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Is it right that subcontinental women should be gagged by religion?

So far. I have stood by Iran, not the infiltrated admin. Probably somewhere inside Iran is where we we began. Why do people want it to be destroyed?

Dear mascovidiots, they don't stop telecom radiation flu. (Alarm clock smiley)
Listening to Rulers of Evil as I type. As if presented by a person approaching adulthood... the ominous message suggests reality is getting through to the humanity's root stock despite the indoctrination badly dressed as babysitter education. This is the mess that has been passed down through generations. Credit where credit is due. Iteration 3.
Is there any evidence that the gold was moved?
Megalomaniacal (yes, stark staring bonkers straight from a superman comic, ta dah dah daaaa #Klaus aka COVID #conjob-) #Schwab. Only superman is absent. So far. ) supersacks united aka WEFF (f*ckers), pond scum isn't a sufficient adjective, I say that as an alive and unencumbered free man that is competent to express my view.
I wish there was a desert or outback in Britain. There isn't. All we have is pubs, and guess what. (Closed smiley).
Is there a nice side to bankerism aka communism aka false judaism?
One seems to be on our side. This one recommends keeping one's head down.
The Atlantic Council gang advises NATO (Belgium, paedo central) that is directed by the intel sevices as the fart end of the Vatican. The N is for NAZI. May is allegedly from the same Rothschild test tube as Merkel.
So far, as far seeing goes. As it comes.
I should probaly change my alias soon.
Perhaps we are getting a bit near the "religious" implications' bone for this audience. I wonder would they prefer the drip by drip method so favoured by banks government "servants" for several generations.
Identify the enemy, dear lady, then see past the onion layer. An elephant in an onion. Brilliant. Whatever next.
I can't believe how the truther/sceptic community has allowed the enemy's message to penetrate. Lubricated like a famous condom, whose company unfortunately owns a, an hotel I worked in for a time. Hi Mike. Hi small change meatloaf.

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