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What is 2D? UKC News 12th March. Banks Are All Bankrupt

The great reset crappola
Some problem areas

As far as I can tell:
Everything that has happened so far could all be explained by clever PR.
Still waiting for  proof any children have been rescued. The hospital ship, (cold) Comfort has remained virtually empty since it arrived.
Congress was arrested? All I saw was a number of coaches narrated with irritating rhetoric.Taken out thru the tunnels? Bit of clamber over all that rubble?
The UG war could simply be a Hollywood movie and rhetoric, and some smoke that could be reproduced by smoke pellets. Fireworks (bangers) can  reproduce gunshot noise. Earthquakes can be triggered by HAARP. Real tunnel collapses cause subsidence. The Manchester-Liverpool E. Lancs Road was like a roller coaster due to collapsed mines.
Trump allowed the vaccination program to proceed.
We're still beset by lifeless entities and the covid conjob WEF 'reset' is ongoing as if the Wettins are still running the show.
Trump is a Rothschild associate or friend and indebted to them, or at least one.
He was-is bff with Bibi.
Mossad's Epstein was released without condition, no wanted poster.
The paedo illuminati jesuit pope is still waddling around along with many other alleged 'dead or imprisoned' paedoes and globalist sacks, e.g. Fauci, Gates, Obama, Clinton, Johnson, Merkel, May, Cameron as well as a large number of EU corporation regime sacks, and others.
Is wwg1wga a reference to all that?
Trump is pretending to be President of America rather than revealing that he is president of a London-Vatican service corporation whose owners are in a position to dismiss him. He could be the real deal and retain his following by simply accepting Anna's invitation. The current service corporation cannot do business as it no longer exists. If it did it would be bankrupt. That is what Mr Trump is claiming presidency of.
The Navy and Airforce are service corporations. I suspect the Army is divided.
We're told there is a super computer AI and a military think tank called Q that is serving it. I haven't seen anything particularly intelligent about what is happening.
MsM is still effusively diarrhetic.
The banks are proceeding to use virtual fiat (imaginary fake) currency.
The only people that have visibly done anything to stake the beast are Anna, her hubby and the rest of the actual factual American Government. And a few hundred doctors and scientists that have gone against the lies and narrative.
The Pentagon corporation has always served corporation and Satanist interests. Every major war as well as the MENA wars have been a corporation war for profit.
Adrenachrome is simply adrenalin rich blood and the users just common or garden drug abusers. I expect the buzz or rush is the same as from a ride on a helter skelter. (I personally never saw the attraction of scaring the crap out of yourself.)
The gold probably came from the Philippines. Transferred from a foreign country to a foreign state, DC.
Jan 6 and a number of other dates where hyped, I expected April 1 to be just another fools' gold and it has proved to be so.
All our insider news givers are fed by the intel services and corporation entities. Does anyone for a second believe their info is anything but unharmful to the sacks? The feeders of info would be dead or hounded as with Assange and Snowden if real intel was leaked.
4G-5G roll-outs continue so the telecom flu (radiation poisoning) and the pharms' industry scams continue. Bees are dying off because of it. All the bees go, were gone.
All those ships of food of the American W. coast rotting away. Grain being shipped to China. The next stage to make a fake food shortage is continuing.
The Satanists UN troops that include many Chinese are still waiting in the wings (Mexico and Canada).
Imo it's up to the people to support the real leader ahead of Trump, unless he decides to put America ahead of the corporations - Vatican Council P2-3 (Propaganda Due) and the Crown Inc. (City) - Levy  Council.
All attendees and the leaders of the WEF gang need to be seen taken out of circulation.
All of the NWO OWG, Bilderberg attendees and every regime corporation needs to be bankrupted and most of their dwellers jailed, some tried and hanged or genetically modified to death.
Everyone involved in profitting from harming of the general public should be dyed green and released, a wanted dead poster for each published for those harmed to do with as they see fit.
Aliens. I've been overwhelmed by the widely reported sightings by astronomers of fleets of spaceships appearing and disappearing, the exodus from tunnels and the direct radio communications. There is one that became someone's pen friend. An alien dog stopped me in the street and asked if I knew the way to Cockfosters. (That's still not funny.)
The grand galactic council or some such. Is it a UN dept? Well, they've got Anna convinced. I'm waiting.

We need an alt alt news service that isn't worse than MsM. Alt news is supposed to do what copy typist journalism is incapable of doing. Give real news. We were forwarned (2019, I believe) that false alt news outlets would arrive. What is a falsey? One that publishes solid news whilst subliminally conveying specific lie(s). Get several to gain cred then use one or several to reinforce others' fake news.
We were also forewarned of the extermination. It's in progress. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret.
If I've upset anyone by my absence (perhaps one or 2 RumorMillNews, UKC) a 4G 5G antenna appeared on the chimney across the road and it got me. It has been dressed with a chimney pot since. C, D, zinc doesn't avoid being rad poisoned but really makes it less harmful.

Apparently Satanists are dragons and Luciferians are snakes. Freemasonry is Luciferian like KJs. In Latin, virus meant snake venom.

UK Column News - 12th March 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

00:23 - Astrazeneca Vaccines Suspended In Europe?

MHRA Statement: -
Dr Sukharit Bhakdi Statement: -
Open Letter To The EMA: -
Nuremberg Code on Medication: -
It's not a vaccine. EMF causes clumping. Add that to the injection
caused clumping. These pharms producers and peddlers need to be found and sorted.

09:18 - Novavax Vaccine Released As Homeless Targetted For Vaccination

Matt Hancock Tweet: -
Novavax Press Release: -
Matt Hancock Tweet 002: -
Times Article: -
JVCI Press Release: -
AP Article: -
Telegraph Article: -
Targetted eugenics (mass murder by it's more sinister tag)?

13:45 - Canada Find Policy Is Driving Excess Mortality

LS Article: -
ONS Mortality Report: -
So it's a success then. A win for the baddies. The cure is worse than the disease. Has no-one such as the Communist Purpose NHS leadership noticed the official figures and called for a halt? Not one ornamental politician?

19:23 - Biden's Death Cult Desperate To Get Shots In Arms

WP Article: -
Obviously hasn't had his own shot, he's still breathing. He told a State Governor to call him president, the Governor told him to to f**k off and hung up. He's not the POTUS, there's nothing to be president of, the service contract expired and hasn't been renewed. Besides, Trump won the election and claimed the non existent service corporation presidency.
Public International Notice -- Notice to Vacate
Wish we could serve one on the Johnson regime corporation.

26:10 - Citizen Journalism Much Better Than The BBC's

Citizen Journalist Article: -
Channel 4 News 2009 Pandemic: -

34:24 - Before COVID Bill Gates Planned Social Media Censorship

CD Article: -
Event 201: -
Simulation Transcript: -
21CenturyWire Article: -
Video: -

41:58 - Danish Plans For Vaccine Passports And The Implications For Us All

MIT Article: -
Just say, "You can stuff the covid passport up yer arse'nall tra lal lah."

45:99 - Removal Of Lynda Thyer Legal Fundraiser.
CrowdJustice Funder: -
The defunding disease spreadeth. Will the slumberers ever lift an eyelid?

50:12 - Egregious Syria Propaganda From The Economist

Economist Article: -
Statement of Concern: -

01:00:02 - BIS Push For Digital ID's and CBDC

BIS Innovation Summit: -
Where did all the gold bricks go? To the non existent service corporation treasury. Reminds me of the Fort Knox holograms.

01:01:47 - Norwegian Fertility Collapses

SS Article: -
Something in the water?

01:03:45 - Russian Hackers Aren't Hacking Anymore Now It's China Though No One Knows

NCSC Press Release: -
Microsoft Press Release: -
BBC Article: -
The last entry of UKC News in this journal was 3rd March.
All previous versions are archived.

Of Course, the Banks Are All Bankrupt -- by Definition
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch March 16, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
If you were in debt for ten times your net worth, would you be bankrupt?
Why, yes, you would be.  And so are the banks. 
This is the direct result of "fractional reserve banking". 
If they are allowed to loan out ten times as much "credit" as they hold as "assets"  they are in a constant state of bankruptcy by definition, and they are obviously "leveraging the margin", that is, they are betting that on any given day, they will be able to meet actual demand for cash withdrawals based on past usage patterns.
The only way they are able to pay St. Paul on Tuesday, is because St. Peter and ten other Saints didn't need their cash on that same day. 
Essentially, the already bankrupt banks borrow our assets to maintain their cash flow. 
Think about this folks: every time you deposit anything in a bank, it becomes their asset --- not yours.  It is a liability for them, but they own and actually possess the asset. 
Every asset in a bank is managed by a bank trustee and that trustee is there to manage the bank's interest in your asset.
So, if you make a "Special Deposit" of your Grandmother's jewelry and put it in a Deposit Box at your local bank, the bank trustee will seize it, have it appraised for insurance value, will insure it against loss. and sock it away. 
All very good, you think. 
But all of that is not done for you, that is done for the bank.
The next thing that happens is that the bank uses your actual asset to issue credit based on your asset.
Say that Grandma's jewelry collection is worth $40,000.00.  Under the fractional reserve system, the bank will now be able to loan out seven to ten times that much as credit to other bank patrons, based on your asset. 
This is all money of account, created as a ledger entry.
Here's the kicker, in a bank failure, you would not be able to get Grandma's jewelry back from the bank. You would be paid the value in fiat by the bank's insurance agent, but that's actually 7-10 times less than the actual value (to the bank) of the asset.
So as you can now see, both the banks and the insurance companies have reason to conspire to promote bank failures on a periodic basis, as this allows them to float credit and receive actual assets in return --- and so long as the banks and insurance companies are working hand in hand it doesn't matter which pocket the fiat paper money comes out of. 
The already bankrupt banks can't go bankrupt, but they can pull this kind of surreptitious theft of actual "Special Deposit" assets via this kind of insurance fraud expedited by legal tender laws.  And that is why we suffer periodic bank meltdowns --- so the banks and insurance companies and governmental services corporations can glom onto actual assets in exchange for paper. 
It works the same for your house as it does for Grandma's jewelry.
In the 1930's they didn't even bother to pay depositors back in paper.
The utter fraud involved in all of this should now be apparent, but if it is not, listen to two minutes of Godfrey Bloom's testimony to Parliament:
2 minutes

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