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UKC 15 Jan and some gentle satire, Rumors 16-Jan

Norwegian Pfizer vaccine kill count (VKC) now 29 as of 16th

One question no-one is asking. Is the hypodermic needle a bio weapon delivery system? They've already admitted to it being a genetic modification (mRNA) and network integration means delivery system. The 2 "vaccinations" partner, first one sets up the targets (think laser painting), the second knocks them down and a few weeks later you're dead. No compensation for your kin, sucker.
55 executed by vaccination so far in America.
UK Column News - 15th January 2021

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

00:23 - Drugs Called Vaccines Adverse Reactions Not Reported
GB article: -
Norwegian Study: -
UK Government Statement: -

06:00 - MSM Selectively Broken Silence Silenced And The Complete Lack of the State Interest in T-Cells
Toby Young Telegraph Article: -
T-Cell Study 001: -
T-Cell Study 002: -
Prof Sarah Gilbert and Sir John Bell Statement: -
BBC Article: -
IPSO Ruling: -
SIREN Study: -

19:13 - Happy Clapping An Event That Only Exists in the Media
Nursing Times Article: -
BBC Article: -
Thunder Clap For Carers On Twitter (but nowhere else): -

24:26 - Russiagate Files Hopefully Declassified
21stCenturyWire Article: -

30:25 - U.S. Back Increased Israeli-Arab Cooperation Against Iran
WSJ Article: -

33:58 - Unchecked Censorship Begins
21stCenturyWire Article: -
Jack Dorsey Tweet: -

43:58 - Social Media Share Prices
JTN Article: -

45:37 - Normal COVID Variants Lead To the Biosecurity Rat's Maze
Trevor Bedford Tweet Thread: -
Mail Article: -
Ferguson Statement: -
Slaughtered On Suspicion: -

52:44 - Grandfather's Hospital Message
ITV Tweet (and responses): -

57:37 - Influenza and COVID 19 Surveillance
WNFCSP Week 2: -
Week 2 Report 2019: -
Week 1 Report 2018: -
WHO Surveillance 2020: -
UK Surveillance 2019: -
Euro Momo Surveillance 2020: -

01:03:03 - Military Public Health Operations for Asymptomatic People
UK Government Statement: -

01:05:24 - Bill Gates Owns More Farmland Than Anyone
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Eats Article: -
Guardian Article: -
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Screencaps from the show. (Click the images for the full size version.)

Coronavirus SARS COV2 variant COVID 19 CURES THE FLU


The only "pandemic" visible is the state mandated lockdown liquidation in England in March that NI escaped.

This article prettymuch echoes the UKC presentation but using figures from America..
New Study Highlights Alleged Accounting Error Regarding COVID Deaths
By Ethan Yang
Global Research, November 30, 2020
Drosten PCR test study: Withdrawal requested due to scientific error and massive conflict of interest
December 1, 2020
22 renowned, international scientists have subjected the study by Cornam et. al, in which Prof. Drosten played a major role, which was fundamental for the establishment of the SARS-CoV-2-PCR test, to an independent peer review process. They came to a damning verdict: the study contains nine serious scientific errors and three minor inaccuracies.

The scientists submitted the request to withdraw the study to the journal Eurosurveillance on 27 November 2020.
Interestingly, Prof. Drosten himself is the editor of the journal, which subjected the publication, which was not submitted until January 21, 2020, to a review process – which now appears to be only superficial – and published it in absolute record time just two days later.
The points of criticism are:
the design of the primers is inadequate: inaccurate base composition, too low GC content, too high concentrations in the test The only scientifically relevant PCR (N-gene) is presented but is not verified and is also not recommended for testing by the WHO.
the binding temperature is chosen too high, so that non-specific binding is promoted, which means that gene sequences other than those of SARS-CoV-2 can also be detected.
the number of cycles is given in the paper as 45, a threshold up to which the reaction is considered truly positive is not defined for the CT value. It is generally known that PCR tests with a number of cycles above 30 regularly do not allow any conclusions about contamination of the sample with the sought-after virus.
no biomolecular validation has been carried out, therefore there is no confirmation that the amplification products are genuine, are actually produced and also detect the sought-after sequence
neither positive nor negative controls were performed with regard to virus detection.
there are no standardized handling instructions available that would ensure that tests are repeated in user laboratories under the same conditions.
there is a risk of false positive results due to the imprecise test design
in view of the very short period between submission and publication of the study, it is very unlikely that a peer review process has taken place at all. If a peer review has taken place, it was inadequate because the errors, including formal errors, were not found.
there are massive conflicts of interest for at least four of the authors in addition to the problem that two of the authors (Prof. Drosten and Chantal Reusken) are members of the editorial board of Eurosurveillance. Two conflicts of interest were disclosed on 29 July 2020: Olfert Landt is CEO of TIB Molbiol, Marco Kaiser is a senior researcher at GenExpress and scientific advisor to TIB Molbiol. These conflicts of interest were not explained in the original version of the study, they are still missing in the version published on PubMed. TIB Molbiol is the company that reportedly was the “first” to produce the PCR kits (Light Mix) based on the protocol published in the Corman-Drosten manuscript. According to the company’s own statement, the company had already distributed the test kits before the study was submitted for approval. Victor Corman and Prof. Drosten have omitted to state their two affiliations: they work not only at the Charité public corporation but also at Labor Berlin Charité Vivantes GmbH. In the laboratory, which carries out real-time PCR tests, they are responsible for virus diagnostics.
The word of the experts involved weighs heavily, since they have concentrated expertise in the field in question. Among them are e.g. the former head of research of Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon, the geneticist Kevin McKernan, the main initiator of the Human Genome Project, who holds several patents in the field of PCR diagnostics, the molecular geneticist Dr. Pieter Borger, PhD, the specialist for infectious diseases and preventive medicine Dr. Fabio Franchi, the microbiologist and immunologist Prof. emerit. Dr. Makoto Ohashi and the cell biologist Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer.

The virus eludes isolation even though more than 100 trillion people have allegedly died from it every day since xmas 2019.
Actually, the virus has not been proven to exist. All the covid death certificates that have saved insurers billions in payouts for e.g. cancer deaths are fraudulent. All of them. If they can't prove a virus exists, how can they prove a person died from it?
There is no virus. Bitchute -
Let your favourite web med tell you. 83 results, suggests half of them are duplicates or not relevant.

The PCR test is as dodgy as Dominion voting machines.

WHO finally admits that PCR tests are unreliable
I know for a fact that there is no definitive proof that any natural virus harmful to humans exists. It has always been a con for cash.
HIV is not a disease. Polio is caused by vaccines, AIDS and likely flu too. RF NIR poisoning symptoms can be triggered by toxins such as modded bat exosomes.

Anna got it right when she said the PCR is a stupidity test. Doctors with more than a shoe size IQ don't vaccinate their children whether a PCR test is positive or not.
But go ahead, believe industry (owned) controlled scientists and politicians.
The vaccinations scams rival the currency fraud.
23 deaths from vaccination in Norway.
The Chinese called for the withdrawal of the Pfizer vaccine due to harmfulness.
Chinese more honest than western politicians and health services?

If you think I'm a dangerous nutjob, go here, read, and then ask Jon where you buy shares in the Ferrari;
COVID vaccine secret, a stunner
Hey Bojoke, why are we still paying CO2 tax, it's STILL getting colder despite CO2 STILL increasing, and about that EU VAT we are due a refund from???

PS. SARS COV2 never made it to Europe. Isn't that curious.

4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools

Feds Admit Capitol “Siege” was Planned in Advance by Trump Haters, Not Trump Supporters

National Rifle Association Leaves New York for Texas by Filing for Bankruptcy

1-hr 41-min video: Andrew Klavan - "A Republic of Schmucks | Ep. 1014"

Kathleen A. Keating: BREAKING: PELOSI AND WORLD WAR 3 (11 min)

Watch - Hospital Nurse Exposes Planned COVID Scam, Claims She Was Told By Management 'COVID Crisis' will be coming next week

“Anybody Can Put on a MAGA Hat” – FL Teacher Fired for Telling Students Antifa Was Involved in DC Riots — Which We Now Know Is True

9:17 video: "Will Dems Really Abolish the Electoral College? (Pt. 2) | John Bachman | MEDIA | Rubin Report"
It's a corporation thing, not important.

7:17 video: "James O'Keefe LIVE on Hannity to discuss Project Veritas #ExposeTwitter BOMBSHELL! 01-14-21"

31-min video: "How to Fight Big Tech: Tim Pool, Dennis Prager, Michael Malice & More! | TECH | Rubin Report"

Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property

10:31 video: "Nicole Arbour: Cosmo Cover Confuses SCIENTIFIC Health vs. Beauty"

44:45 video: Lionel - "Speech, Though, [sic] Expression Will Be Endangered Species"

Antifa supporter Daniel Alan Baker was just arrested for plotting an attack on Trump supporters on Inauguration Day
> Who Arrested Him?

Fight tech tyranny. Join Dan on Parler @dbongino.(audio link included)

Obvious that Activist John Sullivan Treated With Special Privilege!
> HUGE! Brother of Arrested Antifa-BLM Activist John Sullivan Turned Him In! — Says His Brother Was “Somehow in Charge” of US Capitol Riots (VIDEO)
> CrystalRiver
>> Reader: More Proof Antifa Infiltrated US Capitol Debacle
>> RumorMail
CrystalRiver: John Sullivan, Utah Connections, Makes You Wonder If He Had Any Conversations With Romney??? *NM*

AskAPrepper: "The Best Places Where You Can Store Fuels Safely In An Emergency"

NaturalNews: "STUDY: Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer"

Jon Rappoport: "COVID vaccine secret, a stunner"

Tweet: "The Italians have had enough!"

> Nobody should ever take the vaccine...unless you have a death wish. Period. They want you dead.
> Mr.Ed
>> Health Ranger Mike Adams claims anybody who takes the vaccine will be dead in 5 to 7 years max.
>> Mr.Ed
From 3-5 weeks to 5-7 years.

Insurance Claims Show Lyme Disease More Widespread

CGI's Space_Commando: Simon Parkes - January 16th Election Update (Vid) (First & Second update)
> CGI's Space_Commando: Simon Parkes - January 16th Election Update (MP3 Audio Only)
> RumorMail

America’s Slide Into Economic Oblivion Is Already Starting To Accelerate

In Historic First, FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drones In US Skies

Whoa: BARON BENJAMIN de ROTHSCHILD Dies at 57 After Suffering heart attack
> From 2016 - Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment & Reno, Nevada tax haven

The Camden Model - 'Defund the Police' is all about Surveillance

In Ireland today (this is good)
> MEANWHILE, in Toronto police ARREST lockdown protesters
> NaturalWisdom

10th & 11th Morgellons Conferences on You Tube (curious)

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 - “Operation Trust” psyop revealed, DC prepares for large-scale WAR (1hr 13min)
> Text version - Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021
> MrFusion
> The_Fox
>> I guess that would be Simon? Or Dave of X22? But then there's Juan...
>> MrFusion
>>> "... popular voice on the ‘net who has been shrouded in secrecy ..."
>>> hobie

SORCHA: "Russian Leader Issues Grim Assessment As Washington Becomes Most Militarized City In World"

RedPill78 Friday Night Livestream - Censorship Strikes DLive, Jayden X Deep Dive (2hr 10min)

X22 Report interviews Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) - Red Lines Crossed, Actions Taken, Military Operation Now In Focus (1 hr)

Simon Parkes - Jan. 16th Update - Current News (44 min)
Trump has not conceded. Biden, illegal inauguration?

Purge SPREADS: ‘Horrified’ Loew’s Hotels KICKS OUT Hawley fundraiser, BLAMES HIM for Capitol riot in public statement
> Woke and Broke - Whack the Mole
> Lion
>> CrystalRiver: Yup. Hit Them in The Pocket Book! *NM*
> Reader: "Thoughtless actions like this will ..."

Reader sends thoughts on the current situation (peppered with nonsense words to confuse AI)

Zoom call last night with retired Generals, Colonels and Lin Wood

- There are now 250,000 Chinese troops surrounding us, 75,000 in Canada and the rest in Mexico. The generals said if they set foot in this country they will be wiped out swiftly as they are ready.
"- Covid was a biological attack on our country to shut down our economy and push the Mail-in Ballots Nationwide in order to pull off the steal along with the Dominion Machines. The virus was a man made Bio-weapon created in a Wuhan Lab to take out as many of our elderly and the weak as possible to incite more fear globally. They needed the death counts to rise to continue their plan to take over our country. This is why every death was marked as a Cov19 death regardless if they had it or not. The Generals and Gen Flynn encouraged us all as Patriots to RESIST all across this country and yes Canada too. Take off your Mask. Go to Church and Open your businesses. They can't stop us when we all RESIST! There aren't enough jail cells to hold everyone. Those were our orders to get the message out to the masses. There is no mandate in our Constitution Law to keep people from seeing each other or close their business."
> Re: Zoom call last night with retired Generals, Colonels and Lin Wood
> Sacred_Scientist
>> Re: Zoom call - no troops around the country?
>> Sacred_Scientist
A suggestion for the military. Instead of arresting all the Satanists, hand them over to  the Chinese as security against the monies DC owes them. And the UN, CDC and Fed Res. (The KJ's gave the US to China in part settlement of a debt according to Mr Fulford. Cc.

BLM Activist charged in Capitol Riot was Olympic speed skater, brother is founder of conservative Republican group

Message from Sidney Powell (via Jim Stone): People around POTUS are lying about his legal options. He's taking no action to protect the Republic

'BREAKING NEWS' - Military Operation Unfolding Now - NESARA / GESARA

23-min video: Jordan Sather - "ATJ #19: DECLAS - John Sullivan - DC Fortress - POTUS Insulated - Biden's Vax Plan [1.15.21]"

(Natural News) The Situation Update Notes for Jan. 15th, 2021

"Covers five (5) key breaking stories...all with “bombshell” implications for world events:
1. Capitol raid official narrative collapse; CNN complicit in the staged event, radical Leftist arrested, FBI admits Trump didn’t cause the riot.
2. Declassification now under way as Trump announces release of “foot-high” stack of documents exposing the criminals of the Obama administration. (Total panic in DC now under way…)
Project Veritas exposes Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in a video announcing plans for expanded, long-term censorship of conservatives.
3. FBI now trolling for scapegoats by calling and visiting gun rights people, hoping to find someone stupid enough to get wrangled into playing a role in the FBI’s false flag theatrical events (staged raids on capitol buildings).
4. Long Beach Port / ship delays caused in part by US Coast Guard searching for weapons being brought in from China as part of China’s staging for war against the United States.
5. Trump’s “declass” bombshell is part of the exposure of the corrupt, criminal cabal that currently runs America. Joe Biden may even be implicated, and it’s certain that Chief Justice Roberts will be named in some of the documents, as he signed the illegal FISA warrants.
The deep state is in a total panic, and this is why they were desperately trying to remove Trump from office with a drive-by impeachment following a staged false flag attack on the capitol.
But Trump still holds all the cards, and he’s still President for five more days.
Here are the highlights for today’s Situation Update:"

> Hmm, I wonder if this email that I received is a direct reference to the remarks of Capt. Ed Hayes, Ret'd?
> NaturalWisdom
Seawitch I BELIEVE IT IS!!!! *NM* (views: 872)

55 People Died in US After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines: Reporting System

Illegals Rushing towards US Border by the thousands with Biden win (video)

FBI Vault open to the public-LINK

Part 5 : Hunt for the Skinwalker...Dulce..Other Hot Spots...Vandals

Nine Catholic bishops die in a single week
> A few other odd events of note
> AndiV
> NaturalWisdom
>> Link to Russia Story (thanks to reader Victoria B.)
>> AndiV

American-Chinese socialite, 34, who rubbed shoulders with Hillary Clinton 'jumps to her death naked from her Hong Kong penthouse while holding five-month-old daughter'

Rabbi: Israel must fill the vacuum left by the fall of the U.S.
> Video - "America Collapsing, Israel must step up as new world superpower
> AndiV
An apartheid terrorist state to police the world? What a brilliant idea.

Senate Releases First Batch of Declassified Obamagate Documents

(Must Listen)Video: A New Leninism Is Gripping America—James Lindsay

TOUCHED BY LYME: CDC’s Lyme numbers finally inching towards reality
> Lyme Disease Much More Common Than Previously Thought, Study Shows
> CrystalRiver

House Committed Six Violations of the Constitution During Impeachment: Alan Dershowitz

Police in riot gear at California's Governor @GavinNewsom residence


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