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Make your will before getting a jab or swab. Icke - Common Law is the solution. COVID19. UKC Mar 1st

Added Rumors from Monday
Added Monday's UKC News.

Zilch, diddly squat, not a shred of solid evidence the virus is real or infectious outside its parent computer and the minds of certain characters that claim to be scientists while performing as disinfo agents...
Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam
February 24, 2021

How do I know it's a confidence trick?
Hard evidence
1. There has been no increase in all causes total deaths. Where is the evidence a deadly pandemic is upon us when all the official statistics say nothing out of the 'ordinary' is happening?
(Charts: )
2. Regular flu deaths flat-lined soon after COVID was bestowed on us by politicians. Where did they go? They were fraudulently reassigned to the imaginary killer COVID by crooked health officials, NHS Commonunist Purpose management, morticians and pharms industry gravy train doctors.
: )
3. The objective of the eugenicysts is to kill the elderly and the infirm for profit. The objective of the insurance and pensions industry is to kill the elderly and infirm without paying out. Both industries' objectives are being achieved by the killing of people with vaccinations and inappropriate treatment such as the hugely sponsored from the public purse intubation, and the hugely sponsored from the public purse renaming of flu, cancer, heart disease and other ailments to COVID. Not to mention the double counting.
4. The hypothesised SARS COV2 has never been isolated. The hypothesised SARS COV2 spawn, COVID has similarly never been isolated. No alleged harmful virus has ever been isolated.

5. SARS COV2 never made it to Europe, proven, so by extension, COVID  never made it. How did it get to Britain? Via mass media lies and a little help from vaccines and swabs. And by Air Australia?
6. The PCR test is a fraudulent political instrument that cannot detect the alleged harmful virus, that can produce positive and negative results as required.
7. The mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine, it is a gene editing delivery mechanism to make us all genetically modified property.
8. The swab is both an instrument to damage the brain and a delivery mechanism for nano particles whose purpose has not been explicitly defined.
9. Every heinous step was specified in the Rockefeller Foundation of sacks' "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" P20 "Scenario Narratives - LOCK STEP"
10: False flags are usually introduced by an exercise, Gates' exercise "Event 210 Live Simulation Exercise to Prepare Public and Private Leaders for Pandemic Response" "went live."
11. The alleged virus is not contagious, not infectious, not transmissible. The flu symptoms are caused by RF radiation.

Soft evidence
Politicians and many sacks in the health services corporations, bureaucracy corporations, the police corporations, speculators, pharmaceuticals corporations, military corporations, the financial industry and the UN love the COVID false flag all the way to the bank at occupation regime corporations' expense that they connive to get taxpayers to pay by pretending it is a national debt, (registering to vote is a contract whereunder your rights are stolen secretly taken and given to an ornamental representative).
The miracle CO2 molecule hoax playbook has been extensively used for the COVID hoax.
The demented arseholes violating our sovereignty - Davos Satanists have clearly stated the COVID hysteria has created the perfect climate to close down the world and institute their Khazar Jewish mafia ideals (via Bilderberg-UN) itemised in Agenda 21-30.
What they call coronaviruses are not harmful viruses but essential exosmes. They are multifunctional containers used for transport of waste and damaged material as well as parts needed for repairs. They have other functions too.
Imagine they are carrier bags such as used for shopping and waste. Now imagine how many different contents and how many similar. Very large numbers in both cases. Now imagine such carrier bags filled with shopping in the boot of a car that crashes leaving a supermarket. The carrier bags caused it of course. The police are called in and set up road blocks at supermarket exits to check for carrier bags with certain contents that have been found in crashes. Experts design drones that can detect e.g. soy sauce that is a known neurotoxin and alert the world. The drone pilots are authorised to fire on any carrier bag found to contain soy sauce.
Stupid? Far out there? Yes, just like the COVID conjob.
That is the level of competence of many virologists such as those that form consensus opinions tailored to political requirements.
Every person has cells and they produce exosomes, as with many other mammals. Vaccines target them, weakening the immune system. Idiots accept the vaccines.
So far the criminal WHO has admitted that polio and autism are caused by vaccines, Vaccine victims have tested positive for AIDS (caused by HIV spikes added to the bat exosomes?). The manufacturers and the empty suit politicians advertise the fact that vaccines cause flu symptoms. It is the poisons (adjuvants) in the vaccine that provoke the symptoms. Flu is caused by radio frequency radiation damage to cells, a form of poisoning and physical poisons like non infectious bioweaponised bat exosomes, the alleged cause of COVID. Most of the elderly 4G and 5G roll-out victims (blamed on COVID) e.g. N.Italy had received the flu jab. Such info is suppressed by your daily newspaper controllers (social media execs, (big tech) intelligence services, Zionists, the BBC (FCDO) ) and other enemies of humanity.
Your own experiences should have opened your eyes - empty hospitals, friends telling you their recently deceased relative didn't die of COVID, absence of funerals and mass graves, the WHO telling regimes to reduce the numer of PCR test cycles (to produce more negative results) the regimes then claim the lockdowns and vaccines work, (like a one legged donkey in reality), the magical virus doing everything politicians demand of it, supremely doltish and oft times illegal and unlawful actions by the Police corporation, corporation judges and council corporation operatives pretending they have authority to force you to do this, that and the other or they will fine you, they are your servants for goodness sake.

To cure COVID without a vaccine put your finger in the middle of the top of your head and rotatate your body whilst reciting 1000 times, "COVID is a psy-op, just another conjob, la lah lah, la lah lah lah." More effective than any vaccine.

This video is important. Impose the law on the lawbreakers, i.e. the occupation regime corporation, the Police regime security service corporations, the corporation judges and local council corporation hirelings. The occupation regime being a corporation means that to have dealings with militaries, they must be corporations, without a by your leave btw. Your local council and the regional councils too. Also without a by your leave. Suckers.
Council brown shirt, "You must wear a mask, do you understand?"
You, "I do not stand under you, I'm a living person. I am not subject to contract."
This time with the video. SME's especially but everyone needs to hear this, how the sacks are doing it in GB. A bit more refined than the in your face American sacks. Check out what a grandmother is doing to them in America after the video.
People wishing to tell our enemies in London and local council corporations to GF themselves can do so without breaking the law. David Icke has a very interesting conversation with a Common Law expert:

Common Law Court’s John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state 28 February 2021

How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business from governments and the institutions of law enforcement and no longer comply with ‘Covid’ fascism. David Icke talks with common law expert John Smith at A must-watch for those who choose freedom and want to end this madness. Please share everywhere.
Common Law Court website:
Governments, agencies, law enforcement, courts and institutions are CORPORATIONS:
Attention all law enforcement:

I expect the BBC will show this out of respect to people that give them money to be informed. But then it appears to be a branch of the criminal occupation regime corporation's FCDO Inc so don't hold your breath.

Sir David Icke, (well, I think he deserves a tap on the shoulders) gives the exact information to show what to do. Form Common Law Courts and prosecute every bureaucrat from middle management up to the Civil Service bosses and the Privy Council for aiding, abetting and committing roughly tens of millions of individual crimes against the people.
Do I need to spell it out? The occupation regime is a criminal operation that involves all pol. parties and bureaucrats.
The so called national debt belongs to the corporation. You agree to pay for it by registering to vote. You enter into a contract. I don't accept.
The votes for every election are predetermined. Accidents happen, as with the UK-EU corporations merger that we declined, that produced brexit on a snowy day in hell. Can HAARP make that happen?
America may be getting bullied into a Federal Service corporation administration with no legitimacy, but the march of the American Gov goes on against the criminals occupying DC.
Anna Von Reitz: Multiple Bankruptcies, The Way Forward
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Multiple Bankruptcies Involved

In case you haven’t noticed, ever since I began my public action in 2008, there have been successive bankruptcies of governmental services corporations and banks. This is a domino effect — that started with the bankruptcy of the Bank of England.

They knew what was coming and beat for port.

In 2015, Obama declared the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy and shifted the debt burden from the individual phony (bankrupted) ESTATE TRUSTS – e.g., ROBERT DAVID STEELE, to the equally phony PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES — e.g., ROBERT D STEELE.

The details of just one bankruptcy action related to the USA CORP in the Northern District of Florida is posted here: EBH CLUB – Empowering Better Humans — but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

US CORP was shut down 1/19/2021. USA CORP shut down 1/7/2021.

The bankruptcy for “the” UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Ltd., their most recent version of USA CORP was entered in London a year and a half ago.

The Republic of The United States of America was the sole beneficiary. That’s why they are trying to shift their operations into our old Federal Republic, but as I pointed out, we aren’t going along with that without negotiation.

Our Federal Republic is American, not British. And The United States of America that it belongs to is our unincorporated Federation of States, not some weird British Cult doing business as the Reign of the Heavens Society, Inc.

We’ve had enough guile from the Brits to last several centuries and this latest punt isn’t going to wash.

I will be restating this for public consumption a bit later in the day for my readers.

So all these corporations are seeking bankruptcy protection thinking that that will save them, but the larger issue is the fact that they don’t have valid charters and therefore not only don’t have any right to claim bankruptcy protection — they don’t have any right to exist.

From our standpoint, they either have to be returned to our custody, en masse, and administered under our public law— and re-chartered as American Corporations, or, they need to be liquidated and cease operations.

Re-chartering them en masse is certainly the easier and less disruptive option.

Source: the Robert David Steele blog
I posted this a few days ago. Worth repeating.
The way the actual non  incorporated US of A has arisen, perhaps Phoenix may be a more appropriate venue for the seat than Philly. Perhaps the actual USA Gov should request bids fom competing unincorporated State administrations?
If you want to be up to speed with the treason of the post war two hatters, read these articles. If time is a problem read the blue titles :

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October 20, 2014
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March 28, 2020
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Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem --
January 15, 2021 
No Act Changes a Country Into a Corporation
January 19, 2021
Why is The Corporations Act of 1870 a Key Issue?
February 6, 2021
UK Column News - 1st March 2021
Mike Robinson, David Scott and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.

00:27 - Sad passing of Ian R. Crane and Derek Bye

UK Column Special: -

01:48 - Variants of Concern??

Lockdown Lifting Conditions: -
Nadhim Zahawi Statement:
Trevor Bedford Statement: -
Government: -
Astrazeneca Press Statement: -

06:27 - More Testing Will Be Brilliant and Will find More "Cases"

Government Press Release: -

07:52 - BBC Pro War Propaganda

Robert Stuart Post: -
Dispatches Article: -
Ch4 Up Close With The Rebels: -

13:21 - The Queen Is A Propagandist For Vaccine Manufacturers?

Sky News: -
BHF Press Release: -

15:07 - Demonising China Not All It Seems

38 Degrees Article: -
DW Article: -
Springer Academic Preview: -

22:29 - Peter Hitchens Has The Covid Vaccine

Mail on Sunday Article: -
Vanessa Beeley Tweet: -
Hitchens Response: -

29:00 - Impact Of Lockdowns On Health

Joel Smalley Tweet: -
Oxford CEBM Stringency Index: -

35:00 - Ian R Crane

42:55 - Biden Starts Bombing Immediately As Anticipated

Kevorak Tweet: -
Gregory Tweet: -
IH Article: -
Vanessa Beeley Article: -

48:40 - Salmon Inquiry Highlights Deep Rooted Problems In Scottish Government and Governance

Robert Green Article: -

01:07:41 - The BBC Appears To Deliberately Endanger The Lives Of Journalists

BBC Article: -
Latest News:
News archive:
Northern Exposure:
Public comments:
SM Twitter:
If you would like to support UKC, you can do so here:
Higher death counts will occur as time passes, especially for those that take this … ‘vaccine.’
Months from now will tell the tale, and it won’t be a pretty picture


X22 Report Ep. 2415a&b - Comms, Trump Is Now In The Process Of Rearranging The Playing Board (54 minhr in two parts)

Higher death counts will occur as time passes, especially for those that take this … ‘vaccine.’ Months from now will tell the tale, and it won’t be a pretty picture

Amazing Polly: DEATHS, DEEP STATE & ADOPTIONS - 3 DIGS IN 1 [49 min video]

A Truth Too Dangerous To Be Published Until Now

FKTV: "The Democrat Crime Epidemic"

"Shocking News about How Eating Salt Affects Your Brain"

10:43 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Bill O’Reilly explains the US border crisis story the media is IGNORING"

(heh) 6:04 video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Meet the Left's BIGGEST hypocrites nominated for a 'Hyppo Award' | Glenn TV Preview"

55:40 video (no text): Lionel - "CPAC2021 and Trump"

Epoch Times: "South Dakota’s Noem: COVID Didn’t Crush the Economy, Government Did"

Messages from Ann & the Angels - 02/27/2021 • Dancing in Harmony in a Diverse Universe

1970 - JOHN WILLIAMS, "CAVATINA" (Theme to 'The Deer Hunter', 1978) (beautiful)

James Woods tweets Ray Bradbury quote

Candace Owens tweet: "If you guys are wondering what actual feminism is, it’s Donald Trump having ..."


Decoding Davos — The Global Endgame!!! - vid
Perhaps we could educate the terrorists who the real enemy is. Or perhaps they could educate us.

A Whopping 91% Of US Restaurants Will Invest In Kitchen Automation, Says Survey

Watch First Ever Video of How DNA Dances Inside Your Cells - short vid clip

Simon Parkes - March 1st Update (Video)
Same condition as Fulford etc, only as good as the info he is fed.

Democrats are accelerating plans to install President Harris
Posthumously? /sarc, with ref to the Gitmo'd list.

Fulford preview: "Middle East Power Struggle Tip of the Iceberg"

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Mar. 1, 2021 - Vaccine depopulation weapons and the GOP’s pro-vaccine stance against humanity (1hr 12min)
Link to text summary of Mike Adams' Situation Update, Mar. 1, 2021

SORCHA: "Grim Reminder To Warmongers Issued As Trump Returns With “Get Rid Of Them All” Hit List"
Deaths fraudulently recorded as COVID. Sorcha is still playing catch-up.

Part 4 : The Black Pope...Life in a French Jesuit College...Can the Jesuit be a Loyal Subject?- The Jesuits in Canada

CGI's Mike: So, Dolly Parton is white?

CGI's Mike: Media Reveals why Bill Gates Buys Land... Only it Doesn't
To plant GM crops.

750 Year Eruption Cycle Begins . . . Will it Affect Our Civilization? (Video)

1979 - HERB ALPERT, "1980"
1979 - HERB ALPERT, "BEHIND THE RAIN" (uptempo, disco beat)

Feds Say 2 Long Islanders Helped Jeffrey Epstein Run a Sex Trafficking Ring

X22 Report Ep. 2416a&b - It’s Time To Restart Everything, Patriots Only Go Public When They Want The Target To Know (63 min in two parts)

LEAKED PENTAGON FOOTAGE: Scientist Recommends Flu Vaccine To Eliminate 'God Gene' (video 4m)

VIDEO 1.56.45 - Ancient Civilizations | Stargates - Ancient Aliens, Portals & The Inner Earth. With Graham Hancock

Greencrow:What's going on in the Canadian Military? The PerpZ can't Seem To Get the Cdn Military Leaders to Co-operate in the Vaccine Mass Murder/haul off to Gulags Stunt? -Videos


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