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COVID19 "vaccine" creates prions that cause mad cow disease. Theoretically.

.In progress.
There are no natural viruses that are harmful to mankind.
we know this because if such existed we wouldn't be here.

First of all some observations.
These are beyond doubt, proven by researchers and scientists.
electromagnetic field radiation (EMFR) emitted by electrical equipment and cabling is harmful. Radiation poisoning from the frequencies used and intended to be used (6G and higher) by telecom and the military cause all the influenza symptoms, and more, that have been claimed to be caused by natural inert bat exosomes, mistermed coronaviruses. All the symptoms are defence responses to cell damage that is due to the continuous radiation shower with the telecoms at the apex..

The Spanish Flu was caused by solar radiation amplified by the first introduction of radio signals and rapidly expanding electrification. The huge number of deaths were principally caused by bacterial lung infections mainly caused by mask wearing, and killer vaccines inflicted by the Rockefeller Institute, (now Foundation). Subsequent outbreaks were caused by major expansions in electrification and the introduction of higher radio frequencies. Much of this info can be found in Prof. Arthur Firstenberg's Invisible Rainbow. An abbreviated version is here - The Story of Influenza

Obama outlawed the research into weaponising other species exosomes so the operation was transferred to Wuhan and funded by the NIH, (principally Fauci) Gates, Soros and one or two others, apparently approved by Obama as photos show him in a Wuhan lab.
Development of the bioweapon was made by attaching HIV spikes. As I recall, one and two spiked exosomes were made by British (in Libya?) and European (Georgian?) biolabs. Three spikes tracks to China and four spikes to America. Because the exosomes are not contagious, they have to be introduced by injection or inhalation, vaccine companies tell you there is a "virus" in their injection. The "virus" is the bioweapon. This is with 99% certainty the reason why Australians tested positive for HIV after being injected. It is likely the method for "infecting" people with HIV and claiming it's a disease, it isn't.
Because exosomes are inert, they do not reproduce or evolve. One species' exosomes cannot be reproduced by another species' cells so scientists lie when they say human cells reproduce bat exosomes. Human cells create human exosomes to remove waste and damaged material. Modified bat exosomes artificially introduced into a person's blood stream can cause cell damage that in turn, alerted by exosomes released by cells, is responded to by some symptoms common to EMFR poisoning aka flu.
Wuhan scientists found that the addition of glycoprotein 120 masked the introduced exosomes so as to avoid immediate detection by white cells. The G120 dissolves and reveals the bioweapon, damaging a cell and producing the defence response (flu symptoms that include pneumonia).

Jim Stone: The Vax Doesn't Fight Corona. Rather It Commands Your Body To Produce The Prions That Cause Mad Cow Disease, Creating Zombies [91 min video]
Posted By: NaturalWisdom
RMN 6-Apr-2021 13:24:17

In Response To: Italy: Two More Teachers DEAD After AstraZeneca COVID Shot (RumorMail)

Puts a different spin on the CDC's Zombie Preparedness web page, doesn't it?
That strange CDC post was a cryptic clue of what to expect in the near future.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
PRECURSOR: Just so people know right off the bat what this is about, the MRNA corona vaccines don't fight coronavirus, they instead command your body to start producing the prion that causes mad cow disease.

I spent a while pondering the new revelations about the corona vax and figured out a key item that cinches the topic

First of all, for those who did not see it, over easter weekend Alex did an emergency broadcast about the corona vax being specifically formulated to cause your body to produce the prion that causes mad cow disease. If you scroll down a little bit, it is there and it is all documented.
Here is the revelation I finally had -
The ONLY reason why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax (and the first one to boot) that programs your body rather than triggers an immune response - the ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the prions they probably could not put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing it's destruction. A conventional shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine to do that without killing too many people up front

However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something, (under the ruse of being protective) - if they caused your body to do that it would not do it immediately, time would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents - agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with - your body made them - so there's another layer of deniability -

This is precisely why the Corona vax is an MRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease we were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work, and now we know.

So they openly stated it's a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed I guess there are ways to prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertised [advertising] that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the coronavirus - quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different vaccine brands, but it would not be so easy to realize that it was the prion that causes mad cow.

Alex got ahold of the elite documents that lay it all out. The corona vax does not fight a virus, it instead programs your body to produce prions so on a delayed timetable people start going zombie or start having seizures or whatever (depending on what part of the brain the prions build up in first) - and we end up with, a year down the road, a modified version of the walking dead where the zombies don't necessarily bite you (but plenty of scary stuff is visible) and they also don't live very long.

The Resistance 1776
Apr 4, 2021
Too big to upload here, 299 MB, 1 hour. Recommend to watch at RMN
The Alex Jones Show (Full Show) - Commercial Free - 4-3-21

Also learn the inside baseball about Trump's impeachment trial from Alex Jones.
Panicked Dems know they have no case but still move forward to demonize Trump and his base.

Alex Jones breaks down French President Macron’s admission that the COVID vaccines don’t work, all but obliterating the hoax. We also discuss the Democrats’ fear that President Trump may not be convicted in their second sham impeachment crusade, which would leave him open for another presidential run in 2024.
Jim Stone's original article:

More Jim Stone: While Everyone Now Knows The Corona Vax Programs The Body To Produce The Prion For Mad Cow, Here Is What Is Not So Well Known
Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Tuesday, 6-Apr-2021 13:50:01


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

So now everyone knows the MRNA corona vaxxes program the body to produce the prion for mad cow disease. Here is what is not so well known:

"Covid-19" itself has the prion for mad cow disease programmed into it. The entire time this was going on, they were saying that the protein the virus used to bind with cells was unique in a virus "So a vaccine could be made to combat the virus for that reason". What they did not say is that the protein was unique because it just so happened to be the prion from mad cow disease. THAT ended up in a virus NATURALLY . . . YEP. And it ended up in the virus in the worst possible spot . . . YEP.

So now ... they claim to have "fought the virus" by creating a vaccine that genetically TELLS your body to produce the prion for mad cow disease, "because it will confuse the virus and prevent binding". . . YEP, and meanwhile, the shot that supposedly "made you immune to corona" gave you creutzfeldt-jakob disease and you're gonna go down like a mad cow from the shot once that prion takes hold in your brain, - right around six months to a year from what they say.

We now have a vaccine developer for Astra Zeneca who died of creutzfeldt-jakob disease
(a coincidence I am sure, because that's such a common affliction) *oh, it will be* now that so many people got that shot - AND we have a virus out in the wild that uses the prion from mad cow disease to bind with the cells it's attacking.


I'll tell you how cute: You had damn well better not have gotten this virus, because even if you showed no sym(p)toms, you got trillions of those prions in you and if ANY of them dis-connected from the viruses you'll eventually go down from this like a mad cow once the prions take off. It might take a while, I don't know how many would actually detach from the virus but I can say that anyone who got the virus played the lottery a trillion times at least. And the media buried this, even though the prion was documented right from the beginning RIGHT HERE.

Well done to Alex and Jim, thanks NW
We need to find out who the scientist was that produced the killer biotech and make an example to discourage others.

We know:
Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
by Fintan Dunne
Research by Kathy McMahon
Reprinted from

Pharmaceutical interests in the UK are ignoring new scientific research that shows the insecticide used in the UK government's own warble-fly campaigns triggered the UK surge of 'Mad Cow' disease.

Latest experiments by Cambridge University prion specialist, David R. Brown, have shown that manganese bonds with prions. Other researchers work shows that prions in the bovine spine -- along which insecticides are applied -- can be damaged by ICI's Phosmet organophosphate(OP) insecticide -causing the disease.

British scientists have led the current theory that an infectious prion in bonemeal fed to cattle causes bovine spongiform disease (BSE).
Infectious prions are also claimed to cause new variant Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans -from ingesting beef. But the infectious prion theory serves to obscure a tragic chemical poisoning scandal behind the majority of BSE cases.

The new work proves that the prions can bond with manganese in animal feeds or mineral licks. These manganese prions cause the neurological degeneration seen in BSE. By a similar process, prions in human brains are damaged by lice lotions containing organophosphate. This can result in neurological diseases like CJD and Alzheimers -later in life.

Many might be surprised to hear that organophosphates were developed by Nazi chemists during the course World War Two,
as a chemical weapon nerve agent. One formulation of the insecticide -- Maneb, or Mancozeb -- actually contains manganese in addition to organophosphate.

The marginalized research has devestating financial implications for ICI. It would provide a firm basis for litigants -who could include CJD sufferers, farmers across the world and families of the many British farmers who committed suicide during this BSE debacle.

Phosmet organophosphate has been used at high doses in British warble fly campaigns. In 1996, ICI subsidiary Zeneca sold the phosmet patent to a PO Box company in Arizona called Gowan -just one week before the UK government admitted to a link between BSE and nvCJD.

The politically well-connected British pharmaceuticals group, ICI has the financial and political clout to block research into any cause other than the infective model. Indeed no substantive alternative research has been done. British BSE disease management and research bodies have taken decisions that do not seem guided by spirited scientific enquiry. Mysterious prions that jump species is the preferred research arena.

Scientist and organic farmer, Mark Purdey gave evidence to the UK BSE inquiry, that warble fly insecticide was the cause of the disease. The scientist wheeled out to rubbish Purdy's evidence -Dr. David Ray, later turned out to have been receiving funding from the insecticide manufacturer ICI.

A lobby group that includes Bayer, Monsanto, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche and Schering-Plough was behind the effort to discredit Purdey. In December 1999, the same David Ray was appointed to the UK Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) -a government body that licences animal medicines.

Purdey has been consistently denied even exploratory funding to extend his privately supported research. Yet the Purdey/Brown chemical poisoning model matches with the epidermiological spread of CJD clusters in humans. It also predicts the incidence of BSE-type diseases in animals. The accepted infectious model fits neither.

The pharmaceutical industry is all the more determined to hide the chemical source of BSE and CJD, because a spotlight on chemicals would expose the role the insecticides in Alzheimer's -- another neurodegenerative disease -- that might lead to claims which would dwarf those from BSE and CJD litigants. In fact, two leading brain researchers into CJD and Alzheimers have died in suspicious circumstances in recent years.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency is already reviewing Phosmet's safety. The Centers for Disease Control in the US has recently conducted experiments on mice that confirm the organophosphate risk.

Not only is the EC beef slaughter campaign futile -because BSE disease is mostly non-infectious, but unless the underlying chemical cause is addressed, BSE will simply reappear from chemical causes. A new warble fly campaign is already underway in France using the organophosphate insecticide.

Of greater concern is that some lotions for scabies and head lice are now priming children and adults, for CJD and Alzheimers in later life.

Bonding The Prion
Cambridge University prion biochemist, David R. Brown is dismissive of the science behind the infectious model of BSE. He terms it "a very limited amount of science by a few assumed- reputable scientists." He insists there is "no evidence an infectious agent is present in either meat or milk."

"Simple tests on udder walls of cows -- which could easily detect an infectious prion -- have not been done, why I don't understand."

A number of researchers have found that organophosphate(OP) in systemic warble fly insecticide can deform the prion molecule, rendering it ineffective at buffering free radical effects in the body. Worse still, the prion is then partial to bond with manganese and become a 'rogue' prion. A chain reaction whereby rogue prions turn others to rogues also, can explain the bovine spongiform disease mechanism.

Brown showed how prion protein bonds benignly with copper, but lethally with manganese. Even natural variations in relative environmental availability of manganese versus copper can trigger prion degradation.

The CJD and BSE symptoms mirror 'manganese madness', an irreversible fatal neuro-psychiatric degenerative syndrome that plagued manganese miners in the first half of the last century
Shining a Light on Spongiform

Organic dairy farmer and peer-review-published independent scientist, Mark Purdey, says the accepted theory of transmission from BSE-infected cattle to human CJD -by bonemeal or meat, is dependent on a mutant prion that has never been isolated under the scientific protocol called Koch's postulates.

Purdey's insistence on sticking to the letter of this scientific law earned him the condemnation of UK officialdom when he first mooted his theory. But Purdey pointed to CJD clusters downwind of a British Phosmet production plant to back his case.

He gave evidence to the UK Government BSE inquiry and was supported by Conservative MP, Thessa Gorman. His views were discounted, but his subsequent research and the new Cambridge prion work have confirmed the alternative theory. Despite this, and the backing of a British peer, he is denied even exploratory funding.

Speaking from his rural English Somerset farm yesterday -as plans forge ahead for the European cattle cull, he asks:

"Why does CJD degeneration in humans begin in the retina, and why are CJD disease clusters found in high altitude locations?"

The question is rhetorical, and Purdey has an eye-opening answer. He argues that the prion molecule has a known natural role as a shock adsorber of damaging energy from ultraviolet rays and other oxidizing agents.

Once this prion defence system is rendered ineffective by organophosphates - for example in human head lice lotions, these oxidizing effects have an unmediated impact on tissues. Eventually, UV radiation damages the retina and oxidative stress destroys the brain tissues of CJD patients. This theory would expect to find higher CJD incidence in mountain regions -where UV radiation levels are elevated. That prediction holds true.

A similar but accelerated mechanism could be driving BSE. ICI's Phosmet organophosphate warble fly insecticide -applied on the backs of animals along the spinal column, similarly degrades prions. "Systemic versions of the insecticide are designed to make the entire cow carcass toxic to warble fly," explains Purdey. "Unfortunately it's toxic to prions too -especially those prions located just millimeters from the point of application."

The damaged prions are then ready to react with manganese in animal feed, or manganese sprayed on land or in mineral licks -to become the driving force of BSE neurodegeneration. Purdey says manganese-tipped prions set off lethal chain reactions that neurologically burn through the animal.

Chickens notoriously excrete most of the supplements fed to them -including manganese. And their manganese-rich excreta have been blended into cattle feed in the UK. Natural variations in the relative environmental availability of copper and manganese can also spur prion degeneration says Purdey.

From this research, any prudent person would conclude there is a significant risk attaching to the use of organophosphate in humans. Preparations for head lice and scabies are known to be overused in practice and might be priming users for CJ disease.

Purdey believes his bias for field work is the key to his success. He bemoans the "reductionism" of much lab-centered science. "I have traveled the world to investigate known clusters of spongiform disease -something mainstream researchers don't seem remotely interested in doing."

Since first postulating an environmental -rather than infectious- theory of spongiform diseases, Purdey has built evidence from around the world that explains and predicts the incidence in humans and animals: a cluster of CJD in Slovakia, Eastern Europe -around a manganese plant; Rocky Mountain deer with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), who were found to be eating pine needles rich in manganese; the futile slaughter of sheep in Cyprus -only for BSE to reemerge within years.

"The reappearance of BSE in Cyprus obviously points to an environmental cause," says Purdey, who is sanguine when reflecting on the condemnation of him by mainstream scientists.

"I suppose they have mortgages and kids who need to go to university," he muses. "Privately, some were agreeing with me, but then they would denounce me publicly. It was quite strange really."

The Money Trail
Critical scientists like Purdey are unlikely to prevail. The pharmaceutical industry holds most research purse strings, and would hardly energetically explore an avenue of research that could expose them to litigation for causing BSE. The official theory is lavishly funded, alternative theories rarely, if at all.

There are more explosive implications to his -and other's latest research. Purdey says similar organophosphate-induced protein deformation could also underlie Alzheimer's disease. If that were true, the litigation fallout would destroy some pharmaceutical giants, and a lot of very influential noses would be out of joint.

Disturbingly, Purdey and other brain researchers seem to have had an undue share of unfortunate accidents. Purdey's house was burned down and his lawyer who was working with him on Mad Cow Disease was driven off the road by another vehicle and subsequently died. The veterinarian on the case also died in a car crash -locally reported as: 'Mystery Vet Death Riddle.'

Dr. C. Bruton, a CJD specialist -- who had just produced a paper on a new strain of CJD -- was killed in a car crash before his work was announced to the public. Purdey speculates that Bruton might have known more than what was revealed in his last scientific paper.

In 1996, leading Alzheimer's researcher Tsunao Saitoh, 46 and his 13 -year-old daughter were killed in La Jolla, California, in what a Reuters report described as a "very professionally done" shooting.

What Alzheimer's Disease, Mad Cow Disease, and CJ Disease have in common, is abnormal brain proteins and a putative link to organophosphates. Even Gulf War syndrome among returning veterans has been attributed, in part to the insecticide. But the sidelined scientists' suspicions are still largely ignored.

In their favour at the moment, is a growing unease on the part of the public. As BSE forges on and Governments panic, Science may be out to lunch on BSE, compromised by bovine spongythinking myopathy.

Do Not Use Systemic Organophosphate [OP] Insecticides
Do NOT treat children with OP head lice products - they may cause CJD and Alzheimer's
Do NOT treat your pets with OP anti-flea products
Do NOT treat cattle or animals with OP products - they may cause BSE
Do NOT give manganese to cattle previously dosed with a systemic OP
The relative availability of the metals copper and manganese in you local environment is a major factor in BSE & CJD

Fascinating information about the truly horrible things that pesticides can do and the travesty of Mad Cow Disease. Be sure to read the other article in this week's newsletter on this topic, which is entitled "Animal Pharm" and written by Mark Purdey himself, the originator of this theory.



How do prions get on with aluminium? Prions are not contagious. Without having an injection, the only danger is from organo phosphates and environmental heavy metals such as have been sprayed us every day for decades as waste disposal via jet fuel and specially adapted planes.
Hancock and Whitty need to be waterboarded to find out what they know. Hancock said the CV19 was too small to be imaged. Did he mean the prion?
Why shouldn't Whitty have his DNA sampled to see if he is really human? Answers on a postcard to BBC insurgency support team, Syria,

Do prions CAUSE 'Mad Cow' or are they just "on the scene" innocent bystanders?
Posted By: hobie
RMN 7-Apr-2021 20:49:13

Hi, Folks -
Someone some time ago mentioned that at the scene of most any automobile crash accident you're likely to find one or more hub caps. Does this prove "Hub caps cause accidents"...?
No. :) It's correlation but not proof of causation.
Likewise with prions and Alzheimer's.

Our own CrystalRiver brought something to our attention in 2017:
Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD - Mad Cow, Scrapie & Alzheimer’s
CrystalRiver -- Tuesday, 9-May-2017 09:12:58
CrystalRiver's post included this abstract (my bolding), found here:

Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer MD
Research Article: Journal of MPE Molecular
Pathological Epidemiology 2017 Vol. 3 No. 3: 3
The TSE’S or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, include bovine spongiform encephalopathy (also called BSE or “mad cow disease”), Creutzfeldt­Jakob disease (CJD) in humans, and “scrapie” in sheep or goats (caprinespongiform encephalopathy). They remain a mystery, their cause still hotly debated. Current mad cow diagnosis lies solely in the detection of late appearing “prions”, an acronym for hypothesized, geneless, misfolded proteins, somehow claimed to cause the disease. Yet laboratory preparations of prions contain other things, which could include unidentified bacteria or viruses. And the only real evidence that prion originator Stanley Prusiner had in his original paper that the disease agent behind “Scrapie” in sheep and goats was devoid of DNA or RNA­ was based upon the fact that he couldn’t find any. Furthermore, the rigors of prion purification alone, might, in and of themselves, have killed any causative microorganism and Heino Dringer, who did pioneer work on their nature,candidly predicts “it will turn out that the prion concept is wrong.” Roels and Walravens as well as Hartly traced Mad Cow to Mycobacterium bovis. Moreover, epidemiologic maps of the origins and peak incidence of Mad Cow in the UK, suggestively match those of England’s areas of highest bovine tuberculosis, the Southwest. The neurotaxic potential of bovine tuberculosis has for some time been well known. By 1911 Alois Alzheimer called attention to “a characteristic condition of the cortical tissue which Fischer referred to as ‘spongy cortical wasting”in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). But behind AD, Fischer suspected a microbe called Streptothrix which was constantly being mistaken and confused for tuberculosis. Our present investigation of the TSEs clearly shows cell-wall-deficient (CWD) tubercular mycobacteria present, verified by molecular analysis, ELISA, PCR and microscopy to cause spongiform encephalopathy.

Keywords: Prions; Scrapie; The Spongiform Encephalopathies; Alzheimer’s disease; The etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease; Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex

Received: April 05, 2017; Accepted: April 27, 2017; Published: April 29, 2017 of 2017, the cause of Alzheimer's was unknown and being hotly debated.
Per Wikipedia: "The word prion derives from "proteinaceous infectious particle".[4][5][6] The hypothesized role of a protein as an infectious agent stands in contrast to all other known infectious agents such as viroids, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, all of which contain nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, or both)."
In other words, someone made up the word 'prion' and has posited its role (perhaps even its existence) as something that "must be" involved in certain disease states.
Captain Queeg in "The Caine Mutiny": "So I PROVED by LOGIC AND REASON, that somebody "HAD TO HAVE STOLEN THE STRAWBERRIES!"
Let's ponder these things when someone tells us authoritatively that a zombie apocalypse will be coming because the vaccines will program our bodies to create dreaded prions.
Thanks hobie and crystalriver.

I did a little digging before posting the arm waving articles. I was a little suspicious of the sensationalist hype. The decider was the simple fact that if it stops people accepting toxic injections, even though the prion hypothesis is as shaky as the coronavirus conjob, then I should run with it.
Supporting Dr Broxmeyer's findings, Candida fungus is allegedly present in all cancer samples prior to purification, not present after. Throwing out the baby with the bath water comes to mind.
What I'm weighing up.
The sacks are desperate to keep the invoked fear level high. The covid conjob is failing badly. The nuke war threat is passe, immunity to it as a fear invoking factor has evolved. Russian ships and submarines off the coasts of hostile Western countries hasn't got people running for the bomb shelters. Whilst peddling the Russian nuclear threat, the threat of an invasion by hostile Chinese mercs wearing UN uniforms is juxtaposed by the sudden re-emergence of false flag shootings while lunatic's legislation for gun confiscation is formulated and popularised. Chaos and lunacy are hallmarks of satanic meddling.

CJD was discovered after the introduction of electrification, after the introduction of vaccinations but before chem trail spraying.
Streptothrix - Doctor Fungus Synonym and Classification Data for Streptothrix spp. This genus is a mould that lacks a known sexual state and thus belongs to the Fungi Imperfecti. It is generally classified as a dematiaceous (dark-walled) fungus.
Some avenues to peruse., what if the bacteria and fungi found at the damage sites are just part of the normal process of dead tissue being cleaned out? Then the question changes to what caused the brain cells to kick the bucket? EMF radiation can be the reason. Even particles emitting ionising radiation, carried from the higher atmosphere to the lower by Hadley cell circulation could be involved. And how did the clean-up crews get past the blood-brain barrier? Well, glyphosphate is known to relax or enlarge the pores in the barrier allowing passage into the brain of nano particles of heavy metals. Aluminium is found in the brain of Alzheimer's victims. Do other organo phosphates perform the same function as glyphosphate? Could normally absent killer cells be getting into the brain via the weakened barrier and be causing mayhem?

The CRISPR gene editing DNA modifying biotech would be reduced to a branding iron equivalent. Prions would be a convenient right hand waving while the left hand carries on the irradiation. I expect the sacks are still putting aluminium in vaccines alleging it's an adjuvant rather than a dangerous toxin. 

There's another article I wanted to put on this page but it was too long. I'll make it the next post, maybe abbreviated to excerpts.
4G EMF rad induced tinnitus got loud last Friday - Saturday and late Monday into Tuesday I got flu symptoms. This morning around 5am it got to be the loudest I'd perceived it since I first became aware. When I got up around 5 hours later the symptoms that usaually vanish after a day or two were more pronounced. Some are suggesting that tinnitus is actually hearing high frequency transmission signals. I hope a way can be found to prove that. Another baseball bat to break the Rockefeller - UN - Naziesque occupation regime corporations - telecom - pharms - military assault on mankind.

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