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UKC News 17th March. Brexit Secession. The Protocols of the COVID19 Con.


UK Column News - 19th March 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

00:24 - Latest Health Secretary Hancock Vaccine Announcements`

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13:51 - Is COVID 19 Marek's Disease for Humans

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WHO Acknowledge Vaccine Derived Polio: -

47:13 - Australian Health Minister Definitely Not Hospitalised By The Vaccine Afer Being Hospitalised After Receiving The Vaccine

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50:53 - The Rhine Tower Is Converted Into Propaganda

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53:10 - Northern Irelands Bespoke Covid 19 Long Term Propaganda Campaign
UK Government Tender: -

55:05 - ITV News Now Gives Advice?

55:44 - Digital Identity Roll Out Hiding Behind Reasonable Concerns

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01:00:10 - Health Secretary Announces NHS Fairy Dust

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Where better to announce than fairyland?

01:05:01 - What Is Trust In The Media and Information Sources Supposed To Mean?

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This may help clarify the secession of the UK Ltd from the EU Ltd., and why they can take the piss.
Secession From What?
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch March 19, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

There is a lot of talk about “secession” yet nobody spouting off about this topic understands what they are even referring to.

It’s like someone waving around a loaf of “Wonder Bread” as a weapon, and taking it seriously, too. The spectacle may be droll, but hardly reassuring.

The only “secession” most Americans are familiar with is that famous one associated with the so-called American Civil War, in which the Southern State of State organizations “seceded” from participating in the original Confederation.

As already reviewed, the members of the original Confederation formed in 1781 were all American State-of-State organizations like The State of New York and The State of North Carolina, which were in fact business organizations tasked with conducting international and commercial business for the States.

They were all “Confederate States” — not actual States at all.

If you go back and look at the induction process paperwork you will quickly discover that the men who fought in this “war” were mustered out by these business organizations—- such as The State of New York, not New York, and The State of North Carolina, not North Carolina.

It was not a war — it was a “mercenary conflict” — like Vietnam, right from the start.

Given that background and now knowing that it was not a “war between the States” but was instead a “war between the Confederate States” both North and South, we are prepared to see this history in its correct perspective and ask—- what were they fighting about and what does “secession” mean?

Put bluntly, it means that the Southern State of State organizations chose to “opt out” of a Trade Organization that had become oppressive and contrary to their best interests.

If they had bided their time and used their resources to mount a world opinion campaign and taken the issues to court, its likely that the entire matter could have been settled without firing a single shot.

The issue of “secession”— the right of the Southern State of State organizations to leave the Confederation boils down to two words found in the original Articles of Confederation in which the Founders express their intent to form “a perpetual Union” of Confederate States.

If cooler heads had prevailed, it would have been taken before a court of competent international jurisdiction and it would have been determined that the “perpetual union clause” was beyond the power of mortal men to dictate, and was therefore null and void.

The power of perpetuity does not lie within our grasp, so guarantees of perpetuity are void by nature.

Jefferson Davis knew this and knew that the Southern States were standing on solid ground when they voided the Perpetuity Clause and declined to participate in the Confederation—- that is, when they seceded and no longer conducted their business affairs through the Confederation.

Think of it in terms of OPEC or any other trading cartel: the members bargain together for their mutual benefit, but what would happen if one group of members decided to sell out another group of members?

The trading cartel would break apart.

That’s what happened to the Confederation.

That’s why the South seceded and that is what they seceded from.

They had every right to stop participating in a trade organization, despite the unrealistic desires and expectations of men who founded the Confederation a century earlier—- especially when that trade organization had been taken over by the more populous northern states and the industrialists running them—- people who viewed Southern agricultural products as mere bargaining chips, and saw nothing wrong with slashing cotton prices so long as their own coal and widget prices stayed high.

Put yourself in the position of the men running the business and trade organizations of the Southern States.

It is your job to protect and defend your State of State’s best interests in the arena of international trade—- but you are being obliged to work through a trade organization where you are constantly out-voted and the best interests of your organization and your people are being sold down the river against your will—- as a sop to get better deals for your Northern compatriots.

That is what was happening in the lead-up to the Civil War and that is what “secession” was all about—— not leaving the actual Union of States, but instead, leaving a trade organization that had become corrupt and parasitic.

The “perpetuity clause” — which was neither lawful nor legal in the first place, was the Cause.

By “seceding” from their participation in the Confederation , the Southern States were breaking the perpetuity clause binding the Southern States of States to conduct their international trade affairs through the Confederation—-and they were recognizing the improper and unenforceable nature of perpetual contracts.

So. It was not, as often portrayed, any “secession” from or disloyalty to the actual Union of States; it was a squabble about international trade and no longer being required to participate in the Confederation and to be bound by its dictates.

Today, people talk about “secession” with no idea of what actually happened back then, and no idea of what it would mean now.

So let’s cover that point— up until very recently, foreign State of State business organizations have been running (badly) the business of our States “for” us.

Now that our actual State Governments, our State Assemblies, are in Session, these foreign State of State organizations that are talking about “seceding” have no authority to do anything but work for us according to our dictates and their contracts.

That is, if they “secede” from any “union” it is only the union formed by their own foreign State of State organizations.

The present talk about “secession” has nothing to do with us or our States, either one.

Long after Governor Newsom and his pirates have up- anchored and departed (seceded) —- we will still be standing here on our own flat feet with our lawful standing and legal rights intact.
After reading that, it must be weird being an American right now. I'd say the same for Britain, but everyone is still mostly asleep to the genocide in progress.
You know when you say shoot me, indicating a preference of death to listening to someone...
Sheeple warning. May contain long words. Joking apart, it's a translation from French. However good any translation, there are always influences on the product.
Thanks to Benjamin for making it available. I made images from the first 7 pages, click them to see the bigger picture.
The Police Service should be advised. This doesn't constitute evidence but provides areas where to look. The "disease" is a product of cell poisoning by RF radiation and or modified alien (animal) exosomes (toxins) introduced by "vaccine" or swab. Not infectious. CV19 is less bad than many earlier years' flu. Yes flu. There are a number of other reasons why there is no justification for vaccines. Childs play to uncover them. Hydroxychloroquine for starters. The "vaccines" sterilise women and kill the elderly by commissioned design.
After presenting this to them, if no action results, we have to fear the worst. They are not there to protect us. Like the military.

Rule 71. When you are in the middle of genocide, tell someone. There's no pandemic. They are making it up as they go along.

The Protocols of the COVID19 Con aka


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