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An event that occurs once every 397 years Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: When climate collapse is no longer explainable to the public (distract)
Sott net, 16 Jan 2021
As the 2nd magnetic field begins to form in the outer solar system with intercoupling of Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Pluto the magnetic intensification line was crossed at the Great Conjunction on the 2020 winter solstice. The extremes and difficulty moving forward with global food production will reset the civilization anyway. Snow near Yemen border, cross country skiing in Madrid after the blizzard, 10 feet of snow again in Japan, massive algae blooms off Namibia, record snow Morocco, 5+ARK storm west coast USA , this week.

Adapt Youtube
He aks what could cause this depth of snowfall. A major factor is highly likely the interference in atmospheric water transport (theft) in the ME in favour of Saudi Arabia by NATO and the US military, probably the former British military is there too. Effing a holes.

A Rare Alignment
An event that occurs once every 397 years

Awesome New Video on Pole Shift Catastrophes, CIA Knowledge, Chan Thomas, Charles Hapgood…
Posted by David Montaigne  August 24, 2019
End Times Prophecy
On August 14, 2019 – the video “COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified” was posted on Youtube by the SuspiciousObservers channel’s Ben Davidson.  The video spent most of its time comparing 21st century data and evidence of magnetic pole movement with Chan Thomas’ writings, government/CIA disinformation, and a brief focus on Charles Hapgood.  Theories and conclusions from Robert Schoch, Anthony Perrat, Robert Felix, Randall Carlson, and others are also explored, along with evidence of solar outbursts, ice ages, and pole shifts.
Original video source
I recommend visiting the site, there are more space weather videos there.

Background: These videos are on Suspicious Observers' home page and at gootube
Demonstrating the link between coronal holes, solar magnetic field variations snd earthquakes.
That solar activity is proven linked to earthquakes, volcanic activity must also be connected. I'll see what I can find.

More discusion on solar activity
The #1 Risk to Earth

The Earth's magnetic field that protects us from much of the solar effects is 10 times weaker than 3 years ago..
There are some none nazies in NASA. I expect they could come up with a way to use the Musk satellites to protect us rather than harm us, although I expect China is more trustable in that area.
I'd trust these suspicious observers around a million or 5 times more than any of the establishment a holes that cling to their  theories as if they were "climate scientists" or NWO Jesuits instead of admitting to quackery that seems endemic across the science field. The Royal Society comes to mind..

There's more to do on this so it is a work in progress.

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