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Fulford Feb 15. Here is the Evidence. Sick of This BS? Being Color Blind. Plandemic Irregularities

Put quite simply, the COVID 19 novel coronavirus is a mental construct (insane hypothesis, fantasy) being used for the political oppression of you to enable the zeroing of the global economy to enforce digital, the destruction of the political order in favour of the always disastrous Satanic Jewish philosophies, the destruction of society in favour of total control by appointed authorities and the destruction of small business in favour of supermarket corporations. Oh, and the imposition of fascistic corporation governance.
The same trick with CO2 and CAGW (insane hypothesis)  brought us CO2 tax and loss of rights. It's a safe bet there will be a COVID tax. And loss of more if not all rights.
In case you still can't see it, the plan is for cascading corporations headed by a global government corp down through global region supra gov corps, national city region gov corps to local council corps.
All the corps need an 'e' added. With prejudice.
Where does communism raise its hideous head? That is what the fake Judeans wish to impose via Commonunist Purpose on the populace at the bottom of the pyramid. Apart from being Satanic ritual, masks, distancing, isolation hand washing and other ridiculous edicts are conditioning you to obey the regime corporation without question. Like good little Chinese Bolshevik Communists. Why corporations? When everyone is in the sphere of influence of corps then you belong to the corps. They can experiment on you, conscript you, sacrifice you and your kids, take your kids for sick, evil reasons, euthanise you, and feed you to the pigs. You have as many rights as a lab rat. Free men and women are outside their influence. That freaks the freaks (13 bloodline families) out.
If that isn't enough, the planned global religion is Luciferianism aka Satanism. One option, accept or die.
The planned global law is Noahide. I'll let you research that to discover whether it is good for you.

I couldn't find this on the web so:

Possibly the most comprehensive dismissal of the CV19 pandemic

Jaymie and Dr Kaufman.
Here's another good one, very informative. Makes it safe to talk about coronavirus and COVID because the patents are illegal. Natural organisms can't be patented. If it is doctored (gain of function) then it is a bioweapon and is illegal. The patents are false, fraudulent.
Plandemic Exposed - David E. Martin
and a different aspect:
Plandemic for Profit

The source for these mini docu vids, the original full Plandemic documentary is stabled at:

Plandemic II: Indoctornation
(Good selection of vids in the side bar there.
Fulford full newsletter: "Gnostic Illuminati Demands Khazarian Mafia Surrender"
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 18-Feb-2021 13:05:17
Gnostic Illuminati Demands Khazarian Mafia Surrender
The city of Jerusalem will be “utterly obliterated” unless the Khazarian Mafia surrenders, according to a Gnostic Illuminati source. The destruction of that city is needed to “put an end to messianic delusions” held by religious fanatics including U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the source says.
Any move against Jerusalem would be part of a massive worldwide counter-attack against the Khazarians following their recent offensive actions against Russia, the UK, the United States, Japan, and other countries, multiple intelligence agency sources agree.
As a part of this offensive, the U.S. and Japanese military are ready to respond because the recent attack on their forces near Mt. Fuji (fire at base of mountain on left side) has been traced to that city. This is in part because Kiyosu Takayama, a self-declared Knight’s Templar, has been traced as the source of disinformation about the February 3rdattack. He claims that in the attack the “U.S. Navy destroyed the world’s largest adrenochrome factory.”

In fact, according to an official in the Pentagon’s Space Command:
“The Mt.Fuji fire was caused by a directed energy weapon very similar to what was used 2+ years ago in Paradise, California. It was a warning by the dark forces to the U.S. and Japanese military forces conducting joint exercises in the area. The very top brass in both countries knows what it was. There is a gag order in place. The Chinese Communist Party was involved. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Fukushima on February 13th was done with a DE weapon as well. The dark side is throwing everything they have at Japan to stop them from breaking free from the Khazarian cabal.”
The fact that this message appeared on the Telegram messenger service on my iPhone, but not on the same application on my Windows PC, indicates that Bill Gates et al, –including the Rockefeller family– were involved in the attack and subsequent attempt at misdirection.
In any case, Takayama’s source in turn was a senior Mossad agent in Tokyo who reports ultimately to the Duke of St Petersburg, according to the NSA. We are now trying to find out who currently holds that title but apparently it is no longer held by a British Royal family member, the sources say.
Russian FSB sources for their part directed our attention to the following video showing then U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo standing in front of a model of the Third Temple to be built in Jerusalem that does not contain the Al Aqsa Mosque. (minute 1:01):
The sources also say the link below shows a “photo of the Super Intellect Logos, in the underground Synagogue 3 Temple in Jerusalem. Super Intellect is a golden shell was dug up in Karabakh.”
Whatever this item may or may not be; what people need to understand is that these messianic fanatics want to build a temple of death where living beings will be murdered as offerings to Molech, Ba’al, Set aka Satan.
The White Dragon Society and its allies will support the creation of a third temple when this war ends but it will be a temple of life, not death. Here offerings will consist of pledges to promote life, i.e. like environmental protection of vulnerable species that will support Earth’s biodiversity not destroy it.
In any case, the civil war raging in the west involving these fanatics has now pitted MI5 again MI6, and the CIA against the FBI among others.
In the UK, after MI6 triggered Article 5 of The United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights in both Great Britain and Ireland the head of Britain’s Armed Forces, General Sir Nick Carter took the side of… MI6 when he went on the record on February 11th to say his nation was about to go on a war footing:
“What you generally find with a crisis like this [Covid-19], which becomes an economic crisis, is that it then undermines the security and stability situation as well. And what often follows a very significant economic event is a security challenge. If you look at the Thirties, that started as a very significant economic crash and that acted as a very destabilizing feature.”
(behind paywall).
These public comments by the current head of the UK armed forces are tantamount to a declaration of war.
The UK is not alone. On February 12th Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia is ready to sever ties with the EU if the bloc imposes new, economically painful sanctions. Again in diplomatic speak severing relations is one step behind a formal declaration of war.
What is interesting is that just as in World War II, the traditional enemies Russia and the UK have found themselves allied against a common enemy. In this case, the enemy has taken over the EU and is waging economic warfare against both Russia and the UK.
In case you missed it, the EU is now Khazarian Nazi-occupied territory. That is why “Goldman Sachs asshole” Mario Draghi has taken over Italy, P3 Freemason sources say. France, Germany, and Holland have also been taken over by Satanic regimes, the sources say.
What the criminals who took over the EU fail to realize is that when Russia and the UK attack the EU and attack they will, the United States will not defend the EU or the NATO pedophile murderers holed up in Belgium. This means they would be defeated within a matter of weeks by a Russian, UK alliance.

.There was also a declaration of war in Asia by the Japanese, the U.S. military, and patriotic Chinese against the Khazarian Mafia and their proxies inside the Chinese Communist Party.
As a sign of this war, former Prime Minister Yoshihiro Mori, the top Khazarian Mafia proxy in Japan, was removed from power on February 11th, National Foundation Day. This means the Japanese Imperial Family and Shinto priesthood have taken the highly unusual move of intervening in day-to-day politics, according to Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.
Officially Mori was removed as head of the Tokyo Olympic committee, but unofficially it means Japan has declared its independence from the Khazarian Mafia. That is why Fukushima was hit with an earthquake weapon shortly after this declaration.
The attack on Japan was also linked to the fact the Japanese government refused to sell itself to un-named “private interests,” as can be seen on page 30 of Japan’s annual report submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on August 6th, 2020.
The report notes that in 2015, the Japanese Parliament passed an act allowing the Japanese government to maintain a veto-wielding “in excess of one third” share in the Development Bank of Japan. Furthermore, it states it will control “one half or more for DBJ’s special investment operations.”
Since this bank basically owns Japan financially, it means former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for all his faults, refused to hand over control to the Khazarian mafia and their proxies like KKR Japan.
By the way, we noted the United States Corporation has vanished from the SEC listings and has been replaced by the “United States Corp Co” with an SEC CIK#000101575. The SEC noted, the “United States Corp Co has not filed any forms with the SEC apart from initial company registration.”

We did not have the time to deep dive further but did note that entities such as the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Mexico are also registered with the SEC.
The Mexico corporation:

Also interestingly enough we found a registration for the planet Earth under Earth Co. and that “Security and Exchange Commission registration information for Earth Co. Documents include ownership statements, and insider trading documentation,” and that “Earth Co. has not filed any forms with the SEC apart from initial company registration.” Our own sources tell us it is the Rothschild family who claims ownership of the Planet Earth.
Now let us take a bit of a deep dive at the sort of thing the self-appointed “owners” of Planet Earth are doing. The biggest business seems to be mass mind control. Take a look at this picture: image source

If that is too esoteric for you, then look at what they have done to so-called news on the corporate propaganda. Last week they staged a fake “impeachment trial,” against “ex-President Trump,” (never mind how you impeach an ex-president).
It looks like since the previous set of jokers who used to appear on the “government” reality show have been rounded up, the show was staged mostly with a whole new set of actors. However, two people who were not there were the accused himself , and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, whose refusal to preside meant the whole act did not even have a shred of legitimacy.
They were also forced to end the farce after being caught using fake evidence.
MI6 sources noted:
“The January 6th incident at the House gave rise to the impeachment hearings that were infiltrated by ANTIFA (Soros for Rothschild et al.) A second impeachment would rule out any possible future second term for Mr. Trump.
In Illuminati speak this is the ‘stay dead card;’ never enough to simply do a person over once; they put a few extra shots into the coffin as it were.”
“I think that the American people, like I said, I think they’re just absolutely tired of everything that they’ve seen in our political establishment,” General Mike Flynn said in an interview with the Western Journal.
Flynn also noted:
“If there’s one thing that I have personally witnessed and the American public has witnessed throughout the last four years, was incredible levels of corruption inside of our Department of Justice and the FBI and other elements within our U.S. government…
But as we all know and have seen throughout the last almost three months now, we’ve seen incredible levels of election fraud, both foreign interference and homegrown [The job of the military is to defend American’s freedom and]…one of those freedoms is the freedom to go vote for whoever we choose to vote for in a free, fair and transparent system. And we clearly don’t have that. So we will continue this fight… The relationship between Big Tech and big government that now is in every aspect of our lives.”
We note that Flynn’s brother, Army Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, was assigned late last month to be the commander of the U.S. Army Pacific forces. Hopefully, he will work with the Russians, British, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc. who want to finish off Khazarian Mafia rule once and for all.
In any case, the Khazarian Mafia is beginning to totally lose control of its “Covid-19” justification to vaccinate everybody into permanent slavery with gene-altering CRISPR technology.
As proof of this, Pfizer has abandoned India rather than submit to safety tests for its vaccines. Pfizer executives are being actively hunted down and killed and will soon be an extinct species, WDS sources

Furthermore, riots and demonstrations against the Covid-19 fascism are breaking out all over the world. For example, take a look at this unmasked crowd telling police to choose sides.
A general revolt is also underway in Israel, the most brainwashed nation on Earth.
Even China’s Chief epidemiologist, Dr. Wu Zunyou, says: “The Wuhan virus has never been isolated and that is the problem.” That is as close as he can say to Covid-19 is fake.
The WHO is trying to keep up appearances by pursuing a useless probe into the origins of “Covid-19” in Wuhan. The Chinese Communist Party does not want to admit they killed millions of their own citizens with a misguided 5G launch despite being warned by Western intelligence services that 5G was an area denial weapon.
In any case, the Covid-19 campaign is now being unwound and will be over by May, Russia’s FSB insists.

.The Khazarian Mafia will go down [fighting Cc] tooth and nail and appears to be carrying out multiple acts of sabotage such as destroying a German power plant and trying to poison Florida’s water supply.
They also apparently used a space-based weapon to destroy 500 gas-transporting tankers on the Iran/Afghan border.
The sudden polar vortex hitting Texas is also a space-based attack, U.S. Space Force sources say. That is why, as one trader memorably told Zero Hedge about the gas market: “We’ve officially hit ‘Holy fu*king $hit levels’ here.” rotating-outages-cold-weather-t ests- limits- grid

It is no wonder an increased number of observers note the U.S. establishment has gone “crazy.”
On a final note, we wish to point out a couple of growing hints at some sort of imminent disclosure event. One is the massive earthquakes prompting Antarctic base evacuations.
The other is disclosures by the Pentagon that they are testing materials taken from crashed UFOs.
We are definitely in uncharted waters now so keep your feet in the boat .

The UN is controlled by the Rothschilds and 12 other legacy families/tribes. The hydra head of the snake (or octopus).
Most regimes are UN company offshoots. The COVID confidence trick as laid out in the Rockefeller Foundation 2010 Lockstep and introduced by Event 210 in 2019 has been implemented through the UN and its offshoots like the BODJ (board of directors Jew) regime corporation.
I recall mentioning the fact that we could end up fighting America if we stayed in the criminal EU
corporation (EUnification was a corporation merger. People probably smiled up their sleeve. If Fulford's info is fact, we came within a whisker.
I wonder how this sits with the Bodj regime corporation and top brass pro EU integration of military forces? Have they been taken care of? If not, Benjamin's info source may be telling porkies and wishful thinking, or disinfo.
The intel services seem to have two faces, one looking corporationwards and one toward us. Remember, they got Muslims to fight Muslims by saying they were fighting Jews. False flags to occasion regime change in favour of corporation friendly traitors and to maintain a frightened populace is their trademark. The chaos in America has a trademark. In the MENA arena the false flags acquired the name "colour revolution."
If oldmaninthedesert happens to see this, I wonder if he has any info on old Jerusalem being in Yemen?

How can this be? Why has temperature continued to decline (longer winters, short hot summers are fthe fingerprint of a cooling climate) when heavily taxed CO2 emissions were the solution to climate warming touted by our alleged representative politicians?
Well, the continued increase in emissions is because China, India and other developing nations were given a free pass by the (13 tribe reps controlled) UN to emit as much CO2 as they wish. The European Jew controlled corporations were moved to China to benefit from the zero carbon tax scam. Scam? The UN admitted it was about wealth transfer rather than the environment.
Why is the climate cooling? The planet's distance from and attitude to the Sun, (tilt) and solar proton emissions that increase when sunspots are evident reduce the ozone layer and allow higher volumes of UV to reach the oceans that warm. Because the oceans cover over 70% of the planet,they control the climate according to their solar radiation controlled temperature.
CO2 occupies zero point zero 4 percent of the air. The man-made fraction, indistinguishable from other natural sources is incapable of influencing the direction of climate change because the maximum effect of the increasing CO2 volume is to lower the height of absorption to extinction of the IR that CO2 can absorb and re-emit at a lower energy frequency. CO2 cannot store or transport energy. At the tropopause (border between the tropo and stratosphere) CO2 sends energy upwards, a cooling factor. More CO2=more energy sent to space, in fact the gas is a part of the climate regulation system. Our alleged representative politicians and Saint Greta are unaware of this because vast sums are spent to persuade them that the sky is green and CO2 is a miracle molecule. And because they are not among the brightest candles in the chandelier.

Here is the evidence Election 2020
2,036,041 Ballots Touched By Anomalies
923 Fact Witnesses
50+ Courts Blocked An Evidentiary Hearing
List :

Here is the evidence COVID
Due to the irregular nature of the COVID-19 responses, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing the economic ramifications, scientific inconsistencies, and legal issues. Our desire is to see a rational and principled approach to COVID-19 where the rights of citizens and commerce are protected.

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in courts, not general news stories.
188 entries in various categories.
May be useful in Admiralty court cases against the Johnson terrorist regime. imo.

"When you sort it all out, these corporations were chartered under conditions of fraud. They are stateless"
Anyone Besides Me Sick of This BS?
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 8, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
This year has been brutal.  Everywhere you look the good people of this country and most of the rest of the world are hip-deep in a sea of nothing but lies and corporate manipulation.
Yes, Corporate, as in Corporate Feudalism.
The Robber Barons are using the Corporations and the Corporations are using the Politicians and the Politicians are using everyone else.  Got the picture?
Know which receiving end you are on?
The politicians used to be the weak link because of elections, but now they just dial-a-victory using computers and fraudulently elect whomever they please.
The next weakest link in this chain are the corporations themselves and you all need to get on board to bust them.
The corporations are being manipulated by fear and by “government” regulations which are really designed to make the corporations into political tools for the government.
Look at the illegal and immoral Internal Revenue scheme— “they” make the corporations that hire you into their bill collectors and revenue agents.  You are not subject to the Federal Income Tax. You are not a Federal PERSON—- but the business you work for probably is.
So the rats order your Employer to do the dirty work of stealing from and enslaving you to pay taxes that you don’t owe.
Same thing with censorship of news and opinions about the virus.  The virus is patented.  It’s an invention by Gates, Fauci, Soros and the rest of the miscreants.
[Patents shown to be either illegal because it's natural or in violation of bioweapons treaties if manufactured. Cc]
We can’t mention it’s name without infringing on their patent — and the news media and social networking corporations can’t stand by and let you use that patented name in vain, or they are on the hook for patent infringement.
See how that works?
The only answer is to seize back public control of all factors of the government— the elections, the patent office, and the corporations.
Where do we begin?  With ourselves.  We have to wake up and tune in and hone our native ability to sort apples and oranges and learn to see for ourselves how we are being manipulated so that we can also see how our institutions and corporations are being manipulated.
Today I got another disgusting video saying, “Michael Flynn Recants”—- when all he did was repeat his Oath to protect and defend the Constitution —-and he didn’t recant that, either.
It was just sheer, twisted, yellow journalism at its worst, making something out of nothing, misleading headline included.   Flynn said there was “no plan”, but then, so what?
He didn’t recant anything. He never said there was any “plan” he was Party to. The whole purpose was just to make people think he recanted something — or be left with the impression or feeling that he did— when he didn’t.
Shameful, really. But what do we expect when we have not held journalists responsible since before World War II?
TIME Magazine finally broke the election fraud story.  ONLY three months since it made headlines in Europe.  Goes to show how fearful and manipulated all the news and media groups are in this country.
They are all in lockstep, because technically, the “government” owns them.  Whatever the pols tell them, that’s what they parrot. Whatever the military tells them to suppress, they suppress.
But take heed, we finally woke up and found another piece to the puzzle this week— and it turns out that neither the Pope nor the Queen own all these corporations.
When you sort it all out, these corporations were chartered under conditions of fraud. They are stateless—and operating without valid charters and without any corporate “veil” or bankruptcy protection—- unless we recharter them and bring them back under the Public Law as American Corporations, they are doomed.
Hear that stock market?  Hear that Wall Street?
We can, with a flip of our pencils, offer corporations that wish to operate under the Public Law as lawful corporations full amnesty and they can be set free to continue operations.
Just as easily we can declare all US and USA Corporations formed and operated in this country since 1870 to be invalidated,  and in the absence of their immediate acceptance of amnesty and new lawful charters—- we can declare them to be crime syndicates engaged in inland piracy.
Mr. Trump and his cohorts are going through the Patent Office finally and are discovering all sorts of new insights into the motivations of the Mega Corps, suppressed technologies, and more.
But what will be the result?
More suppression? More being brought to light?
We’ve been in a Propaganda War for four years, with no end in sight, but if you are as sick of this criminality and confusion as I am, then stand up.  Shake off the cobwebs. Exercise your right to self-govern these United States.
Being Color Blind
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 19, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
One of the most pernicious semantic deceits and confusions in all the twisty language and “code” we’ve had to struggle through has been the misrepresentation of State-of-State organizations as “Confederate States” and then further shortening this to “States”—- leaving it to context to inform the Reader which kind of “State”— actual or “Confederate” was being referenced.
Many times one’s ability to even discern the context is dependent on knowing the meaning of other “code” words like “resident” and “person” and “inhabitant”.
Failing that you might easily mistake a (Confederate) State for an actual State and be completely confused and misled about the nature and identity of the entities being discussed.
We, for example, were temporarily kerflummoxed by contradictory records and statements being found in meeting minutes and other old records that seemed to bar colored people from meetings on one hand, and allow them to hold high offices the next.
So we started out thinking that this was a difference between States in the North versus States in the South, but then other things turned up that didn’t fit and around and around we went.
All that was sure was that there was one helluva verbal conundrum around the word “State” and conflicting evidence regarding the treatment of colored people by “the States” that was not apparently based on geography.
What we eventually found out was that the actual States and their Federation of States doing business as The United States of America was always color blind and never had any racial quotas or restrictions of any kind— except that to hold office a man had to be free.
At that time there were many free black men and women even in the South, but particularly in the Mid-Atlantic and Northern States, free black entrepreneurs were a growing and successful part of the Middle Class, with many gaining college and professional degrees.
There were also many successful free black community and religious leaders and plenty of free black politicians.  These people formed a big part of the core of the Abolitionist Movement and stirred the conscience of the whole nation.
Our actual States of the Union welcomed free black members in our State Assemblies and honored their birthright nationality and political status from the very start.
It was the Confederate “States”—- and not just those in the South— that maintained racial prejudice and separation and exclusion.  The State of State organizations that actually fought the Civil War, both North and South, didn’t allow black men to vote until after the Civil War.
Our States allowed free black men to vote and hold office after the Revolution. We had black Sheriffs, black Justices, black Congressmen and black Presidents BEFORE the Civil War.
So isn’t that a history lesson?  Just another one of those Fine Flying Factoids that certain people would rather forget.  The actual States and our Federation were already color blind in the 1790’s.
And they still are.
Anyone who wants to accuse our States of the Union of race-based prejudice or inequality or hypocrisy had better go bark up another tree.  And if you have had any fear of our Assemblies being “closed” or any jobs restricted—- think again.
We are here to welcome home all free men and women born on the land and soil of this country.  Americans are Americans of every race, creed, and color; all endowed by Nature and Nature’s God with unalienable rights and dignity.
So welcome home and sit right down, take your place at the table and dig in.  We might be an odd family, but we are your family— and it’s a family we can be proud of, all the way back to 1776.
We are the knot heads who decried and left behind the British Social Class System, waved goodbye to “privileges” and titles, and forged a new nation where every man is the king of his own life and home, author of his own destiny, free as God made him free.
It wasn’t our government cooking up all the schemes and oppressions that have been visited upon us all, black and white and every color.
No, once again, it was the Popes and the British Monarchs, seeking to subject everyone to their rule and their dictatorial authority, that have caused all this misery and confusion and death and destruction for millions of innocent people, that have promoted divisions of all kinds — racial, social, religious, and economic— and enforced their own prejudices and social elitism on everyone else.
Consider well the irony of Michelle Obama being ashamed of this country, while her husband was acting as the Bag Man for the Pope and the Queen—- and realize that it isn’t color that makes you a traitor or a hero. It’s what you believe in and who you are.
So if you believe in what is good and right and fair— stand up in every color, stand up for every religion, and let nothing stand in the way of the overwhelming realization that all men well and truly are brothers.

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