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Cathy Fox Inauguration Malarky and evidence

Finished Rumors 22-Jan in the previous post.

I3 – Inauguration Malarkey

Nail biting stuff.

I had assumed that the “white hats” needed to take advantage of the inauguration to hold the sheep awakening event when maximum sheeps eyes were upon it.

Yes I had hoped naively that the armed forces were going to walk down the stairs and arrest Biden during his speech to shocked looks from the veritable who’s who of satanic mobsters, and those watching.

Or at least arrested them as they walked back in after the ceremony. But it wasn’t ever going to happen. Too much room for things to go wrong.

And what an assembly of the movers and shakers of evil!!

I had also assumed that the satanists would never be allowed back into “democratic” power.

No doubt many truthers have had to take more abuse from nearest and dearest along the lines of – paranoid, fantasist, mentally ill etc, – the whinings and crowings of the ignorant and cognitively dissonant.

Ignorance is bliss and those who follow the mockingbird media are in that blissful ignorance, and in that ignorance they seek to mock those who research and have more knowledge, even though imperfect.

Unfortunately we have to suck that up for a bit longer…

The basics are still the same

  • There is a satanic pedophile cult aka illuminati /swamp / brotherhood etc

  • The cult have infiltrated every level of every democratic institution – legislative, executive, and judicial courts, executive, legislature in fact they set up many of them

  • The cult has infiltrated every other organisation of importance at both ends of the one dimensional spectrum that they keep everyone framed in

  • The cult committed vast voter fraud and election fraud to get Biden and democrats in power as their party of choice to govern at this time

  • The cult control all big tech and mockingbird media

  • The cult created a false flag “insurrection” to justify hiding the election fraud, confirming Biden and attacking Trump

  • The cult has in place their chosen figures – antichrist, phoenix etc to bring down the current system and rebuild it from the ashes, to achieve their aim of bringing about the Great Reset and the New World Order, and the storming the gates of heaven to usurp the throne of god.

We are still unsure as to the exact allegiance of the “white” hats, Trump, Q, Somerset Belenoff /Glamis, various video makers and commentators etc but we of course want to believe that the cruel, evil, satanic cult is being taken down.

On the election fraud, covid and capitol protest this looks a good crowdsourced website

Here is the Evidence – Covid, Capitol Protest, Election Fraud [3]

Evidence takes a long time to research, collate and summarise, more people are needed to help on the above website or other platforms. If you specialise in one type of information, you will soon learn your subject and people will come to you for your specialist knowledge.

So what did happen at the inauguration?

I do not know and those few that do know, if they did choose to say would do it cloaked in disinformation.

I do not intend to spend much time delving into the theories. Time is better spent carrying on researching and writing on exposing the verifiable crimes and how the cult works…

The child sexual abuse, child trafficking, ritual abuse and massive corruption existed and still exists. This can be researched, succinctly summarised and spread. Whistleblowers can be helped and their stories told by all sorts of media – poetry, drawing, painting, writing, video, radio. This is a far better use of time than speculation. I do wish more people would start blogging and helping rather than be passive passengers just absorbing information for selfish benefit. We need everyone active and helping!!

This is also an information war by and now against big tech and mockingbird media. Knowledge is power, and the more we can spread that truth and knowledge, the wider our power and the power of truth spreads, and diminishes their power.

We should stop using the tools of the cult, as much as possible, which help give them power and money as well as your data. Still, according to the stats on my blog, 97% of people still use google as a search engine Why? There really is no excuse…

Firstly I have seen some people saying that Q is not a psyop. Quite obviously it is a psyop.  I have always said it is a psychological operation. But some people use the word psyop as a purely perjorative term, and thus some Q supporters think that Q being labelled a psyop is a bad thing. However, factually, it is a psychological operation.

The real question is what are the aims of the Q psychological operation? Are they good or bad for mankind?

Q has been the biggest intelligence drop of all time, irrespective.

I am not a Q specialist. It is one information source, albeit influential to take into account, but as the information, can be ambiguous, by design, then definitive analysis is almost impossible.

Whilst many who are solely Q followers may have lost faith in the plan or in Q, then my knowledge of the child trafficking, child abuse and ritual abuse and the illuminati are  independent of Q. My work on child abuse predated Q by 5 years.

It is however disgusting to see the sick parasites and vultures at BBC disinformation unit delighting in their cognitive dissonance and ignorance. They spy on people, they pick on child campaigners and for 30 pieces of silver. They are disgraceful. 2021 Jan 21 BBC Biden inauguration leaves QAnon believers in disarray [4]

Just because many assumed from Q’s drops what was going to happen does not reflect on the veracity of Q. Note also the disinformation specialists at the BBC never reproduce the  the Q drops or analyse them, they focus on the what appear to them to be interpretations that are beyond their ken. But of course so is the extent of child trafficking and ritual abuse. I pity them.

It’s impossible to research everything and write as well. The writing takes by far the longest, limiting research time. Everyone is speculating, many on video/radio which takes time to view, so I will just take a few points, and not from videos/radio programmes. If the information is worth passing on, it can be done in written form.

At the minute it is looking like that the power is in the hands of the military, even though it has not been officially announced…

This would make sense of the fact that the ring of steel and armed forces are in DC for a month.

This would enable arrests to happen more easily, and presumably either no guns are allowed on people who are not wanted to have them or at least it is known who has them.

I have no idea whether Nancy has been arrested but it is worth looking at.

Bitchute Nancy Pelosi’s Arrest? [1]

The video appears to be a composite of after the inauguration and perhaps the day of the second impeachment. If genuine, who filmed it, and why release it? If these arrests are happening then some of the cabal must know. The “arrest” or control of Pelosi though subtle is still open to be seen by other cabal members, as is walking with 4 secret service agents.

There is some evidence that the inauguration was prerecorded, from shadow length, anecdotal evidence and it being shown early in Spain. If anyone has already done a brief summary of this – 4/5 paragraphs with links, please put a link in the comments.

I will not put in any more of the many speculative videos as 90% is waffle or presenters ego, and wastes much time, although some information is valuable.

Jessie has made some valuable points on twitter…

I lived and walked amongst them. Let me ask… Where is the pride, the mocking, the gloating, the blasphemous double talk.

Ask yourself if this is their greatest victory…why to they not display it in their posture? This Victory is anothers

They are not as effusive as could be expected…

A few pictures from the inauguration… I haven’t got the hang of the gallery function on this blog, so they are one after another…

Kamala Bible
[Much more, well worth reading. Too long to fit all, other wise you could read it here.]

[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused

Full and more links:
An amazing lady.
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