa Hydrogel, lithium and patented genetic information. mRNA is not an untested novelty. In breeding and for top athletes, this type has been using doping for many years. For top athletes 4), this doping significantly shortens the life. Genetic information in the vaccine leads to the creation of a patented mutant. The dream of the dark forces around Bill Gates is to achieve to force these mutants, for example by vaccination, to regularly upgrade as a computer program.
Darpa Hydrogel hollow nylon fibers fill the FFP2 class plastic respirators. This Darpa Hydrogel with additives is slowly released from the respirators. When breathing, it enters the human airways.
The swabs used for PCR are also composed of hollow nylon fibers with Darpa Hydrogel. (source)
In other words: That is NO Q-Tip! PCR test swabs are NOT made out of cotton but hollow nylon fibers. And hollow things can be filled with stuff, right?
It does make sense, however, for efficient
Lithium delivery – placing it where it will do the most damage. And here’s a fun fact – Lithium overdose symptoms also match the shakes and convulsions seen in many vaccinated.

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein interactions with amyloidogenic proteins: Potential clues to neurodegeneration
Danish Idrees, Vijay Kumar
The post-infection of COVID-19 includes a myriad of neurologic symptoms including neurodegeneration. Protein aggregation in brain can be considered as one of the important reasons behind the neurodegeneration. SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 protein receptor binding domain (SARS-CoV-2 S1 RBD) binds to heparin and heparin binding proteins. Moreover, heparin binding accelerates the aggregation of the pathological amyloid proteins present in the brain. In this paper, we have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 S1 RBD binds to a number of aggregation-prone, heparin binding proteins including Aβ, α-synuclein, tau, prion, and TDP-43 RRM. These interactions suggests that the heparin-binding site on the S1 protein might assist the binding of amyloid proteins to the viral surface and thus could initiate aggregation of these proteins and finally leads to neurodegeneration in brain. The results will help us to prevent future outcomes of neurodegeneration by targeting this binding and aggregation process.
Captap mscir under one of Clif's posts at Bitchute

(Are you an incompetent propagandist with no love for your country? The BBC has a place for you.)

Britain lifts its little finger. Huge London Anti Lockdown - Anti Vaccine Protests edition, 2 hours. Huge thanks to the protestors and the team.
UK Column News - 30th June 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

00:31 - Vaccine CFR is Higher than Unvaccinated CFR

Mail Article: -
PHE Report: -

10:09 - UK Genomics Industry

Gov Press Release 01: -
Gov Press Release 02: -
Web-RADR -

17:13 - Menstrual Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Times Article: -
UKC Yellow Card: -

22:53 - Adverse Reactions Vary According To European Culture

EudraVigilance: -
ECDC COVID 19 Tracker: -

33:51 - Frightening People?

Mail Article: -

34:47 - London Pro-Freedom Pro-Medical Choice March Through The Lens of BBC Fake News

BBC Article: -
Frankie McCamley Tweet: -
UK Column Response: -
Aerial March Footage: -
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01:05:39 - Vaccine Conditional Freedom

Bob Moran tweet: -
Examiner Article: -
NZH Article: -

01:10:19 - Lisbon Court Rules 0.9% Of Alleged Covid 19 Mortality

AFD Article: -
Lisbon Ruling: -
Marc Van der Vegt Tweet: -
Benny tweet: -

01:16:55 - WHO Chief Faces Legal Action In India

NBF Article: -
IBA Case: -
TP Article: -

01:21:04 - Children Sent Home After Faking Tests?

TL Article: -
USA Today Fact Check: -

01:25:00 - Scottish Children Radicalisation Assumed Based Upon Nothing At All

ES Briefing: -

01:29:58 - Avaaz Define Disinformation, Don't Laugh!

Avaaz Report: -

01:31:12 - BIS CBDC Is Fantastic Honest!

BIS Tweet: -
BIS Article: -

01:34:38 - MoD Documents "Found" By the BBC As Lunatics Play War Games

BBC Article: -
DW Article: -
SCMP Article: -
Times Article: -
Kelin Statement: -
Lavrov Statement: -

01:48:13 - Is this The End Of The Case Against Assange

Snowden Tweet: -
Stundin Article: -

01:49:10 - Florida Building Collapse

ABC Article: -
Engineering Report: -

01:54:30 - Thumbs Down For GB News

Tom Harwood Tweet: -

01:55:16 - One Britain One Nation Song

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Imagine if UKC featured Bill and Ben, Four Feather Falls and the first season of Coronation St., it would be just like BBC when it was real.

Mike, if you look in, there's some info about the Florida collapse about half way down Fulford report, more in the comments at the Fulford source page.

Why does this sound to me like a plan B proto world government lead-in? Have any of the criminals listed at Round-Op Alpha been arrested or will they be part of the new world government dictatorship?
Will anything happen to the Guelphs or Wettins or do they remain untouchable?
The whole thing is developing a distinct cowshed scratch and sniff ambience.
Benjamin, "and a partridge in a pear tree,"  where's the fusion energy, the miracle med beds? Give us them and keep the flying saucers.

Fulford full newsletter 6/28: "As Victory Nears White Hats Plan Yalta Type Conference"
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 1-Jul-2021 14:14:08

Source, with comment section:

June 28, 2021
As Victory Nears White Hats Plan Yalta Type Conference
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 607 Comments
Victory in the battle for Planet Earth is now within the grasp of the White Hats. For that reason, a Yalta-type conference is being planned for this autumn to determine exactly how to manage the transition to a new age, according to multiple sources involved. Participants in the conference will include representatives from the Dragon Family, from the Hongmen, from the British Commonwealth, from Russia, and from the P3 Freemasons who control the Vatican. Mossad and the Pentagon are also welcome to send representatives if they wish, according to the sources.

During the summer, government agencies will be encouraged to run simulations of a jubilee-type event that would be used to start the new age. The goal would be to make sure that as a result of the jubilee, humans would have ownership rights to their current residence. Landlords would also be given compensation equivalent to their current rental income. There would also be a redistribution of assets stolen from the people via central bank fiat fraud, especially since the gold standard was dropped in the early 1970s. This is intended as a one-off reboot and not some new form of socialism.

Also to be discussed will be a complete reform of existing institutions including the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS, the UN, the International Criminal Court, etc. An agreement has also been reached to finance the creation of a world future planning organization with an annual budget ranging in trillions of dollars.

An ultimatum was given via the UN Security Council to the WHO, the Rockefellers, and Rothschilds to stop their depopulation vaccination campaign or their headquarters in Geneva would be vaporized in a flash. The world has awakened to their Satanic genocide plan.

Another target is the Pirbright Institute in Woking, England headed by Alex Younger and Richard Moore. In addition, the Biden Residency shooting locations in Palo Alto California, Atlanta Georgia, New York City, and Amazon corporate headquarters will all be destroyed if this satanic political theater doesn’t get canceled.

Also, in addition to the death warrant issued against David Rockefeller Jr., another one has been issued for…

Mark “adrenochrome baby” Zuckerberg, which has Jen Psaki worried as well.

Furthermore, U.S. Military Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley and murderous former CIA Director Michael Hayden have been identified as traitors after it was discovered they had secret Rockefeller-funded bribery accounts at Deutsche Bank and the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Overall, the police in various Western countries have been ordered by the military to stop protecting their governments since they have all been compromised, MI6 sources say.

There are many publicly visible signs that this is the real deal. In the UK, chief Covid fear porn propagandist and “Health Minister” Matt Hancock was fired following the leak of documents that he was planning a permanent fascist “lockdown.” This made palace officials “apoplectic” and led to military intervention to end the illegal medical martial law in the UK.

Corporate media are saying Hancock “resigned,” because of “inappropriate personal behavior.”

The Italian P3 Freemasons for their part have distributed leaked Rockefeller controlled World Bank Documents that call for the ongoing fake pandemic campaign to continue until 2025. Any talk of a “delta variant,” for example, is just part of this script.

In the U.S. meanwhile, clinical scientists and immunologist-virologists from seven universities including Stanford, Cornell, and the University of California are suing the CDC for massive fraud. That is because the scientists, using the latest technology, could not find Covid-19 in even one of 1,500 samples of people who were “confirmed as infected” when they “tested positive.”

ALL the “positive” people were simply found to have Influenza A and to a lesser extent Influenza B. The scientists all asked the CDC for viable samples of Covid-19 and were told that well… actually they don’t have any samples.

In Canada, Chief Public Health Officer Teresa Tam has been outed as a cross-dressing Chinese communist agent.

Tam is one of the chief engineers of the attempted medical totalitarian take-over of Canada that communist Manchurian Agent Justin Castro tried to engineer. The Canadian military has been ordered to end the entire medical fascist project in Canada.

Russian FSB sources for their part say:
“We will act silently, without displaying our actions and purposes to push out the corrupt pharma and fake test companies and to completely redo the old ways of health care so that medicine will once again focus on prevention and a rediscovery of the power of nature. This program will focus on protection from information viruses [like Covid-19] and train minds not to bend to any infodemia, manipulation, etc.”

We can also confirm the Khazarian Mafia has lost control of Indonesia following the execution of the Dutch Royal Family and their top Indonesian proxy; a person known as Fetullah. This can be confirmed publicly by the fact Indonesia has announced their currency, the Rupiah, will be backed by gold just like Russia, China, and India, according to CIA sources.

The following news item, “Indonesia, home to one of the world’s largest gold mines, plans to set up a bullion bank to spur trading of the precious metal domestically,” backs up what this source is saying.

Readers of this newsletter know that Epstein was a double agent who is now under witness protection.
[Yeah.Let's see what they come up with for Obama. Cc]

Of course, the Khazarian Mafia is fighting back hard. The widely reported “building collapse” controlled demolition in Florida is an example. McAfee tweeted on June 8th that “if anything ever happens to me please note that the 31TB of files I have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th street and Collins Avenue just North of Miami Beach.” This is the Address of the collapsed condo.
Khazarian agent, Demoncrat Mayor Cava immediately declared a “Level 5” mass casualty event— this requires over 1,000 victims and the overwhelming need of regional resources — neither of which is true. However, this allowed fake President Biden to declare a national emergency and place everything collapse-related under his direct control, according to naval intelligence sources.
CIA sources for their part say the First Lady and Family of Paraguay were in the building and are still missing. Paraguay is days away from making bitcoin the official national currency. In other words, it was a fiat banker hit job.

There have also been yet again multiple attempts to start a nuclear Armageddon by the messianic fanatics. One was an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

The other was the deliberate sending of the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer, HMS Defender, into Russian territorial waters in the expectation that Russia might respond aggressively.

In the U.S. National Guardsmen just completed a two-week training exercise preparing for a cyber-attack to take down national infrastructure. The attack is already becoming a reality with blackouts, water shortages, food supply disruptions, etc. This is another reason why the riot act was read to the cyber-polygon WEF Khazarian Mafia headquarters in Switzerland.

The U.S. meanwhile, continues to spiral into chaos, bloodshed, and anarchy. Fiat money is being poured by the cabal into a “homeless industrial complex, and they’re raking in money, not by the millions, not by the hundreds of millions, by the billions,” warned Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In San Francisco, for example, they are using taxpayer money to pay for homeless tents costing $60,000 each annually.

Meanwhile, the murder rate is surging to unprecedented levels as police are defunded.

Furthermore, all this incompetently pumped-out money is triggering hyper-inflation as the chart below clearly shows.

The above are all reasons why the incompetent Rockefeller-led criminal oligarchy that hijacked the G7 and the West needs to be removed ASAP and with extreme prejudice. Make no mistake they are mass murderers. This has been proven most recently by their attempt to exterminate the global population of “useless eaters” with toxic vaccines (as multiple whistleblowers have testified). They are also powerful enough to replace Pope Francis and G7 leaders with rubber mask-wearing imposters and CG frauds.

On a final note, here is an example of what will be possible once the White Hat victory is complete. The article below talks about a gene therapy “vaccine” that could give everybody the genes of long-living Olympic athlete-bodied geniuses if they should so desire.

The Future Planning Organization will work to end poverty and stop environmental destruction and will invest huge funds into ending all forms of the disease.

We also note the Pentagon released a report about Unidentified Areal Phenomena (UAP). The report says these are real but doesn’t mention aliens.

I have personally talked to people who tell me they have ridden in Nazi-developed flying saucers. After the good guys win, they will be made available to the general public and the quarantine the planet is under will be lifted.
Thanks Benjamin and MrFusion

Ms Goguen gets mocked in the comments. Vermithrax's big heart picture nearly had me on the floor.

No mRNA (Gene Therapy) in Pfizer "Vaccine"
June 30, 2021

(left, Pfizer vaccine; r. Graphene)

Spanish researchers put the Pfizer vaccine under an electron microscope and found it contains 99% graphene oxide and hardly anything else.
There is practically NO evidence that this "vaccine" is gene therapy. There is ZERO genetic material: mRNA or DNA or spike protein. It means this "vaccine" has nothing to do with a so-called virus. This product wasn't developed to avoid an infection caused by a virus. The true purpose of this product remains hidden. No official statement from governments or health institutions has been made. The toxicity of graphene oxide is reason enough to stop the global vaccination program.
First Comment from E (on Gab) MUST READ
It seems to be proven that the anti-Covid vaccines contain graphene oxide, according to the scientific report of the University of Almeria (5th Column), and it is likely that all of them contain it since their side effects are similar.
The combination of 5G, which is to be launched globally this summer, with the graphene particles that hundreds of millions have been injected with the 'vaccines' will be the next virus. Graphene is magnetic and conductive inside the human body and can even settle in the brain, affecting neuronal transmissions; it also amplifies the frequencies received and acts as an antenna.
The President of Chile himself has stated that 5G will change and detect the thoughts of the population and alter their behavior. This requires the graphene antenna that acts as a receiver and transmitter of information from the brains. Let's think that Sars Cov 2 has not yet been sequenced. Nor can we be sure that the spike proteins are real, even though a Japanese report reported the conclusion that these proteins - supposedly contained in the injection - reached all the organs of the body.

Makow - If this is true, it would discredit a lot of MDs who are saying it is gene altering. Could that be the purpose?
Jim Stone says this graphene story is nonsense. Says graphene is black. The author refutes him below article.
Related- Translation of report
Covid Vaccine Delivers Nanoparticles for Mind Control
Vaccines Deliver Graphene Oxide Nanotubes for 5G Mind Control
"We have developed a simple, effective and scalable method to chemically deposit Fe3O4 nanoparticles onto GO. This hybrid can be loaded with anti-cancer drug DXR with a high loading capacity up to 1.08 mg mg1 . This GO-Fe3O4 hybrid shows superparamagnetic property and can congregate under acidic conditions and be redispersed reversibly under basic conditions. Both the GO-Fe3O4 hybrid before and after loading with the molecule DXR can be moved regularly after congregating at acidic pH values by the force of an external magnetic field. This pH-triggered controlled magnetic behavior makes this material a promising candidate for controlled targeted drug delivery. Thus, these graphene-based magnetic nanoparticles, with good solubility and further functionalization capability, are expected to find practical applications."
by Des Marxants
The whole world is following the story released on the Spanish web site program la Quinta Columna.
A June 28th report from the University of Almeria (in Spain) supports the findings of the two researchers hosting the daily broadcast.
Surprising conclusions on the first results of the microscopy on one covid-19 mRNA Comirnaty (Pfizer) sample.
Suspicions of the two researchers turned out to be true. There is almost NO biological matter in the Pfizer covid-19 vial. What the lab in the University of Almeria found has nothing to do with mRNA.
The main matter found was a substance more alike to nanoparticles of graphene or a very similar nanomaterial. Extraction and quantification of mRNA in the sample, identified that 99% of the whole substance inside the vial was highly probably graphene oxide or something very similar, just very little genetic material was found. Until now, no lipid nanocapsules were identified.
The study mentions that there is a reduced form of graphene oxide (GO.) When graphene oxide is mixed with hydrogen it becomes MAGNETIC (MGO.) It is also known as reduced graphene oxide (this happens when it is injected blood too.)
Graphene oxide layers from scientific literature and from a commercial graphene oxide sample compared against the microscopy performed on the Pfizer sample show identical patterns in both electron and optical microscopy, leaving doubt we're talking about the same material.
The study offers solid evidence of possible graphene derivatives because the structure saw in the microscopy is characteristic. Academics who previously worked with graphene oxide were consulted and agreed there is no doubt about the presence of graphene oxide in the vial.
The study required by Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado contrasts a graphene oxide sample bought in the market against covid-19 Pfizer mRNA Comirnaty [ commercial name of the Pfizer/BioNTech product "vaccine."]
This preliminary study includes optical and electron microscopy conducted by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra team director in charge. Digital signature here.
It has been only one brand jab but more tests are needed to be done with other vials. More studies are to come with some other different technics. La Quinta Columna makes a call to other institutes and universities to join this research crusade for the truth.
Related- Jim Stone says this Graphene story is a hoax. If vaccine was mostly graphene, it would be jet black...also can't pass through a needle.
Des Marxants replies: "In coating technology graphene oxide can be used also. Multilayer graphene oxide films are optically transparent and impermeable under dry conditions. Exposed to water (or water vapor), they allow passage of molecules smaller than a certain size. Glassware or copperplates covered with such a graphene "paint" can be used as containers for corrosive acids. Graphene-coated plastic films could be used in medical packaging to improve shelf life"... wish him luck with his black nose when the nasal version of the covid-19 vaccine get released
Why is Graphene Transparent? and Stone is mistaken about graphene
---A French company is already ready to market 5 G / Covid vaccine packages for "augmented human beings" having received nanoparticles allowing Human-Machine fusion.
among the partners of this society - at the bottom of the page - there is the Thinktank "Next Humanity" which has already defined what will be our future as augmented beings.

Al Thompson wrote-
According to the manufacturer, the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine includes the following ingredients:
Active Ingredient
nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike glycoprotein (S) of SARS-CoV-2
(4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis (ALC-3015)
(2- hexyldecanoate),2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide (ALC-0159)
1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine (DPSC)
potassium chloride
monobasic potassium phosphate
sodium chloride
basic sodium phosphate dihydrate
Al Thompson's Comment--
If This Article And The Facts Are Correct, Then There's A Major Crime Against The People That Has Obviously Occurred. This Is A Major Fraud. Scientists And Mds Are Making Used Car Salesmen Look Good.
It's No Wonder That Medical Doctors Have The Highest Suicide Rate In The Country.
With linked text -


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