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CV19 is radiation sickness? Vaxxidents, 4 vax co's are convicted felons, 911 Truth Coming Out Fast

Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Radiation Sickness?
Copyright © 2020 – Jeanice Barcelo

Jeanice Barcelo note – this article is a work-in-progress.  As new information comes to my attention, I will add it to the article if appropriate.To learn more about the effects of 5G and other forms of non-ionizing radiation, please see my book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation.Please also register in the sidebar to the right for updates about my forthcoming books, “Is Wireless Radiation Really Safe” and “The Ultrasound-Autism Connection”.
Is it just a coincidence then that the symptoms of this “virus” match precisely the symptoms of radiation sickness which symptoms are no doubt being brought on by increased cell tower density and the 5G rollout which has happened in Wuhan (see here and here) and other parts of China.
See also here for a plethora of information about the radiation situation in China. Originally posted at:  Dead link.

Long article, very detailed.

Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos & Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High @ Greg Hunter's USAWatchDog (Video)

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Date: Sunday, 13-Jun-2021 09:18:23

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High, the creator of a new product called “Pure Sleep.”

He said his Pure Sleep is also a hangover cure, you wakeup without one..

This vid, Clif gives important info and advice. He says the spike protein is used inside cells but the cells don't like it outside the cells.
Jon needs to update his info, he believes the spike protein is not dangerous.
I wonder if radiation produced exosomes are what make the protein harmful?
I also wonder if the medical industry is in bed with the telecoms maybe with Rothschilds in the middle? I think 5G hasn't been turned on yet so the 3G and 4G upgrades are what are causing the harm.

Just So You Know 4 Companies That Manufacture 72 Vaccines Are Convicted Felons
Sons Of Liberty - Bradlee Dean Smith

911 Truth Coming Out Fast, Former Spy Ran CIA False Flag Operation and Details the Events
R D Steele
This one is amazing. RDS even sent his findings to the regime corporation.
I'm pretty sure either suitcase nukes or an underground nuke was detonated. There was a gent that made a very good case for it being an underground nuke, if his name comes to mind I'll add the link. There was the volcanic eruption-like pyroclastic type dust cloud and the fact there were no bodies, nothing bigger than a telephone from inside the building and that the remains of the building made a pile too small, and that the evidence was removed to China in double quick time, the topsoil removal and replacement with clean topsoil. It's doubtful there were 3000 people killed. The victim pictures at the site were composites harvested from the Web. I think some firemen were killed and maybe some people that failed to evacuate fast enough.
Military must have been involved, not least with faked radar images. And the news stations.

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