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The Johnson Occupation Regime as a Prescribed Medication. Demand it vacates Parliament immediately

Monday. Added the rest of Rumors from Nov 29. Crown Inc. added to the list of foreigners the regime colluded with against the public. (The blue text halfway down.)
Sunday. Added UKC 27th, repaired Deli's post, added Rumors 28th and 29th.
Perhaps I should have made the title, "as a virulent, deadly disease," however, lets see how this works out.

It may eventually get us partially disentangled from the proven criminal IJ EU regime.

Contra indications?
Since voting to leave the proven criminal IJ EU collective also called the EUSSR, (playing their rules, we actually officially left the gang we never legally joined* in March 2019 upon the expiry of the 2 years notice of leaving)  the May led and Johnson led occupation regime refused to acknowledge the withdrawal, instead pretending we hadn't left, with a court kicking the can court case (faux opposition to stymie other cases?) down the road, and continuing to illegally tax us as if we we hadn't left, to illegally impose IJ EU laws as if we hadn't left and continued to negotiate an illegal and now treasonous military union with the proven criminal organisation that continued to use tax pot funds to buy governments, openly demonstrated by the Ukraine (of,  "f*ck the EU" fame) bribery.
(*Heath's death bed confession of treasonous deception in saying it wouldn't involve much loss of sovereignty, sovereignty being indivisible, the signatures being criminal actions, the transfer of funds was and is fraud, and dealing with criminals is a crime, whether by corporation or a national government.)

Then there is the so far, and likely forever and ever mythical COVID19 virus.
The Johnson led occupation regime has advocated to the point of tyrannical insanity (unless viewed as the actions of an enemy) the imposition of remedies that are far more harmful than the harms credited to the imagined COVID19 virus.
Masks are harmful. The Johnson led occupation regime has been advised of this and still advocates them up to the point of physically forcing them on people.

The Johnson led occupation regime has actually imposed lockdowns. The lockdowns have been demonstrated to be deadly using official statistics. Despite this the Johnson led occupation regime has continued to impose lockdowns. That is the action of certifiably homicidal lunatics. If only we had a British police force.

The Johnson led occupation regime has permitted the roll-out of 5G. The actual frequencies used in the 5G (fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks) have been demonstrated to be harmful, producing symptoms the same as those credited to the so far mythical SARS COV2 virus variant, (and some additional to, that can be used to identify cases - dry cough for example) and possibly the cause of sudden death by brain oxygen starvation at a particular intensity. An electromagnetic pulse in the 5G range was very likely the cause of sudden deaths overwhelmingly due to O2 starvation of the brain in Wuhan in what was probably a demonstration for American and other militaries, under cover of the 7th CISM Military World Games, and likely other entities such as the psychopathic learned elders esconced in Israel and the Pilgrims. A mythical virus nowadays called COVID19 also debuted at the very same time with the claimed symptoms identical to some of those produced by 5G.

Why does 5G need such heavy duty (thick) electrical cables for such low voltage equipment?
Are the sacks planning on staging a Wuhan type 5G EMP in Britain as well as America?

Image source link.
An urgent investigation is needed to establish whether oversized cables have been used for any telecom broadband installation and if even one is found, the whole network must be dismantled as a grid weapon that in densely populated areas would cause a huge casualty count.

Interestingly the Pentagon was obliged to vacate the premises for 90 days under bankruptcy conditions, I think it ran from March to May 31st. If the Pentagon was involved in the 5G COVID flu pandemic as a self-protection hoax, it would have ended on 1st June. The sacks behind the UN continued it.
What is curious about the alleged virus, apart from the similarity of symptoms, is that every hotspot of symptoms and deaths coincides with a 5G roll-out zone. A further unexpected factor is that an improbable number of fatalities had previously been injected with the flu vaccine cocktail. Researchers have found that those receiving any flu vaccine are more likely to suffer flu symptoms within 12 months regardless of subsequent vaccines. The usual excuse is that the so far mythical, inert virus mutated. The truth is that vaccines provide neither remedy nor protection from 5G EMF flu (immune/defence response to NIR poisoning).

The bigger the lie, the more tangled the web.
Mythical virus? The indications are mounting to the point where the 5G roll-out casualties and the claimed virus casualties are indistinguishable. UKC mentioned iodine mouthwash kills the mythical virus. Iodine is more commonly used as a protection against radiation poisoning.
I imagine were all doctors and pharmacists to be honest (and perhaps more than just pharms industry sales reps and palliative pushing quacks) and able to diagnose radio frequency radiation poisoning, there would be no COVID19 casualties and no seasonal flu vaccination windfalls. There would still be 5G EMF flu (immune/defence response to NIR poisoning).
(The arm waving Johnson led occupation regime twit (for want of a more appropriate adjective) claimed there is no such thing as herd immunity. Because real people actually believe these sacks, I use immune/defence so my claims are not dismissed outright based on the twits' warblings.)

The mythical virus is too small to be photographed according to a Johnson led occupation regime "health" official response to an FOIA request. Radiation poisoning can't be photographed, the immune/defence response symptoms identify it. Yet photographs can be found that are claimed to be the virus, any smaller and the claimed harmful virus would be unable to dock with a cell and so would be harmless. So it's either not too small or it doesn't exist. No 3rd option.
Exosomes are produced by the body's cells. They are not a 3rd party virus.

The Johnson led occupation regime "health" official is provably a liar. Bits of debris from cells and many other sources common to every person, claimed to be part of a harmful 3rd party virus are digitised and put into a computer program template. The program adds all the missing parts and hey presto. A computer designed virus complete with CGI pictures.

The alleged virus has never been isolated despite that millions to billions, even trillions are claimed to be needed to provoke the immune/defence reaction called flu or SARS, remembering that 5G EMF (non ionising radiation - NIR
poisoning) flu symptoms as well as roll-out areas are identical to those claimed to be due to COVID19 flu.
The alleged virus provably exists in a computer, nowhere else.

Dear Mr Johnson and the gang performing as an enemy of Great Britain while pretending to be this country's government, I formally demand you vacate all public properties and cause those occupied by services alluding to be public to be vacated, That includes regional councils and especially those led by world government parliament mayors. And take your debt with you.
Each past and present claimed Cabinet member (the full board of directors) should be sued individually for crimes against the public that include fraud, theft, deception, murder, treason and the concealment of crimes, the issuance of false laws, colluding with criminals to commit fraud against the public, colluding with members of foreign entities, notably the City of London aka Crown Inc., Bilderberg, the G20, the WHO, the EU, IMF, WB and the Fed Res to formulate policies and laws and conspiring to commit and committing deliberate avoidable harm and death to large numbers among the public. For openers, old chum.


UK Column News - 27th November 2020

Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.


00:37 - U.S. Election 2020

Election 2020 Live Blogroll: -
Pennsylvania Halts Count: -
Trump Statement: -

06:09 - Ofcom Find BBC Bottom of the Impartiality Ratings

Ofcom Report: -
GuidoFox Article: -

08:30 - Silicon Valley ThanksGiving Weirdness

Youtube (Google - Alphabet) Unthanksgiving Thread: -

13:46 - No New Worlds

Plymouth Live Article: -
Mayflower Day of Mourning: -

24:05 - NHS Vaccine Agenda Driven Data Handling

32:00 - NHS Response To Accusations of Not Protecting The Most Vulnerable

NHS Article Response: -
Times Article: -
Dr Nikki Kannani Apology: -

39:22 - Project Fear Continues In Tiers

Boris Johnson Press Statement: -
Nucleic Screening Paper: -
CEBM Research Article: -
Portuguese Ruling Article: -

48:50 - The Lancet Editor Imagines Our Futures Based Upon No Science At All

Richard Horton Tweet: -
NY Time Article: -
EuroNews Article: -
WEF Article: -
Reuters Article: -
Mail Article: -
Iodine Observation: -
BMJ Article: -

54:21 - Action Conquers Fear

Secretive Task Force Article: -
Munera Mirza Wiki Profile: -

56:02 - Identity Politics Policing

Police Tweet: -
RT Article: -
Kevin Hurley Tweet: -

58:40 - History Revisionism Based Upon Identity Politics

Mail Article: -
Intersectionality Described: -

Remember I wrote about the regime being as if an intel agency dept. not so long ago? The 25th UKC News did a stand up job of exposing it. I don't recall them mentioning Blair, Cameron and Bodj's MI6 history, May was probably MI5.
I expect the craven swamp creature Sedwill is still pulling strings from his new basement office. A message for him. Please get vaccinated, we don't want anymore of you. That also applies to the Cabinet and its advisors that include the craven RS and the freemasonic RIIA of corporation entities.

Telecom densification of electrosmog is not a minor problem
Harmfulness has been known since 1977
Biological effect of Millimetre Radiowaves (mmWaves) – 1977 – declassified in 2012.
Studies with with rats and 97 persons working with generators of the
mmWave range on the basis of systematic conducting of biological analyses.
More studies have been done since then. ActiPo's B N Frank
has assembled an impressive list of many of them.

5G can be used as a WMD.
Any prat or otherwise subnormal regime twit that suggests 5G is safe should be vaccinated with prejudice.

The US Navy was left with 2 ships after 5G disabled the crews of the rest of the fleet.
Unsurprisingly, the US Army brass has invested heavily in

telecom research allegedly for non aggressive use.
As if.
Sure, it's harmless. Do pigs buzz like bees when they fly?
Whoops there goes another one of them...


It's good to see James on the side of truth. He can see much of the bigger picture. He still hasn't seen the gigantic criminal operation aspect.

Delingpole: The Green Agenda IS the Great Reset
James Delingpole
Breitbart 24 Nov 2020

The green agenda IS the Great Reset.

One of the few political leaders who gets this is President Donald Trump.

On Sunday he warned in a video statement from the White House to the Group of 20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia that the Paris Climate Agreement was ‘not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the economy.’

This is fair comment for reasons I have outlined many times before (eg here, here and here).

If the U.S. had remained a signatory it would have ceded huge competitive advantage to favoured economies like India and China to no useful purpose. After all, as Bjorn Lomborg once calculated, even if every country in the world sticks to its carbon reduction targets agreed at Paris, the best-case scenario is that it might reduce global warming by the end of the century by 0.170 degrees C. This is a difference so small it will be barely measurable and certainly not noticeable – at a cost to the global economy of perhaps $1.5 trillion per year.

Tweet: Breitbart London
World Economic Forum Outlines Its ‘Great Reset’ to End Traditional Capitalism
World Economic Forum Heralds 'Great Reset' of Global Economy and Society
The coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for a "new kind of capitalism" according to World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab. 12:40 PM · Oct 14, 2020

Yet Joe Biden — in the event that he becomes president — has promised that he will drag the U.S. back into this frivolous, destructive, eye-waveringly expensive deal.


One might well ask the same question of the policies recently announced by the government in my own country,  the United Kingdom. Here Boris Johnson’s ‘Conservative’ administration has decreed that diesel- and petrol-powered cars must be phased out from 2030, as part of a 10-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution‘ including more wind farms, more ‘green finance’, more money spent on public transport and cycle lanes, more ‘investment’ in dubious (and so far, highly unsuccessful) technologies like ‘Carbon Capture.’

Do these sound like ‘conservative’ policies to you?

Do you think all those working-class ‘Red Wall‘ voters in the Midlands and the North who lent their votes to the Conservatives in 2019, many for the first time, did so in the hope that Johnson would drive up their heating bills or confiscate their petrol cars and force them to buy electric ones they could never hope to afford?

Does this sound like a recipe for an economic revival — higher taxes, more government subsidies — after the slump caused by the government’s draconian lockdown policies?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions than I have a magnificent range of very competitively priced bridges I’d like to sell you.

As Matt Ridley cogently argues here, there could scarcely be a more effective way of killing Britain’s post-Brexit future than implementing Boris Johnson’s green revolution.

My fear is that we will carry out Boris’s promised 10-point plan, cripple our economy, ruin our seascapes and landscapes, and then half way through the 2030s along will come cheap, small, safe fusion reactors. The offshore wind industry, by then so stuffed with subsidies they can afford to lobby politicians and journalists even more than they do to today, will suck their teeth and say: “no, no, no – ignore the fusion crowd. We’re on the brink of solving the reliability issue, and don’t worry, the cost will come down eventually. Promise!”

Boris, this is not the way to the promised land, especially when the government is borrowing £300 billion because of covid. High-cost electricity will prevent the United Kingdom making a success of Brexit. It will bankrupt us in the short run, make us less competitive in the long run and not cut emissions much anyway.

Indeed. One theory has it that it’s all down to the influence of Boris’s green activist girlfriend Carrie Symonds, her worryingly powerful chum in the House of Lords Zac Goldsmith, and to Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove, who was memorably pictured last year with a bunch of fellow eco-loon MPs drooling over the Doom Goblin Greta Thunberg.

But it’s actually much more sinister – and global than that.

It’s not just in the U.S. and the UK that this embrace of the green agenda is taking place. It’s happening across Europe, and around the world from Australia to Canada.

In terms of saving the environment it makes no sense: why would you erect more bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes if you cared about wildlife and nature?

In terms of delivering a better world for voters it makes no sense either: it will just mean more restrictions, higher taxes, higher energy bills, less foreign travel, less freedom and so on.

What you need to understand is that the supposed ‘climate crisis’ we’ve been hearing about ad nauseam since at least the 1992 Rio Earth Summit was really just a pretext for the kind of globalist takeover now being conducted by our governments in lockstep with the World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset and the United Nations’ parallel Agenda 2030 (an update of its notorious Agenda 21).

Man-made global warming was never a plausible threat (existing only in the computer modelled projections of parti-pris activist scientists. And we know all about them don’t we, Neil Ferguson?). But it was, for decades, a handy pretext for concerted action by governments all over the world, under the auspices of organisations like the UN and its various COP climate summits, artificially to raise energy prices and increase state rules and regulations, and enrich crony corporatists, under the pretence that it was being done to save the planet.

But what is these globalists’ ultimate goal? And why is environmentalism such a key part of their plan?

For this, you’ll have to wait for my next piece, when I tell you about the most extraordinary and revealing interview I conducted with Patrick M Wood, who has been studying this phenomenon since it began in the early Seventies.

It’s so bizarre that it sounds like a dystopian fantasy – like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Unfortunately, the crazies backing this Great Reset are all too serious. They’ve got the money, they’ve got the power and with just a bit more time they’re going to get their way…

Unless, of course, we inform ourselves what they’re up to and take preventive measures before it’s too late.

Watch this space.


Isn't that sustaining the simple to corrupt present system?

(heh) 3:49 video: "Will Witt and Candace Owens: Would You Rather"

Here is one theory on how trump can win
Nuke DC? China may object.

72-min video: Lionel - "Remembering the Worst Thanksgiving in American History"

10-min video: Thomas Wictor - "Are you ready for what's coming?"

11-min video: Paul Joseph Watson - "MEET THE NEW BOSS"

Anna Von Reitz: "For All State Coordinators"

Reader: Cairn News - "China is the real culprit for massive voter fraud in the US"

Reader: ERBN - "Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Injunction, PA 2020 Elections Likely Unconstitutional"

Jon Rappoport: "Rebellion rising; the people have had enough"
The little Hitlers absolutely hate it when you ignore them. Perhaps the BBC could give 'im a job... Ahhh hahaha :)
>  Video: The Pieman Cometh
Brick pie highly recommended. For the entire cabinet.

FKTV: "Dark Journalist: JFK, NASA, Nazis X-Protect and the UFO File!"
As Bluebeam going live approaches, more and more leaks about aliens keep seeping from the woodwork mixed with large dollops of facts. The enemies named seem credible, the CIA has always been obvious.


News From the Front: FKTV - Have Retired US Generals Been Contracted to War Against the US?
Since before they retired? Investigate!

Video: "I truly thought people would be smarter..."
A glimmer of light in the darkness

Video: I Bought a Voting Machine Online … Then Hacked It

Ever Seen a Real Virus Up Close?

Student Loan Forgiveness Doesn't Forgive the Loan - It Transfers it to those Who Didn't Ask for it, Want it, Agreed or Benefited from it

The rant exhibits criminal prejudice.

CGI's Morgan: “We’re All in This Together!” — Millions of Americans Expect to Lose Their Homes as Virus Maoism Rages
> Calif. officials evict crowds of activists illegally occupying vacant homes

Eric Clapton Collabs With Van Morrison On Anti-Lockdown Song, Gets Called ‘White Supremacist’

Former Pfizer chief Claims Covid-19 - vid Pandemic Effectively Over, no Need for any Vaccine

Video: Robert Kiyosaki - "They Call it NUMBER THEATER"
> (eh?) Doesn't "wrong 50% of the time" mean...
Doesn't a 100% wrong mean... They tune the test for a human gene sequence because there is no virus, only human exosomes produced in response to NIR poisoning.

Reader: Great video SGT report with Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Sheri Tenpenny VID
Not so great - Unintentional propaganda supporting the harmful virus myth. I expect they think inert "viruses" mutate. There are potentially as many human exosome packages as there are stars. Your cells make them. Fools, criminals and the misled call them harmful viruses. Nevertheless there's good info mixed with the misleading. A fool and their freedoms are easily separated. In Britain registering to vote surrenders all your rights.

Landmark Legal Ruling Finds That Covid Tests Not Fit For Purpose — So What Does MSM Do? They Ignore It
7 more entries to this thread

LA County admits no science links outdoor dining and COVID-19 surge, but they banned it anyway

AndiV: Mossyrock, WA passes ordinance allowing businesses to stay open
> 10 million people contracted Tuberculosis last year. 1.4 million people DIED." TB is an airborne pathogen. Where were the closures? Crickets *NM*
> UK - every increase in COVID labelled deaths has an equal and opposite lack of non-COVID deaths.

The Pennsylvania House legislature introduced a resolution that disputes the statewide 2020 election results.
> This was posted on our Department of State dashboard but had since been deleted

French Revolution 2? - the Bank of France is burning RIGHT NOW
Rothies' bank? Macron must be mortified. Him next?

Mike Adams' Health Ranger Report - PART 1: Situation Update, Nov. 28th - ART
OF WAR: How Trump won the election battle BEFORE Nov. 3rd.
> "We've got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest."
> Mike Adams' Health Ranger Report - PART 2: Situation Update, Nov. 28th - ART OF WAR: How Trump won the election battle BEFORE Nov. 3rd.

COVID-19: Americans are in “delusional psychosis” and policing each other, psychiatrist warns
Britain too.
>  Petition in Post Above About Any Thoughts of Mandatory Vaccination!

Trump removes war criminals / profiteers Kissinger, Albright; spy for Israel Harmon; and Israel-Firster Cantor from the Defense Policy Board

Another harmful virus believer. Dr Cowan has to work harder to get the truth out.

Pope Francis doesn’t mention Jesus in NY Times op-ed calling for ‘better, different, human future’ The Pope's piece reads like a page from B

SORCHA: "Trump Authorizes Firing Squad Executions While Kamala Harris Remains In Hiding "

Moral Decay Leads To Collapse
>  Lessons from Rome: Moral Decay and Corruption

General McInerney describes the Kraken and the raid of the CIA facility in Frankfurt, Germany
> Full interview

Dutchsinse: Massive 50,000 ft. high Volcanic blast DIRECTLY @ TODAYS WARNED AREA - Lewotolo Volcano [VIDEO]



Mysterious metallic monolith disappears from remote Utah desert

13-min video: "If You Hate Jordan Peterson Watch This Video • It Will Change Your Mind"

34-min video: Jordan Sather - "ATJ #4: Sidney's Lawsuit & Dominion's Dumb Response - Section 230 - Trump Fires Kissinger [11.27.20]"

links: "Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Deleted After Publication"
> GMI: "John Hopkins Researcher: No Excess Deaths from COVID-19; Official Stats Are Misleading, Indicating Misclassification"


Reader: NewsMax - "Pa. State Senator Moving to Have Legislature Appoint Electors"

***Full interview with Gen. Flynn and Gen. McInerney (video)

Messages from Ann & the Angels - 11/28/2020 • Change your focus Change your life

65-1/2 min video: Lionel - "No Trump, No CNN/MSDNC/FakeNews"

18-min video: Thomas Wictor - "What I once did a lifetime ago"

5-min video: Glenn Beck - "Megyn Kelly on what's happening to Fox News"

11-min video: Styx666 - "Yes, the US Election Was Fraudulent; but Will the Judiciary Recognize That?"

hobie: Anna Von Reitz: "No Fault"
> Anna Von Reitz: "A Brief, Brutal Review"
>> Anna Von Reitz: "Tricky Dick and Health Care Profiteering"

Video: The Great Barbecue Rebellion Day 4: Adamson BBQ - Boarded Shut, Heavy Police Presence on Scene
> Great Way for COSTCO To Eliminate the Competition

The PA Supreme Courts were Funded by GEORGE SOROS

JIM STONE says, WATCH this 1-HOUR VIDEO INTERVIEW of General Flynn and General Mcinerney. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!
***Watch the vid in George's post above, it's youtube with controls, Jim's vid has none.

Dominion software deleted over 2.7 million votes nationwide, switched over 500,000 from Trump to Biden

SORCHA: "Leftist Lunatics Forget Bush Lost Every Election Court Case—Except The One That Counted"

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Nov. 29th - 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is "Kraken" (1hr 8min)

The great Venezuelan voting machine warehouse fire of March 2020

UPDATE: Judge REVERSES Order, Allows Georgia Officials To Wipe/Reset Voting Machines

Included in This Post Are Arguments For & Against Transhumanism After 12 years of Research I Am Against It From The Groups That Exist Today!

Reader, 10-min video: United Network - "URGENT UDPATE 11/24" (sic)
>  Reader: "SHE will soon be arrested..."

Jon Voight warns of “great danger” of Biden admin, calls CA Gov. Newsom “a disgrace to mankind”

REVEALED: Video Released of Phone Call Recording to Chinese Manufacturer Requesting a Bulk Order of Fake US 2020 Ballots
> I wonder if this is the phone call referred to by a 4chan anon that would "flip everything to Trump"
>> CrystalRiver: Interesting Thank You Mr.Fusion *NM*
5 Times Studies Proved Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias (Like I Said, Icky Wicky Liars Most)

'INTEL' Monkey Werx & Mike Adams - GITMO CIA Rendition Flights are CONTINUING - Confessions Extracted - Traitors Turned (Video Interview& Text)

Amazing Polly discovers $5,000 monogrammed Christmas stockings for sale but on backorder at Walmart, Ebay and Amazon - Shades of #Wayfair


The Reincarnational Truth About Trump and Nero

Epoch Times: "Candace Owens Challenges Facebook Fact-Checker PolitiFact, Wins Correction"

BREAKING! Joe Biden suffers ‘hairline fractures & will wear walking boot’ after he slipped and twisted ankle while playing with his dog
Did he borrow Hillary's?
>  Did he or didn't he? Biden’s Team Won’t Allow Pool Reporters to See Biden Go In or Leave Doctor Appointment
>>  Utsava tweeted: Biden's accident conveys a coded message that the Elite are sending to each other. Dog=Top Dog, Major=Major Event Happening
There was I thinking it was just to make the ankle bracelet more comfortable.

VIDEO 17.58 - (NOT TO BE MISSED) Simon Parkes 29th November Election Update 2020

Trump: The FBI and the Department of Justice...Involved - THIS ELECTION WAS A TOTAL FRAUD!

Power Tripping Does Not Matter When You're Dead

A Biblical Prophetic Message.... God's timing via Bo Polney and Greg Hunter THIS IS A MUST WATCH
> see corrected link
:) ... works in mysterious ways.

X22 Report Ep. 2340a&b - Durham On Deck, Done In 30, Darkness Gives Way To Light, Think Article II (62 min in two parts)

BREAKING: Judge Timothy Batten Issues Order to Freeze All Dominion Machines in Georgia …UPDATE: Judge Reverses Order Within Hours

Just to say thanks to the RumorMill News contributors. They are showing us what will happen here if we allow it.
Bluebeam musings.
The voice of a god in each language transmitters are in place, thanks Elon. The space force to fight the baddie Venusian ChiCom Russians is in place. Atlantis flying city types already practiced, enough shit in the air to hold the 3D projections, the projectors' launch-aircraft base is in Alaska, currently used to screen rehearsals with artificial sunlight?
Can - will it beat Star Wars in the ratings? Will Netflix buy the serialisation rights? Should I buy shares in popcorn yet?

More info:

Last thought on this page. Do the sacks need 5G to put voices in peoples' heads?
If there's enough shit in the air, why are the toxic, persistent contrails still continuing? Are the sacks still working on the "second wave"?
Tags: #wayfair, 5g, banditboris, certofvaxid19, commiecabinet, covid19, delingpole, rumors, sarscov2, ukcnews

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