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Anna's Military Manoeuvres, Vaccine Scammers Wake Up Call. UKC 2nd and 4th June.


From Fid. Anna Von Reitz, mirrored at Paul Stramer, Lincoln County Watch. Saturday, June 5, 2021
Military Saviors?
By Anna Von Reitz
Everyone worldwide is now pinning their hopes on their own armed forces to come save them, but is that realistic,
given the facts and cover stories we are hearing on a daily basis?
Here’s Benjamin Fulford, telling us that all the heads of the British Secret Service have been former Dachau Prison Guards attached to the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst? Which translates loosely as the German Army’s Supply Office? Really?
These magic quartermasters must have been miracle men far more adept than James Bond, and at a young age, too—- considering the average lifespan and survival rate of a camp guard at Dachau— to rise, Horatio Alger style, to the pinnacle of British Intelligence, not once, but every single time there was an opening at MI6 during and after the war?
Talk about losing the German accent.
As Jethro Beaudine would say, “That’s really something, Uncle Jed!”
Don’t you think that’s really something?
I certainly do.
If all the heads of OSS and MI6 were Nazis, they were British-born and raised Nazis—- a point I made a long time ago.
And if your own Armed Forces, the ones you pay for, were going to come save you, don’t you think they would have done so by now?
Our guys have had every day since March of 1863 to do so. We are still waiting.
The truth is that our beloved military is up to its neck in dirty linen and this entire situation could not and did not develop without them.
I am simply stating the obvious. No particular spite intended.
Who profits most from staging a “perpetual state of war”?
The military.
Who gains the most power in an emergency?
The military.
Who hates being chained down to the plodding Will and stingy purse strings of the people?
The military.
And now, last to know, we are told that the CIA is run out of Switzerland, presumably by the Swiss Government, which appears to be the World Economic Forum in drag.
A lawless flaming bag of dog dung if ever there was one, and left on our doorstep by…. The Secret British Nazis.
Next, Godzilla will rise up from the bottom of the sea and make a new nest on top of the Fukushima Reactor.
All the people who have been magnetized from taking the Shot, will discover that they can overcome the silent AI prompts to kill other people by playing the theme song from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” really loud, while hopping on one foot.
And your Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, will turn out to be a gay Spanish Princess with an incurable facial tick.
We all knew that things would get worse before they got better, but now we really do have to face the fact that we are the ones we have been waiting for.
Join your State Assembly and get busy doing something practical to help.
What authority does the CDC have?

The CDC is not part of any government and has no governmental authority. It is owned and operated by British Petroleum, Inc. as a for-profit business.
Need any more attitude adjustment?
Law about Vaccination

Now, what else were you going to tell me about my “responsibility” or “obligation” to: (A) be vaccinated as a condition of employment or use of any public facility or service, or (B) participate in the vaccination of other people?

Still so sure you want to try to force me to get the experimental vaccination?

Photograph of Hangings at Nuremberg, Germany
Members of the Media who lied and misled the German People were executed, right along with Medical Doctors and Nurses who participated in medical experiments using living people as guinea pigs.Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it.

Who Appoints Federal Postal Judges?
Mark-k Christopher. Who's this gent? Is that a George Carlin glint in his eyes?
His oxmoron title suggests his authority is divined, that as a god he has every right to take the piss.
Plenipotentiary - Wikipedia
Search domain
A plenipotentiary (from the Latin plenus "full" and potens "powerful") is a diplomat who is fully authorized to represent a government as a prerogative (such as an ambassador or an envoy). When used as a noun more generally, the word plenipotentiary can also refer to any person who has " full powers ".

So he represents a government. "Federal" indicates American. I suspect the actual American Government is unaware of his overbearingness? Is he a gold diggers' stunt? I seem to recall Ms Goguen declaring her queenship of the planet, (I would expect a challenge to that title by the Rothschilds) perhaps the self appointed sweetie appointed him?
Name - Mark-k Christopher. (In that order.)
Alleged title - Global Chief Federal Postal Court Judge &: Plenipotentiary Judge
(Shari Law? All men's pubes must be kept less than 2cm long?)
Is the World Bank at the root of these problematic eruptions?
I definitely think Lenny Henry could have done a better job of the declaration, - here:
And who pays him?
A bit of light humour in these dark times.
Exposing :Mark-Kishon :Christopher
Plenipotentarianism. Is there a vaccine for it?
Anna's take on this pop-up office would be appreciated. :)
UK Column News - 2nd June 2021
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.


00:25 - The Global Vaccine Confidence Summit

Press Release: -

02:12 - The Vaccine Safety Maze

NHS Vaccine SOP: -
Dr Aiden Fowler Appointment: -
NaPSAC Minutes: -
NHS NQB Minutes 12/2019: -
NHS Meetings In Common Minutes: -
GN Article: -
NIBSC Labs: -
DARPA mRNA Grant: -

16:43 - Ch4 Exposes Anti-Vaxxers And Falls Flat On His Face

20:19 - The Reality of Covid Lockdowns In India
Resistance GB: -
BBC Article: -

27:32 - Mainstream Journalism Attacks Its Own If They Don't Agree With Vaccine Policy

Bev Turner Tweet: -
Mirror Article: -
Bev Turner Interview: -

36:16 - Marketing Trust For The News Business

Mirror Statement: -
The Trust Project: -
The TP About Page: -
Sally Lehrman: -

42:04 - Why Is Hospital Daily Occupancy So High?

England Data: -
Collateral Global: -
CG Report: -
BMA Statement: -
NHS Wales Article: -
ITV Article: -
Independent Article: -

50:04 - UKC Viewer Emails Reveals the Impact Of Applied Psychology

52:00 - UKC Viewer Highlights Apparent Expectation Of Hospital Overload, Vaccination Bullying

53:41 - The Legislative Attack On Lawful Protest

Recommended Reading: -
Telegraph Article: -

01:07:43 - Global Tax Regime

UKC Article: -
WP Article: -
EUTax Observatory: -
Report: -
WEF Summit: -

01:11:15 - Natural England Downgrades The Somerset Levels To Stop Farmers Farming In Green New Deal

NE Report: -
Alok Sharma Statement 01: -
Alok Sharma Statement 02: -

01:14:51 - Recommended Reading On the BBC
Public comments: Odysee:
Public comments:
20:56 - Notice of Individual Liability For Harm and Death To Be Issued As Required
The amazing Dolores sticks it to the pricksters, the boys are amazed and delighted.

UK Column News - 4th June 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Dolores Cahill for today's news update from the UK Column.

Vid place holder

00:26 - Variants, Variants Everywhere
Scottish Contract: -
Illumina: -

09:53 - Media Deny Family's Experience of Vaccine Harm

PL Article: -

15:013 - US Seeks To Dump AstraZeneca Vaccine Supply

UK Column Yellow Card: -

20:56 - Notice of Individual Liability For Harm and Death To Be Issued As Required

World Freedom Alliance: -
World Doctors Alliance: -
Lawyers For Liberty: -

36:27 - CDC Exaggerates Infection Risks A Hundred Times Over

Article: -
CNN Health Article: -

40:59 - Vaccine Buddies Inform Consent Apparently

SAC Program: -

42:06 - Vaccines Are So Easy Says Biden
[They are free because they want to save lives, so why isn't cancer treatment free Joe? Cc]

45:46 - G7 Promises To Build Back Better Under Strict Security

G7 Website: -
PCS & C Bill: -
RTKB Book: -
PL Article: -
G7 Report: -

52:46 - Fauci Email Leakes

Fauci Emails: -
Article: -

57:52 - The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Kristian G. Andersen Tweet: -
Sir Richard Dearlove Quote: -
Telegraph Article: -
Nature Article: -
NEJM Paper: -
Droston paper: -
Article: -
Paper: -

01:16:15 - The Online Safety Bill

EFF Foundation: -

[Dolores Cahill - Something for everyone. Cc]
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Many interesting vids there along with UKC News.

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Since Google (Youtube) has blocked embeds to those that aren't signed in, from here on I have to upload Bitchute vids.
LJ doesn't allow Bitchute embeds (yet?).
Some Conservative Woman
Why in God’s name subject our children to the risk of death from vaccination?
Vaccine scientist: ‘We’ve made a big mistake’
Sharia law, enforced by British police
Top British scientists linked to Covid lab ‘cover-up’
Covid jab approved for 12-15 age group – but regulator won’t take responsibility

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