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Note for Gen. Flynn. CV19 is a psy-op. Fulford Report March 29. PCR on the Floyd Death Trial. Rumors

Completed Sunday's Rumors. Added some Yahoo
Dear General,
Thanks go to General McInerney for revealing part of the nature of the illness afflicting the globe. A bioweapon, not a natural harmful invasive virus. Further enlightenment is required.
The common cold symptoms have been credited to the hypothetical coronavirus SARS COV 2 derivative, the hypothetical COVID 19 that are both computer fabrications that turn out to be EXOSOMES common to most mammals, are not pathogenic and not communicable as viable exosomes.
SARS COV2 could not be found in a wide ranging European study of thousands of samples so didn't make it to Europe,
These cell created exosomes serve a number of functions in cell to cell communication, waste removal and spare parts delivery and so are valuable in the protection and defense of the body, colloquially the immune system. They also heal.

Obviously there are a great many permutations possible and "virologists" call these essential, inert, cell creations several different diseases and or derivatives.
As exosomes have been proven to be a response to radiation poisoning, particularly from the 3-4-5G frequencies and are obviously found at sites of damage, they are blamed for the damage, called a 3rd party disease and vaccinated against. .
Fauci, Obama, Gates, Soros and others stand accused of sponsoring research into bioweaponisation of these containers, bat exosomes in particular, maybe by the addition of a neurotoxin that produces flu-like symptoms, a misanthropic military brass and vaccine peddler's wet dream except they don't reproduce and obviously a dog's cells can't make bat exosomes so they are not infectious. The research was very probably to try to make them infectious. All highly illegal in the West so the Wuhan labs got the job.

By extension, the sponsors, possibly aided by the military (Wuhan military sports games) and the Pentagon's bankruptcy played a role in the Wuhan deception wherin many people were killed and injured by an EM pulse in the wifi range, which was blamed on a released, non contagious bat exosome renamed coronavirus. The inert bat exosomes are easy to create, presumably by irradiating bat blood. Delivery as mentioned is by injection or aerosol, tiny drones may have been used. Who is responsible for the bioweapon delivery? The makers tell us that the alleged virus is in the vaccines. The vaccine liars say "live" when they mean viable and "inactivated" when no such virus has ever been isolated, let alone modified. The vaccine industry is full of felons and shits.
Short version, EMF radiation poisoning causes the "flu" and the virus hoax provides both the cover for the uninsurable 4G upgrade and 5G roll-out damage and the excuse to gain access to people's bodies by hypodermic that is used to deliver toxins and gene altering technology among other harmful adjuncts, (particles of gorilla shit, diseased monkey kidney and foetus for example). Apparently patents exist for what the gene altering CRISPR tech creates.
The vaccine industry is desperate to keep the virus legend alive in the public's mind to enable the vaccine confidence trick to continue. No alleged virus harmful to humans has ever been isolated. Most if not all the elderly that died following the 4G u/g and 5G roll-out in N. Italy had received the "flu" vaccine. There exists the possibility of a binary weapon between the radiation and the injection. A rabbit hole I won't explore here.

Separately, when Mr Trump as actual President of the bankrupted and banished services corporations, and others are permitted to re-enter the White House at the end of the 90 days, will "borrowed" authority be returned to the legally reconstituted, unincorporated, actual American Government?

The public, the employer in fact have indicated that they want the Constitutions, the conditions that service corporations must operate within, to remain intact.
Is Mr Trump co-operating with the the Reign of Heaven outfit, a seemingly British - US military and central banks operation attempting to steal not just America but control of the global gold stash?

Will Mr Trump acting for the owners (Vatican, Crown) of the bankrupted territorial and municipal corporations negotiate a new contract? The fake Biden road show has been ordered to get out and non federal sheriffs advised to help him relocate.
Or is Mr Trump a simple figurehead, a puppet or worse, a participant in the Chabadesque crimes against humanity? He supports vaccinations and the weaponisable wifi grid is still intact and viable as a grid weapon.

One last question. Can the paedophiles, kiddie killers and mass murderers that have been claimed by deceivers to be Gitmo'd or killed but are still active, be jailed or killed now? Obama, Clinton, Soros, Gates, Fauci and the occupation regimes' leadership in western countries among the more prominent and all the people named as part of the OWG here - to name a few of the evil people involved in the crimes and conspiracy against the human race.
Sincerely, Ian

Wide ranging study:
The virus that isn’t there

Notice to vacate:

Radiation flu
A well-orchestrated genocidal assault
COVID 19 is a Psychological Operation, not infectious.
If you don't understand that, then try this info that your brainwashed grey matter can accept:
The liars have claimed a new natural harmful virus is in the environment without proof. Computer models can prove the Moon is made of cheese in the hands of corrupt modellers such as those funded by the Gates creature. Models are political "if" tools, nothing more. They (Fabian Agenda21-30 proponents, eugenicists, vaccine peddlers, corrupt politicians, civil servants) have used the BBC and other mass media corporations
, councils and police to convince people that exosomes that are part of the body's defenses are dangerous coronaviruses. They have simply called common cold and flu victims victims of coroanaviruses. And because we were already having a relatively quiet flu season, a whole load of other disease and accident victims were recorded as COVID as testified by relatives of cancer victims whose deaths were recorded as COVID for the few £s bribe from tax funds and the benefit to the cancer insurers.
It still wasn't enough so sacks of brown liquid calling themselves health officials and representatives fraudulently altered the numbers. The Telegraph caught one such event. A lorry load of evidence of fraud in your face but no arrests, no prosecutions because the people that could prosecute work for the regime corporation. I expect there were a lots more.
And still there weren't enough deaths to support the claim of any kind of pandemic. But the sacks carried on regardless.

Vaccines, I think the shooters get £30 for the first one and a tenner for each Russian roulette shot administered thereafter. An average GP stabs how many, 300, 500? It's malpractice AT THE VERY LEAST.
Beginning to feel like a sucker yet?
They've injected around 30 million COVIDiots in Britain with a vaccine that doesn't cure, doesn't prevent and despite that there is no cure for the common cold aka CV19. The common cold and flu are caused by non ionising radiation, this is proven beyound doubt by numerous researchers and scientists.

Every expansion of electrification, especially cell phone wifi frequency upgrades has been accompanied by an outbreak of flu symptoms. The only cure is to reduce electrification or live in a Farraday cage. Awake people in many countries are banning 5G. They need to wake up more and get the roll-back to 2G (and even 2G is harmful but much less than the higher frequencies). The radiation poisoning from electromagnetic fields emanating from everything electrical is caused by "dirty" electricity. The answer is to use cables rather than wireless OR clean up the electicity. This can be done with a special magnet. There are other methods. Faster Internet is brilliant because you can find out more quickly that faster Internet makes you sick and can kill your grandparents and those whose defenses (immune system) are depressed by e.g. "vaccines". Most of the eldely in N. Italy killed by the 5G roll-out and 4G upgrade had received an annual (make you weak) flu shot.

The mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is the delivery system for non infectious toxins created from others species' exosomes (Gen Flynn's bioweapons) and CRISPR gene modification tech that alters DNA. The peddlers want to modify you to claim they own you through the corrupt and abused patent system. The actual American Government and 42+ non incorporated American State Assemblies passed a law outlawing the patent of living people.
"This measure makes it illegal throughout The United States for any corporation or commercial entity or person however defined to claim any patent interest or make any ownership interest claim against living people based on the injection or other introduction of patented gene fragments or nanotech into the natural genome of men and women."
We need this in Britain's public law, the Whitty Johnson regime corporation can't make public laws. We need a non incorporated government.

And because the slimeballs are insanely genocidal they are happy with the population reduction that goes with the injection of mRNA + gorilla excrement experiment.
Proprietary cold'n'flu, (paracetamol and phenylephrine, I use the 300g), chlorinated drinking water, high dose vits C and D plus zinc supplement, HCQ and Ivermectin ALL relieve the symptoms. Gargling with chlorine based mouthwash also helps quite a lot.
Btw did you know as well as admitting vaccines cause autism, the WHO also admitted polio vaccines CAUSE POLIO. The Gates creature is a wanted criminal because of that.
Please remember when hanging, strangling, shooting or quartering any of the sacks, do it with love.

Selection of headlines from SOTN
April Fool’s Day in the Biden-Harris Era
Posted on April 2, 2021 by State of the Nation
Public Intelligence Blog
We have a President with dementia, an ex-call girl for Vice President, a transvestite overseeing Health and Human Services, a President’s son who is a crackhead and human-trafficking pedophile who money-laundered millions from other countries sharing half with his dad, the same crackhead’s buddy is now in the Department of Justice. A guy who was sleeping with a Red Chinese spy is on our House Homeland Security Committee. We are borrowing most of our money from Red China. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across our southern border for our jobs, healthcare and social security benefits. The Democrats are still focusing on destroying a former President who is not even there anymore — and all this with 50,000 jobs lost in just the past two months. And teenage boys can legally shower in teenage girls locker rooms.
There is nothing any one person planning an April Fool’s prank can do to top this.
Not even, "Wear a mask to cure a psy-op"?

Johns Hopkins Physician Trashes Fauci False Narrative Regarding Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity

Here’s how the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is fabricating a false case against Gaetz and covering up the serious felony extortion committed by former DoJ and Military Intel operatives.

Over 2,050 Americans Have Died After Being Injected with the Lethal Covid Shots

CDC, FDA and NIH Are Lying Because the mRNA COVID-19 Injection is NOT a Vaccine!


The Extraordinary Number of Legal Initiatives Taken Against OPERATION COVID-19

Was the AstraZeneca injection formulated to be a genocidal bioweapon via blood clot killing?!
Wi-fi radiation causes blood clots (clumping) too.

The Long and Odious History of Nonconsensual Human Experimentation is Much Worse Than Anyone Knew

Belgian Police Deploy Cavalry & Water Cannons Against Anti-Lockdown Protestors in Brussels (Video)

Cultural Marxist Justin Trudeau No Longer Hides His Anti-Christian Agenda
Aka Justin Castro.

Michelle Obama: ‘Pandemic is great blessing’ but for the wrong NWO globalist reasons
Another alleged dead man walking. The story went that Obama sold him out.

SUSAN BENESCH: These Cultural Marxist Tools Need to be Locked Up for the Sake of Protecting the Republic

This Spate of Gladio-Run, False Flag, Mass Shootings Is All About One Thing—GUN CONTROL!

These false flag mass shootings and ensuing MSM dramas will NOT stop until Biden-Harris gut the Second Amendment.
An indication that Obama is running the fake Biden dog and pony show.

APB: Who knows how to contact Dr. Derek Knauss—a vital scientific witness to the Covid pandemic hoax and crime spree?!

Yet another staged Gladio mass shooting carried out to legislate draconian gun control

It’s now been scientifically confirmed that sunlight kills the coronavirus 8 times faster than understood
CV19 is a psychological operation. It's regular flu super hyped with statistics fraud.

Why is Fauci not talking about the ongoing border crisis superspreader event?
CV19 is a psychological operation. It's not infectious. (Colds and flu are not infectious either.)

Reported Vaccine Deaths Precariously Skyrocket During First Quarter

Globalist Boris Johnson Takes UK Into Full-blown Orwellian Big Brotherhood—WOW!
Bodj, a white hat of Chabad death cult persuasion, or worse, a Fabian?

Spanish Government Imposes Draconian Mask Mandate to Be Enforced via Drones at the Beach
Wear a mask or you will be treated like a Syrian wedding party.

Why the Rabbis Crucified Christ

Swedes Reject Bill Gate’s Harebrained Scheme to Block Sunlight via Geoengineering

Khazarian Mafia Don Bibi Netanyahu Finally Hoisted with His Own Petard(s)

Covid Fascism Triggering Massive Popular Backlash Throughout Europe
About fracking time. Dinna worry, Brits will catch up in a decade or so.

U.S. Government Finally Confirms that Al-Qaeda Leader is “An Asset”
Past and present. A 5eyes corporation asset.

This is how every citizen should respond to the unlawful Covid mandates.
US citizens have no rights. American citizens have. Go to

Now mRNA-vaccinated people are being considered ‘at risk’ by insurance companies!

Nurse secretly takes photo of control swabs indicating a “positive” and “negative”—What’s that all about?!
Nurses refusing the injection, (it's not a vaccine) nurses resigning, nurses speaking out, nurses blowing the whistle. Where are the NHS doctors, woosyfied? Frightened? Bought? Seems the EU corporation regime's feminisation and dumbing down of the population program endorsed by successive UK occupation regime corporations has put nurses on the front line defending us, a nation of woosies.

A whole lot more at
Thanks SOTN
Fulford newsletter:
Posted By: MrFusion
RMN 1-Apr-2021

Source and comments:
Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 919 Comments
March 29, 2021

The coup carried out in the United States by the Rockefeller family and their Council on Foreign Relations slaves is falling apart as the world shuns this heinous crime family. Following the exit of Donald Trump, there is a growing consensus among the power elite that Joe Biden’s fake presidency is becoming a disaster movie. That is why a third alternative is being worked on at the highest levels of world power, multiple secret society sources say.

As things stand, the Dragon family, the P3 Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the British Commonwealth, the Lotus Freemasons, the Russians, and other groups have agreed that a meritocratically staffed future planning organization, with trillions of dollars in funding, is needed for the planet. The Thule society has also been contacted to see if they would be willing to come out of hiding and make their anti-gravity and other technology available to humanity as a whole.
As MI6 puts it these “backchannel discussions are the most important diplomatic discussion in the world at the moment if not in history if we achieve what we envisage.” Since – for security reasons – these discussions are taking place via analog means, it will take at least three weeks for any publicly visible results, the sources also say.

In the meantime, the fake Biden presidency psy-ops continues to degenerate. We can now confirm that no U.S. military commanders met so-called U.S. Defense Secretary Llyod Austin when he visited Japan in mid-March. We can also confirm that the South Korean government shunned both Austin and fake Secretary of State Anthony Blinken when they visited that country after Japan.

The so-called president Biden also had what was billed as his first press conference last week. However, it did not take place at the White House and no foreign reporters were there. Nor were the vast majority of the White House Reporters from the Trump administration there. In other words, it was a completely staged incident using propaganda slave reporters throwing softball questions to a mentally challenged Biden look-alike who could barely read his teleprompter.

While this pathetic charade denigrates the U.S. image even further, economic warfare is raging with attacks both by and against the Rockefeller mafia and their stooges. The most obvious sign of this, of course, is the Evergreen ship that blocked the Suez Canal after navigating an “up yours” sign.

Evergreen is the secret service code for Hillary Rockefeller Clinton, meaning this blockage was a clear message to the Rockefellers. That is why corporate propaganda media outlets like the New York Times are calling the ship the “Ever given.”

As has been reported widely elsewhere, a major Chinese highway was also blocked by a truck with the Evergreen logo on it.

The message is clear, the Chinese communist party deal with the Rockefellers to fund their fake Biden presidency must be ended or Chinese trade routes will be blockaded.

The Chinese took the blockage of the Suez Canal to be an act of war and responded by shooting down two U.S. military satellites, Asian secret society sources say. The short video clips below show their destruction, the sources say.

The blockage of the Suez Canal and the shooting down of satellites were only the most visible recent signs of the ongoing hybrid world war For example, the Automobile industry, a remaining stronghold of Rockefeller industrial strength, is being slowly strangled by a shortage of semiconductors.
NXP Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies, the world’s No. 1 and No. 3 players in automotive chips, had their production knocked out in February by the unnatural storms in Texas. Now Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics, the number 2 player in automotive chips, says their plant was destroyed by a fire last week. So the world’s automotive industry is grinding to a halt.

We are also seeing attacks on oil and gas refineries all over the world. Again, these are key bastions of Rockefeller power. In particular, damaging attacks against Rockefeller oil facilities in Saudi Arabia have now been followed by attacks on facilities in places ranging from Mozambique to Indonesia.

There is also a new spate of assassinations and executions going on. Tom Heneghan, who published the picture of Nazi CIA agent Mike Cottrell, briefly reported last week that Cottrell had been killed. That report has since been totally scrubbed from the internet.
He also reported that Cottrell lawyer Al Hodges had been cooperating with agency White Hats by “turning over internal communications between Cottrell, Dana Wilcox of the Delmara Timber Trust, then U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson and child rapist Nazi German junior George W. BushFRAUDScherff.” This has also now been scrubbed from the internet.

This past weekend we also learned of the death of Gnostic Illuminati Grand Master…
Sasha Zarik, aka Alexander Romanov. Zarik was killed by a train at Hanakoganei station in Tokyo last August, according to his wife. We only learned of this last week because the information had been deliberately withheld from us by the group of gangsters hiding on the second floor of the Koganei police station in Tokyo.

Zarik was an Australian Secret Intelligence Service agent who infiltrated East Asian drug smuggling operations of the drug dealing faction of the CIA. He blew his cover in June of 2010 when he went to the Australian embassy in Tokyo to warn that a nuclear device had been smuggled into Japan for use in a nuclear terror attack. The following day Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was forced to resign by the “Federal Reserve Board,” according to Zariks’ ASIS colleagues after Rudd passed this warning on to U.S. intelligence.

Zarik had also been ordered to visit this writer and announce that he had 70 kilograms of contraband and that I had to introduce him to the Japanese Yakuza underworld or else I would be killed. He said if I made the introduction I would get an income of about US$10,000 per month. Instead, I introduced Zarik to Japanese military intelligence agent Takamasu Kawase, who warned it was a trap. The contraband turns out to have been laced with mind-destroying chemicals and Zarik underwent a complete mental degeneration after consuming it over a period of several months.

Zarik had also been asked by the Koganei police thugs to perjure himself by testifying that I was the mastermind behind the deal. He refused, after which his former secret agency colleagues began to shun him. It was also around this time that British Prime Minister Tony Blair began bragging that I would soon be put in jail on drug charges.
Because he blew the whistle on the planned nuclear terrorism and refused to commit perjury; Zarik’s passports and all identifying documents in his possession were taken from him, leaving him stateless and bankrupt.
You can be sure the entire Koganei police department will be branded as war criminals and hunted down and killed unless they hand over the people who murdered Zarik, including, our sources say, Hirofumi Nakasone, the son of Yasuhiro Nakasone (who died while undergoing interrogation in Guantanamo).

In the bigger context, what Zarik and I had run into was a Nazi coup d’etat against Western power carried out by German DVD agents. These included George Bush Sr. and Jr., Pope Ratzinger, Tony Blair, Jesuit General Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Baron Fritz Thysen, former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and the Habsburg Royal Family hiding behind the Davos World Forum among others.

Zarik joins Neil Keenan, Jane Burgermeister, Christopher Story, and many others in the ranks of those martyred for taking action against these genocidal thugs. However, a lot more of the bad guys, including most of those mentioned above, have either been killed, jailed, or removed from office. Any still alive will not be for much longer. Genocide is not a crime you can get away with lightly.
Speaking about genocide; a Mossad source informs us the so-called Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhof is a member of the “kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest” Chabad death cult.

This death cult, having failed to kill us with bio-weapons is now trying to kill us with vaccines as countless whistleblowers are now saying. The following link and short excerpt from former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon has a clear message:

“I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the world’s population…

I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products

if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it. It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”

The forensic trail to the head of this octopus or the Octogon group remains Switzerland. Remember, when I went to visit the P2 (now P3) Freemasons in Italy, they told me they were going to fire pope maledict and prime minister Berlusconi of Italy and they did. Now, one member of this group, Leo Zagami, says pope Francis (or more likely his body double) will “soon resign.”
Zagami and his colleagues also said they took their orders from “aliens in Switzerland.”

The White Dragon Society has offered to send a representative to meet these “aliens” in Switzerland to negotiate a change in how this planet is run. Detailed proposals have been sent via various intelligence agencies to the BIS. As mentioned above, the Thule Society, which operates from underground bases in Switzerland and Greenland, according to internal sources, has also been contacted.

The Dragon family has also offered the WDS the use of any of the countless IOUs (high denomination bonds etc.) they were given over the years by these Swiss “aliens,” in exchange for their gold. These IOUs, in dominations of countless trillions of dollars, would be more than enough to finance massive projects to turn this planet into a paradise for all living creatures.

The creator of the Quantum Financial System, who is about to get his rights over the system taken back from the Rothschilds, (who stole it from him) has also offered support and has contacted the BIS.

The Swiss must hand over these “aliens” to a Nuremberg-style tribunal. Remember, these people have been – and still are – actively trying to murder most of humanity.

Thanks Benjamin. And Mr Fusion
Habsburg: Background
Scroll to Ch 16
Officer Chauvin’s Show Trial Will Bring the End of Law and Order
By Paul Craig Roberts April 1 2021

The United States now has attributes of the 20th century totalitarian regimes that it opposed. The New York governor is implementing the hated Soviet internal passport that prevents freedom of movement, and the illegitimate Biden regime is working with private firms to create a nationwide internal passport.
American elections mean no more than Soviet ones. As Stalin said, it is who counts the votes that matters.
Washington’s foreign policy is more aggressive and bloody than the Third Reich’s.
Soviet show trials are now the new normal for American “justice.”
As an example, consider the highly orchestrated show trial of Officer Chauvin accused of George Floyd’s death currently underway. Yesterday, the second day of Officer Chauvin’s trial was “eye-witness day.” Eye-witness Donald Williams told the prosecutor, Steve Schleicher, that “I believe I witnessed a murder.” Eye-witness Alyssa Funari said, “I was upset because there was nothing that we could do as bystanders except watch them take this man’s life in front of our eyes.” Eye-witness Darnella Frazier said, “When I look at George Floyd I look at, look at my dad. I look at my brothers, cousins, uncles, because they are all Black. I have a Black father, I have a Black brother, I have Black friends. And I look at that and I look at how that could have been one of them.”

I believe these witnesses are describing what it seemed like to them. Donald Williams believes that he witnessed a murder. It certainly can look like that to everyone who does not have all the information. Thanks to the media, all the information is missing.
Among the missing information is the medical examiner’s report that finds three times the fatal dose of fentanyl in George Floyd’s blood. The medical examiner reports “No life-threatening injuries identified. No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures.” The medical examiner reports extensive heart disease: Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe; Hypertensive heart disease.
Fentanyl causes breathing problems and death when overdosed.
As police audio/video show, Floyd complained to police of breathing problems prior to being restrained on the ground. He complained of breathing problems while sitting in the police car.
When Officer Chauvin arrived, he recognized a drug overdose problem and called for medics, an inexplicable decision if he intended murder.
Officer Chauvin restrained Floyd using a police-approved technique that has been used many times without killing anyone. Chavin restrained Floyd in order to prevent Floyd from agitated behavior that would exhaust the little oxygen able to get into his system. The knee-hold does not prevent the flow of oxygen.
Practically alone among the print, TV, radio, and Internet media, I reported the facts of the situation. See here, here, here, here, here, and here.
In contrast, the visual “evidence” was constantly hyped all over the media. What people thought they saw was not the explanation.
The public was primed to misunderstand George Floyd’s death by previous instances of police brutality against blacks. The presstitutes only report police brutality against blacks, not the more numerous instances against whites, so the public sees it as a racist response to blacks. Officer Chauvin is partly a victim of the one-sided reported incidents against blacks.
As my readers know, I am a long-standing critic of police brutality against the public. I forecast that the police brutality together with the one-sided reporting was brewing racial problems by being misrepresented as racism. When I reported the medical examiner’s report, some readers wanted to know why I had changed from being a police critic to being a police apologist. I am not for or against the police. I am for truth and against lies and misrepresentation.
The truth is Officer Chauvin’s true defense, but it is unlikely to play a role. The presstitutes have presented the prosecutor with the case of his career. He is not going to let facts get in the way of Chauvin’s conviction. Neither does the judge want the vilification that a fair trial would bring. The jurors all understand that if they let Officer Chavin off they will be outcasts and suffer violence to themselves and their property. The entire community knows that unless Chauvin is convicted, their city will again be looted and burned. Indeed, the many cities that experienced the George Floyd protests feel the same way. A person already convicted by the media cannot be let off even if innocent. What is the purpose of the eye-witnesses when all have already seen many times the scenario they describe and have their minds made up?
In former times when America had a justice system and a responsible media, media was careful not to convict a suspect or defendant prior to the jury doing so. To be convicted by the media was reason for dismissing the charges on the grounds that there was no prospect of an objective jury. But in America today, it is conviction that is the focus, not innocence or guilt.
Eye-witness Donald Williams feels that he witnessed a murder. No doubt every juror feels the same way prior to the trial. Evidence, even if presented, is unlikely to get anywhere with people already convinced by the constantly replayed video of Officer Chauvin with his knee-hold on George Floyd.
What I have noticed over the years, especially recent ones, is that facts have lost their importance. Facts have given way to emotional responses based on feelings. It is how Americans feel about whatever, not the facts, that determines the response.
It would take a heroic jury to find Chauvin innocent. His conviction will constitute another blow to law and order. White and Asian police officers will protect themselves by avoiding interaction with black criminals. I suspect that black officers will also. Otherwise, their kids will be beat up and their homes firebombed. The emboldened criminal population that is being created will be hard to contain.
The Best of Paul Craig Roberts
‘Vaccine’ Depopulation
The Truth About the Covid-19 Pandemic & Vaccines
Saturday 00:41:38
Jon Rappoport: "The COVID Cancel Culture Quiz Show"

‘Vaccine’ Depopulation – A Must Watch – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Mysterious new brain disease being investigated in Canada… symptoms include visual hallucinations and memory loss
When were the 4G-5G satellites tested in Canada, March?

hobie: Anna Von Reitz: "The Great Witch of Coven-Tree is Dead"
- Anna Von Reitz: "Your Public Duty"
NH365: "Social distancing based on outdated science, new report reveals"


Have 'THEY' chosen APRIL 19th as the DAY to REDEFINE the SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD by MAKING the VAX available for EVERY AMERICAN?
- New Zealand media goes into overdrive to squash any discussion about a document entitled, "The Truth About the Covid-19 Pandemic & Vaccines"
By: NaturalWisdom
RMN 3-Apr-2021
Received in an email sent anonymously.
A publishing firm here created the attached dossier of non mainstream info on the virus. It was distributed to mail boxes in the North Island thanks to a minor political party. The media immediately went overdrive to interview health officials and doctors saying that the information was worthless and people should trash it without reading it. Sigh.
Where has neutral inquiry, curiosity and the value of open/non-judgemental discussion gone?

Send this pdf to as many phones as possible.
Print as many copies as you can, leave in banks, councils, hospitals, doctors, dentists, bus and railway stations, buses trains and taxies, police stations and any other place people have to sit and wait. Are there any libraries left after the great sell off and disposal of books in landfills?

No alleged natural virus harmful to humans has ever been isolated. Vaccines are sold based on an unproven hypothesis that computer generated designs of viruses exist in reality. No pandemic has ever been proven to be caused by a virus. No vaccine has ever been proven to stop a pandemic.
It has always been a virus hoax - vaxx con every time.

NH365: "Social distancing based on outdated science, new report reveals"


FKTV: "Biden's Massive Illegal Immigrant Pipeline EXPOSED!"

"Conflict in Ukraine will lead to global US-Russia-China conflict" say Berlin and Paris: Why the EU does not want to get involved in Donbass

9:42 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "No vaccine, pay a TAX?! Listen to the left’s new attempts to FORCE compliance"
- Mother of Six Executed in ‘Road Rage’ Incident "He definitely doesn’t have any care," sheriff says of suspect (Guy That Shot Her Last Name Floyd)

15:15 video (cc): "Tucker: Everything Biden said was false"

13:41 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Bill O’Reilly explains why Biden’s $2 trillion jobs bill means FULL SOCIALISM MODE"

11:56 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Border expert: Parents DESPERATE to get children across the border before door closes"

"Fri. 2 April Our Military Intel Contact: There was nothing the fake Biden administration, or the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street Banksters controlling them, could do to get us into a war to stop the RV.
The Department of Defense was NOT meeting with Biden’s fake Secty of Defense Lloyd Austin or with the fake Secty of State Blinken—it’s all a fake show he said.
On Wed 31 March when Iraq was given the go by the Department of Defense and US Treasury to pass the budget with the rate in it, that completely defeated the petro-dollar globally and decisively defeated the Deep State cabal Rockefeller Wall Street Banksters who have been obstructing the RV release for weeks and months.
Now it was over. Trump and the Military were still in control.

4th Amendment - Biden Asking For Open Door to Search and Seizure of ANYTHING In your Home

European Plans for ‘Vaccine Passports’ Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic. Coincidence?

Divide and conquer now fully in play! The globalists ‘mass extermination endgame’ is at hand with Democrats wanting to throw the unvaccinated into ‘leper colonies’

Expect A Far More Deadly Bioweapon To Be Unleashed Upon America If Not Enough People Take The 'Covid Kill Shot' As More Sinister Moves Are Made Towards Human Genocide
Yes folks, it's your military experimenting on you, legally.

What Happens to Transportation after a "Global Liquefaction Event" in 2024?? (Video Podcast)

SORCHA: "Muslim Martyr Sides With Trump, Declares Before Dying: “The US Government Is The #1 Enemy Of Black People!”"

Ukraine Army Drone Drops Bomb on FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD - Dead

- I Salute The French Police, Damn Right AndiV--This is How It Is Done!!! *NM*

Sputnik V ensures quick recovery if COVID-19 confirmed
EMF radiation poisoning. CV19 is a psy-op.

Much inaccuracy. Start with pneumonia from mask wearing and deadly vaccines killed most. We are experiencing a deliberate reprise. That's the enemy's best shot.

CGI's Piff_Merkin: Live from Texas: YouTube Live Stream

Gov DeSantis Orders Immediate Evacuation as Piney Point Phosphate Reservoir is breached - Collapse is Imminent - vid
Radioactive: Too much profit taking, not enough investment.

Wonder how many lives this leg of the NWO corporation and satanist Jew's NASTO wars will take?

Beginning of an invasion? Russians: Ukrainian drone kills civilians - 25 km from the Ukrainian border
Sunday, 4-Apr-2021 02:45:46
hobie: Anna Von Reitz: "Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 2 April 2021"
- Anna Von Reitz: "Two Ways to Be Fooled"
-- Anna Von Reitz: "How They Work It"

FKTV: "US Labor Unions Controlled by the CCP - Shell Games with Scott Bennett - Part 2"
PBS won’t let Assad supporters explain their case, but they’ll give air time to head choppers
GMI: "The Real Benefits of Lemon Water According to Science"
1:37:34 video (cc): Andrew Klavan - "Satan For Easter | Ep. 1025"
- 16:12 video (cc), excerpt of Ep. 1025: Andrew Klavan - "Lil Nas X Perfectly Explains How To Become Evil - Media LOVE It"
Russia wants to take over Job of Suez canal now the siberia and North pole are melting
Could be premature. The Sun has entered a solar minimum, it'll get cooler. Mr P would know this. Baiting the satanist corporations? Or maybe the tilt has changed.
Tweet w/ short video: "Charles Barkley spittin truth! it’s all about the divide and conquer agenda"
Iguana DNA
Should send it for a PCR test too. Can someone swab a kangaroo and get it PCR'd? How about an anal swab from a cooked chicken?
At last, common sense stands up.
Waiting for news from the ME outlets. Probably Turk news will be the most trustable.
CGI's Piff_Merkin: Pops Live 4/3/21 Radicalized Capital Cop Killers - video
All making sense now
Posted By: AndiV
RMN 4-Apr-2021 15:36:45
RealNews Australia
Track and Trace: DNA Harvested from Coronavirus Tests to be Kept for “National Security” – UK Parliament
In a shocking move that defies belief the UK parliament has quietly passed legislation that allows the government to retain not only DNA harvested from Coronavirus testing but fingerprints as well.
The Coronavirus (Retention of fingerprints and DNA profiles in the interests of National Security) (No.2) Regulations 2020 legislation takes effect as of October 1st 2020.
The curious part is why fingerprint biometric data is added to this bill. Since when was your fingerprint taken from you when you were tested for coronavirus? I haven’t been able to see any examples of this or firsthand witness reports on social media that have complained about being fingerprinted when they were tested. This leads us to believe that fingerprint collection, when no criminal conviction has been recorded, is simply an overreach of surveillance and data collection in order to track and trace as many individuals as possible.
Either way you look at this it’s a massive further step into a draconian technocratic surveillance grid.
Many people suspected that the government would take this route or were doing it anyway. Now those suspicions are solidified into law.
- Nameless_one: SEE PIE MAKING NAMELESS_ONE TO CONNECT THE DOTS TO UK Re: All making sense now *NM*
Why little ethical scientific research is conducted in the US
It would expose the virus hoax - vaxx con and all the lovely tax funding would be shown to be fraud based?
Vaxccine Passports
- Links to Jim Stone's site, Alex Jones video, Mayo CJD video
- link to earlier post: "Are Weaponized Prions The Secret Genocidal Component In Covid-19 Vaccines?"
And or EMF radiation poisoning causing red cell clumping > clots.
- COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (Journal article, PDF link)
SORCHA 4/4: "“Decision Has Been Made” By Russia About War—West “Now Requires A Psychoanalyst” To Understand It"
Vax Battle Lines Being Drawn & Trump Boycotts Radical Left Companies (Video)
- Comments from RMN Reader Marilyn ...
X22 Report Ep. 2444a&b - Do You See His Plan, How Do The People Take Back The Power & Crush The [DS] System? (61 min in two parts)
INCREDIBLE GENIUS PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP - strategic deception (vid 5:37)
True or propaganda? People are still dying from unnecessary lethal injections. People are still being brutally oppressed by the other corporation. Cultivated hostility between the two (confederated federal corporations db as USA inc) parties is used by the enemy to create artificial conflict and chaos. Why is conflict being stirred by Trump supporters? Why is the Pentagon service company in the Ukraine - by order of a fake, sacked and booted stand-in for Biden?
POOFness for APR 4 '21: Easter Bunny Bop
"The society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t—what they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage bodies’ healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical “experts” say Get him/her/yourself vaccinated!"
[And the eternal fake virus vaxx con pandemic playbook in PDF form.]
Be bop a lula we're all crazy, be better with no gov maybe. Cc
Aren't they supposed to have been from the Urals region?
What Are They?
A lengthy definition of heartless, souless, psychopathic and megalomaniacal creatures.
AMAZING POLLY: Coronavirus responses are being challenged as Crimes Against Humanity. Human Rights activists need YOUR testimonies for their court case [35 min video]
Part 4 : Worlds in Collision...East and West.."Shadow of Death"

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