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On General McInerney's declaration that WWIII is in progress. Bio-warfare by means of a phantom disease invented in a computer and used on paper in a pandemic exercise, and more recently for the COVID hoax. Let's nuke the Chinese tax stock. That'll teach them. Remind me, who is it that has been trying to get a world war going? Oh yes, the bankers.
Btw, if the sacks ever succeed in establishing their global gov corporation, the central bank corporations will be the de facto national governments and synagogues of Satan, (Lucifer). Cascading corporations,

Rumors, I managed to slightly injure myself, that has slowed me down a fair bit. When I can do them again I will.  They're a convenient way to keep up with what's happening across the pond so we know what to expect here. Australia and Canada have presented us with a distillation of the intended evil. Forewarned. Cc
Games Bankers Play, Joe South
Megan Smith
American cousins, the good lady has spent some time and effort to present this information. She obviously believes you are worth it. Please read.
The Constitutionally Repugnant Reconstruction Acts Impose 14th Amendment via Martial Law Powers In Time of Peace.
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Date: Sunday, 14-Feb-2021 05:06:50
Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:
Friday, February 12, 2021
The Constitutionally Repugnant Reconstruction Acts Impose 14th Amendment via Martial Law Powers In Time of Peace
By Anna Von Reitz
Everyone please read the above statement as many times as necessary to glean the grist of it.
Our two (2) foreign Federal Subcontractors have, for their own benefit and enrichment, continued to promote the idea that the Civil War never ended, and that we, the American people, are unknown persons "presumed to be" Enemy Combatants until proven otherwise.
As shill Psyops Officer Robert Horton recounts, they also persist in claiming that the Civil War, which was an undeclared commercial mercenary conflict and not a "war" at all --- was a proper war, allowing them to claim immunity and right of conquest when it wasn't, doesn't, and never did.
This is all just bunko and legally convenient, as-- if this deceit is accepted--- it allows the Territorial U.S. Citizens to presume that we are Municipal citizens of the United States, subject to search and seizure, and it allows the Municipal United States Government (set up as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia) to presume that we are subject to them and that we owe all their debts.
[Nicely formatted here:
Added the timeline
version as page images without annotation.]
Neither thing happens to be true.

What is true is that we, the people of this country, and our legitimate government in international jurisdiction, The United States of America [Unincorporated] and our national governments vested in our State Assemblies, are still here, still operating, now in Session ---and together with our members, due every jot of every "Federal" Constitution.
That is what is true and all the rest of this criminal bunk is just that--- bunk.
I am publishing here for the edification of the entire world the stripped down historical research and timeline necessary to come to these same conclusions for yourselves and to explicitly detail how and why this country is still messing around with and suffering from "legal issues" created by an undeclared mercenary conflict that ended over a century and a half ago.
Our deepest thanks to Geoffrey Jacob Caputo and the State Nationals Association for this knock-down, drag-out, and absolutely correct step-by-step analysis of the history, legal actions, and results --- which was completed many years ago, and which stands to inform everyone worldwide:

Excerpt from the annotated copy
If you are living in the United States and NOT declared to be a state national or State Citizen and one of the people belonging to our nation-states, you are "ipsofacto" presumed to be a citizen of the United States, and, under the 14th Amendment, "citizens of the United States" are criminals and slaves by definition.
Now, this entire "set up" is conceived in fraud and is in violation of the Constitutions, but we have to individually and as an entire people, address this situation, expose it, and finish the Reconstruction before this Mess is put to bed.

I believe the lady's title nowadays is  Fiduciary of the Gov of America

Anna Von Reitz: Land Recording System is Live?
Reg at the assembly link at the end of many of her articles.
The New Normal requires a NEW Response
Catte Black Feb 12, 2021
From comments
Laura McDonough Feb 17, 2021
I just sent vaccine article (Q to ask) out to those who will send it on to those who can’t make decisions on vaccine. Not been tested/it is experimental. America has been taken down by a Marxist coup and the coup is complete. Globalists totally control the white house now and congress to the max.. America is over with and econ. is being shredded into agenda 2030:
Who will each choose to support, the KJM-Rockefeller-CCP's UN (Crown Inc, Vatican Inc, Navy Inc) Federal service corporations for continuation of corporation (Admiralty) law and people as chattel,
or self governance and non corporation Federal services under the American Gov., law of the land (legal weed) and non incorporated state of states? They seem to be the real options. Soros "colour revolution" as Repubs versus Dems, black v white, fake woke versus white, christian v jew, muslim, all v police, etc is what the sacks will try to instigate.
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Date: Monday, 15-Feb-2021 05:39:19
Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:
About Russell J. Gould, the Pirate
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 14, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
Russell Gould is not a hero.  He's a pirate.  Like his pal, Keith Livingway, he stole back our flag from other pirates (Keith stole back copies of The Articles of Confederation) but didn't return it to the proper owners --- the American States and People.
We weren't sure about his intentions, and spent a week talking to him about all his ideas, explaining the actual history, and encouraging him ---like everyone else-- to simply come home.
He instead claimed that he had "captured" the Title IV Flag for himself and his buddy, David-Wynn:Miller---and away they went to Rome to cut a deal with the Vatican.  Which they did. 
As the actual and factual owners of the flag, it's capture from the Scottish Interloper and its Successors, is potentially interesting.  If John Lafite captures stolen goods from Blackbeard, he may return the goods for a reward.
But if not, nothing has changed.  Our property is still in the possession of pirates, either way. And the actual international law concerning this remains: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."
It's still our flag, either way.
Russell and David-Wynn  could have just as easily come home as the conquering heroes and given the Title IV Flag back to us, and been rewarded and esteemed for their actions. 
Instead, they stole it from the pirates, didn't return it to the actual owners, and acted as pirates themselves.
Russell, like Keith Livingway from the Reign of the Heavens Society, is trying to use our looted property as the basis to set up shop for their own "governments" --- and as with the Scottish Interlopers, they are pretending to be the Successors of our lawful government.
Russell has his own privately copyrighted language, PARSE SYNTAX,  based --conveniently enough-- on DOG LATIN, his own system of weights and measures, and so on.
It's a complex scheme and one hand-tailored to put Russell in absolute control of the people who fall for this and who use his copyrighted language. He will utterly control their ability to communicate, conduct trade, travel, and do other needful things for the next hundred years----until his patents run out and his copyrights expire. 
Meantime, he and his followers are happy to seize upon our emblems and symbols and offices and try to convince us that they are our saviors while they are attempting to commandeer our government on the High Seas, and trying to excuse their larcenous capture of the Title IV flag which they erroneously portray as "the last flag standing".
We loaned the Title IV Flag to our Employees, our British Territorial Subcontractors, for their use when exercising our Delegated Powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 
This is similar to loaning someone your lawn mower, so that they can cut your grass for you. 
Obviously, they don't acquire an ownership interest in your lawn mower. 
And it is the same way with our purloined Title IV Flag. 
Mr. Gould is a Third Party, with no reasonable right to exercise our Delegated Powers or use our flag for any official purpose; he has no contract with us and we are not obligated to accept his service. 
So that's that.  A proverbial Mexican Stand-Off. 
Gould has possession of our Title IV Flag, but it remains our flag and he remains a pirate.  Keith Livingway has possession of original copies of The Articles of Confederation, but they remain our property, and he remains a pirate, too, along with the Naval Yard Officers who sold him these artifacts.
No matter how long or how many generations of pirates may claim to have this or that bit of far-flung property that belongs to us, it continues to be our property and they continue to be outlaws, pirates, and brigands. And that is also the character and fate of those who join them in their larceny.
Perhaps Mr Gould has not registered his political status and right to control his own estate? Even if holding a flag conferred entitlement to control a country, could a person lost at sea presume to rule? Perhaps a sheriff being the highest legal authority in any given state, could request Mr Gould to help with inquiries in his attempt to usurp the legally constituted American Gov? Oh, and his piracy.
He needs a nickname. Does he have a beard? What colour? :)
With the Vatican - UN, Crown too maybe, supporting the seeming UN - Navy coup bid, what would be different, him 'n her in charge would still be middle management.

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Date: Monday, 15-Feb-2021 07:39:18
Video Link: Protect Yourself - A Solution They Do Not Want You To Know
A detailed, and all too real expose', that ties together HAARP, Chem Trails, Geo-Engineering, nano bots, Morgellens, the borg hive mind, and 'elite' agendas.
But also, a simple Human solution of how to protect yourself and your family from the madness of juvenile minded, international corporate power brokers.
Watch while you can. This video won't last long before it's censored by YT bots.
A solution they DO NOT want you to know.
I intended to embed this (18 months old...) but it's on Bitchute so no need.
Lovely lady. Sincere.
Boron rich food sources:
Anna recommended a tablespoon of lemon juice, it stablises the digestive system and keeps the pH normal.
The Guardian Revealed Its True Face in Sacking a Columnist for Criticising US Military Aid to Israel
By Jonathan Cook
Corporate media like the Guardian are not an ally to the left, they are the enemy.
The true woke culture just started to open its eyes.
Is full fact a regime corporation policy propaganda dept, a NHS Communist Purpose dept,
a Gates org or simply a group of misanthropes that want you dead?
UK Column News - 15th February 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

00:41 - Great Creative Destruction Resets

Government Press Release: -
Mark Carney Statement: -
Telegraph Article "Creative Destruction": -
FT article: -

07:30 - The Temple of Bill Gates

BBC Article: -
- To watch video use the saved from url at -
[BBC loves his cash but are they that clever? Cc]

12:40 - Vaccine Passports

Independent Article: -
Bill Gates Foundation Grants To Tony Blair: -
Cyprus Mail Article: -
Petition: -

17:36 - Correlation Between Vaccine And Rise In Care Home Deaths

UK Columns 8th February (Full Interview on Home Page): -
FullFact Article: -
Telegraph Article: -
FullFact Impartiality: -
FullFact Funders: -
National Article Commenting On BMJ Statement: -
DW Article: -
2020 News Article: -
30:08 - BBC Pro Vaccine Science Free Propaganda

BBC Article: -

35:18 - Doing Yoga Means You Must Be a Follower of Qanon Proven By No One At the BBC

Josh Tweetham Tweet: -
Josh Tweetham BBC Article: -

39:26 - Faux Concerns For People Spun As Vaccine Propaganda

Guardian Article: -

43:10 - Pfizer Profits

Pfizer Vaccine Profits Statement: -
Agile Clinical Trial Treatments: -

46:22 - Vaccine Demand Drops In Israel Blame Apportioned

Times of Israel Article: -
Haaretz Article: -

52:18 - G7 Virtual Meeting

G7 Website: -
Boris Johnson G7 Statement: -

54:23 - European Defence Union Becomes Defence Union

Express Article: -
Canzuk Website:

01:00:00 - Mimi Scott Interview

Scottish People's Forum Channel: -

01:00:28 - The Corruption of Scottish Public Life

Herald Article: -
Sunday Mail Article: -
Daily Record Article: -
Will the mockery of the Lockerbie case be resurrected and an honest investigation without interference from the regime corporation's FCDO, intelligence agency corporations, or the Crown legal service this time? Evidence on PA103 of the CIA drug trafficking, HMQ's illegal uranium sales and illegal transport of fletchettes seems to have been sanitised from most of the WWW. Cc]
01:04:24 - Bizarre Delay In Cold Case Investigation

Press and Journal Article: -
UK Column Article: -

01:07:01 Strange Vaccine Method Of MP's

Independent Article: -
Gary Streeter Tweet 001: -
Gary Streeter Tweet 002: -
Beacon Medical Group: -
[If none of them are dead, it was faked. Cc]

01:11:00 - Nippy Sings Piaff

Source: Nippy
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