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If you want to beat the 3 year's later death knell, check Rumors. Needle tea fixes things. I suspect I'm wasting my time, if people are daft enough to get inoculated, I doubt they'll heed this..
The news team is all over the COVID conjob. They should start informing the public about the infrastructure for the 5G-6G grid weapon that continues to be rolled out.and how BT EM radiation from all the Gs cause damage to cells that produce exosomes virologists call coronavirus that are part of the defence-repair-immune system and which they vaccinate you against. Shooting dogs to cure burglaries then selling alarms when burglaries increase.

The WHO renamed the seasonal flu and superhyped the danger. The WHO changed the rules for calling a pandemic to include the common cold to get the numbers, as if anyone wouldn't  notice, and then changed them back again.
The total deaths from all causes demonstrate it was all a hoax, and the guilty will face the consequences.
I wonder how many doctors will ever practice again, those that escape jail. As for the NHS secular humanist management...


UK Column News - 7th May 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

If the above video from UK Column News Mirror, gets grey screened, go to Bitchute

00:22 - JVCI Decide No Astrazeneca For Under 40's Though Not Always, It Depends.
JVCI Statement: -
Plymouth Live Article: -

04:48 - The Wave Model of Covid Varient Vaccine Development

12:08 - The Correlation Between Increased Cases and Vaccines Continue

14:52 - The Problem With The COVID Mortality Statistics
E&S Article: -
21stCenturyWire Article: -
Telegraph Article: -
Telegraph Article: -
Week 18 PHE: -
ONS MOrtality Statistics: -
Royal College of Surgeons: -
Spectator Article: -
UKC Wednesday (go to 54:28~): -
[Replace COVID19 with BT EMR flu, fixed. Cc]

27:13 - Government Propaganda Masquerading As New Articles
Telegraph Advert: -
Lancet Article: -
CDC Article: -
[Since before WWI Cc]

34:27 - Flu Disappeared Thanks To Lockdowns Says Reliable Source Honest!
Scientific American: -
ONS Influenza Data: -  (See Mortality Statistics Above)
Gavi Article: -
PHE England: -
WHO Flu Surveillance: -
Tony Heller Tweet: -
[The only way to cure flu is to cure BT electro-smog. what is the incidence of flu in EMR safe refuges? Cc]

42:10 - US Nurse Whistleblower
21stCenturyWire -
[Gods bless them that stand up. Their bravery should be rewarded but in this world run by criminals they are ostracised and punished by sad, sick sacks. Cc]

43:04 - The Evolving COVID Lunacy
Transition to the Bubble: -
[The WEF agenda is off the rails. The perps are off their heads.The sooner the none treasonous US military offs them the better. They have drones don't they? Cc]

44:53 - Quarantine Compliance Inspectors
Quarantine Officer: -
[I picture them in Ronald McDonald outfits. Cc]

47:04 - Tweaking Vaccines
Guardian Article: -
[Perhaps a splash of arsenic would get them to perform properly? Cc]

48:25 - The India Deception

50:54 - G7 Is Everywhere
G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting: -
[Can I get G7 pesticide from Amazon? Cc]

57:48 - G7 Continuing To Build On European Defence Union
Express Article: -
Mike Pompeo Statement: -
If UKEU corporation military, the Commowealth countries, NATO and the UN company military that includes Chinese mercenaries are merged under OWG inc. (wanted (MI6-DVD) criminal Pinnochio) Cameron's control, what will Russia do? Cc]

01:01:43 -  Online Harms Get Official NGO And Philanthropic Backing
Open Letter: -
Ofcom Regulation: -

01:04:50 - Russia Finds YouTube Guilty of Censorship

01:07:25 - Deplatforming From The Payment Processors

01:09:13 - Azerbaijan Exposes BBC Easily

01:11:37 - A Mixed Week For Eugenicists
Vogue Article: -
Express Article -
[The thing about these shi*s is that they ALWAYS want other people dead. Cc]

01:15:42 - Gender Issues
Blaze Article: -
[Weighty topic. Woman should boycott any event involving a person with a penis pretending. I'm going to self identify as a judge and sentence them all to life in a nunnery. Cc]
01:19:00 - Death By Firing Squad Anyone?
PM Article: -
[There is no shortage of AZ lethal injections. Cc]
Latest News:
News archive:
Northern Exposure:
Public comments: (58 at 22:10 Saturday)
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If you would like to support UK Column, an independent news and current affairs program, you can do so here:

When the smoke clears and the mirrors are dismantled, April 1st should be made a national holiday called the COVID pandemic fools day or the virus vax con day.
Rumors from Friday
India Reports Record Rise in COVID-19 Cases
[The cases con]
Morgellons in COVID Test Swabs?
Antidote To The Contagion
[Pine needles=strong antioxidant plus]
spike protein IS the weapon... and it's in all the vaccines
Friday, 7-May-2021 00:58:34
India Reports Record Rise in COVID-19 Cases With 414,188 New Infections, 3,915 Deaths - IN ONE DAY!!


GMI: "Deadly Prion Brain Diseases & Experimental mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines: Study Finds Plausible Link"
Rockefeller-Gates snake oil profits and prions - bank accounts' study finds plausible correlation.

52:20 video (cc): Lionel- "Woke Bloke Jokes Choke (Again)"

8:22 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "‘Crazy, CREEPY stuff’: Big Tech’s MONOPOLY over speech & how to dismantle it"

9:17 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "‘EQUITY’ vs ‘EQUALITY’ Explained: How This Marxist Ideology Could RUIN Us"

North Korea Communist Leader Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots conductor 90 times in front of Orchestra (video 10 m)
While the Johnson regime massacres Britain with coerced vaxecutions.

4-min video (cc): "Jordan Peterson tells Tucker: Truth in speech is of divine significance"

In Case You Didn't Catch My Comments on North Korea : We are Living in a Dystopian, Occupied Nation
There is a commonality around the world called UNhealthy.

Jon Rappoport: "Fauci defends the Crown, descends the evolutionary ladder"
Can snakes get any lower?


Jon Rappoport: "Parallels between GMO COVID vaccine and GMO crops; lessons not learned"
Minor correction, genetically modifying inoculation, it's not a vaccine.


Natural News: "Social distancing and occupancy limits completely pointless, MIT study finds"
Masks and distancing do not stop BT EM radiation. Only a radiation suit provides complete protection. Wrap a phone in foil, make a small hole where the connection strength is displayed. If no signal, rotate the phone. A tiny hole is all it needs to send and receive.

Anna Von Reitz: "Citizens Arrest and Public Duty"


Breaking! [Deep State Pulling Out All the Stops to Stop AZ Election Audit - False Flag Incoming?] (Video)

- RMN Reader Replies . . .

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Pier Zanfretta's Horrifying Alien Encounter
- CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Possible Bigfoot Encountered Near Abandoned Sideling Hill Tunnel, PA

The Truth is Surely Baseless

CGI's Liam77: Man Ejected from Costco over Mask Asks Workers, ‘Aren’t You Tired of this Tyranny?!’ — They Respond ‘No!’
Masochism, Stockholm syndrome, fluoride syndrome, Rockefeller syndrome all in one.

CGI's Liam77: Big Tech Has Turned The Internet Into A Prison

Big Chinese Rocket Segment Set to Fall to Earth This Weekend - Happy Mothers Day!
3 responses

Dr. Joseph Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction! - vid link
- Embedded video: Dr. Joseph Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction! (44 min)

Ex Pentagon Official Luis Elizondo Reveals UFO Bombshells (2 Part Video)
- SARATOGA OCEAN warns: Are we being set up for a FAKE ALIEN INVASION aka PROJECT BLUE BEAM? [23 min video]
Jeebs, do we get a program? I've been begging them to do it for years. My reason for living. Open air 3D without the weird cardboard specs. I hope they have wookies. (Does that make speciesist?)

Morgellons in COVID Test Swabs??

SORCHA 5/7: "Doomsday Clock Scientists Take Aim At Pandemic As US Vaccine Deaths Warned Could Be Over 30,000"

ANTIDOTE TO THE CONTAGION - Here’s an effective way to guard against the spike protein contagion caused by the Covid vaccinated
- Excerpt on Suramin, and some thoughts on Pycnogenol
Stands a tree called the ... A needless needling problem solved by needles?

C-19 Injection and Soul Ejection - Your spirit/soul animates you

While I know the breakup of the Gates couple is nothing but a media distraction, you gotta admit these TWEETS are INTRIGUING (and one is devilishly clever)

Mike Adams' Situation Update, May 7th, 2021 - Salk Institute reveals the spike protein IS the weapon... and it's in all the vaccines (1hr 23min)
- Text version link: Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)
Exosome derived spike protein, BT EM radiation causes clumping too so it's a double whammy.
But is it transmissible? AFAIK it needs to be disguised by e.g. DARPA hydrogel or G120 to get past the body's defences so HTF does the body create hydrogel with a spike protein inside it, then mount it on some dandruff? It's a lot easier to just shove it up your nose, (or up your bum if you're Chinese).
There are no natural viruses harmful to us. Proved.

Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP - 5-7-21 (Video)

CDC Changes Rules Midstream Again, What Are They Covering?
Twitchy bum pandemic? The PCR test is an infinitely adjustable political tool.

Special Report: Shocking New Election Evidence Points to a Sting Operation (Video)

Part 2 : Extraordinary Encounters..Alpha Zoo Loo to Bashar

Flames don't cast shadows

Part 6 : Worlds in Collision..Pallas Athene

X22 Report Ep. 2472a&b - Trump Prepares The Offensive, Transparency, Facts, Truth Is The Only Way Forward (61 min in two parts)


New Theory Links Serpent Mound Cults, Impact Craters and High Science VIDEO 5.16
Biden/Kerry Are Pledging To Slash Carbon By 50% At Global Climate Summit
Posted By: ZeroHedge April 22, 2021
Really taking the piss.

Based On Pandemic Success, ‘Climate Lockdowns’ Are Next
The Great Panic of 2020 was perpetrated by the same climate alarmists who drove the global warming panic. Now, with success in shutting down economic activity, they are proposing dystopian “Climate Lockdowns”. ⁃ TN Editor
Do you think it can’t get much worse than COVID-19 lockdowns?
Think again.
An establishment-connected lefty professor says that in “the near future, the world may need to resort to lockdowns again — this time to tackle a climate emergency.”
“Under a ‘climate lockdown,’ governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling,” writes Mariana Mazzucato, a professor at the Economics of Innovation and Public Value Center at University College London, in a paper titled “Avoiding a Climate Lockdown.”
The title of her paper is very misleading. She believes climate lockdowns will be necessary unless we “overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.”
Three obstacles to overhaul must be removed, she says, “business that is shareholder-driven instead of stakeholder-driven, finance that is used in inadequate and inappropriate ways, and government that is based on outdated economic thinking and faulty assumptions.” She is really talking about fascist economics, where governments set the policies of “private” sector firms:
See and throw rotten tomatoes and bad eggs at the thieving s*its (collective phrase for politicians and "climate scientists" that have yet to produce a falsifiable theory). "Climate change aka catastrophic anthropogenic global warming" yet we still get cold weather payments after what, ~40 years of "warming"? We'll get heatwaves in the summer along with the rest of the crap, water shortages etc. that occur during the switch fom shorter to longer winters that the natural, cyclical solar driven climate regime change to cooling is bringing.

Amidst Pandemic Lockdowns, Britain Re-Focuses On Climate Change
Posted By: Matt Mathers Via Independent (Uk) April 20, 2021
Prime Minister Boris “Mr. Brexit” Johnson has refined the concept of techno-populism by totally embracing Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, and pushing radical global warming cutbacks on carbon emissions. If there were any resistance to this move, it is muted by draconian lockdowns over Covid.
TN has repeatedly noted that the pandemic’s Great Panic of 2020 was coupled with global warming to drive acceptance of Sustainable Development. The World Economic Forum has also made this connection. Now that Britains are beaten down with masks, lockdowns and criminal penalties for violations, they have lost their will to resist. ⁃ TN Editor
Boris Johnson is preparing to announce a fresh target to reduce the UK‘s carbon emissions ahead of the Cop26 international climate change summit later this year.
The UK has committed to reducing emissions by 68 per cent by 2030 — a target that is seen as one of the most ambitious among developed nations.
But the prime minister will in the coming days pledge a steeper cut of 78 per cent by 2035 compared with 1990 levels, according to the Financial Times.
The paper, quoting people who had been briefed on the plan, said the announcement would be made this week ahead of a major US summit on Thursday where President Joe Biden is expected to set out a new US target for reducing emissions.
But Mr Johnson has been urged to make international climate agreements legally binding after warnings from scientists that the UK doesn’t have a plan to meet its commitments.
Experts get things right. Climate "experts" get everything wrong - except for conning the public. Mann and his hokey stick couldn't even win a court case. They should be called (amongst more appropriate adjectives) climate politicians or liars.

Rules As Code: Globalist AI Infrastructure For Global Governance
Posted By: Willemstein & Ross Via Brs May 3, 2021
Rules as Code (RaC) is a highly innovative idea that addresses how law and regulations are simultaneously produced in natural language and in working computer code. RaC has important implications not only for producing better rules (meaning clear and fit for purpose), but providing also a strong impetus for a powerful new generation of rule-based software platforms (ones better suited for real-world rules produced by governments and businesses).
RaC is a reaction to, and a projection of, the broader on-going digital revolution impacting citizens and businesses.[4] The World Economic Forum has coined the term ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ to describe the fundamental change in the way we live, work, and where the physical, digital, and biological worlds are merging.
Diseased lunacy on steroids is accelerating. The s*its can't even solve greed driven homelessness let alone enforced poverty and starvation.
Also see "
Rules-based International Order: NATO, Goldman Sachs and the Council on Foreign Relations By Rick Rozoff"

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science

There Is No Correlation Between Masks, Lockdowns And COVID-19 Suppression
In the past couple of months, our esteemed public health experts have had a rough go of defending the supposedly settled science behind lockdowns and mask mandates.
White House covid-19 advisor Andy Slavitt was first on the chopping block back in mid-February, when he was reduced to parroting empty platitudes about social distancing after failing to explain why a completely open Florida had numbers no worse than a strictly locked-down California. Then comes media darling Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has had a particularly embarrassing series of public appearances of late. During a recent MSNBC interview Fauci expressed confusion and wasn’t “quite sure” as to why Texas was experiencing falling cases and deaths an entire month after lifting its mask mandates and capacity restrictions. Moreover, during a hearing with Representative Jim Jordan, Fauci completely dodged Jordan’s question of why Texas has lower case rates than some of the most notable lockdown states. Fauci, refusing to answer the question, simply responded that having a lockdown is not the same thing as obeying lockdowns. Fauci was correct here, but he indirectly claimed that citizens of New York and New Jersey, two notorious lockdown states, were complying less with mitigation measures than a state that had, and still has, practically none. A quick check of Google’s covid-19 mobility reports lays this counterintuitive claim to rest.

Real-Time: 6G Speeds Thirty Times Faster Than 5G
Posted By: Berny Torre Via Daily Star May 5, 2021
Instant brain death WuFlu style, pneumonia, blood clots, extiction of insects esp.bees and the planet's magnetic field messed up even more?

Trifecta: DARPA, IARPA And Now HARPA To Complete ‘Digital Dictatorship’
Posted By: Whitney Webb Via Unlimitedhangout MAY 6, 2021
A “new” proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to “end cancer,” this resuscitated “health DARPA” conceals a dangerous agenda.
Last Wednesday, President Biden was widely praised in mainstream and health-care–focused media for his call to create a “new biomedical research agency” modeled after the US military’s “high-risk, high-reward” Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. As touted by the president, the agency would seek to develop “innovative” and “breakthrough” treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes, with a call to “end cancer as we know it.”
Far from “ending cancer” in the way most Americans might envision it, the proposed agency would merge “national security” with “health security” in such as way as to use both physical and mental health “warning signs” to prevent outbreaks of disease or violence before they occur. Such a system is a recipe for a technocratic “pre-crime” organization with the potential to criminalize both mental and physical illness as well as “wrongthink.”
The Biden administration has asked Congress for $6.5 billion to fund the agency, which would be largely guided by Biden’s recently confirmed top science adviser, Eric Lander. Lander, formerly the head of the Silicon Valley–dominated Broad Institute, has been controversial for his ties to eugenicist and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his relatively recent praise for James Watson, an overtly racist eugenicist. Despite that, Lander is set to be confirmed by the Senate and Congress and is reportedly significantly enthusiastic about the proposed new “health DARPA.”


Principia Scientific

Hydrogel, DARPA & The Pineal, Oh My!
May 7, 2021
Written by

Ever heard of hydrogel? You may have if you watched this video when Dr. Carrie Madej talked about it. It’s basically a synthetic gel that once it’s in your body, can release anything that’s in the gel.
This is why the deep state calls part of this an “on demand drug delivery system”.
But what else could it be doing?
Learn more about this DARPA Hydrogel VS Human Pineal Gland on
Also, take a look at this video to learn a LOT more about hydrogel, the covid shots and much more!
Take a look…

Here’s another article about it:
DARPA funded implantable biochip can potentially be used to deploy Moderna’s mRNA vaccine
See more here:
For researchers:

NZ Govt Now Forces COVID Jabs Or Else Jail Time, $4,000 Fine
 May 9, 2021
Written by Jim_Crenshaw
The tyrannical New Zealand Prime Minister, ⁣Jacinda Ardern has finally decided to destroy her own citizens by forcing vaccines on ALL front line staff with a $4,000 fine if they fail to comply. Jacinda and Bill Gates have had many, many meetings with her, so she is likely part of the NWO and focused on drastic population reduction.

Forced Vaccines Are a Holocaust-Level Crime Against Humanity"

COVID Crimes Set To Bring Down Big Pharma
May 9, 2021
Written by INFOWARS
Alex Jones breaks down the MSM establishment propaganda pushing toxic chemicals on the public while lying to them about their safety and effectiveness.

COVID Vax Catastrophe: VAERS Errors Exploding
May 9, 2021
Written by welcometheeagle88
Just more examples of how all types of administration errors are classified and credited to “Not Serious” or “None of Above”. What else could we expect when the deck is stacked to favor the outcome in every way

Dr. Samantha Bailey Destroys COVID “Asymptomatic Transmission”
May 9, 2021
by Dr. Samantha Bailey
New Zealand MD, Dr. Samantha Bailey, gives an excellent lesson in the various ways that we’re being lied to by our governments and “public health officials” about certain aspects of the Covid-19 narrative. Most of the tyrannical measures being imposed upon the world’s populations have been justified by the scientifically-bogus “asymptomatic transmission” principle and the bogus PCR tests being equated with “cases.”
Doctors For Covid Ethics: Resources For Your Use
May 8, 2021
by PSI Editor
If you are being coerced at work to take the experimental COVID jab, want to know what real doctors and lawyers have to say about your natural rights, we advise using the resources below provided by Doctors for Covid Ethics.
Geological Society Of London To Host Heavily-Biased Conference
May 8, 2021
by Roger Higgs
The world’s oldest geological society, the formerly venerable Geological Society of London, will host a heavily-biased virtual climate ‘conference’ on 26th-27th May this year, entitled ‘Climate change in the Geological Record: What the geological record tells us about our past and future climate.
CO2 tax like the coming COVID tax is a tax
on stupidity imposed by criminals. The gangrenous green gang of crooked sock puppets with the extremely extended noses met on the taxpayers' dime to plot how to further defraud the taxpayers for the Agenda and for their own enrichment.
Comment: Chris May 8, 2021 at 2:12 pm
I’m Assuming That James Kamis Has Not Been Invited. I Would Love To Hear Geologists Discuss The ‘The Theory Of Plate Climatology.
World’s Most-Vaxxed Nation Curbs Jabs As COVID Cases Rise
May 8, 2021
Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against the coronavirus than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge.
The "cases by adjustable results" con. Fiddle the statistics and produce the politically required cases by increasing or decreasing the the PCR cycles.

Crimes Of Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer Documented
May 8, 2021
Pfizer, a drug company which appears to have won the lottery to produce the first Covid-19 vaccine, is currently battling hundreds of lawsuits over Zantac, a popular heartburn medication. Zantac lawsuits claim the popular drug can be contaminated with a cancer-causing substance called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).
Opinion. I expect our enemies will make a last stand in Britain. If the UKEU corporation army isn't on the side of the public, it could present a problem. The US military was reported to have said Britain would be the last country to be cleaned. They're talking about years, and there's the Biden issue to straighten out first .
I expect the Johnson regime will give them a warm welcome. And lots of taxpayer funds. Escaping the Pentagon that appears to have been retaken by non secular-humanists would be a trick to see. How should we receive them? How do we feel about being hostages? How to stop them using the tunnels under Britain? How should extradition requests be handled?
Tags: #ukcnews, rumormillnews

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