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UKC News - 7th April. Front Line Doctors' Exclusive. Rumors 7th April

We need massively supported petitions. I believe petitions for these two are vital-
1. Restore liability for harms caused by injections of harmful substances prepared by Pharmaceutical Corporations and whose acceptance is strongly coerced by corporation governments and other non medical corporations like airlines. All involved must be made liable.
2. Investigate the criminal culpability of health officials in coercing corporation governments to conceal the fact the vaccines do not meet the standard of a cure or even a palliative, i.e. they are not vaccines, advocated when commonly available non and less harmful palliatives outperform the "vaccines." Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, cold'n'flu type allieviators in various brands and of course vitamins C, D and zinc supplement ALL outperform vaccines and were available before vaccines were forced on the public. This is why the reasons for vaccine advocacy need to be investigated. Here's a clue. £££, and A21-30.
COVID is a bioweapon, modified other species' exosomes or a complete fabrication using statistical fraud by claiming victims of other ailments such as Influenza and even accidents died of COVID to bolster the public perception of a dangerous new disease.

If such a thing as a victim of the COVID bioweapon exists then there needs to be a post mortem to see what the victim in fact died of. If a modified exosome, then evidence would be available to get the perps that advocated and pressured people to take the vaccine that delivered the bioweapon and those that administered the killer jab in the dock.
There was a report of a litre of COVID being flown out of Australia, no word which medical corporation(s) were recipients.

Separately, what telecom frequency and strength is required to superheat the metal particles in your brain to damage brain cells?

UK Column News - 7th April 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

00:26 - The EMA Acknowledges Vaccine Thrombosis Risks

IM Article: -
Mike Yeadon Delingpod Interview: -

08:20 - Media Spin And Political & Health Service Denial of Vaccine ADR's

MHRA ADR Statistics: -
Mail Article: -
NHSuk Tweet: -
BMJ Letter Responses: -
Dutch Announcement: -

19:00 - COVID 19 Mortality Statistics

UK column Article: -
ONS Statement: -

20:15 - Stutgart Acknowledges that Possible COVID 19 Vaccine Death Post Mortems Are Banned

Article: -
EMA Data: -

25:24 - Is There Any Need For Vaccines And What Does Training The Immune System Achieve?

Paper: -
BBC Article: -
Science Article: -
T-Cell Paper: -
Telegraph Article (Bell and Gilbert statements): -

29:38 - BBC decides what "disinformation" it will tackle, calling science "conspiracy theory."

BBC VitD Article: -
PMC Paper: -
ScienceDirect Paper: -
TP Article: -
Scientific American Article: -
Ms Society Article: -
Science Daily Article: -
ISCD Article: -
Guardian Article: -
AofA Article: -

34:29 - Northern Exposure Interview With Murdo Fraser -

36:14 - Emails from UKC viewers experiencing vaccine side effects

37:13 - MP Ben Wallace Ignores Public Concerns And Regurgitates Meaningless Soundbites

39:38 - Email Suggests Why University Halts Key Research

GR Article: -

40:37 - The MSM Acknowledges Psychological Manipulation

Telegraph Article: -
Express Article: -
Mail Article: -
SAGE Minutes: -
UK Column News May 11th 2020 (go to 12:25): -
Mindspace Document: -

44:23 - Test, Test, Test Even If There Is No Reason To Do So

Johnson Urges Asymptomatic Testing: -
Asymptomatic Testing Job Profile: -

46:38 - COVID 19 Passports / Certificates (Same thing) Leads The Dictatorship

Telegraph Gove Article: -
Sir Graham Brady Article: -
Dr Rath's Article: -

52:29 - Fusion Doctrine: UK Social Mobility Commission Comes Under Centralised Control of the Cabinet Office

UK Social Mobility Commission Announcement: -
UKHSA Announcement: -
UKHSA Hancock Statement: -
Dr Jenny Harries Appointment: -
Dr Jenny Harries Marks First Day: -
Dr Jenny Harries Profile: -

57:00 - European Courts Symbolically Challenge Government COVID Policy

Le Soir Article: -
Brussels Times Article 001: -
Brussels Times Article 002: -

58:28 - Serbs Decline COVID 19 Vaccines

AFP Article: -

01:00:43 - I Refuse To Comply For The Sake of My Son

UKC Article: -
Eastern Approaches video: -

01:05:21 - Sonia Poulton Hounded Out of Campaigning Against Child Abuse

01:07:20 - Digital Markets Will Save Us From Online Harms Which Means Disinformation Is the Same As Child Grooming

Digital Markets Unit Announcement: -
Oliver Dowden Statement: -
Matt Hancock Future of the Media Statement: -
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Myself, I'm in the 'elderly' category and take 10,000 iu D3 and a rounded teaspoon of L ascorbic C vit (1500mg) along with Wilko's multi vit (and E vit to help with hair loss) daily with a week long break approx every 3 months so my inbuilt defences don't get lazy.
ALL politicians and health officials should be vaccinated before the public. If they die the public is protected. If they don't the vaccine is safe.
Can't recall who said that first. Personally, I think the vaccine confidence trick business should be outlawed and the peddlers jailed or executed.

AFLDS Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: "Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation"
America's Frontline Doctors March 25, 2021
by Mordechai Sones

[Large excerpts. Reading the full article is recommended. Cc]

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) spoke to former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon about his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the regulatory authorities, and more.

At the outset, Dr. Yeadon said “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population.
“I feel great fear, but I’m not deterred from giving expert testimony to multiple groups of able lawyers like Rocco Galati in Canada and Reiner Fuellmich in Germany.
“I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.
“In the U.K., it’s abundantly clear that the authorities are bent on a course which will result in administering ‘vaccines’ to as many of the population as they can. This is madness, because even if these agents were legitimate, protection is needed only by those at notably elevated risk of death from the virus. In those people, there might even be an argument that the risks are worth bearing. And there definitely are risks which are what I call ‘mechanistic’: inbuilt in the way they work.
“But all the other people, those in good health and younger than 60 years, perhaps a little older, they don’t perish from the virus. In this large group, it’s wholly unethical to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects after a few months is completely uncharacterized.
[No conclusive evidence that the new virus, even SARS and COV2 exists (outside a computer and consensus industry science) has been brought forth. Cc]
“In no other era would it be wise to do what is stated as the intention.
“Since I know this with certainty, and I know those driving it know this too, we have to enquire: What is their motive?
“While I don’t know, I have strong theoretical answers, only one of which relates to money and that motive doesn’t work, because the same quantum can be arrived at by doubling the unit cost and giving the agent to half as many people. Dilemma solved. So it’s something else.
Appreciating that, by entire population, it is also intended that minor children and eventually babies are to be included in the net, and that’s what I interpret to be an evil act.
“There is no medical rationale for it. Knowing as I do that the design of these ‘vaccines’ results, in the expression in the bodies of recipients, expression of the spike protein, which has adverse biological effects of its own which, in some people, are harmful (initiating blood coagulation and activating the immune ‘complement system’), I’m determined to point out that those not at risk from this virus should not be exposed to the risk of unwanted effects from these agents.”

AFLDS: The Israel Supreme Court decision last week cancelling COVID flight restrictions said: “In the future, any new restrictions on travel into or out of Israel need, in legal terms, a comprehensive, factual, data-based foundation.”

In a talk you gave four months ago, you said,
“The most likely duration of immunity to a respiratory virus like SARS CoV-2 is multiple years. Why do I say that? We actually have the data for a virus that swept through parts of the world seventeen years ago called SARS, and remember SARS CoV-2 is 80% similar to SARS, so I think that’s the best comparison that anyone can provide.
“The evidence is clear: These very clever cellular immunologists studied all the people they could get hold of who had survived SARS 17 years ago. They took a blood sample, and they tested whether they responded or not to the original SARS and they all did; they all had perfectly normal, robust T cell memory. They were actually also protected against SARS CoV-2, because they’re so similar; it’s cross immunity.
“So, I would say the best data that exists is that immunity should be robust for at least 17 years. I think it’s entirely possible that it is lifelong. The style of the responses of these people’s T cells were the same as if you’ve been vaccinated and then you come back years later to see if that immunity has been retained. So I think the evidence is really strong that the duration of immunity will be multiple years, and possibly lifelong.”
In other words, previous exposure to SARS – that is, a variant similar to SARS CoV-2 – bestowed SARS CoV-2 immunity.
The Israel government cites new variants to justify lockdowns, flight closures, restrictions, and Green Passport issuance. Given the Supreme Court verdict, do you think it may be possible to preempt future government measures with accurate information about variants, immunity, herd immunity, etc. that could be provided to the lawyers who will be challenging those future measures?

Yeadon: “What I outlined in relation to immunity to SARS is precisely what we’re seeing with SARS-CoV-2.
The study is from one of the best labs in their field.
[SARS COV2 never made it to Europe because it's a (hypothetical) non contagious bioweapon, at worst a toxin like the theoretical COVID19. They are bits a computer put together with some candidate bits suggested by a committee. The antibody bits the PCR tests for could, might, may be related to the hypothetical virus. Cc]

“So, theoretically, people could test their T-cell immunity by measuring the responses of cells in a small sample of their blood. There are such tests, they are not “high throughput” and they are likely to cost a few hundred USD each on scale. But not thousands. The test I’m aware of is not yet commercially available, but research only in U.K.

“However, I expect the company could be induced to provide test kits “for research” on scale, subject to an agreement. If you were to arrange to test a few thousand non vaccinated Israelis, it may be a double edged sword. Based on other countries experiences, 30-50% of people had prior immunity & additionally around 25% have been infected & are now immune.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with the authorities on their own terms: that you’re suspected as a source of infection until proven otherwise. You shouldn’t need to be proving you’re not a health risk to others. Those without symptoms are never a health threat to others. And in any case, once those who are concerned about the virus are vaccinated, there is just no argument for anyone else needing to be vaccinated.”

My understanding of a “leaky vaccine” is that it only lessens symptoms in the vaccinated, but does not stop transmission; it therefore allows the spread of what then becomes a more deadly virus.


“I think the Gerrt Vanden Bossche story is highly suspect. There is no evidence at all that vaccination is leading or will lead to ‘dangerous variants’. I am worried that it’s some kind of trick.

“As a general rule, variants form very often, routinely, and tend to become less dangerous & more infectious over time, as it comes into equilibrium with its human host. Variants generally don’t become more dangerous.

“No variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3%. In other words, all variants are at least 99.7% identical to the Wuhan sequence.


[Fails to identify the separate causes of the flu symptoms, fails to acknowledge the 'immune cells' are the clean up crew disposing of the alarm exosomes and the toxins. Cc]

“This paper shows WHY the extensive molecular recognition by the immune system makes the tiny changes in variants irrelevant.

“I cannot say strongly enough: The stories around variants and need for top up vaccines are FALSE. I am concerned there is a very malign reason behind all this. It is certainly not backed by the best ways to look at immunity. The claims always lack substance when examined, and utilize various tricks, like manipulating conditions for testing the effectiveness of antibodies. Antibodies are probably rather unimportant in host protection against this virus. There have been a few ‘natural experiments’, people who unfortunately cannot make antibodies, yet are able quite successfully to repel this virus. They definitely are better off with antibodies than without. I mention these rare patients because they show that antibodies are not essential to host immunity, so some contrived test in a lab of antibodies and engineered variant viruses do NOT justify need for top up vaccines.


“Recently, I noticed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) had made a grant to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)! Can that ever be appropriate? They’re funded by public money. They should never accept money from a private body.

“So here is an example where the U.K. regulator has a conflict of interest.
“The European Medicines Agency failed to require certain things as disclosed in the ‘hack’ of their files while reviewing the Pfizer vaccine.
“You can find examples on Reiner Fuellmich’s “Corona Committee” online.

“So I no longer believe the regulators are capable of protecting us. ‘Approval’ is therefore meaningless.

“Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and I petitioned the EMA Dec 1, 2020 on the genetic vaccines. They ignored us.
“Recently, we wrote privately to them, warning of blood clots, they ignored us. When we went public with our letter, we were completely censored. Days later, more than ten countries paused use of a vaccine citing blood clots.
“I think the big money of pharma plus cash from BMGF creates the environment where saying no just isn’t an option for the regulator.

“I must return to the issue of ‘top up vaccines’ (booster shots) and it is this whole narrative which I fear will he exploited and used to gain unparalleled power over us.

“PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them.

“As there’s no need for them, yet they’re being made in pharma, and regulators have stood aside (no safety testing), I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes.
“For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the worlds population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.

“It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”


Prions are not contagious. Without having an injection, the only danger is from organo phosphates and environmental heavy metal particles such as have been sprayed us every day for decades as waste disposal via jet fuel and specially adapted planes.
Hancock and Whitty need to be waterboarded to find out what they know. Hancock said the CV19 was too small to be imaged, it isn't and there are plenty of photos that prove this. Did he mean the prion?


Germans send a Powerful Message to the World.. Its time to put an end to the COnVID Scam.
Donald J. Trump's last speech as the 45th President of the United States:
We will see you soon! Now he is the 19th President of the United States.


Wednesday, 7-Apr-2021 00:14:47

36:41 video (cc): Luke Rudkowski - "They were WRONG all along..."

CDC is a Corrupt Corporation Making Money off of You & Your Children

Frightening Forecast Predicts 70% Decline In US Population By The Year 2025: Extermination Of The Masses By Nuclear War or Contrived Pandemic?

Andrew Torba: "The Vaccine Has Become A Religious Ceremony That Christians Have A Right To Reject"

Epoch Times: "How One Renegade Province in the Pacific Is Standing Up to Beijing’s Pressure, Bribes, Belt and Road"

“The Vaccine Is Killing Me!” Facebook Fact-Checks Woman’s Post About Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction… She DIED A WEEK LATER

NaturalNews: "These corporations need to be boycotted for supporting election fraud"
Those and other corporations need to be boycotted for supporting COVID fraud.

Germans send a Powerful Message to the World.. Its time to put an end to the COnVID Scam..

Disseminated Erythema Migrans as a Result of Lyme Disease (every dermatologist I have ever met have been bastards!)

Some "psychological" disorders have physical causes. Read our review of Dr. Kenneth Bock's new book and click through to read an excerpt of BRAIN INFLAMED.

11:00 video (cc): Pat and Stu for Glenn Beck - "Portland school reconsiders 'Evergreen Tree' mascot for THIS INSANE reason"

45:30 video (cc): Lionel - "The American Coma"

Jon Rappoport: 'If Derek Chauvin acquitted, “all hell will break loose” '
Justifiably acquitted.

Anna Von Reitz: "The Cure Has Been Found! ---Common Sense and Commerce"
Anna is going along with natural virus harmful to mankind scam. The problem is that if the EMF cause is not impressed on the public consciousness then even when the virus myth is eventually staked, we will still have the flu and the telecom sacks will remain unpunished.
GMI: "Covid-19 Data Review: Cases Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns" | "European Plans for 'Vaccine Passports' Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic. Coincidence?
33:42 video (cc): ATL - ‘Do Not Use Justice for Blacks As Excuse to Destroy This Nation’—Bob Woodson on ‘Systemic Racism’

Lauren Southern tweet: "Further proof those who said "I want to wait for more data" when it came to COVID vaccines have been right."

CGI's PhantomsMOnsters: Roswell witnesses and strange events! Three personal frightening reports from then & now

Farmers Fight Back: French, Croatian Farmers Push Back Against Shutdown of Farms & Takeover of Food (Video)

246 Fully Vaccinated Michigan Residents Test Positive for COVID, With 3 Dead

President Trump Gives Exclusive Interview on Corporate Boycotts, Election Reforms, The Border Crisis and more 4/7/21 - Vid - Newsmax
RumorMail -

Georgia Governor Kemp: ‘Biden is lying to the American people’ - FoxNews short vid clip
- Missouri Working to Protect Second Amendment Gun Rights

4-3-2-1: Is The Countdown To Our “Point Of No Return” About To Come To An End?
The short countdown started after Israel (Zionists) and the Crown (City, MI6) caused the Fukushima disaster. Keep an eye on Pacific fish catch tonnage year on year. It will also cause a rapid decline in O2. All 5G roll-outs must be reversed and radar must use a different frequency because it is another source of O2 depletion.

Mike Adams' Situation Update, April 7th, 2021 - ALERT: The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida

Video - Texas Covid Crashes - Fauci Dumbfounded

TOCQUEVILLE’S AMERICA - a Dinesh D'Souza podcast

SuicideVax Passports, Political Torture & Filibuster Fails (Video)

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Texas Mother Concerned About Son's 'Pale Humanoid' Encounters

"Donald J. Trump's last speech as the 45th President of the United States: We will see you soon! Now he is the 19th President of the United States." "The military service corporation has been in charge." who owns the military corporations? Crown - Air Force, Navy - Vatican. A corporation coup against the convened unincorporated American Government?

SORCHA 4/7: "Putin Orders Massive Combat Exercise In Aftermath Of COVID Spy Shoot Out At Fort Detrick"
"... noting that Russia is set to continue its cooperation with the World Health Organization in investigating origins of the novel coronavirus—then beyond shockingly reveals that the main investigative focus is on why Dr. Anthony Fauci illegally funneled US grant money to the Wuhan-China laboratory conducting research into how to enhance bat-based coronaviruses in 2017—and saw Dr. Fauci being able to secretly funnel this money to Wuhan-China because he “systematically thwarted–indeed systematically nullified–the HHS P3CO Framework put in place to keep this from happening by his declining to flag and forward proposals for their review”.
This SVR document then examines the United States bio-research facility Fort Detrick—where is located the National Interagency Biodefense Campus, which houses one of the 13 operational or planned BSL-4 laboratories located in the United States that are able to conduct research into the world’s most deadly and contagious viruses—and is critical to notice because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China asserts that the COVID virus was created at Fort Detrick and was introduced to China when 300 US military members arrived in the Wuhan region for the Military World Games in mid-October-2017 and infected the local population."

- CNBC: 1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers neurological or mental disorders, study finds

Reader discusses corporation boycotts and the larger context

USA Watchdog: Globalists are Initiating their Extinction Protocols – Steve Quayle

Aries New Moon and the Diamond in the Haystack! How to CIRF 4/8 - 4/14 [39 min video]

UK scientists: "Resurgence in hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine."
- Here is the full Telegraph article on a non-paywalled site

X22 Report Ep. 2447a&b - Bill Of Rights Under Attack, What Are Sealed? Are You Putting The Puzzle Together? (63 min in two parts)

Do prions CAUSE 'Mad Cow' or are they just "on the scene" innocent bystanders?
4 responses

Some "psychological" disorders have physical causes. Read our review of Dr. Kenneth Bock's new book and click through to read an excerpt of BRAIN INFLAMED.
MW frequency heated nano particles of metal in the brain?

4.7.21 Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay POWERFUL Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters (2hr 18min) (YouTube version)

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: 'Ask Lon Anything' Question & Answer Session - Indrid Cold - UFOs - New Cases - Winged Humanoids - vid

Ron Paul: Why Is The Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine To Attack Russia?

Gun law.

Part 8 : Selected by Extraterrestrials My life in the Top Secret World of UFOs., Think-Tanks and Nordic Secretaries ...The Gates Will Open...++


Although other politicians are more coherent than Biden's stand-in, (who is suffering an overdose of aluminium in his brain) is any other corporation politician less of a puppet?


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