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CV19 is radiation sickness? Vaxxidents, 4 vax co's are convicted felons, 911 Truth Coming Out Fast

Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Radiation Sickness?
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Jeanice Barcelo note – this article is a work-in-progress.  As new information comes to my attention, I will add it to the article if appropriate.To learn more about the effects of 5G and other forms of non-ionizing radiation, please see my book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation.Please also register in the sidebar to the right for updates about my forthcoming books, “Is Wireless Radiation Really Safe” and “The Ultrasound-Autism Connection”.
Is it just a coincidence then that the symptoms of this “virus” match precisely the symptoms of radiation sickness which symptoms are no doubt being brought on by increased cell tower density and the 5G rollout which has happened in Wuhan (see here and here) and other parts of China.
See also here for a plethora of information about the radiation situation in China. Originally posted at:  Dead link.

Long article, very detailed.

Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos & Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High @ Greg Hunter's USAWatchDog (Video)

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