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About Voting for Christmas. Rumors 25-26 Feb. UKC News 26th Feb. Public Notice (US).

Added Icke's Common Law response to regime BS, WHO says stop lockdowns, BBC victimising Vanessa

In one of Judy Byington's posts she mentions that cash has been deposited in everyone's bank account.(In America?) How do the banks benefit?
The gold and other valuables that was taken from under the Vatican by the Pentagon(?) is not being used in the handout so has it been used to create currency, and with whose authorisation? Trump as CIC doesn't have the authority. Has the Pentagon used the EOs it got someone they addressed as Biden to sign to convey the gold to the custody of the Pentagon? Illegal, unlawful in too many ways to shake a stick at? If I got the cash, I'd turn it into metal post-haste in case a letter requesting its return arrives in the post.

There is also the question of legality in taking the gold in the first place. Without doubt much of the gold is the result of plunder by countries such as Britain (NATO) and America, booty from regime change wars like Libya, Syria and other countries that aren't controlled by bloodline central banks as well as America (9-11 heist). But much must be (quasi legit) donations and bequests. The plunder must be identified and returned to its owners.
What is happening to the BoE, another criminal operation that refuses to be audited, bankrupted a while back, and the gold it has stored for other countries? Is it really still there? Fort Knox maintained the illusion by refusing to be audited and showing 1 pallet of gold that may have been a hologram.

Observation. There are a lot of people whose opinion is deeply respected that are STILL talking about COVID19 as if it were a real virus rather than (if it exists) a non infectious bioweapon. It reduces the value of their information and further down the line, their credibility. The correct terminology is to plainly state "the hypothesised new disease called..." or "the imaginary infectious coronavirus" or simply "the mischaracterised exosomes".

Is covid19 a virus or merely an exosome?
Also see:
Understand what they are vaccinating against, (your immune system).
I expect the computer generated SARS COV2 to be a doctored bat exosome, maybe the one spiked version. Not infectious, never made it to Europe. Quite possibly, SARS COV2 variant 19 never made it out of Wuhan unless it was fabricated in labs outside China, or transported. Possibly desperate to keep the harmful virus - vaccine binary confidence trick alive, support for the increasingly impossible hypothesis that natural viruses harmful to humans exist is coming from those that are against the politically administered privations in the form of referring to the CV19 virus as if its existence is fact, SARS COV2 too, when, in fact not a single natural virus of any description harmful to humans has been isolated anywhere in the world.
From UKC's newsletter.
BBC Puts Vanessa Beeley's Life At Risk
As many of you know, Vanessa Beeley lives and reports from Damascus in Syria. She has been a tireless thorn in the side of the UK government, the BBC and Channel 4 News in particular, as she has challenged their narratives on Syria in particular, and the Middle East in general.
The recent BBC hit piece on Radio 4, called Mayday, was a tissue of lies based on "evidence" provided by a "researcher" who has worked with the specific individuals who beheaded the twelve-year-old Mohammad Issa in 2012. We will have more to say on this on Monday's UK Column News.
Today, the BBC crossed the line on journalistic ethics, in a follow up article to that Radio 4 hit-piece. Not only did they make a further personal attack on Vanessa, but they decided to publish a photograph of her car, with the number plate clearly visible.
We would like to call on everyone reading this email to lodge a complaint with Ofcom. You can do so here:
Ofcom does not normally deal with written material on the BBC website unless and until the BBC's complaints process has been completed. We believe the circumstances are exceptional here, because it appears the BBC has intentionally provided information in such a way as to put someone's life in danger - there was no clear editorial reason for including the image.
When you click on the link above, there is an option to select "No, because I have exceptional circumstances", so that is the option you should choose.
Sadly, Ian Crane's battle ended. Deepest condolences to those close to him.
UK Column News - 26th February 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

00:19​ - No Mask No School And The Environment Doesn't Matter Anymore

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08:06​ - Vaccine Passport Anyone?

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23:57​ - Tony Blair Global Leader

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26:04​ - MHRA ADR Yellow Cards

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33:35​ - Vaccine Hesitancy Seems Quite Significant Doesn't It?

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36:05​ - No Jab No Healthcare?

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38:56​ - A BBC Masterclass In Government Propaganda

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46:55​ - Multi Disciplinary Scientific Advice On How To Terrify Irish People

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01:00:33​ The Joint Development Foundation Coalition Uses AI To Prove The Truth

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01:02:03​ - Weaponsing Transhumanism Fantasy

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01:06:28​ - Different Topic Same Language

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01:12:00​ - Jo Biden Gets The War Going Again.

AP Article: -
[Which hand does Biden use to write? In the vid where he signed blank exec orders, which hand did he use? Was it Biden? Another puzzle, Trump is CIC, which part of the military can go against him and obey the illegitimate Biden? (Illegitimate? See Anna's public notice below.) And why are Americans allowing Syria's tax stock to be targetted in the private regime change war for corporation and geopolitical advantage? Cc]
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For those that self-identify as a turkey without realising it. How so? By voting.
A person may wonder whether the sacks practised on turkeys before applying their science to people.

Turkey Farming
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 24, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
When I was a kid I was Queen of the Poultry Yard.  I learned up front, close, and personal about pecking orders and Geese Police and, most of all, about turkeys.
Turkeys are so stupid that they will stand under a rain gutter and drown.
They can fly, but they won't do so to save themselves.
If they do fly, they will land on the roof of a shed and sit there until you go get a ladder and risk your life and skin to scrabble around grabbing them and bringing them safely back down to the ground.
I never got the impression that they were scared of heights.  Quite the opposite. I found one sitting on the ridgepole of a five story barn one summer afternoon.
I saw that and said to myself, "Forget it. I am not going up there and fighting with a thirty pound turkey."
This I repeated that night, the next day, the next night.... and there he was, still sitting there the next day, just taking in the breeze.
"Do you think that turkey is dead," my Father asked mildly, "or just daydreaming?"
I rigged a blanket sling along one side of the barn, used a bow and arrow to carry a nylon tie rope over the barn roof to the far side of the barn, secured it, climbed up to the ridgepole, skinned across, pushed the turkey off in the general direction of the blanket sling.... he landed, none the worse for wear.
Wish I could say the same thing for myself.  There is something about an experience like that, that makes you who you are.  To this day, when I remember some of the things that I have gone through for turkeys, I cringe.
They have a nasty habit of pecking at things indiscriminately, without bothering to even look at what they are pecking.  Hands, tin cans, water pails, other birds, pieces of lint, plastic cups, sunglasses, it really doesn't matter.  Turkeys peck just to peck.
I have stuffed saw dust into old socks, attached them to the wire fence, and watched turkeys peck at these things for hours.  Just to peck.
I guess it exercises their necks.  Stretches their wattles. Makes them feel real good like a long-necked goose.
But no goose would do anything so stupid and monotonous. Ever.
I have seen adult turkeys sit down on their own chicks and smother them to death, completely oblivious of what they were doing.
I've seen them get their heads caught in a large gauge wire fence and be too dumb to simply back out.  And if you try to pull them back out of their dilemma, they will fight and squawk and flap and spread their wings and feathers and stomp their feet and try to gouge you with their spurs.
They are just too dim to grasp the situation they are in or understand that you are trying to help.  I guess they think that they are going to get through that wire fence somehow, by leaning on it.
Raising a turkey from a chick to an adult is an endless, nasty challenge, akin to a military drill in peacetime.
They will stand motionless for hours, doing nothing observable, just staring out at nothing at all.  And then, suddenly, for no reason, run out in front of a speeding car.
You, of course, have to make the good faith effort to rescue them from themselves at every step.
They drove me crazy.  They drove my dog crazy.  I could almost say I developed a hatred for turkeys, but they are somehow too vapid to raise that much emotion.
It's more like a bad smell, and by the way, turkeys stink.  They really do. They have a peculiar, unforgettable, dusty, rancid butter stench as adults.
If you don't dust them and fluff them and risk your life in the cause of turkey health, they will find lice somewhere, even when none of the other birds have lice, and then you will have to catch them and dust them with noxious powders twice a day for a week.
Can life get better than this?
And then, for no apparent reason, they'll stop eating.  Just quit.  It's not a hunger strike or a boycott of Turkey Chow.  They forget to eat.  So they starve.
Then you have to entice them back into the habit of eating.
And that's not a pretty story, either.
Suffice it to say that there is an actual reason behind that old saying, "Don't let the turkeys get you down."
They will never realize how needy they are, or how helpless they are.
God knows, they will never say "thank you".
They will peck at you viciously at every opportunity.
They will attack the other birds for no reason at all.
They will get themselves into endless odd predicaments.
They won't agree with your solutions to their problems.
Still, they won't make it without you.
They'll just sit in the sun in 105 degree heat and die of sunstroke, because they are too dumb to walk ten feet and sit down in the shade.
Folks, don't let the turkeys of this world get you down.  Realize that there are some people that are never going to grasp what you are trying to tell them.  They aren't going to thank you.  They aren't going to be grateful for all your work and effort.  They are just going to keep on being exactly what they are and doing what they do.
There's no cure for turkeys.  All we can offer them is grace.
Brilliant. Could it be down to inbreeding? I mean look what inbreds have done to the planet. If turkeys had been that dumb in the wild, they'd be extinct, the way humanity is headed.

For example:
Turkey Farming in Colorado
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch April 9, 2017
By Anna Von Reitz
I told the Colorado Grand Juries not to do these things which have resulted in their members being arrested---and I thought they understood the reasons why--- but turn your back for five minutes.....
So, here they are facing a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness and giving those of us who are proceeding lawfully a bad name.
To explain the situation by analogy: a bunch of Irish nationals got confused and thought that Spanish courts and Spanish elected officials were doing something wrong because they were not obeying Irish law.
The sane person asks--- why should Spanish people be obeying Irish law?  What are these nutcase Irishmen doing crossing over the border and threatening Spanish judges and elected officials for?
The only difference is that people of the land jurisdiction crossed over and attacked persons operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  It's the same sort of situation.  Land is land and sea is sea, just like Irish is Irish and Spanish is Spanish.  The ways, means, and assumptions of one don't carry over to the other.
These particular Common Law Grand Juries were so ignorant they thought that all courts had to obey Common Law practices and premises.  They didn't study to make themselves approved.
The Admiralty and Administrative Courts  and the Territorial and Municipal United States were in fact approved under the same Constitution that these men claim to hold so dear ---but if they had studied and thought about The Constitution deeply enough they would have known this, with or without me telling them.
If they had had the right attitude, once I explained it, they would have looked and seen for themselves.  Instead, they just bulled ahead and did whatever they thought was right.
So in a way, these people are hypocrites ---- trumpeting about The Constitution out of one side of their mouths, but not bothering to earnestly study it and the history leading up to it, so that they make mistakes like this and get in trouble. They want their guarantees honored, but don't want to respect the guarantees granted to others by the same agreement.
I tried to warn them for a period of over two months and nobody was listening. They thought I was a traitor to the cause because I wouldn't go along with their vengefulness and their errors and their methods.  The other night they were on the radio calling me names and blaming me for their own stupidity and the trouble it has bought them.
Yes, I told them what to expect and I told them why they would get arrested if they did these things -- which is simple logic if you know The Constitution and know the law and the history-- but because I "knew" they would get arrested they now think that I had to have some kind of insider knowledge.....sigh.
Not all turkeys come in out of the rain.  Some just stand under a drain spout and drown.
It is fair to say that I am extremely disappointed with the Colorado Grand Juries' performance, their stubborn error, their willful ignorance, and their back-biting toward all those who tried to warn them.  They just compound their errors and make a bad situation even worse by alienating those who would otherwise try to help them.
This is not the first time that I have seen patriot efforts go astray as a result of ignorance and vengeance-seeking.
It is absolutely true that a great many Americans have been abused by their own employees and by the usurping foreign federated courts presuming upon them and their private assets.  They have a right to be angry and they have a right to seek redress by every lawful means possible.  The key word is "lawful".
That includes staying in our own jurisdiction and learning to use the abundant means that are available to us to guarantee change and redress of wrongs.
We have otherwise made excellent and relatively unimpeded progress toward restoring the land jurisdiction government. More and more jural assemblies are forming under the able tutelage of the Michigan General Jural Assembly and serious-minded Americans are studying their history and law in ever-increasing numbers.
Old Man Donald had a farm...
The off-guardian covered the story: “Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests ‘Unreliable’ & Quarantines ‘Unlawful’; Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world”
See Jon Rappoport: "Historic Portuguese Appeals Court ruling on PCR test


Amazing Polly ridicules our Orwellian group-think world: CRITICAL THINKING IS DANGEROUS! READ LESS TO LEARN MORE! NEW RESEARCH BY "EXPERTS!" [27 min video]

We now know the Texas blackouts were deliberate (did anyone really doubt it? CR)

Cuomo Threatened State Lawmaker Who Lost an Uncle to COVID in a Nursing Home: “You Will Be Destroyed”

X22 Report Ep. 2413a&b - The Narrative Begins, Football Tracked, 25th Amendment Now Being Pushed, Like Clockwork (1 hr in two parts)

Hospitals In France Forced To SLOW DOWN Covid Experimental Injections As Healthcare Workers Fall Ill In Droves

Biden delayed his call with Israel because he's unwilling to sign the 'letter'

Anna Von Reitz: "Orientation for Newbies"

Jon Rappoport: "Historic Portuguese Appeals Court ruling on PCR test"
> Jon Rappoport: "PCR test revelations from official literature; they expose their own lies"
> hobie

FKTV: "A Deleted Bill Gates Documentary Has Been Revived"

42:30 video (cc): Lionel - "You're Being Played, America"
Ditto World.

5:44 PragerU video (cc): "What Are Your Kids Learning in School?"
> Reader: "It's not a leftist agenda, it is Babylon's agenda, and it includes ..."
> hobie

"...a 4 billion $ tradeoff that allowed the Chinese Communist Party to test their new weather HARP warfare machine on Texas."

Simon Parkes - February 24th Update (Video)
Digital promo.

So Was Clif High's Prediction About February 24th Accurate?: THE FED IS DOWN - SPECIAL UPDATES WITH CLIF HIGH & Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic (Video)

Henry Makow– Communism is Replacing Capitalism

A Victory Against 'Cancel Culture' in San Francisco, Capital of Pelosi's Leftist Nuttery!!
> It’s more than Cancel Culture. Lisa Marie Boothe with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First - video
> RumorMail
2 more

Where We Are in the Hyperinflation Timeline as Global Payments Halted (Video)

What I Learned at the Aspen Ideas RE$ET Festival Sponsored by Mastercard, PayPal, and Prudential in Partnership with Bloomberg

Fulford full newsletter 2/22: "Massive March Campaign Planned Against Global Idiocracy"

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Feb. 25, 2021 - Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed? (1hr 11min)
> Text summary link for Mike Adams' Situation Update, Feb. 25, 2021
> MrFusion

SORCHA Webmaster Brian: "Americans Need To Remember That Tyranny Is An Illusion—And Qatar Is Helping Them"

Tom Horn: The Watchers (Anunnaki) Return & What Historians Are Hiding from the Public - vid

X22 Report interviews Bob Kudla - Bob Kudla - A New Currency Is Now Challenging The Fiat System, The People Have The Power (29 min)

2.23.21 Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay POST ELECTION UPDATE #55: Moves and Countermoves Q & A (55 min)

2.24.21 Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay POST ELECTION UPDATE #56: Alliance moves on DS Financial System (55 min)


Our Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Democracy

BiteLabs You've never experienced celebrities like this (Unbelievable.. you have to see this! HC)

The World Is Suffering From “Mass Delusional Psychosis”
Terminal mass delusion.

4-min video (no text): Don Trump Jr. - "I Told You So... The Truth About Biden"
By arrangement if the rumours are true. "White hats" are supposed to be controlling them so it's "white hats" doing this?

Rand Paul Questions Transgender Dr. Rachel Levine on Puberty Blockers for Minors with Gender Dysphoria - vid clip
Experimentation on kids should carry the death penalty, same as paedophilia.

Mr. Potato Head is Now A Eunuch - Thanks to Cancel Culture
Even I don't defame Cameron to this extent! :)
> SEE!! It's Does Help to Raise a Ruckus -UPDATE: Hasbro Keeps ‘Mr.’ Potato Head, The ‘Modern Makeover’ Of ‘Gender-Neutral’ Name Will Not Happen - yet
> RumorMail

X22 Report Ep. 2414a&b - [DS] Failed, Pain Comes In Many Different Forms, Insurance Policy In Play (57 minhr in two parts)

Death of the Germ Theory [LIVE STREAM FEB 26 at 10AM EST]
> (repost) 1-hr 24-min video (cc): "Do Germs Actually Make You Sick? SHOCKING Hypothesis From Dr. Thomas Cowan MD"
> hobie
>> (repost) 2-hr 12-min video (cc): "Transmuting Germ Theory Through Medicamentum Authentica w/ Andrew Kaufman, M.D."
>> hobie



32:55 video (cc): "Big Tech Censorship Backfires & Dems' War on Small Business | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report"

Anna Von Reitz: "Turkey Farming"

LINK- Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 26 Feb. 2021

“Where the F**k are the Checks? They Went to Raytheon So They Can Bomb My Country”

VIDEO 36.36 - Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

Someone From the Biden Administration Bombed Syria – White House Silent!
> Reader: Doesn't matter who actually made the phone call, the buck stops directly in front of Biden
> RumorMail
>> Mike Pompeo Gives Reaction US Airstrike in Syria- video
>> RumorMail
If the Pentagon is in charge, is it working for the Crown Inc - Zionist regime corporation?


Reader: 2-25-2021 Live at 5 with Steffen Rowe - Reason for Fed Outage this week - video
> Reader: UNN: $3,300 Deposited Into Every Account - vid link
> RumorMail
Note to self. Is this illegal? See if Anna has called it yet. If it's the World Bank (remember Karen's attempt to get the gold out?) working with the Pentagon, it's a hijack.

(NOT Surprised, R U???) Biden is now flying illegal immigrants to their relatives in the US
> Reader: 78,000 crossed illegally in January, 4,500 daily, it’s only the beginning
> RumorMail

Biden Gives $4 BILLION to WHO and Bill Gates for Global COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
> Mexico’s Decision to Ban GMO Corn and Glyphosate Has Rocked the Agribusiness World
> Basil
Rock'n'roll. Never too soon.

CGI's Morgan: LEVI ~ CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? - podcast
"The net is closing in on humanity, and if you are brave enough to grasp what is happening.. then step into the immediate future.. I doubt most of you will like what you see."

2.25.21 Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay POST ELECTION UPDATE #57: Krystal Tini pushing back on the insanity (64 min)

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Feb. 26th, 2021 - MAD WORLD special edition (1hr 13min)

Reader: FBI Agent Makes Terrorist Threat

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg-like Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam
When did it become safe to trust lawyers? And would it be posthumously because many are named on the Gitmo lists.

Biden: It's Okay to Finance China's Military

31 Reasons NOT to Take the Covid-19 Vaccine

KITCO: Gold price slumps to 8-mo. low on rising bond yields, bounce in USDX
> Is the smackdown of Gold (and Silver) prices directly related to the Feb 24th crash of the Fed's interbank payment system?
> NaturalWisdom
Gold investing has piled into bitcoin because it has been forced up by banks already using digital.

SORCHA: "World Trembles After Deadly Biden Bombings Show “The War Machine Is Back”"


Breaking — John Durham resigns from spygate probe…

World Economic Forum - Lockdowns are Improving Life

Support free speech online.

X22 Report interviews RedPill78: Durham Will Soon Come Into Focus, The Military Is The Only Way Forward (50 min) (views: 2100)
> Thank God No X22 Report Tonight
> oldmaninthedesert
I lean towards agreeing with oldman. Does the military corporation have a charter? If not it is a coup.
4 more responses.

Part 5: NWO: Socialist Dictatorship... Socialist Penetration & and Permeation of Religion../ Planned Destruction of the United States Through Free Trade
Carbon taxed economies versus non carbon taxed economies. The game will always be rigged until the deceivers are gone, permanently. And their willing enablers.

Worth repeating.
Re Bidens or his ambidextrous lookalike's executive orders:
Public Notice - Twenty-Second of February 2021
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 22, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
Executive Orders apply ONLY to the "Executive Branch" members of the organization being represented.
Joe Biden represents a new, bogus Municipal CORPORATION that is trying to snag a contract with us by assumption. 
He is not President of the United States of America and, more importantly, he is not The President of The United States of America, either.
Anyone who isn't directly employed by "President Biden" and who isn't part of the Executive Branch of his commercial corporation can ignore him and his Executive Orders with all the impunity of non-employee of Wendy's ignoring an "order" for a Wendy's Burger.
As an example---  "mask mandates" apply only to actual Municipal "citizens of the United States" and his Executive Orders apply only members of the Executive Branch of the privately owned and operated Municipal CORPORATION he is trying to use as a storefront "representing" our lawful government more than five (5) years after we served Notice that we are in Session and not accepting representation apart from the explicitly enumerated delegated powers.
We have told Biden and his Administration and his Handlers and the Principals responsible for this Mess---- no deal.  No further contract without a complete audit and renegotiation. 
Biden is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook, and we refuse any authorization of any credit or any use of American assets by his Administration.
We demand a full audit and disclosure of actual and validated political status and fiscal standing related to every so called "citizen of the United States", including an audit and validation of all IRS and Internal Revenue Service Master Files, which deliberately create False Dossiers on Americans and impersonate living people.
All the Municipal Corporations authorized under the Corporations Act of 1870 are improperly chartered and are operating illegally in this country and worldwide. We have already stipulated the conditions under which they may be re-chartered under American Public Law.  They are otherwise all subject to liquidation. 
This Public Notice is being sent to peacekeepers and law enforcement officers, courts, and regulatory authorities worldwide.  Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.
by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
According to the sacks occupying our government buildings, we must obey advice from the Satanic UN's criminal WHO gang. Why don't the regime corporation sacks do as they compel?
WHO official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method
The Military used to protect us from our enemies within and without. Ditto the Police. They are no longer ours. They are helping to oppress us. Stop paying them.
People wishing to tell our enemies in London to GF themselves can do so without breaking the law. David Icke has a very interesting conversation with a Common Law expert:
Common Law Court’s John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state 28 February 2021
How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business from governments and the institutions of law enforcement and no longer comply with ‘Covid’ fascism. David Icke talks with common law expert John Smith at A must-watch for those who choose freedom and want to end this madness. Please share everywhere.
Common Law Court website:
Governments, agencies, law enforcement, courts and institutions are CORPORATIONS:
Attention all law enforcement:

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