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Rumors 1st Feb, War With CCP Won, The Occupation by AvR. UKC 1st Feb

UK Column News - 1st February 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

00:25 - Why Is there A Correlation Between Vaccines and Covid Deaths?
NHS Over 80's death stats:
BBC article: -
NHS over 80's Mortality Figures: -
Pfizer Study: -
Haaretz Article: -
Worldometer Israel: -
Mail Article: -
OC Register Article: -
IB Times Article: -
Mail Article: -
IBS Article: -
UK Column Tweet: -
Romsey Advertiser Article: -
MHRA Yellow Card Reporting: -

25:11 - No Evidence of a Pandemic In Spain

D-Salud Article: -

26:00 - Can Vaccines Be Mandated?

Telegraph Article: -
Council of Europe Resolution 2361: -

29:06 - COVID Policy

Bonavero Institute Report: -
T4 Programme History: -

33:01 - Why Do The UK Need 400 Million Vaccine Doses?

Valneva Announcement: -
Gavi Covax: -

34:16 - Concerns About Nazal Swabs

JAMA Network Report: -

42:24 - Warnings From Academic of NHS Disaster And Military Recruitment

44:28 - Disappearing Flu

Mail Article: -
PHE Flu Annual Monitoring -
WHO Global Flu Surveillance: -

47:48 - Highland Shopkeeper Is Not Buying It And Can Stand Up For Her Rights

51:40 - Parent's Teaching Children How To Counter Propaganda from the BBC

52:20 - Building a Head of Steam for Online Censorship

Sky News Article: -
Market Rashford Tweet: -
Manchester Police Tweet: -
Cyber Security Summit: -
Julian Knight Address: -

55:55 - Teaching Children To Obey the State

BBC Article: -

56:58 - Judges Denying Reporting Of Their Own Activity And Ignoring Evidence of Child Abuse

BBC Article: -
John Halley Public Statement: -

01:00:58 - BBC Can Change The Nation Using NLP

01:02:01 - What Is Stakeholder Capitalism?

Klaus Schwab's Definition: -
Bill Gates' Definition: -
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Screencaps from UKC News - whistleblower.



Trump Assassination Foiled, Deep State in Panic Mode!

> jensingr
>> What if the assassin used a quiet man hoverboard
>> in_PHI_nitti

Patriot Streetfighter aka Scott McKay clarifies info from 1.28.21 concerning the Trump/Xi strategy to destroy the Cabal-powered CCP [46 min video]
Alt vid



> Mostly the same as a previous post, I notice now
> MrFusion

40:45 video, no text: Lionel - "It's Been 11 Days and the Shadow Government's Showed Their Hand"

Coup in Myanmar by Military, Leadership Detained - Over Voter Fraud!

Russia has super EMP weapon

hobie: Anna Von Reitz: "The Grand Delusion"

> Anna Von Reitz: "Public Notice Concerning The Corporations Act of 1870"
>> Anna Von Reitz: "The Power is in Your Hands"

Reader: "The Moderna & Pfizer Covid jabs are legally NOT Vaccines!!!"
Gosh, someone else noticed

FKTV: "Putin Delivers Anti-Globalist Davos Speech. Macron Delivers Pro-Globalist Davos Speech"
Business as usual?

Messages from Ann & the Angels - 01/30/2021 • Here. Now. Take charge of your Tuner

Reader, 5:02 video with CC: "Donald Trump is ‘already planning’ Trump TV"

Cynthia McKinney tweet w/ link: "OK, so now what exactly is the function of these nanoparticles contained in the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine??"

> Or Perhaps It is The Nanotechnology--What Happens When Nanotech Ends Up In The Brain?
> CrystalRiver
A. "I obey. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." Sigh. Borg meets Matrix.

2010 - Professional band, "PASSAGES" by Michael Sweeney (7-1/2 mins)
1998 - USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir, "HYMN OF THE CHERUBIM" by Tchaikovsky (7-1/2 mins)

Planet Lockdown: Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview (must listen if You Haven't Already)

The British Covid strain hurricane is coming
Stupid people. It's flu. The rest is fearmongering. Unless they inject or spray us with non contagious bioweapons.

FACEBOOK INSIDER LEAKS: Hours of Video of Zuckerberg & Execs Admitting They Have ‘Too Much Power’ …

CGI's Morgan: LEVI ~ 2012 is 2021 - CODE: 21-21-21 - podcast

How COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ May Destroy the Lives of Millions - Dr Mercola

> Moderna Admits: MRNA Jabs Are An ‘Operating System’ Designed To Program Humans
> Basil

HUGE SILVER SHORTAGE! APMEX Stops ALL New Orders After Massive Surge In Demand for Physical Metal

> Reader: Silver Bullion Market is one of the most manipulated on earth
> RumorMail
>> King World News headlines: SILVER PRICE SOARING ON SQUEEZE plus two other reports
Oh the Games People play.

CGI's PatMac: China Joe’s American Wrecking Crew by Patrick McShay
RumorMail -
The Biden lookalike's edicts apply only to DC inc. How come no-one has called fraud on the lookalike?

I'm a clinical lab scientist, Covid-19 is fake, WAKE UP AMERICA

> FYI: Confusion surrounds this "Covid-19 is fake" post
> hobie
It wouldn't matter if it was an I speak your weight macine, the truth is the truth.

Is the "Great Reset" Really About A Cosmic Ray Burst Coming Toward Earth? (Video)
Or a CME, or an EMP  faked CME? Hopefully it will take down the
weaponised satellite fleets.

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Feb. 1, 2021 - Populist financial uprising may tear down the entire RIGGED system! (1hr 19min)

This is Cancel Culture’s Latest Victim: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

> Jim Stone: Crickets from the leftists and feminists who are not protecting the integrity of Women's sports
> NaturalWisdom --
Seems Parler is the go to place when it is back up. And Gab.


Enemies of the State vs. Enemies of the People
Deep statement.

SORCHA: "Stolen November Election Leads To Military Coup After Sniper Bullet Targets Trump"

Nearly Half of Primary Care Clinics Won’t Take New Patients on Rx Opioids

One Third of Adults in a Zombie Like State Hmm

Ted Cruz: President Trump was “Both Reckless and Irresponsible” and Did Not Prove Election Fraud in Any Court (VIDEO)
It's not the same as saying it didn't happen. There is overwhelming evidence, some collected here:
From Jim Stone "What Europe Saw, Even After All The Rigging":

Cristen W with prophetess Kelly Marie on present and future of China, Taiwan, Xi, Trump (1hr 22 min)

Fulford preview: China Suffers Taiwan Air Battle Defeat As U.S. Military Goes On The Offensive

Egyptians used a nasal jab to punish slaves
A schwab swab?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a proud Zionist
Luciferian ashkenazi. Has anyone seen a Jew in any vaccination line?

Part 4 Many Lives, Many Masters...Catherine/Eric in WW2 Germany...1758 in Ukraine...

X22 Report Ep. 2393a&b - Panic In DC, Election Fraud Projection, It’s Time To Return Publicly (44 min in two parts)

CDC Announces Two Layers of Masks Be Worn On ALL Public Transportation, Threatens Arrest (video 2 m)
When did the vaccine marketing corporation get powers of arrest?

1995 - MICHAEL JACKSON, "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US" (Brazil version, 7+ mins; spiritual predecessor of 'Fake Woke'?)
1995 - MICHAEL JACKSON, "EARTH SONG" (emotional music video, 6:44)
2001 - MICHAEL JACKSON, "CRY" (music video, 4:57)

🔴 Gun Control Bill Moving in Congress

This is not just animal abuse, its the beginning of a new and potentially very dark era of human history.

New Gun Law - Your EX WIFE will need to OK You owning a FIREARM! (video 5m)


Corey's Digs (guest post): Who Will Dare Eat From The Tree of For-Biden Fruit?


Israel bombs Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq and it's called ant-terrorism. Incursions (no bombs) by Chinese planes and it's called war and the Pentagon corporation attacks them.

US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It
Before It's News January 29, 2021
By Judy Byington
Joe Biden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc. Corporation. [The inauguration was fake, it broke the rules. Cc] ]Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration, Washington DC, Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guard troops.
Now over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained. Why?
An answer came early Mon. morning 25 Jan. when from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140 Congress people appeared to be underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed to have disappeared. Why?
House cancels business during first full Biden week –
Washington Times US Military at the White House Arresting Congress
In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and was running our country. The two US governments: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration.
The US Military appeared to be in charge of Biden and making him sign blank Executive Orders on a stage set of the Oval Office. The White House was said to be empty. Why?
The whole operation began way last Jan. 2020 during a government shutdown. President Trump was said to have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury, IRS and Federal Reserve. Now the US Military had control of all assets including taxpayer dollars at the new US Treasury near Reno. Why?
The Military had been tasked with conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and to insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871.
This was all made possible after a Sat. 9 Jan 2021 raid by US Military Special Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia. The raid produced firm evidence that the CIA, Democrats and other traitors had conspired with foreign entities led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to interfere in the 2020 Election.
Earlier that Saturday morning 9 Jan. there had been two attempts on Trump and his wife Melania’s lives (there were said to have been twelve plus such attempts since he gained office).
Trump had had enough. He immediately instigated the Insurrection Act (put into law [Statute Law Cc] by George Bush Jr. after 9/11), and then turned his authority [as head of a service corporation Cc] over to the US Military.
With the nation [the part of the nation in the service corporation's sphere of influence Cc] now under Martial Law, Trump would remain as US President until all those who committed treason were arrested, including those who certified the illegal 2020 Election.
Some in the Pentagon had been preparing for this for over twenty years. US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy since 2016. The US government was corrupt throughout including Congress and the three letter agencies. There were a lot of traitors whose cases had already been processed through State Grand Juries. There was an estimated 80 to 140 Congress people thought named in over 223,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts since Trump took office.
Of those, 85% to 95% indicted were Democrats, intermixed with a few Rino Republicans. The majority of charges were said to be pedophilia, child exploitation, misappropriation of US Taxpayer funds and conspiring with foreign powers to influence the 2020 Presidential Election – [possibly Cc] an act of Treason. Some serious charges couldn’t be brought because Obama pardoned so many in his last days in office.
By Jan. 2 2020 Military Tribunals were said to have already began at GITMO for high profile elites such as the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes. Charges against them were believed to include Capital High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Misappropriation of US Taxpayer Funds, plus Uranium One, 9/11 and Benghazi crimes.
Deep State Special prosecutor Robert Mueller was believed to have been charged for his involvement in the 9/11 cover-up (he was appointed FBI Director 7 days before 9/11 and oversaw 9/11 so-called “investigations”), plus he conducted an ongoing fake Russian witch-hunt against Trump.
It was no wonder the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump, again. On Thurs. 28 Jan. certain traitors in both the House and Senate did in fact recognize Trump as the acting US President when they voted, again, to try to impeach him. Under rules of the Constitution you could not impeach a US [Vatican - UN service company Cc] President if he didn’t presently hold the office.
Donald Trump wasn’t worried about being impeached from the presidency of the bankrupt and defunct US Corporation. He had other plans. On 11 Jan. 2021 Donald Trump was inaugurated as head of the Patriot or Constitutional Party, which made him a candidate for US President, again. [Trump never resigned as Pres of the service co. acting as US gov. Cc]
The US Military was about to restore the US Republic to laws underlying the original Constitution as written prior to 1871. That election was planned to be held on 4 March 2021 through use of a transparent, secure and instantaneous Quantum Voting Computer where citizens could vote using their own computers, or phones.
For many years the Chinese Communist Party (not the Chinese government, which was working to become a democracy) had been involved in a takeover of America. That war culminated when just prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election, the CCP bought Dominion Voting machines that through use of an Italian satellite loaned with money at the Vatican, threw what was believed to be millions of Trump votes to Biden. And, the CIA raid proved it all.
The war between the CCP and the US actually ended on Thurs. 28 Jan. Former Navy Intelligence officer Simeon Parkes reported a showdown in the South China Sea. The CCP had been trying to take over Taiwan. Taiwan was where gold was stored that would back countries including the US, for a Global Currency Reset. Parks said that there were air battles between America and Taiwan fighter jets against CCP jets and “the CCP lost big time.”
The New World Order fans had lost their war. A banker source out of Zurich said they had promised to settle everything by Fri. 29 Jan.
Rinus Verhagen reported that “the CCP has abandoned their Big Restart Operation and the liberal elite-scheduled reboot of Globalism has failed. Operation COVID-19, expressed in the book “Great Restoration” by Klaus Schwab, President of the Davos Global Economic Forum, has also failed. The CCP would not impose a Global Order. Their power, like any commercial empire, was limited to an economic expansion.”
Especially for the last paragraphs and links to the Law of  War and Law of Peace:
The Occupation
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch
By Anna Von Reitz
A few days ago, I made the startling observation (to some people, not my Readers, of course) that our country has been under martial law since 1863 and the issuance of General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code, and that we are essentially occupied by our own Armed Forces. I also observed that the presence of all the troops in Washington, DC, is merely the encampment coming out of the closet.
As the decades went on, and we Americans did not wake up, did not convene our actual government, did not bring our States into Session, did not address the important questions of the day, and did not undertake to Self-Govern or show any interest in Reconstruction of our Confederation or our Federal Republic, the foreign Territorial Government subcontractor running the U.S. Military, and its former enemy in the Civil War conflict, the Municipal United States Government settled into an uneasy Armistice.
An Armistice is a cessation of hostilities for a considerable time, but it is not a conclusive peace or treaty guaranteeing peace, and so, both armed camps have remained, decade after decade, with one claiming victory -- but not really having it, and the other wheedling its way forward saddled with reparation debts which it seeks to avoid paying.
In 1937, the two sides signed "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" and basically agreed to collude with each other against us, their clueless Employers.
This stems from FDR's First Inaugural Address to the Municipal Employees in which he basically says he is selling them all into slavery for a "holy cause", and also then expedites the fraud scheme by which all of us will be misidentified -- accidentally-on-purpose as Municipal Employees and/or Dependents --responsible for paying the Territorial Government endless war reparations.
It was then in the best interests of both sides to deliberately misidentify us all as Municipal citizenry--- that way, the Territorial Government had an excuse to collect reparations from us even though we didn't owe any, and the Municipal Government had a much larger base of TAXPAYERS to spread its debt burdens on.
The recent possession in Occupation of Washington, DC, is just proof and reminder of this situation, and the need to resolve it peacefully once and for all -- which in turn necessitates the present effort to bring the actual States of the Union into Session, and for the People of this country (the State Citizens) to do their long-neglected job of Self-Governance and Reconstruction.
We now come forward to the present time and learn some additional facts.
The Civil War is what is called a "civil conflict" or otherwise known as a mercenary conflict. It isn't a declared war, because some part of the government would have to declare war against another part of the government; therefore, it devolves from being a true war to being a "conflict". Like the "conflict" in Vietnam.
We also observe that the Lieber Code, General Order 100, has morphed into the Hague Conventions and has been applied worldwide in the wake of the Second World War, so that many other countries and peoples who were not officially part of that vast uproar, have been occupied and abused in exactly the same way. Germany and Japan have been occupied since 1945.
We note that our own Army of Occupation has adopted the Law of War with respect to the Municipal citizenry (see link below) but is obligated to provide us, the actual non-citizen population of this country, with the Law of Peace, Department of the Army Pamphlet (two volumes, several hundred pages, of course) AR 27-161-1.
So to gain an understanding of what has just happened in Washington, DC, and why go here and read Chapter 11:
To gain an understanding of what you are owed as a non-citizen, non-combatant, non-aligned member of the civilian populace, a.k.a. average American, look up AR 27-161-1 --- which I believe is already posted online at my website:

To put an end to this occupation by our own Armed Forces requires us to get off our rumps and do the job of self-governing. Until we do, they can continue to occupy our land and charge us for this "service" --- which is rather like paying someone to step on your foot. Hard.
We have to firmly realize that we are the Employers in this situation, that we had no part in the Civil War, that we don't owe any war reparations, and that, as the Employers, it is now our responsibility to sort it out --- declare and record our birthright political status, join our State Assemblies, and start making decisions.
We have an eight cylinder engine knocking along on four, and somehow we never realized that we are the mechanics.
It's also our job to mandate the peace process. These are our employees, and if we don't insist that they go back to school and settle their differences, who else is going to? Go to:

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