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Rumors 27-28 Feb. Kaminski Emerging from the fog. Fulford 22-Feb.

Why does it seem that while we are fed a pack of lies via "trust the plan", Gitmo has a back door apparently, Epstein was set free by an alpabet agency, no wanted poster, no reward, Hilary and all the other frequently killed still perform the Davos dance, the Davos great reset under cover of the fake COVID plandemic is ticking objective after objective as achieved?
Digital currency is being used between banks, so much for gold backed currency.
Massive propaganda campaigns and cattle prod coercion are persuading COVIDiots to take the poisoned chalice "vaccine" or get brain damaged by poisoned nose swabs. Occupation regime corporations (sacrificial goats) are taking part in the satanic criminal campaign against humanity and are guilty of mass murder at national and global level.
Economies are broken, global trade is being ground to a halt.
A blatant puppet regime has been installed and is issuing orders as if it was in charge of America. In fact the limits of its influence are the boundaries of the Crown owned DC. It is breaking the law telling people outside DC what they must do. Executive orders emanating from the fake Biden regime USA corporation apply to Biden party executives. If the Military corporations obey these orders they are acting outside the law.
All the crooked courts have mostly bent the knee to their corporate bosses and refused to convict anyone for election fraud. It seems the teams trying to prosecute, including  Sidney Powel and the beakless kraken (giant squid) are either in on it or whole cloth incompetent.

Why do people cling to Mr Trump as a knight in shining armour when he is an Israeli (godless oppressive terrorist and apartheid Zionist-Satanist-Fascist) state firster? Maybe he's cooled on Netanyahu since the threats? Trump was installed by the Military. Which, the part that is the military in the military-industrial-intelligence complex run by the CFR (and the RIIA and ECFR) under the chi-com UN company umbrella, or some other anonymous group? The Pentagon on behalf of Israel (Crown Inc, Vatican Inc) is in control of America, amply demonstrated by the bombing of Syria. Trust the plan? It looks like "trust the plan" is constantly repeated to keep us voluntarily locked down.
Mr Trump had his chance. He backed down and stepped down. He is not the President. In my opinion it is time for the public to end the lockdowns,ignore all the gobsh*te we are supposed to swallow, and get back to working before the infrastructure is too far gone. The freaks running the show rely on our compliance with their bullshit to destroy our world, whether it comes via sock puppet officials or fake alt media news. Stop complying. They are servants pretending to be masters. Most intelligent people have realised masks and lockdowns are especially harmful to children and are ignoring all of the fruit-loop corporation contract conditions that are pretended to be law of the land. It is up to us to just say no.
How is your spine? Have they made you think you don't have one?
I expect the Dominion software was used for the brexit vote, and was insufficient, or the intel service wanted brexit. I go with there being an insurmountable majority, at least so many as to make attempts to flip the result obvious. So, Johnson regime, get us out of the EU corporation as promised. No more theatre and can kicking on behalf of the globalist NWO lunatics. It's called serving the public, the people you rob every minute of every day, and now this latest lunacy.
Truth about the COVID con job is spreading with increasing rapidity. I hope you get hanged under Common Law for your treason and cruelty. As a unit, the fake Parliamentarians, you have betrayed the country repeatedly.
Does RF radiation cause the cytokine storm, or is there something in the flu vaccines? Or both?

27-Feb Saturday

A LIST OF WHAT WE NOW FACE: Your Rights Will Never Be Restored, The Reds Are On The March And You’re In The Way
And happy to be an impediment.

Jon Rappoport: "COVID: the virus was never proven to exist; a statement from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Sally Fallon Morell"
Has never been, will never be because it's a myth, a fantasy, a false Judean deceiver banker's wet dream, a broken hypthosesis.

Biden Starts New War Front, NATO Mortars Fired On Civilians, Tanks and Troops Move Towards Russian Border

FKTV: "PSYOP the Steal"

Doctors – “Too Many Deaths Are Being Blamed On Coronavirus.”

CrystalRiver: Folks Had to Get Attorney's to Correct Cause of Death From Stated Covid-19 to True Cause (Problem is That People Are Paid to Say It is COVID-19) *NM* (views: 83)

1:44:24 video (cc): Andrew Klavan - "The Big Grift | Ep. 1020"

17:01 video (cc): "CPAC 2021: James O'Keefe & SIX Veritas Whistleblowers Take Over The Main Stage in Orlando, Florida"

10:29 video (cc): Lauren Southern - "The Insidious Nature of Fact-Checking"

5:21 video (cc): Paul Joseph Watson - "Biden Diversity Strikes Syria"
NATO-CIA and its ground forces (moderate terrorists) are obviously immune to the COVID myth.

The Myths of Lyme Disease: Separating Fact from Fiction for Military Personnel

FKTV: "Nigel Farage: 'Communist Takeover' Underway in UK, CCP-Linked Firms Buying Schools"

CRITICAL: MEDICAL ERRORS DO NOT GO VIRAL: A tale of mistaken identity and corrupted evidence
Gosh. Someone else knows.

"Scientists know that the micro-organisms found in infected tissue have emerged from that diseased tissue itself, not from the outside environment. They know that the presence of two things at the same time in the same place does not constitute a causal link between the two. Scientists have also demonstrated that viruses are not alive, are not organisms and do not attack. Viruses are a massive excuse to cover up poisoning."

The Contagion Myth, Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease
> A Holistic View: Re: The Contagion Myth, Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease
> JediShaman

The best summary of what is going on now - from 1776 to Present Day.
1871 promo. The Act was repealed in 1874. Nitty gritty here:

(videos) Angry Nurse has had it with the Covid-19 Hoax
> Big Pharma Whistleblower Reveals Dangers of mRNA Vaccine (video at link)
> CrystalRiver


Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 2-26-21 (Video)

Contrary to media reports, COVID-19 vaccines have caused paralyzing facial condition

More Infrastructure Goes Down Across the Globe (Video)

VIDEO 1.14.45- 2/25/2021 -- Earthquakes spread around WHOLE PLANET in 7 days time -- Waiting on big event this week
> #earthquake M 5.3 - 16 km NNW of Anchorage ALASKA - 2021-02-27 18:59:24 UTC
> NaturalWisdom

Is Tiger Woods a Psy-op?

YouTuber who vlogged about life as a transgender woman downloaded child sex abuse images while running a day care center

VIDEO 5.59-Most Talented CAT in the WORLD lives in Australia (Compilation)
Recommended for relief from the oppression and state terrorism by deceit.

Globalist Weather Wars To Crush Humanity (video)
Lymerick: THANKS CR-GREAT INFO-We have been getting deluged with huge thick horizon to horizon CHEMTRAILS!!! *NM* (views: 496)
Check the AARDVARK comment at InfoWars.****

VIDEO 58.04 - Agartha, the Hidden Civilization of Inner Earth… Truth or Lore?

Is Trump in Charge?
Does it matter?

SORCHA 2/27: "Doomsday Plane Crews Join Globalists To Demonically Cheer “Mark Of The Beast” World"

VIDEO-Congressman Jerry Nadler: “God’s Will is No Concern of This Congress” (Then, they should be fired!!)
s.b. burnt at the stake. An American inquisition to sort out the Satanists on the cards?

The Right Side with Doug Billings 2/26: Doug's Website / Proud 2b White / Who Built America? (29 min)

FBI Releases Docs in Heat of Capitol Riot That Show Pelosi’s Communist Roots Run Deep

You Gotta Be Kidding (then again, maybe not): CDC maintains a web page titled "Zombie Preparedness"
Premature. Supposed to be released after the 2nd COVID jab.

Benjamin Fulford Discusses America 2.0 with Paul Adams (27 min)

Global inquisition, all would-be members of the gov to take the ducking stool test?
> hobie: Article linked in the above post is A LONG BUT VERY WORTHY ONE; take time to read it if you can. (no msg inside this post) *NM*

EXC: Romney, Schumer, Advisors Among Dozens of Congressional Staffers Participating in Chinese Communist Party Exchange Program (no kidding)

Had Enough of Vaccine Conspiracy Theories?
Forgot to Post Link
5 more

VIDEO 5.49-Ex-Capitol Police Chief’s Testimony Blows Up Dem Narrative About Capitol Riot Attack

Special Saturday Broadcast: DAVOS Group Takes Credit For Lockdowns/Global Collapse (video)

"Keep Your Mouth Shut, or Else!" Profiles in Corruption: Archdiocese of Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot (11 min)

HHS Request for Information: Diagnostic Testing for Lyme + Many Other Articles on Lyme

Who do they think they are, NATO?



I’m not saying they are different people. I’m just saying that it’s weird as hell.
The nose to lip looks different, the hardest if not impossible to alter. Or lens distortion. But then he became left handed.

51:30 video (cc): Dennis Prager - "Fireside Chat Ep. 175 — Dealing With the Woke Mob"

57:15 video (no text at this time, might have cc later): Lionel - "CPAC2021 for Dummies (Pun Intended)"

8-min video w/ ad (cc): Andrew Klavan - "Monty Python PERFECTLY PREDICTED Equality Act"

66-min video (cc): Glenn Beck - "Tulsi Gabbard Confronts SMEARS of Our Military & Conservatives | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 99"
More please. Of Tulsi. She's been kept out of the limelight.

Pence Was Compromised from the Start With Globalist Connections, Worked Behind the Scenes Against Trump

FKTV: "Biden’s No Sexes, No Meat, No Freedom Agenda" / Rachel Levine
No rights.

Reader: "Durham resigned from his position in Connecticut, not as Special Counsel."
> Daily Mail: "John Durham resigns as US attorney but says he will keep investigating the origins of the Russia probe"
> hobie

(heh) Sandra Boynton tweet for Feb 28 "Chocolate Souffle Day"

‘It Cuts Like a Knife’: The dismissal of Mary Wagner’s case by the Supreme Court of Canada
Value for money? Isn't there an international court on human rights? The Galactic Council seems indisposed.

Scientists say a ‘Disease X’ will spark deadly pandemics every five years and wipe out 75million as we keep screwing with nature (makes one think of geoengineering doesn't it?)
It will if the virus - vaccine conjob isn't staked.



***NOTICE*** PRESIDENT TRUMP CPAC ADDRESS: 3:45 PM EST SUN. 28 Feb. *NM* (views: 765)

The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps

EXCLUSIVE: US Dr. Ralph Baric Was Reviewing Moderna and Dr. Fauci’s Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019! — What’s Going On?

2.27.21 Scott McKay's "THE ROUNDTABLE" w/ David Nino Rodriguez & Ian Wendt (1hr 42min)

SORCHA 2/28: "Fort Pelosi Comes Under Siege As Leftists Not Amused By “Healing Bombs” And “Kids In Cages”"

X22 Report interviews Collin Kettle - The Economic Policies Of [JB] Will Destroy The [CB] Economy, Watch Gold, Big Moves Coming
IT’S HAPPENING! President Donald Trump Live at CPAC 2021 at 3:40 PM ET — LIVESTREAM via RSBN Channel
HotCoffee:After a false start It's happening now. *NM* (views: 1772)


1961 - ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN, Grieg's "PIANO CONCERTO in A minor, Op. 16" (complete - 30 mins)

Anna Von Reitz - Are We Stupid?
"The Public hasn’t been told the truth about any of this—-and why should we believe anything they tell us, when it’s always what they don’t tell us that counts?"

POOFness for FEB 28 '21: Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
If you're a pantyhose fan this will appeal.

Biden might win, but Trump could still be President (So if the Camel is placed as the next fake pres What happens Then??? Just Asking?
.**** Comment from infowars -
Captap CrystalRiver

AARDVARK 27-Feb (Edited)
The introduction of aluminum particles into the stratosphere will have the exact opposite reaction that the Globalysts are claiming. They claim that this will lower temperature by blocking out the sun, but that is a lie. What it will do is the exact opposite, and trap the heat, same as the smog did in cities before all cars were installed with catalytic converters, and exhaust gas recirculation was implimented eliminating smog completely. They can also use HAARP's microwaive radio waves to heat the atmosphere, and react with aluminum particulates at high altitudes, just like your microwaive oven does in your kitchen. 
For all intents and purposes the smog in large cities had completely been eliminated, except in places like China.  Becaue todays vehicles, even diesel trucks unless they are modified to roll coal, are extremely clean burning, and put off mostly water vapor, and carbon dioxide.  Even the carbon monoxide is converted at a rate of 99.9%, or the vehicles oxygen sensors will imidiately cause your check engine light to glow.
This carbon dioxide, is what all plant life, and even algea in the oceans use to grow and generate oxygen through photosynthesis.   So I ask you, what can be greener than photosynthesis green, the process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, by use of photons in light? 
Speaking of light, the government did the same type of lie in the 1990's with the depletion of the ozone layer.  Ozone is O3, or 3 oxygen atoms bound together through covailent bonds, instead of 2 oxygen atoms as O2, what we and all animals breathe.  Ozone is created when O2, or the oxygen plants put off and we breathe, is subjected to ultraviolet light, or UV light.  Basically when UV light is shined onto plain old oxygen, it binds anouther oxygen atom to the 2 already present, and it creates O3, Ozone gas.
This happens at high atmosphere at the edge of space, until enough oxygen atoms are struck and coverted into ozone, which then blocks out the UV light, and allows only the regular photons or sunlight,  to reach the surface.  Therefore the ozone layer is created instantly at the moment the suns rays and UV light hits the top layers of the atmosphere... instantly.
Basically to say that this ozone layer is depleteing or can deplete is ridiculous, because it is constatly replenished as soon as the UV hits our atmosphere, and if enough ozone is depleted, the regular O2 gets converted to O3 because the UV light can get to it, because the O3 is not present.
Bottom line is the reason the government tells these lies, is because they use those lies to create regulation, and thereby creating anouther form or taxation.  Which is exactly what the global warming lie is all about, and from all we had seen from our big bloated government.. they are undoubtedly capable of poisoning the air we breathe with dust particulates, just so they can sneak through anouther way to tax us.

[IMO high energy UV splits O2 molecules into ions that attach to O2. I think upward IR is reflected by aluminium so may be a warming factor. We could always believe the sacks in charge and 'persuade' them to pay us to produce CO2 to warm the atmosphere. But of course additional CO2 is incapable as it cannot warm or cool. All the IR it can react with is absorbed to extinction within a handful of metres from the surface.
HAARP's main function is the destruction of the ionosphere. There's reportedly, a permanent hole in the ionosphere over Alaska where the lunatics first started messing with the upper atmosphere. Nothing survives under it. If the Texas deep freeze was caused by China messing with the Arctic oscillation (vortex in common parlance) that suggests the extended high pressure over the Arctic that gave us the CAGW by CO2 BS was quite likely caused deliberately by HAARPiss artists. Who controls HAARP? Military, in GB and America. Who controls the military corporations? The kabalist currency crooks via the CFRs.

Emerging from the fog
Posted By: tenavision
RMN 21-Feb-2021
Emerging from the fog
Transcending the lies we continue to believe
By John Kaminski
Do you believe we have an honest government? Do you believe you are an honest person? Where is the disconnect? Are we all doomed to take the bribes and keep our mouths shut?
All writing is but the making of maps. Teaching everyone how to get from here to there.
Though separated from his product, man is more and more, and ever more powerfully, the producer of every detail of his world. The closer his life comes to being his own creation, the more drastically is he cut off from that life.
—Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle, 1968
That dire assessment is verified by the number of other species we continue to kill off. Can you see the connection between the thoughtless genocide of all wildlife on this planet, and your own scheduled departure?
Do we kill because we need to deny our own deaths? Because this is forbidden to think about, we are blocked from the seeing the root of many of our problems. The invention of a foolproof escape mechanism — muttering a magic formula that guarantees eternal life — has merely anesthetized the patient, but not really cured the disease, and much wrong continues to be wreaked in the name of the various holy scriptures.
We never signed on to this ridiculous deal when we were born. Somehow the fact that we don’t live forever is responsible for most of the wonderful things we DO have, notably, love, which comes in an infinite variety of flavors, and as any child will tell you is the best thing. As I have said before, without death, the possibility of love does not exist.

But we’ve turned death into some kind of candy store fantasyland. Millions of Muslims will kill on demand for the specific X-rated items promised to those killed in noble battle against the infidel when they reach the Islamic afterlife. (I guess before they die they want to practice on European girls.) This stupid orientation is right up there with rising from the tomb after three days and sitting at the right hand of God. They are merely embellished prognoses from the formula most religions have used since the dawn of time.

Cut the crap! These stories are fairy tales for children! The trouble is, down through history, the adults have never realized that killing other adults over they way they say their prayers is the absolute height of insanity. Humans have internalized these childhood make-believes and convinced most of the planet to believe in sacred fantasies that totally ignore the natural world and all the creatures in it. Only this invention called a soul, as Nietzsche put it, delegitimized all of human history, and made all of reality secondary to what the priests told us.

Totally suppressed in this debate was the knowledge that the less we follow the suggestions of nature the more likely it is that we will destroy ourselves prematurely. In both the world and ourselves, this process seems well advanced. Our ability to believe we can construct a better life than nature has provided for us has led to the trashing of the planet and the poisoning of all species with profit-making gimmicks, the worst of which is religion, which invariably says everyone who doesn’t follow their exclusive formula is evil, making it the No. 1 generator of wars.

It is a barometer of our failing health that American mainstream popular music for the past 57 years has failed to mention any significant social problem, or suggest any solution to the negative influences that seem to descend upon us BECAUSE of our government, rather than DESPITE our government. This kind of talk has never been allowed on U.S. airwaves; or, not since before World War II.

That should tell us something is wrong, but the population at large has become too estranged from the actual reality of their own lives to recognize it. We should have known something was really wrong in 1913. It should have told us a hundred years ago but the power of public relations was harnessed by Freud’s nephew — who got women to smoke! — and the artificial reality was well under way.

You don’t need to be religious, you need to be principled, something the Jews can never be because they are taught from the time they are 8 seconds old to hate the world around them before they learn how to steal it.

You’re not only responsible for everything that does happen to you; you’re also responsible for everything that could happen to you.

News you might have missed

The human, it turns out, is the most well developed lifeform in the universe. At least as far as we know. Other than the large sea creatures in the ocean, the only lifeforms who are thus far more advanced than humans are those characters imagined by humans and placed in a fictional context that seems real. Sometimes more real than real.

With capabilities unmatched by any other species. humanity’s great fault is its failure to realize the gifts it has been given and the powers that it possesses.

Until this fact is overturned, you should proceed as if it is true. And when and if that fact is ever superseded by new knowledge, let our mature understanding of ourselves realize this would be great because the universe contains more knowledge that we can comprehend, so it would be wonderful to learn new things from creatures of great wisdom whom we in fact aspire to emulate. As long as they didn’t want to eat us.

Which is the great fear of most of the animals on Earth.

If we are now the highest lifeform in the universe, we really should start acting like it.

Let the children lead, for they are us in our best sense. When we stop working for them we’ve stopped working for ourselves.

Will we wake up and discover what it is we really have to do, knowing that the promises of religion are mind control hoaxes? Our survival depends on it.

If we don’t emerge from the fog, we will disappear forever in the useless rubble of our own creations.

The very principles on which we base our lives are based upon an illusion. Nietszche was right. When Saul/Paul invented heaven, he destroyed the previous history of humanity and created a mindlock situation in which nothing you can do in life is as important as gaining eternal life in heaven.

This made our reality totally unreal, forever and ever, Amen.

On the road to a poisoned nirvana

The danger in all this is that when you declare heaven does not exist, does it release the hounds of hell upon the world? Or are the Pope and John Hagee really those infernal dogs? Better we should determine why and how these hellhounds exist and eliminate the conditions of their creation. Many of them hide in churches and mosques, but far more lurk in synagogues, eager to snatch your money AND your soul.

The lies our holy men have told us are reflected in the secrecy of government decisions. Executive privilege, they used to call it when I was covering various municipal councils. It enabled them to do things in secret that the public would be very upset to know, but when push comes to shove the business world has no ethics, and government is really just another business.

When there is no moral authority to oversee its behavior, government will commit any kind of crime to preserve itself long past the time it should be thoroughly cleaned out and consigned to an infamously bloody and misguided history. Everyone already knows that the psychopaths who control it now are not going to give back the country they have stolen from us, so it’s up to us to get it back.

The early odds from Vegas on this bet are not good.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Fulford full newsletter Feb 22
Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Thursday, 25-Feb-2021

Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocracy
Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports February 22, 2021 859 Comments
By Benjamin Fulford
The Khazarian Mafia Cabal that controls the West and Communist China is rejecting the Gnostic Illuminati’s demand to surrender and is about to face a massive March campaign to permanently eradicate its membership, multiple agencies and secret society sources say.

The Cabal is now in panic mode after planning to institute global idiocracy featuring diminished mental capacity and population reduction through a series of vaccines.

This is because proof has been sent to the world’s military and intelligence agencies that the entire “Covid-19” plandemic is a fraud designed to trick the global population into being injected with experimental gene therapy “vaccines” that will alter their DNA in order to permanently enslave them.

For example, the peer-reviewed scientific report sent to us by British and French intelligence says:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on August 23, 2020, ‘For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.’”

(Science, Public Health Policy and the Law Volume 2:4 October 12,2020)

The report goes on to say the CDC then illegally contradicted its own findings, which essentially admit Covid-19 is at most a seasonal cold or flu, to illegally shutdown society and impose an agenda to vaccinate people with gene-altering CRISPR technology.

Here, for example, is a link to a scientific report admitting CRISPR is used in “Covid-19” vaccines.

The Cabal’s state actors are now under increasing attack for their criminal activities. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told puppet President Biden off last Wednesday after China Joe instructed him to shut down the state because of the fake Pandemic. Speaking to vaccine czar Dr. Anthony Faustus DeSantis asked, “How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci?” He then added, “And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians.” When Biden replied, “Address me as Mr. President or President Biden,” DeSantis replied “I will not, and you can go fuck yourself,” before hanging up.

DeStantis now needs to watch his back for assassins and mobilize the Florida National Guard to march on New York and other Khazarian Mafia strongholds.

He will surely get the support of Texas and the National Guard of most other states, as well as the rank and file (up to Colonel) of the Pentagon if he does so.

By the way, the link to the article above was sent to me on Telegram but it only appeared on my iPhone and not my PC. According to CIA, MI6 and FSB sources, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Google are now controlled by criminals who are censoring the truth.

Many Pentagon sources say Trump is only acting and giving lip service to the Zionists and will soon turn against them. However, people need to keep in mind that he has always been an Israel firster by doing things like recognizing Israel’s illegal annexation of the Gaza strip and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He also carried out blatant Nepotism by giving his Chabad (kill 90% of humanity, enslave the rest) son-in-law Jared Kushner inordinate power to negotiate Middle East peace deals for Israel.

In any case, the United States Corporation is finished. As these charts show, it is now like Wiley Coyote hanging in mid-air after running off the cliff.

The situation on the ground is now so dire that, in just one example, a new survey by the NYC Hospitality Alliance reveals that 92 percent of New York restaurants couldn’t afford to pay December rent.

Also even to corporate propaganda media is starting to revolt against their fake narratives. For example, in an appearance on MSNBC, White House COVID adviser Andy Slavitt said the fact that Covid infection patterns were identical in no lockdown Florida and hyper-lockdown California was “a little bit beyond our explanation.”

The Cabal is now desperately dialing down the fake pandemic as reality becomes impossible for them to deny any longer. That is why they are reporting a huge drop in “Covid” cases and propaganda news articles are now saying the entire “pandemic” could be over by April.

Of course, we must never underestimate these criminals because they have literally thousands of years of experience in herding humans as if they were livestock. The attack on Texas -which involved deliberately shutting down their power grid in the middle of a cold snap- is one example. This came after Texas Congressman Ron Wright “died of Covid-19,” and as an election for his replacement looms, the corporate propaganda media is full of articles criticizing the Texas establishment for “mishandling,” its energy grid.

Now, NSA sources are telling us the next thing the criminal regime is planning is…
food shortages. The NSA notes:

1) Small farms shutting down world-wide.

2) Over 1,000 ships off our coast with food as the FDA keeps them out at sea; allowing the food to rot,

3) China is outbidding everyone for food worldwide as their crops fail,

4) This NASA-created freeze is not allowing food shipments across the nations; USA, Europe, etc.

Furthermore, the NSA notes railroads are sitting idle so trucks must pick up the slack meaning shipping costs went from $1,000 per container to $10,000 per container from Seattle to Chicago. They note the same trouble in Japan as ports need constant upgrades due to shaking. To top things off, they say “Biden is shipping USA Grain Reserves to China again.”

The cabal has also been tearing down power substations in the U.S. for years “so a 3-hour power outage becomes a 3-week power outage,” the sources note. They say what happened in Texas was “just a foretaste.”

In addition to economic sabotage, the Cabal is now promoting multiple space missions to gather money.

Now let us look at a recent snapshot of some of the moronic policies the Cabal is trying to impose on the world. For one thing, they are still harping endlessly about Iran and its so-called “nuclear bomb.” Here for example is a Mossad linked Debka comment saying “the blank wall reached by President Joe Biden’s policy for re-engaging Iran in nuclear diplomacy is that his advisers could not get together on a strategy for stalling its progress towards a bomb.” This is the same BS they have been repeated endlessly for over 30 years.

Of course, if you take a look at Iranian leaders wearing their sheep masks, you can tell Iran is also just a cabal colony playing their role in trying to get us all to kill each other in WWIII.

In Israel meanwhile, the sheeple there are now being given the mark of the beast vaccination certificates that allow them to go shopping, etc.

And then we have German Chancellor Angela Hitler saying, “the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated.”

Of course, any nations opposed to this are “rogue nations,” opposed to a “rules-based world order,” which is why NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “China and Russia are trying to re-write the rules of the road to benefit their own interests.”

The above is just a small sample of the many reasons why a massive offensive to remove these criminals is continuing and accelerating.

According to MI6:

“Things will only begin to change when the Khazarian Mafia is spoken about openly – they rely upon abject secrecy and retaliation by way of mafia tactics including nuclear terrorism and blackmail such as the recent U.S. Presidential debacle. I believe efforts are ongoing to sweep the planet of their [nuclear blackmail] devices but regime change is a more military thing and invasion and occupation would be the only solution. Essentially Israel will have to be put into international administration much like the Berlin of the day.”

In other words, MI6 confirms the fake Biden administration was put in place in response to Israeli nuclear blackmail.

The Pentagon is on board with the plan to occupy Israel and so are the Russians. “Russia is the last island of freedom,” State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said recently adding, “Do you see what’s happening in the United States of America? The country is dying, everything has been canceled out.”

Several targets have been outlined for the spring offensive against the cabal. In addition to Israel, any world leader pushing for Covid-19 vaccines has to be removed ASAP. These include Boris Johnson of the UK, Justin Castro of Canada, Angela Hitler of Germany, Joe CG Biden of the U.S. etc.

Removing Justin Castro in Canada is a high priority because it will allow Canadian troops to join their compatriots in states like Texas and Florida to fight against the Khazarian mafia strongholds like California and New York.

Also, Google and Facebook were created with taxpayer money and then given to private individuals. They are now taking over power from elected governments and must be nationalized. “Freedom of speech is not something that anonymous moderators working for private companies should decide,” Deputy Polish Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta said recently. “Instead, that is for the national body; duly elected officials,” he added.

Also as a part of this offensive, companies like Pornhub are preparing to file mark of the beast lawsuits against Visa & Mastercard. The millions of Pornhub subscribers around the world became unable to pay for their subscriptions using credit cards because some illegal videos of 15-year-olds were posted. This is a crime that should be dealt with by the police, not by card companies, Pornhub has already taken remedial measures but to no avail. Now, pornography has become a new incentive for people to migrate to non-cabal controlled crypto-currency.

The card companies chose child porn – a subject that causes revulsion among many – to establish the principle where they become the judge and jury that decides what we can spend our money on. Next it will be purchases of drugs and then guns. Soon it will be history books that teach real but banned history. It is a slippery slope. This is part of a coup against democracy by the inbred families that control the Western financial system. Make no mistake this is the mark of the beast.

People need to understand just how big the stakes are in this battle. These criminals are preventing human progress and stunting our evolution. My grandmother was born in the era of horse-drawn carriages and lived to see computers, jet planes and space missions. People born in the 1970s got to see things like Twitter and Netflix but not much more. Manned space travel, for example, has ground to a halt.

The ruling idiocracy, in a bid to maintain power, has suppressed inventions ranging from anti-gravity, to virtually free energy, to immortality. They are blocking a future with unlimited potential good for humanity.

The cabal attempt to use CRISPR technology to lower people’s abilities and turn them into permanent slaves is a good example. By contrast Russia is proposing a new international agreement to discuss CRISPR technology. They are proposing CRISPR should only be used to enhance, not detract. In theory CRISPR could be used to make us all superhuman and immortal if we choose. If we fail to act, instead CRISPR will be used to make us sub-human.

It is a war for the future of humanity and WE WILL WIN...

Rah, rah, rah. Not going too well so far. Fauci, (a Jesuit) despite being demonstrably a crook, a fraudster,.a pawn of the KJM and enemy of humanity was, "out of prison to help Trump."
So, he's back in jail, if he was ever there in the 1st place? As if.

Tags: #earthquake

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