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Medicide. J&M. UKC News 21st. Moon Shadow. High on Aliens. 4th Reich Moon bound? Stone Age Giants.

Added A Letter of Condolence for the Pope. (But the US military killed him, didn't they?)

Here's a little truth I heard
You might want to check it word for word

COVID19 is Coronavirus
Coronaviruses are Exosomes
Exosomes cause the Common Cold
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Poisons Cells
Poisoned Cells Create and Release Exosomes
Exosomes Tell The Immune System Cells Have Been Poisoned
Sneezing, a Runny Nose up to Pneumonia are Immune Defence Responses

Vaccinations Cannot Cure Radiation Poisoning
Bill Gates Is a Eugenicist and a Known Murderer
Rockefeller Foundation Practices Eugenics

Vaccinations are their Weapon of Choice
They Buy Invest in Governments, Health Services, Universities, the BBC,
Other News Media and Anyone Else They Need
Johnson's Father, Stanley is a Eugenicist,
He claimed 20 million to be the ideal Population for Britain
No natural virus harmful to humans has ever been isolated.
Virus-vaccine has always been a confidence trick, like government
Stop being afraid of intelligent people that refuse to be injected or swabbed.
Tell a friend
BTW, Boris and his gang have set  themselves up for execution for breaching all ten Nuremberg codes
They all carry the death sentence so a hit on any one will be enough.

Investigative Corona Committee Germany
hoppe the state.jpg
I know a couple of places where they have it on draft.

UK Column News - 21st June 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.


00:26 - UK Transhumanist Agenda
Telegraph Article: -
Human Augmentation: -
08:17 - Putting The Cards On the Table
WHO Document: -
Ldn Rally Info: -
18:31 - Inflation Bomb Goes Off
Andrew Bailey Statement: -
Goldmoney Article: -
Andrew Bailey Statement: -
28:13 - The Censorship Agenda
Oliver Dowden Statement: -
Hancock Statement: -
The Cairncross Review: -
Dowden Article: -
Social Media support vaccine program
Facebook no company should profit
39:27 - Mainstream Media Exposes Itself
41:02 - The BBC Are Officially Racist
Mail Article: -
41:43 - Tim Davie Honestly Claims The BBC Are Impartial
Mail Article: -
47:12 - Email From The BBC
52:49 - Edgy Productions Propaganda For Children
59:04 - Injecting Children
Telegraph Article: -
Mail Article: -
01:01:45 - People Are Refusing Vaccines
Sun Article 001: -
Sun Article 002: - Jab Deaths Coronavirus Scotland: Four
TTO Article: -
01:06:22 - Contract Tenders Raise Questions
01:11:42 - NHS App Bizarre Statements
01:13:53 - Israeli Law Reveals the Complexities Of Israeli Politics
Haaretz Article: -

Massive Spaceships Moving Across The Moon!!
#UFO #UAP What The Hell Is Going On Up There!?? #Answers
Youtube Jun 22, 2021

Seriously!! Someone tell us what’s going on! Are we alone ?? Thoughts

Obviously we aren't alone.
Clif High speaks about extraterrestrials.

Clif High: Explorers' Guide to SciFi World
April 25th, 2021.

Is the 4th Reich’s Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica? [For the Moon?]
Written By Dr Michael Salla
Exopolitics June 11, 2021

According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist who claims to be a contactee with the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, an exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled “Dark Fleet” is currently underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica. Her information comes from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades she identifies as ‘Thor Han’, and a current resident at the US McMurdo base who goes by the name ‘Frank’, and whose last name I will keep private.

On June 6, Elena received an email from Frank informing her of an unusually high number of people entering and leaving Antarctica through McMurdo, which is the largest base in Antarctica, and maintains a year-round shipping port through which transport ships arrive with personnel and supplies bound for the US and other national bases.

This is what Frank told Elena in an email that was later forwarded to me:

I want to let you know that the Chinese have 5 bases here already and are setting up 4 more immediately during the absolute worst time of year. There are Chinese everywhere down here and up until a month ago I never saw even one.

Also of note, now Turkey has been sending in troops independently and so are quite a few other countries from Africa & South America all of them want to set up bases here and are bringing in the infrastructure to do so.

Everybody seems to want to get in on whatever is down here as soon as possible to not be left out. I am more certain than ever now that the mad rush is because there is definitely something here. I noticed more and more German speaking people coming through as well. Numbers have always decreased in the winter time down here not increased.

What immediately got Frank’s attention was that a significant number of the personnel leaving Antarctica were German-speaking and they were bound for South America—Argentina in particular. This struck Frank as highly unusual given what Elena and others had said about a German-controlled Dark Fleet in Antarctica that was in an escalating military conflict with an ‘Earth Alliance’ and the Galactic Federation.

Elena passed on to me Frank’s information and contact details, and then communicated with her primary extraterrestrial contact, Thor Han, asking him what was happening in Antarctica. This is her summary of what followed:
More and a vid

Something for everyone. If you think it's fiction, it's still engaging.

Tangentially relevant and fascinating.

Earth Has Two Histories, It Seems Like Cavemen Were Living Alongside Someone Else
How Is This Possible? 250,000 Year Old City Discovered in the Valsequillo Basinc

Search for "Fall of Civilisations" while you're there, that might take your attention.

A Letter of Condolence for the Pope
Paul Stramer Lincoln Conty Watch June 21, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
This past week saw Pope Francis in a rare fit of consternation, openly upbraiding the government of the crazy country and expressing his frustration because he doesn’t know whether to work with Biden or Trump or….. or…. the actual government.
It’s all so confusing!
You have all these corporations operating under similar names that are named after other organizations and if that wasn’t bad enough, they change names back and forth over time, so that “the” United States in 1790 is not the same organization operating as “the” United States in 1851, and neither one is related to “the” UNITED STATES.
Yes, we understand how confusing this is.
It was made to be so deliberately, but the really irksome part is that Pope Francis apparently blames us for what his employees and overseers have done to us as a means to wrest non-consensual control and as a means to seize upon unjust enrichment.
Oh, yes, we do understand his frustration and we sympathize; however, this is ultimately the fault of the Pope’s Predecessors in office and the fault of the Pope’s tax collectors, and the Pope’s business partners, and the Pope’s Overseers of the Commonwealth—-aka British Monarchs, and the Pope’s Property Managers.
And we do have to note that the unjust enrichment garnered from all of this confusion and all the similar names deceits was always split between the Pope, the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the corrupt Americans- in-Name -Only who profited themselves at the expense of their countrymen for 16 decades while singing Yankee-Doodle-Dandy.
Forgive me if I sound a tad bit bitter.
Here’s the facts to assist Pope Francis:
Joe Biden is the President of a new Municipal Corporation pretending to be some kind of “United States” Incorporated Something-or-Other.  This is a corporation in the business of providing governmental services, but it lost its contract because it was defrauding its Employers and hasn’t gotten a new contract for the same reason.
Donald Trump is the President of another Municipal Corporation called some version of “the” United States of America, Incorporated, and its in the business of selling government services,  too.
Then, there is the actual government, our unincorporated Federation of States.
The incorporated entities are just corporations like any other commercial corporation, but the actual government is an independent holding company
Here’s the kicker —all these corporations that are playing all these games, ultimately belong to the Pope!
Then there's the UN's (Rockefeller's) supreme deity, Ms Goguen. (Where does that leave the Queen / King?)
Does the UN have the same power as the Vatican, to illuminate bods?

If we decide to allow another monarch to be foist on us, should we go for Joseph Gregory Hallett (aka King John) or Tony Robinson's find, King Mike Plantageanet or open it up to anyone for general election every, say, 2 years so Black Nobility and Zionist skulduggery doesn't get too long if it sets in?
I suspect the story is only beginning. There's the King of the Gauls to consider...
And the mini nova that could be a super nova that could turn the planet into a dog eat dog.
Regardless, there's the Maunder type minimum that will keep us cold for at least half a cycle (~15 years),  likely much longer, the satanists' culture shaping forcing people into starving crops and trees with their ludicrous CO2 driven warming that in a sane society would see them in an asylum for selling 400ths of 1% of the atmosphere drives the climate, the same people poisoning us, the land, the air and the seas while disposing of food reserves, breaking the food delivery chain, and artificially raising food prices in a destroyed economy.... First they came for Iraq and I did nothing, etc.
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