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Vax, house arrest & masks are assassination tools used by politicians at the behest of sick psychos

Added Reiner Fuellmich - Sue The W.H.O, Weasel words and broken promises – a roadmap to endless lockdown, The flu is caused by EMF radiation poisoning, Rumors 15th.

Has the NHS become a Luciferian Freemason and Common Purpose run slaughter house?

For Whom the Bell Tolls by John Donne
No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.
It tolls for thee, Johnson, Whitty, Hancock and the other prat, the WHO, CDC, UN, NHS and complicit medics.
Reiner Fuellmich - Sue The W.H.O - Jerm Warfare
Bitchute April 14th, 2021.

Apr 02 2021 Interview from Jerm Warfare.
A few months ago, Reiner Fuellmich told me about his plans to take the WHO (and other players) to court for “crimes against humanity”.
He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe, and is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, otherwise known as “Nuremberg 2.0”.
Reiner joined me last night for an update on how things are going.
Here’s the takeaway.
We’re in an invisible war for our sovereignty.
Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, etc, have nothing to do with a virus.
COVID-19 - if it even exists - is as mild as flu.
Flawed PCR tests are the foundation of this fake pandemic.
Stop complying as much as possible.
Tell others to stop complying as much as possible.
Ignore the mainstream media.
Don’t give up.
Reiner is an amazing man.
He will be remembered - for all the right reasons - in history books in the future.
Weasel words and broken promises – a roadmap to endless lockdown

The Conservative Woman April 14, 2021
In all the nations that make up the United Kingdom, we are governed by people who may differ on some aspects of politics but who now share disreputable anti-democratic beliefs and whose goal appears to be the end of liberty.

Lies and lockdown are their methods, loss of liberty their aim. Implicit in these three ideas is an ever-increasing State power grab; the smashing of small, medium and large businesses and the denial of family life.

Their physical expression can be seen in the destruction of hard-won civil liberties – the end of travel; control of basic social interaction and the creation of a nation of scared, illness-obsessed people confined to their houses, vaccine-compliant and State dependent. The real roadmap is not, as Boris Johnson asserts, out of lockdown, but one to keep us in it.

Why are they doing this? The discredited Professor Neil Ferguson’s interview with the Times provided one clue. They did it because they could. ‘Sage … had watched as China enacted this innovate (sic) intervention in pandemic control that was also a medieval intervention … Sage debated whether … it could be effective here.

‘It (China) is a communist one-party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought … and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.’

Announcing the first lockdown on March 23 last year, Johnson said: ‘I can assure you that we will keep these restrictions under constant review’. He told us we had to lock down to ‘protect the NHS’s ability to cope’.

But it was apparent by the summer that the NHS was no longer in any real danger of not being able to cope, having discharged patients en masse from hospital beds in March, leading to an increase in deaths at home and in care homes.

But why the Government chose to double down and has maintained the ‘restriction’ momentum since – in the face of all the evidence that shows it is unnecessary and deeply damaging to the health of the nation as well as the economy – is yet to be revealed, perhaps at the G7 meeting in June.

Remember the time we were told that restrictions would end when the ‘R number’ dropped below one? When the ‘R number’ was the ‘key measure’?

‘Keeping the R down will be vital to our recovery and we can only do it by discipline and by working together,’ Johnson blustered, as quoted in the Financial Times.

But when the ‘R number’ did fall below one, new criteria came along. It all became about ‘cases’ – with a ‘case’ defined as anyone testing positive from a PCR test, regardless of whether the person was actually ill.

High-cycle PCR testing, despite all its problems of false positives and the many scandals associated with it, revealed here, was ramped up, in order to deliver the ‘cases’ needed to maintain restrictions. Ex-Pfizer scientist Dr Mike Yeadon later called it a PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic.

This was necessary, as by the end of July 2020 no one was dying from coronavirus. It was also then that the Government mandated face masks.

People were told to mask up when they went into shops in high summer in response to a winter upper respiratory tract virus. Most complied, to the extent of wearing masks outside in the fresh air.

Then in November came the great vaccine ‘breakthrough’ when the UK was the first country to grant emergency approval to the ‘novel’ Pfizer vaccine that would protect the vulnerable and buy the rest of us our liberty. Ministers avowed there would be no shortcut on safety or effectiveness.

The great and the good fell for it. If the vaccine delivered freedom, they would have it. Not so. What became apparent was a coercion strategy – and that all the population would have to be vaccinated whether they needed it or not.

All of sudden, once the rollout was well under way, it became conveniently unclear how protective the vaccine actually was. The ugly head of spurious variants was promulgated by the Government, Health Secretary Matt Hancock making the first of his variant warnings before Christmas.

Soon, the prospect of the necessity of annual boosters was mooted and all the while the population was being softened up for vaccine passports, or Covid certification certificates, by weasel-word ministers .

The current ‘offer’ in prospect is of some limited freedoms over the summer (in return for compliance with the various experimental vaccines now being rolled out), but with most control measures remaining: ‘Social distancing’ (disgusting term), masks (a badge of compliance, not a medical necessity), restrictions on events and on travel.

Given the Government’s behavioural policy form, it is hard not to guess at the intentions behind these conditional promises – one, to lull the people into a false sense of optimism and through the creation of artificial shortages, make them beg for the vaccine.

Two, to head off anti-lockdown parties’ votes at the May elections. Three, allow the G7 meeting to happen in Cornwall. And a possible fourth – allow Johnson’s wedding to go ahead. With all this out of the way, the public will find themselves once more the Government’s prey.

Dr Mary Ramsey, of Public Health England, told Andrew Marr on March 21 that the planned end of restrictions on June 21 would not bring normality. She went unchallenged by him.

In spite of the vaccine rollout, declining rates of infection and deaths, and empty hospitals, Dr Ramsey is, it seems – as billed by Gary Oliver on March 23 in TCW – ‘The expert who’s happy for restrictions to drag on for years.

Her objective, as described by TCW’s Laura Perrins and others, for example the Liverpool Echo, is to keep lockdowns going indefinitely, confident that few will oppose them. And, as a senior official in PHE, she was clearly given free rein to express it.

Although all the most vulnerable groups have received at least their first vaccine dose, we are told that a ‘return to freedom could be delayed by “significant” vaccine shortages’.

On March 10, Julia Hartley-Brewer of TalkRADIO interviewed Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. He failed to worm his way out of an earlier undertaking that if the Government did not fully unlock the country by early March after the most vulnerable groups were vaccinated, he would stand ‘on the barricades to get our freedoms back.’

Can we believe him? What happened to Matt Hancock’s promise in an interview in the Spectator on January 9 that when Covid hospital cases fall and pressure on the NHS is lifted, ‘that is the point at which we can look to lift the restrictions … the goal is not to ensure that we vaccinate the whole population before that point, it is to vaccinate those who are most vulnerable’.

At that point the majority will be unprotected, he said. However, he asserted: ‘We are going to have a great summer’ and he would still ‘cry freedom’.

To date, there has been no such cry from him, in fact the reverse. Just one month after Hancock’s brash words, we were already being told that restrictions would need to remain ‘until the whole population’ is vaccinated.

In fact, as MP Steve Baker said on March 20 in the Sun, restrictions are now tougher than they were last summer before the vaccine rollout began.

Shamefully, there is even a push now to vaccinate children who are at no risk from Covid. Mark Drakeford, First Minister of the Welsh government, admitted to the I newspaper that life will not return to normal in 2021 despite the rollout.

As for having a great summer, Shapps says: ‘I can’t give you a definitive, will there or will there not be, the opportunity to take holidays this next year either at home or abroad.’ This is now confirmed, with foreign travel for any leisure purpose banned until July at the earliest – the date creeps ever backwards.

On many occasions over the past year – 11 times, according to PoliticsHome – the Government has insisted it had ‘no plans’ for vaccine passports.

Yet on December 21 2020, the Daily Mail had already revealed that two companies had started work to develop them. And on March 25, Johnson announced that he will – as he was always going to do – attempt to roll these out, creating a new apartheid on the basis of discrimination on health grounds rather than skin colour. Good luck with the legal minefield that this will sow.

It all reminds me forcibly of conditions under communism in Eastern Europe before 1989. It is hard not to conclude either that the vaccine is ineffective and the continuation of restrictions is to disguise this, along with the enormous sums of money being made from it; or that regardless of its effectiveness, the vaccine is simply another control measure designed to instil fear and compliance.

Of course, both could be true. Public Health England seems to confirm this. On March 18, Yvonne Doyle, its medical director, said: ‘The vaccine does not give you a pass, even if you have had it. You must continue to follow all the guidelines.’

COVID-19: Why continuing to follow the guidance after being vaccinated is so important
The COVID-19 vaccination programme is continuing to be rolled out at pace, but it's important we continue to reduce our risk of transmitting or catching the virus. This blog explains why this is so...
5:31 PM · Mar 18, 2021

On the one hand, the Government is taking steps to force everyone to have a vaccine. On the other, the NHS, the manufacturers – and even Ferguson – admit that the vaccine is unreliable, will not prevent anyone from catching or passing on Covid, and is likely to have unpredictable long-term side effects because of the type of technology used.

If you appreciated this article, perhaps you might consider making a donation to The Conservative Woman. Unlike most other websites, we receive no independent funding. Our editors are unpaid and work entirely voluntarily as do the majority of our contributors but there are inevitable costs associated with running a website. We depend on our readers to help us, either with regular or one-off payments. You can donate here. Thank you.
My emphasis. Captap UK Column.

The flu is caused by EMF radiation poisoning

There is no deadly new natural virus strain, there are no natural variants. It is with a high degree of probability there are no harmful viruses. The claim is that flu is caused by an influenza corona virus. Corona virus is a term used by deceivers to describe exosomes. Exosomes are created naturally by cells to communicate with cells and used to transport waste and spare parts out of cells. It is natural for these to be found at sites of damage. For the regime corporation health officials to not know this is either due to gross negligence or deliberate, feigned ignorance.

To avoid the investors in the expansion of electrification being blamed for causing flu outbreaks by increasing EMF radiation poisoning, (emitted by all electrical equipment and cables, especially in the shorter range of radio frequencies) and reducing their opportunity to inflict more illness on people, the harmful virus myth was coined and promoted to catch all blame. Vested interests such as the vaxx-virus confidence trick snake oil salesmen and manufacturers censor whistle blowers and research that tells the world of the deception.

People have to wake up. 4G frequencies heat water in cells, causing damage. The 5G frequencies (same as microwave ovens) cause O2 to change vibration rate making it unavailable to red cells to transport, also causing O2 to split creating free radical single O2 atoms so reducing atmospheric O2 while creating harmful molecules like ozone, O3. Radar uses the same frequency, consider how prevalent radar has become. It doesn't matter that the frequencies are broadcast at a much lower strength when you are bathed in it 24 - 7 - 365.

EMF radiation can cause blood clots. Vaccines can cause blood clots, likely the combination is lethal.

Or believe bought politicians and health officials that you know lie every time they open their mouth.
What do you do when your employee lies and steals from you and threatens people around you?
The corporation regime is your employee.
In case you didn't know:
The union with the European Union was a corporate merger or take-over.
Cameron and Blair are both employees of the global corporation regime.
The current regime is pro global govenment that is being established and becoming active, enabled by the COVID psy-op.
I expect there a few other names with them that are familiar to you in the plot to blindside the planet's public and present a fait accompli.
These bastards were born heartless, deceptive, arrogant and or psychopathic.
Rumors from Thursday
Biden has no authority
DARPA's Implantable COVID-19 Microchip Is Here & Study Finds Variants Hurt Vaxxed More Than UnVaxxed
Dead from the Covid shot: Europe 5,365 US 3,005
Thursday, 15-Apr-2021

If The Earth Could Speak; Our Role in What Happens Next
There is no climate crisis, that is a psy-op to transfer wealth, bolstered by weather manipulation. There is a crisis of rats in the seats of power not preparing for the major cool down, quite the reverse. Peeps should not rely on enemy occupation regimes, bulk food should be stored outside regime control. Food shortages and power outages are in the plan.

"Anarchy USA" 1966 John Birch Society Film - PREVIEW
- How African American communities have been destroyed to be weaponized against America

15:36 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "‘I CANNOT stay silent’: POWERFUL letter exposes the REAL pandemic our kids face"

7:47 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Vaccine on ‘pause’ despite the world NEEDING to move past COVID-19"

Is Putin Bluffing About Defending Crimea And Donbas? A Major War Between the US And Russia Hangs In The Balance On That Very Question
NATO directed Bolshies have threatened to nuke civilians, backed by US military that have ALLEGEDLY already delivered a nuke to them. What's the firing rate of the nuclear cannons? In the Bolsheviks' shoes, I wouldn't test the Russian resolve, they may give some to Donbass. An internal nuclear war driven by Satan's army and the Crown's) Levy Council's Pentagon.

Tweet w/ link: "HUGE: 1,500 rabbis accuse ADL of ‘misplaced charges of antisemitism’ in calling for Tucker Carlson’s firing"

Dead from the Covid shot: Europe 5,365 US 3,005

The Russians are ready to invade Ukraine as in 1968 in Prague: They painted the tanks with "white stripes of invasion"
Will the people line the streets and cheer them as they go past?

Putin Mobilizing 'Half a Million' Troops On Ukraine Border As Tensions Continue To Rise! (video 2 m)

Biden Signs Executive Order Declaring Russia a National Security Threat - Is This A Step Towards War?
Is this the Crown's DC threatening Russia? Biden has no authority to speak for America.

Recent Mass Shootings: "Natural" or Mind Control? (Video)
The CIA corporation?

The Disinformation Program Is Complete (Video)

Pure, Unalloyed Evil

Nukemap: See What Happens in Your Area in a Nuclear Attack

Biden Targets Russian Sovereign Debt, Expels 10 Diplomats, In Sweeping Sanctions Action

Biden has no authority

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: 'Devil's Punchbowl' - UFOs and Threatening Red Eyed Creatures Encountered in England - vid

STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN SPACE - SURVEY RESULTS (Have you had unusual health issues the last month???)

Fulford full newsletter 4/12: "Riots, Murders, Nuclear Terror and Chaos as Western Political System Implodes"
- Reader: The defects of centralized governments and how to cure them
They're all run by crooks and puppets of crooks, jail 'em all.

Mike Adams' Situation Update April 15th, 2021: Vaccines KILL Americans, illegal aliens REPLACE them (43 min)
MrFusion -
- Text summary link for: Situation Update April 15th, 2021: Vaccines KILL Americans, illegal aliens REPLACE them
Vaxx kill people.

Mike Adams: How to lower your risk of BLOOD CLOTS from dangerous vaccines (16 min)
Good one, but CO2 is not poison. Your body uses what it needs and expels the excess.

SORCHA 4/15: "US Tells UN It's An Evil White Nation- Brands China Main Enemy- Then Slams “Nuclear Option” Sanctions On Russia"
Recommended. A polite take down of the lunatics, considering the provocations.

Human-monkey embryos - China-US collaboration
Gates, Fauci, military sponsored?

Video - DARPA's Implantable COVID-19 Microchip Is Here & Study Finds Variants Hurt Vaxxed More Than UnVaxxed

Thursday LIVE: Alien Life Forms Are Secretly Being Created In Labs Across The World

Vatican to host conference featuring COVID jab developers, Big Tech leaders, Fauci and Chelsea Clinton Vaccine developers, Mormon elders
Many of the biggest enemies of humanity in one place. Must be a temptation for someone to help us all.
- Mormon Transhumanist Association

Part 2 : The Omega File...JFK...Master Race...Order of the Fourth Reich...UN...Falklands War...Operation High Jump..Antarctica

“Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths”; Calls Mount for Accountability From Fauci, FDA’s Woodcock
While the military carries on, unaccountable

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Reptilian / Lizard Humanoid Encounters & Sightings Reports

X22 Report interviews Charlene & Ty Bollinger - The Establishment Has Been Holding Back Cures For Cancer (1 hr)
That would be the Rockefeller foundation, has a cure for most cancers (candida)

Moscow Angered and Bewildered by Biden’s Summit Proposal Followed by Sanctions
I expect Biden is bewildered by his handlers' orders too.
Biden has no authority

China’s Covid-19 Bio Weapon Causes Neurological Damage To 33% Of Those That Get The Virus (video)
1 response. The 3 spiked is Chinese, 4 is American.
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