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Crooks' Con Cancelled. Global Ruse Reversed.

Added Rumors for 19-Dec. The situation is evolving rapidly. I suspect even Anna is a little surprised at the developments.

I smell something, on the attempted Chinese invasion, and the donations of Commonwealth countries to pay the banksters' debt to China. Are they sure they weren't Libyan illegal immigrants? Seriously though, the debt collector doesn't go after the lenders furniture, that would be the snake eating its tail as a circus trick. The Zios control the Chinese and the Democrats. And Castro's kid. The debt is a corporation debt, after eventual  kicking up the ladder the problem arrives on the Pope's pope's desk. And the banks. The Vatican also controls Israel that the Khazarian mafia allegedly, amongst other countries, have given to China in settlement of an enormous debt they've allegedly racked up... Am I in a John Wayne movie? Never underestimate the Khazars for crassness.

Ice (cream) Queen. Ice cream castles in the sky. Deeper? Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Magical mystery tour.

Anyone want's to bury the coronavirus con job (every pandemic has been a con job)  has loads.

Stop anyone you can from getting jabbed. What does it take? A dead nurse?
Wake up. Onion layer illusions.

Papers you never saw made us all lost at sea and so ethereal beings representing property, a whipping boy.

Dear Chinese deep state. Whose stunt is this?

Gosh is that the time, 22nd already. I wonder if the crystals from the vaccinated's organs are valuable? Crystal Adrenochrome?

5D? 'scuse me. The pavement is still down, the sky up, and invisible barriers all around. 4D is looking at us through a goldfish's eyes from inside a fish bowl.

Anna Von Reitz: "Special Urgent Messa
Posted By: hobie
RMN, 18-Dec-2020

Special Urgent Message
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch December 16, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

My friend, Kurt Kallenbach, a researcher and man I much respect, for both his intellect and his razor-sharp observations, has issued a special warning for Americans who think that they can sit on their couches and do nothing.

The gist of the message is simple. If you "claim" and use the Strawman, the PERSON that the Municipal United States conferred upon you, you are, technically, taking control of assets created by a foreign power, and that in turn, could be interpreted as accepting a bribe and "emolument" from that foreign power. That, in turn, could be considered an act of treason and allow the U.S. to interpret you as an Enemy Combatant.

And it could, except for a few things we have placed in their way.

The first thing is a legal objection and Due Process action completed years ago, which lawfully converted all the STATE OF STATE organizations into property belonging to the State of State organizations, and then transferring the property back to the safe-keeping of the original American State of State Trusts, and then, further removing those
assets to The United States (our Union of States).

We assigned all the soil assets permanently to The United States proper, and then assigned all the land assets back to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.

We did unto them what they did unto us, and reversed the process.

They unlawfully converted our assets into their assets via entrusting them, so we returned the favor and lawfully converted all those assets back into American assets and properly redistributed them over the course of the past five years.

So all the STATE OF STATE property including all the named derivatives and franchises like JOHN ALLEN DOE, are already lawfully converted back to the ownership of the American people the assets belong to.

All this stands on the International Public Record and we have multiple certified copies well-stashed.

On top of that, people who have recorded their birthright political status are doubly preserved, because in the course of doing that, they have "accepted all gifts and waived all benefits" and so, having "accepted" the "gift" of all the Municipal PERSONS specifically associated with them, they have recorded Acts of State expatriating these "foreign PERSONS" and lawfully converting them to American PERSONS.

Thus, we've secured all our assets both those Public Assets belonging to the States and the private assets belonging to individual Americans.

We, Americans, are perfectly safe from such accusations, because we "accepted all gifts and waived all benefits" and then converted all the Municipal PERSONS they "conferred" on us as "gifts" and placed them back on the land---see our Act of State and our Certificate of Assumed Name(s).

That is, we took control of these foreign PERSONS and emigrated them back to our own American jurisdiction, and converted them into American PERSONS, instead---- we lawfully converted them, in the same way that you can re-flag a boat.

So that's what you do with an old Trojan horse--- boot the Greeks out and put the Americans back in it, turn it around and send the Papists a blivet.

This morning I received panicky messages from people all over the Earth who are alarmed by the logic of what Kurt is presenting and he is absolutely correct. They did set us up.

And we did Checkmate them.

But, one can never be too careful or too well-informed, have too much paperwork on record, or too much ammo in one's kit-bag in court.

So this is just one more reason for everyone and I do mean everyone, to wake up and join your State Assembly, so that you can be properly and surely identified as someone who made a definitive and recorded choice in the matter and who chose to be an American owed all the bells and whistles of all the Constitutions and Treaties concerned. And protect all the donated now-American PERSONS they gave you, the same way.

For those who want to delve into the details of Kurt's warning message and see why the work we have done has served
to protect you from such claims, go to:

And then go to: to find the contact information you need to officially join your State Assembly and stand under the protections we put in place for all Americans, claim your Constitutional Guarantees, and learn how to record your own specific paperwork.

UK Column News Christmas Special Review of the Year

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson, Patrick Henningsen and Ian R Crane with today's UK Column News Christmas special!

04:13 - The COVID Numbers
OffGaurdian Article 001: -
OffGaurdian Article 002: -
OffGaurdian Article 003: -
Vice Article: -
BBC Aricle: -

10:35 - Behaviour Change Becomes The COVID Goal
UKC Article: -

14:39 - Masks Are Fantastic Aren't They?

23:00 - Hooray Permanent Social Distancing?
Proposed Social Distancing Framework: -

24:00 - Vaccines Are Brilliant Too

21:17 - Everything Is COVID Or Not Maybe? Who Knows? It's Vaccines Anyway?
BBC Article: -

21:17 - Celebrities Love Vaccines Why Don't You? It's All Fusion Really.
Sun Headline: -

24:45 - The Problem With The COVID Global Pandemic Is That You Can't See It In The Statistics?
Drosten Interview (Goto 32:48 For His Comments): -

31:48 - Mikes Predicts Censorship for 2021

36:27 - Patrick Reviews The Year and Predicts Schwab Cyber Attacks
Ice Age Farmer Video: -

46:19 - Alex Thomson Is Secession Coming?
Vox Article: -

01:03:16 - Brian Gerrish Reviews The Emergence Of The Stasi State And Predicts A National State of Emergency
Capturing Cornwall Video (Go to 13.34 to see the speech and arrest): -

01:21:09 - 12 Year Old Cartoonists Proves There Is Hope
Save Our Rights New Year's Freedom Street Party: -
Latest News:
News archive:
Northern Exposure:
Community discussions :
Public comments:
SM Twitter:

Sincerest season's wishes to the team, and helpers and a satisfying and successful 2021


Will the crooks masquerading as Government, Civil Service. spy agencies, security services and NGOs and their agents take note of the legal actions Anna has taken against the ensemble ranged against humanity and beg us for mercy?
Another few words from Anna for the rest of us next.
After this:

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 20-Dec-2020 15:41:42

The beginning. Avoid the vaxx as if a plague of politicians was forcing you to accept it so they could make a lot of money. No liability and each person insured for a million by your owners.
666 tatooed under the skin and a small relatively harmless alteration to a gene identies you as having the mark of your owner, the owner of the patent for the gene. They do it with rustled cattle.

Special Urgent Message to the Rest of the World
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch December 16, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

In responding to the flood of "concerns" being voiced by Americans, and especially by Americans who have taken our advice and left Babylon months if not years ago, I forgot momentarily about everyone else. Please forgive me.
Here is the rest of the story concerning the Brits and Aussies, Indians and Africans and everyone else.
You are probably not fully aware yet, but "the US" -- a foreign Municipal corporation ultimately operated by the Roman Pontiff, used our country as a pirate base. The form of piracy they were engaged in is commercial piracy. It all took place on paper and was processed through the courts, using "legalities" instead of Public Law.
They used our delegated powers and usurped upon them and abused our United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to this end.
Just as they "converted" our Given Names first into Territorial (Commonwealth) trust property, and then converted those trusts into Municipal corporations, they did the same thing with whole countries.
That is, Australia -- for example, was converted into Australia, Inc., and Australia, Inc., was then converted into AUSTRALIA--- a Municipal corporation operated by the Roman Pontiff and Company, purportedly while acting "for" us, so that we, the Americans, would be blamed for what both "the US" and the Brits (SERCO) actually did while operating in Breach of Trust "in our names".
While this plot is so wide-reaching and diabolical as to stagger one's imagination, there is one silver lining. It was all based on fraud and piracy and all exists only on paper ---paper that was being employed by criminals to bring false claims in commerce and to enforce unconscionable contracts.

Another silver lining is this: we -- the actual Americans -- took action as described in our previous post to protect our country and our countrymen and to rear-end this whole plot. And we similarly protected all of you as we were passing through.
You see, because the Plotters used our country and our USPTO as their pirate base, all these "legal actions" were undertaken here and placed "in our names" so that these brigands could safely operate and then blame us if something went wrong. That means that all this "stuff" they created was in their control, but created "in our names" via our misdirected and purloined international service offices.
So we did the same thing for you all that we did for ourselves.
We accepted their "gifts" of "AUSTRALIA" and "JAPAN" and so on, and returned them to "Australia, Inc." and "Japan, Inc." then, claimed the Territorial corporations and rolled them back into the National Trusts they created, and thence to the Australia Trust and Japan Trust, and then all the way back to Australia and Japan, et alia, returning everything and everyone to Original Jurisdiction at the Nation-State level.
They made it all technically "our" property and hid behind our country as a smoke screen and storefront, so we just made use of this circumstance to claim ownership (temporarily) and then knock it all back to you and distribute the assets and the profits back to the people those assets belong to --- the same way we have done it for our own country, only in the capacity of foreign "owners" distributing their "property".
Read that: you're covered.
The International Trustees acted in Gross Breach of Trust. The Roman Pontiff and British Hegemony acted disgracefully while we were all lulled to sleep by their platitudes and Bon Homme act.
They tried to start World War III based on nothing more than fraud, Breach of Trust, lies, and unconscionable contracts to be enforced by minions employed by their very own incorporated franchises.
And that's the truth of the matter.
I won't give the "All's Well" and "You can go home now" part of the speech, because that's not the case. All is not well and no, you can't quite go home now. You have to organize yourselves as we have organized ourselves.
You have to delve deep into the legalities and traditions and nomenclature peculiar to each one of your countries, and do your individual declarations and recordings of property interests. You have to restore and discipline your own courts--- and those who have been operating your governments.
But the False Claims of the Roman Pontiff have been overturned, and the pirates have been caught red-handed. Your assets are safe and have in fact already been returned to you and lawfully converted back to Original Jurisdiction. You just have a lot of housecleaning and homework to do.
So don't think that "Anna von Reitz left us on our own." It's just that we had to unravel the Mess here before we could see how they'd involved the rest of the world in their mad endeavor--- using us as the Bad Boys and scapegoats the whole while--- and then also a matter of not knowing all of your laws and languages and nomenclatures.
My emphasis.

2876. Question One -- The Pandemic
2877. Question 2 -- The Money Situation

The new year is looking more interesting by the day. Something to be celebrated. I can't believe it's a grandma doing all this. She's got 50 real states behind her and much if not all the military supporting her. They're guarding the world's yellow metal at her instruction. She's taken apart the (Chinese oriented) UN front piece by piece, established ownership of the country and reclaimed the land from the control of the sub corporations of the Crown (City of London) and the Vatican. And now this, The POTUS has been a marvelous distracting influence and it has been carefully kept off the mainstream media pages because they are the most vital piece. The most grievous harm they have done is to be a part of all the badness. Winning is pointless if no-one knows. Mass media must be unchained or put out of business. The BBC's biggest customers are the people occupying the seat of power using tax funds. People will cling to the created reality to their last breath unless they learn from reading The Mirror for example. If enough people stop buying it it'll go bust. Same for the rest of the enemy's tools. But they won't.

It's been a long slow build-up to come to this point. I've done my best to document it in my own way from a cloth cap perspective, using only what's available to all, speaking up when something is blatantly criminal, like demonising CO2 (clothcap2) and a lot of bad manners and bare-faced cheek. It took a long time for the producers of information to cotton on that free advertising is a good thing and gets the words spread. Global Research for a fine example of freeing information and knowledge, so unbiased they even publish CAGW nonsense. Rumors hasn't complained, so far, and they've raised the quality while I've been looking. Some fine researchers are on board. There are many others, and on videos often with stunning professionalism that outmatches anything the propagandists and brainwashers can come up with.

There are so many doctors speaking out now that the vaxx scam, stunt is doomed to fail. I hope not too many succumb and that it doesn't take too long for the message to sink in. Vaccines are not for your benefit.
Boris and his gang should be ashamed. And now the central bank schemers and plotters have had the rug pulled from under them, the table cloth next, where is a corporation government to turn for capitalisation? How much did Prince Charles bring out of Canada? I lost the article. It was a staggering amount, (possibly being trafficked from Hong Kong?).  But no. A tax is planned on top of or to replace the EU tax. Who underwrote the bank bailout loans? HM gov inc. Who is paying for the corporation's largesse? Us that are also first creditors so primary beneficiaries ahead of the bank as trustee. Add to that us paying the rest of the corporation's debt passed off as if ours.

Judge Anna, if she hasn't resigned as such, Fiduciary of the real US government (unincorporated) has posted information most of the days she has been restoring the country to its rightful owners, about how sand why she has done what she has done, unmasking baddies along the way, all the way to the Vatican and the City (incl. Chair of the Estates). It's a stunning achievement and well worth reading her story for free -  2877 was the last entry. Many are purely for US consumption and not relevant and can be skipped but many are very to the point, no beating around the bush.


The coronavirus is not patented. The patents made are all void due to functional forgery of the patents. They are not subject to restrictions of any kind related to patents. Kill the beast and twist the knife.
It's either natural and can't be patented or reconstructed to be harmful, a bioweapon that breaks national and international laws and treaties. That I can see with my limited intelligence.


It has been isolated by opinion based assumption and computer models. Every photo I've seen shouts, "I'm an exosome" that is not contagious, (may be transmissible in close relationships and cause an immune response in those susceptible but it requires a huge number of exosomes, so not easily passed on). Non altered exosomes appear to reverse the immune response. The mechanism and which particular cargo carried by exosomes repairs the damage from NIR poisoning and or signals false alarm is unknown so far.

Jon Rappoport: "SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist; I can do this forever"

GMI: "Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here's the Proof"

Dear President Trump,

NaturalNews: "What’s cooking? Top 5 soy sauce alternatives"

Epoch Times: "Explainer: Dueling Electors and the Upcoming Joint Session of Congress"

Anna Von Reitz: "Hold the Boat!!!"
>"Take out the bankers, politicians, disloyal generals and admirals, the crooked judges and slime bags in the “Agencies” to your hearts delight and use the military to do it."
But make peace with China because they are being misled in this matter and they are victims of these same monsters.
>> Anna Von Reitz: "Question One -- The Pandemic"
>> hobie
>>> oldmaninthedesert: Thank You Anna! I wholeheartedly second your Motion *NM*

FKTV: "Oops...I Caught the Chinese Government Again"

13-1/3 min video: Ben Swann - "Mysterious Death of Vaccine Safety Advocate Brandy Vaughn, + C0VlD Censorship with Dr. Scott Jensen"

15-min video: Glenn Beck - "This document proposes TERRIFYING steps to eliminate religious rights"

9:16 video: "Doctors Can Lose Their License for Questioning Trans (Pt. 3) | Abigail Shrier | WOMEN | Rubin Report"

68-1/3 min video: Lionel - "The BluePilling of America"

9-1/3 min video: Glenn Beck - "Here’s how you can help California remove Governor Gavin Newsom for good"

Newsmax: "SCOTUS Denies Kentucky Religious School's Plea to Reopen"

Trump Appoints Members to 1776 Commission on Patriotic Education

‘We have to fight back’: Doctor lays out ‘sensible’ anti-COVID strategy

> READER MIKE - ATTENTION... (views: 893)
> The_Fox

CGI's Space_Commando: Ice Age Farmer - Protein Shortages on the Horizon?? (Vid)

Part 6: UFO's -exopolitics-New World Disorder...The Greys: Grey Driven Advancements in Genetic engineering, Microbiology and Aerospace
> The Unusual Origin of the PCR Test
> oldmaninthedesert
>> Reader needs to play Connect the Dots with this
>> oldmaninthedesert


Turkish TV: The Economist published their 2021 cover & predictions. They
listed their disaster scenarios [1 min 42 sec video]


Trump: Cyber Attack by Russia is Fake News, Probably was China

> UTSAVA: Post-Dec 24 will go into history books. Martial law may be declared & Internet may go offline, BUT FEAR NOT. EVERYTHING WILL BE EXPLAINED
> NaturalWisdom

John Roberts caught on Pedo flight...

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Dec. 19th - China engineering WAR between USA and Russia (1hr 12min)

SORCHA: "Pentagon Cuts Ties With Biden As American Diplomatic Evacuation From Russia Begins"

Biden aide says Pentagon DID stop transition meetings, amid speculation Trump is preparing to ‘cross the Rubicon’
They've been with us a very long time?

Accident, or another Michael Hastings style out of control car murder?

‘Sit on Satan’s Lap’ New Mexico fundraiser


Recall Gavin 2020 (views: 1254)


Vaccine Whistleblower BRANDY VAUGHAN Found DEAD Inside Her Own Home ALONG WITH HER SON BESIDE HER. Police Open Investigation

CGI's Space_Commando: Simon Parkes - December 19th 2020 Election Update (Vid)

Global Research: Toronto Children’s Hospital Recommends Back to School without Masks or Social Distancing. Detailed Report--(Image)

CGI's Space_Commando: Catherine Austin Fitts - The COVID Vaccine & The "Great Reset" = The Mark of the Beast

Time To Heel – Or Fight

REPORT, Sidney Powell Meets With President Trump in Oval Office to Discuss Vote Fraud

Trump Readies a $2 trillion Jolt for China as a Ruthless Delisting of Chinese Companies on NYSE Begins

X22 Report interviews Bix Weir: The Great Reset Will Not Happen, Silver Is The Bank Killer

Part 1: Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets

Benjamin Netanyahu receives "special" COVID-19 vaccine

Voltaire Network: NATO Puzzle--(Image)
That gets a WOW rating.

Mike Adams seems not to have posted text bullet points for today's Situation Update. Is this why?
> Mike Adams' Situation Update, Dec. 19th - text bullet points, which indeed do not include the topic of demonic infestation, which is left for listeners of the podcast
> MrFusion


There's a helluva lot in the 19th's Rumors. The 20th, a helluva lot more. The Tower of Babel is getting payback, metaphorical planes... Check Simon's report for expansion on Jim's arm waving. It'll take a me a while (several hours) to do the next Rumors, I suggest reading it at the source.
With a little help from Ivor Chestikov and Ah Choo, the world is getting a smile put back on its face.
BBC? Bye, Bye Corporation. Thank the gods.


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