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22nd Nov Supplemental. Diseased Election, COVID CON, UKC and Rumors

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21-22 November Rumors done, and added Shrimpton article from VT at the bottom. UKC from 20th still to add.

Possible clarification on bacteria and disease.
I think of the body's defences as the immune system, even if  that proves to be an incorrect way of terming the procedure.
Dr. Cowan informed in one of his vid reports/ lectures that bacteria are not a disease. What happens is that they die and part of their remains is toxic. Obvious really, foreign DNA-RNA and proteins. The toxins are cleared up by the body's defences and bacteria which live in that environment and to which those toxins are not toxic also consume them, processing them into something harmless. If sufficient foreign bacteria are consumed or inhaled, then their transfer from one environment to another, food to stomach fluids, air to blood via the lungs or an injury, they die, then the body's defences respond, diarrhea and other responses develop.
I haven't sussed out why anti-bacterials work yet, maybe by switching off the more extreme defence responses such as diarrhea. Or perhaps if the excretions of surviving foreign bacteria are toxic from consuming material not found in our body, anti bacterials may actually perform as advertised and nuke them. But would the pharms industry sell us something that

There is no such thing as a natural virus harmful to humans.
COVID hotspots are 5G roll-out zones.
Symptoms blamed on the mythical COVID virus are caused by electromagnetic radiation poisoning due to radiation densification by 4G and 5G, specifically non ionising corona field radiation. COVID flu is #5Gflu.
Labour is exposed as the left hand of the terrorist one party Nazi dictatorship system.
Cancel your Trade Union membership at the same time as you leave the party of sacks.

Yes TERRORIST. They are fearmongering and killing people. Every government (word used advisedly) promoting fear by terrorism IS a terrorist organisation.

Much of what I've been saying in one article.
Note, when reading, EXOSOMES are produced, NOT COVID19, nor coronavirus a mythical, fraudulently patented  3rd party virus. What is described as disease is an exosome stimulated immune response to radiation damage, 5Gflu. It may be that some of the 5G flu symptoms can be reproduced by a weaponised bat exosome introduced by aerosol, vaccine, tests and food contamination. Most of the elderly that died in N. Italy had the flu jab. The financial institutions want the pensioners killed off to save their sad, sick, perveted sorry asses.

COVID-19 is a Smokescreen for 5G Radiation Sickness
Great Mountain Publishing November 15, 2020
by Edward Hendrie

On February 5, the Diamond Princess was boarded at port Yokohama in Tokyo Bay by Japanese health officials. Those health officials pronounced that 10 persons on board were diagnosed as having coronavirus, later known as COVID-19. The ship was ordered quarantined for 14 days. Nobody could leave the ship during the quarantine period. Within 3 days another 125 passengers were diagnosed with having COVID-19). By February 13, a total of 218 people were diagnosed with having COVID-19.

A little known fact is that the Diamond Princess was sporting some new high tech 5G towers. An earlier news release explained that “Princess Cruises has announced a new dimension in its connectivity partnership with SES and will become the first global cruise ship fleet with early access to SES’s O3b mPOWER network augmenting the Princess Medallion Class experience as it scales across the fleet, according to a press release.” Cruise Industry News, February 3, 2020.

Is there a connection between the newly installed 5G network on the ship and the passengers being struck ill with coronavirus? It should be noted that only the Princess cruise line that had installed the 5G had outbreaks of COVID-19. In March 2020, the Grand Princess had outbreaks of COVID-19 before docking in San Francisco. The Ruby Princess was reported to have had an outbreak of COVID-19 involving 600 passengers prior to docking on March 19, 2020, at Sydney, Australia. All of those ships are Medallion Class ships with the new 5G tower connectivity from SES’s O3b mPOWER.

SES explains on their website that the O3b mPOWER is a next-generation 5G satellite signal system.

Together with key stakeholders and technology partners, SES Networks is advancing satellite integration into 5G through standardization, technology development and demonstrations.
SES Networks is advancing satellite integration into 5G through standardization, technology development and demonstrations.
We’ve also invested in the revolutionary O3b mPOWER next-generation satellite system, which will augment our existing MEO assets with terabit-scale capabilities.

Studies Prove Connection Between 5G and COVID-19 Symptoms

What is the effect of 5G on humans? Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D, sought to answer that question. Dr. Havas “compared the average number of cases, deaths, and tests for covid-19 per million population in states with and without 5G.”

Dr. Havas found that the standardized testing for states with and without 5G was similar. But he discovered a real difference in COVID-19 cases per million population for those states that deployed 5G. Dr. Havas found that “Covid-19 cases per million are 95% higher and covid-19 deaths per million are 126% higher in states with 5G.”

Covid-19 cases, deaths and tests standardized for population density (data courtesy of A. Tsiang).

A Spanish study proved that countries with 5G had 220% more COVID-19 infections than countries that had not deployed 5G.

“The results obtained demonstrate a clear and close relationship between the rate of coronavirus infections and 5G antenna location.”
“The case of San Marino is particularly significant. It was the first state in the world to install 5G and therefore, the state whose citizens have been exposed to 5G radiation the longest, and suspiciously, the first state in the world with infections. The probability of this happening is 1 in 37,636.”

Indeed, San Marino is truly a stark indicator of 5G culpability for COVID-19. It was the first European state to adopt 5G technology and had virtually no regulations on its use. Notably, San Marino has the highest incident per 1,000 population of COVID-19 in Europe. Indeed, its rate is a whopping 27 times greater than the infection rate in Croatia. Why such a stark difference between San Marino and Croatia? The reason is that Croatia does not have 5G.

5G Explains Cruise Ship COVID-19 Outbreak

Does 5G explain the COVID-19 outbreak on the Princess cruise ships? A researcher has studied the COVID-19 outbreak aboard the Diamond Princess and he concluded the following:

When the Diamond Princess data was compared to the controls, it’s clear that the death and infection rates of the Diamond Princess significantly surpass the death and infection rates of all the control data. Ongoing use of 5G can result in potential harm to populations. For the above reasons, this paper concludes that 5G wireless technology radiation is a probable factor for causing Covid-19 outbreaks, but still identifies other causes that still need to be tested. Governments are recommended to impose a moratorium on 5G wireless technology until it can be proven that this technology is safe for humans and the environment.

[Image caption and link:]
Diamond Princess on or about February 5, 2020, Docked at Tokyo Bay During Its COVID-19 Quarantine

Wuhan is China’s Experimental City For 5G

China has one of the largest 5G networks in the world. In November 2019, the Chinese government announced plans to blanket China with more than 130,000 5G base stations.

Wuhan, China, which started the entire alleged COVID-19 pandemic, was interestingly enough one of the first cities in China to be blanketed with 5G technology. The plans to blanket Wuhan in 5G bandwidth was announced in April 2018. The Chinese government announced that “[b]y 2020, 5G network will cover every corner of the city.”

Sure enough, right on cue, as soon as the 5G network was fired up in Wuhan, the citizens started dropping like flies with symptoms that exactly mirrored the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Indeed, the very hospital that treated most of the Wuhan COVID-19 patients was, itself, bathed in 5G electromagnetic radiation.

Wuhan, China’s Experimental city for 5G

What Does 5G Do To Humans?

Scientific researchers looked a the science behind 5G and its effects on the human body. They stated:

In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

Id. at 1.

The researchers explained:

Thus, towers in this technology could exchange waves with DNAs within cells and produce various types of diseases such as COVID-19.

Id. at 5.

How does this happen? They state that “5G technology waves could pass the cell membranes and lead to production of COVID-19.” Id. at 7.

The researchers concluded:

In this research, we have shown that new generation mobile technology, like 5G, could have the main role in constructing various types of viruses, such as Coronaviruses, within a cell.
[...main role in provoking cells to issue exosomes that instigate an immune or defence response to damage by EMF NIR called flu. 5G accelerates O2 electron rotational speed making it unavailable to red cells or by onboard O2 disrupting cell membranes, 4G heats H2O, double whammy. Cc]

Id. at 9.

These astounding findings were met with an outcry from the larger scientific community who put pressure on the publisher of the research paper, Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents, to withdraw the publication of the paper, which they did. The paper is now listed as a retracted research paper.

The original research paper can be downloaded at the link below.

Original, more links at the end of the story here:

WHO Official Speaks Out Against Lockdowns & COVID Vaccine Trials Are A Sham Designed To Succeed
Last American Vagabond October 12, 2020
Author Ryan Cristián
Quite a lot about about the mask hoax. I listened in 8x15 min. bites,

UK Column News - 18th November 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.


00:29 - Serious Events In Europe
Ruptly Facebook Channel: -
Le Parisien Article: -
Assemblee Nationale Amendments: -

04:39 - Policing In The UK
Mondays UK Column: -
UK Column Tweet: -
UK Column On Twitter: -

08:55 - Boris Johnson's Great Reset Of Everything
Boris Article: -
WEF Great Reset Article: -
NY Times Post (Scroll Down): -
BIS Press Release: -
Dr Day Transcripts and Recording: -
Full Recording of Dr Day's Presentation: -

18:36 - Changing Gears Falling Living Standards
Social Mobility Commission Report: -

20:00 - Portugeuse Appeal Court Deem PCR Tests Unreliable
Lancet Report: -
Lockdown Skeptic Article (Scroll Down): -
Corona Doks Article: -
Dr's For Truth Dr Elke de Klerk: -
KenFM Reiner Fullmich Interview: -
Corona-Transition Article: -
T-Online Article: -
The Local de Article: -

32:00 - The Great NHS Reset
RCH Trust Update: -
NHS Reset: -
NHS Confederation Reset Article: -

44:40 - People Indiscriminately Spreading UK Column Stickers Without Cause Which UK Column Really Really Condemn A Lot.

46:17 - Welsh Alleged Child Abduction Case
NorthWales Live Article: -
David Scott Samantha Baldwin Interviews on Northern Exposure: -

51:55 - Dissidents Guide To The Constitution
A Dissidents Guide Part 3 - Rights: -
Parliament Evidence Committees Front Page: -
Constitutional Committee: -
Gym Owner Serves Affidavit: -
Patriotic Alternative Video: -
Police Tweet: -
Times Union Article: -
The Corona Cure Tweet: -
Gemma O'Doherty: -
French Constitutional Amendment: -

58:02 - Reinvigorating EU Defence Union
Reuters Article: -
Defense News Article: -

01:01:05 - Second Class Liberty?
Huffington Post Article: -
ECLJ Map: -
Social Mobility Commission Report: -


RUMORS highlighted, with a few comments. Added 21 & 22.

Epic! Crowd Sings “We Will Rock You” Outside NY Gov. Cuomo’s Mansion
Don't they have stocks, the wooden ones, and rotten tomatoes and bad eggs?

The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought

Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Other Classic Books BANNED in California Schools for “Racism”

(?) Tweet: "NIACIN (nicotinic acid) PROTOCOL as BONAFIDE prophylaxis or OVERNIGHT cure against #COVID19"
But does smoking work to stop the immune response, 5Gflu called CV19? If so, it would explain why the sack Cameron wanted us to stop smoking.

States Can Punish 'faithless' Electors, Supreme Court Rules - But, Electors Are The Final Fail Safe Our Nation Needs

Reader: "Portugal: Lisbon Court of Appeal Rules that Health Authorities Have No “Power or Legitimacy to Deprive Anyone of Their Freedom”

For how much longer?

GMI: 'The COVID "Pandemic": Destroying People’s Lives. Engineered Economic Depression. Global "Coup d'Etat"?'
5Gflu pandemic is not a pandemic by any stretch of the statistics.

Watch Out! Quick Onset Of Fascism - No Governor Can Make a Law - Neither Can a Private Corporation- Peggy Hall Vid

Anna Von Reitz: Remember, Remember the 22nd of November
Will  history be allowed to repeat? Snakesssss are far from resplendent in defeat.
Sarah Westall: Ruling Elite's Massive Family Trust Controls Worlds' Wealth
Lion -


Civil Disobedience Is the Solution for this COVID-19 Madness
Without violence if possible. They hate it when you ignore them.

Washington Post Demands Elimination of Electoral College

This Seems Important – Dominion REFUSED to Testify Before PA House Committee Today — Lawyered Up Instead

IT BEGINS: Orange County, Sacramento and El Dorado County Sheriffs Will Not Enforce Gavin Newsom’s Curfew Order
Mark the date. Wonder if Anna had anything to do with it? History will likely judge these lockdowns to be the greatest policy error of this generation
In truth, mass murder by edict.

Lin Wood tweets: "FREE AT LAST!!!" / Rick Schroder & Mike Lindell contributed

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse released after posting $2 million bail
Criminal. All the evidence says innocent.

UnRig Elections MK Ultra Mind Control / By Cathy O'Brien

Penny for your thoughts: Scientists Spread Mind Viruses: Music, Memes and Mindcontrol via Social Media That's Some Powerful Manipulation....

More CIA "cloud" contracts to Amazon and Microsoft
CIA is anti-american.

Reader: "Can the UK courts be trusted at all to do the right thing?"

SORCHA: "National Emergency Election Now In Hands Of Top Executioner In Modern American History"

hobie: Anna Von Reitz: "Someone Needs to Tell Congress"
Their replace the Constitutions with the United Nations’ (UN) Bill of Human Rights is inane as well as insane.
>  Anna Von Reitz: "Point of Clarification"
>>  Anna Von Reitz: "Update--Situation Red Dot"
>>  Anna Von Reitz: "Common Misconceptions-- 7.0: Lawful Fictions and Legal Fictions"

Anna Von Reitz: "Public Message to Pope Francis - Stop This Madness"

X22 Report Ep. 2334a&b - Once The [News Unlocks] Can The Puzzle [Full Picture] Be Put Together, Panic In DC (52 min in 2 parts)

The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the grand battle taking place right now for the future of America and the free world / VIDEOS

Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden's Human Trafficking Compact VIDEO 42.51


21st Nov
Quick Overview of the Election Situation
"Dominion soft wear officials have refused to come forward as requested and are now on the run"

Mike Adams: "It's coming: Plugged-in patriots lay out Trump's epic counterattack"

Seal Team 6 Seized Dominion Servers in Frankfurt, Miller Ordered All Special Ops Forces to Report Directly to Him (vid. 50 m)

INTEL 'Military Insider' Current Situation Report - KRAKENED! (Video)
Watch. Q. Who is Esra Cohen Watnick?

link to 30-min video: "Those responsible for the CV19 fake crisis to be sued for crimes against humanity and child abuse"

AskAPrepper: "How To Escape Zip Ties"


Video: David Icke - "There IS an End Game"

FKTV: No Surprises Here: Sidney Powell - Evidence - 10 Million Illegal Votes Cast for Biden
>  FBI Is Deep States' Gatekeeper
>>  Reader H: "Not just the FBI, also the DOJ, and the Supreme Court..."
>>>  Reader D: " There is NOT ONE single significant notable case which I can remember..."

Top Canadian Pathologist Tells Alberta Government COVID Is "The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public" 5 min zoom vid
Dead vid
> Reader: Corona Virus - It's Cause and it's Cure
RumorMail 22-Nov
Cause 5G. Cure fibre optic cable.
> From GeorgeEaton: Here is a transcript of what the Doctor reveals:
RumorMail 22-Nov

Dominion Eric Coomer Supposedly Taped Saying To ANTIFA " Don't Worry Trump Won't Win We Fixed That" video

Trump Confirms The Pentagon & The CIA Are In Charge Of Foreign Policy
> Reader: Trump is bringing active duty troops back home so that when the Antifa/BLM start to loot and fire-burn...
There was I thinking it was because theft, land piracy and regime change wars using NATO and American forces is illegal.

President Trump Speaks on Efforts to Lower Drug Costs
Make pharms peddlers liable e.g. for vaccine and opiod harms

Dan Bongino - The Evidence is Right There in Front of Your Eyes ~ Ep. 1398 ~ vid

The British Royals and the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Video

Losing a suntan?

Fauci Will ‘Keep Us Masked Until the End of Time’ - Sen. Rand Paul (video 3m)
Why is he still there, alive?
>  The Virus, The Virus - is it in the air? The Spreading
>>  How Can We Know There Is a Increase of the Virus if The Tests Don't Work (and they don't)?

LifeSite’s channel was suspended by YouTube. Here’s how you can still watch our videos - Rumble is popular as an alternative to ...

Video Link: Waste of Skin, Lost Cause, Bought Off Politicians Vs Real Virologist Who Spills Truth About CovID Extortion Scheme
Working vid, same Dr as dead vid above.
WND: Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are 'greatest hoax ever'

Why is challenging suspicious election results ‘a threat to our democracy’?
>  Reader S: "What democracy?"
>  Anything threatening the onward progress of communism is deemed "A threat to our democracy"...

Video Link: History Lesson - What They Will Never Teach You IN School
Templars' conversion to Freemason Kabala satanism included. What are the Masons guarding Trump? If Satanist, what is Trump? If you want names, read The Creatures From Jekyll Island.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Prepares To Certify Trump Re-election + Great Reset In The Crosshairs

NY Health Authorities Attempt To Shut Down Gathering — Chased Off By Fed-Up Citizens!
>  Folks In Post Above Are Awesome (must watch) *NM*
>>  Did Reason & Logic Stop Those That Want Us To OBEY THEM?
CrystalRiver 22-Nov

X22 Report interviews Praying Medic (Dave Hayes): Information Warfare,Buckle Up The [DS] Will Unleash Their Fury When Their [E] Agenda Fails

SORCHA: "Supreme Court Prepares For War After “You Will Find Out Soon” Warning Issued About National Emergency Election"

Lin Wood interview: “Every Lie Will Be Revealed – They’re Going to be Shocked at Level of P*dophilia – Satanic Worship”


Reader: "Demoncraps are SHREDDING & RUNNING! Evidence Being Destroyed! Get YOUR Camera Out and USE IT!!!"

Trump Lawyers: Pennsylvania Lawsuit Dismissal Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court
Read the full thread

Agent Coulson interrupts the broadcast - "Remember, there are more of us than there are of them" (vid 2min)

🔴 Our Nation Is Under Attack! Trump and Millions of Americans Will Defend This Nation From Takeover
Americans killing Americans. Just what they want.

77-1/2 min video: Lionel "[DS] Plans to Destroy Family, Tradition and Faith"


Mike Adams: 'Sidney Powell touts "smoking gun" evidence, plus new situation update podcast'

hobie:  Anna Von Reitz: "Do You Hear the Fear in Their Voices?"
>  Anna Von Reitz: 'About the General Jural "Assemblies" and Their False Claim'
>>  Anna Von Reitz: "Two New Best Friends Forever"

Epoch Times: "Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Team Will Sue Officials ‘To Invalidate’ Election Results"

Video:"Most votes ever cast for a U.S. presidential candidate..."

Dr Sherri Tenpenny tweet: "It really is this simple"
And religion.

Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told
What You’re Not Being Told - how many it will kill, make infertile. The article proked this reaction -
Where Is It Written?
Posted By: Lion
RMN 22-Nov-2020 12:03:15
In Response To: Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told (Lion)
Where Is It Written?
Where is it written that anyone needs, wants, or should have forced upon them - a vaccine to combat a mythological, media and politically driven, pandemic?
In whose dreams, will THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE IN THE US lay down, and allow said poison to be jabbed into their veins?
There is something very delusional going on in the minds of individuals behind this scheme.
You can 'tell' me all day long that I 'need a vaccine'.
But the reality is, I don't need a vaccine to ward off a 'virus' that doesn't exist.
First of all, I challenge anyone to medically prove the Cov-ID -19 operation is a virus at all.
No one will, because no one can actually prove something that is blatantly false to begin with.
Nonetheless, that is exactly what the CovID cult is trying to do.
One of the Enemies favorite tricks when angling for power, is demanding that we be able to disprove a position, of that which is an obviously false narrative from the beginning.
IE: "How can you possibly be against wearing a mask, social distancing, or being vaccinated? You are infecting everyone around you"!
If logic behind this perjorative accusation is flawed, then the accusation itself cannot possibly be worth addressing or consideration.
Not only is the logic flawed, it is a downright lie.
A premeditated falsehood, pushed by the medias' panic buttons.
"WND: Cambridge virologist: Lockdowns and masks are 'greatest hoax ever'"
Since there is no medical proof the Cov-ID (psy)operation is based on a real virus, and no one can medically prove a real, deadly pandemic exists, then any 'logic' for producing a 'vaccine' to combat said virus that isn't - in also a lie of fake logic and flawed perception.
Is the aim of governments and vaccine producers just to jab as many Humans as possible with a deadly cocktail of garbage no one needs or wants?
More and more, evidence is pointing exactly to that outcome.
[There are agendas running using the CV19 hoax as the excuse-cover. Ending small business and the middle class is one. They are starting to cascade. Cc]
More and more, the vaccination agenda is the reason for promoting a virus that doesn't exist.
[Even to the point of being able to alter our DNA to make us sick when they want more. Cc]
More and more the 'virus' exists ONLY because pharmaceutical corporations make vaccines.
If there was not such a huge profit margin for pharmaceutical corporations to produce a vaccine, there would be no fake virus agenda thrust down the throats of an unsuspecting population.
If there was not an evil, lawless, mafioso, CovID cult of non-Human psychopath creatures behind all this madness, the whole world would be much better off.
: Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told
: By Johnny Vedmore |

Vince Palamara: JFK assassination conference presentation 11/21/20 [68 min video]
>  Vince Palamara: The Last Two Days RARE OUTTAKES no sound [4 min video]
>>  Vince Palamara: More Rare Color Films of President Kennedy [10 min video]
>>>  Video 17 Mn: Bob Dylan "Murder Most Foul" 57 Years Ago Today
>>  Text bubble linked to LBJ photo reads: "Get in the limo, loser. I'm about to turn America into Israel's bitch"


Transhumanism... Satan's plan has always been ... get ready...
>  Dear President Trump, DO NOT CONCEDE--The Will Of The People is President Donald Trump!!!

CGI's Morgan: LEVI CELTIC SEER ~ Nigel Farage Summoned podcast

Globalists panic by censoring HOLD UP documentary film viewed by millions that exposes the hidden COVID-19 agenda
>  (Via a French website) The documentary "Hold-Up" has been seen (at least) more than two and a half million times on the Internet
>>  Hold-Up Documentaire inédit COVID-19 [158 min video]
>>>   ENGLISH language version of HOLD UP flilm is being planned. DR. MICHAEL YEADON apparently is one of the expert commentators

Trump attends his final G-20 summit but does not participate in pandemic preparedness session
Are any of the other 19 not traitors to humanity?

SORCHA: "National Emergency Election 100% Of Americans Know Was Stolen About To Go Biblical"

Holocaust Museum opens exhibition about the killing of George Floyd
Holohoax museum. Seems appropriate for one fraud to sustain another.

Soylent Green is here - US Scientists Roll Out Human Meat Eating
Drink thine own piss and eat thine own flesh.

Sidney Powell Has Smoking Guns & Much More == read on
In GB, serious shit goes to court, gets adjourned and is never heard of again.

Australian Gun Owners Warning to Americans, If It Happened to Us It Can Happen To You

Giuliani: Votes from 28 states were sent to Germany and Spain to be fraudulently rigged by Smartmatic
Part 1 : The Day After Roswell...The Roswell Desert...Convoy to Fort
Riley...The Roswell Artifacts...Inside the Pentagon at the Foreign Tech

K A B O O M! Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump)

If Football Games Were Called Like the Election

Video: Paul Joseph Watson - "They Think You're Stupid"
They can reduce IQ but that increases common sense.

Reader, 21-min March 2019 video: "Take a Look Inside America's First 3D-Printer Home ICON Vulcan I"

X22 Report Ep. 2335a&b - The Kraken Is About To Be Released, No Escape, It’s Going To Be Biblical (65 min in two parts)
Obama is in Gitmo? Nope, Britain. Is the kraken more hope porn?

hobie 22-Nov
If you read it all, bear in mind IF the latest "flu" bug is more than fear porn, it is a bioweapon, a toxin and not transmissible person to person, like arsenic, unless scientists have found a way for carrier bags to reproduce. Human alarm exosomes may be exchangeable between people in frequent close contact.
On the election fraud, Robert Steele says Dominion was used to rig GB ballots, also Commonwealth and other countries.
About time someone sussed out what was happening in e.g.  the brexit vote. It should have won out by a landslide.

In a list of wisecracks recently, it was said that Biden should be sainted for raising so many dead. Cameron too by all indications.
(Via CliffR @RMN thanks, more please -)
A gloomy looking teenager has recently been observed bemoaning the fact that, "Their Father voted Republican all his life and now he voted Democrat, he never would have done that when he was alive".
Fifteen out of ten people voted for Biden.
The Catholic Church has just put Biden up as a candidate for Sainthood. He miraculously raised a million people from the dead.
The Democrats sure know how to make every vote count, in fact ten or twenty times.
If your vote mattered, you wouldn't have one. Our enemies fronted by governments and bureaucracies are headed in that direction.


How Not To Rig An Election
Michael Shrimpton continues to expose the fraud in the US general election and explains who was behind it. He also reviews the latest series of the controversial Netflix series The Crown.
By Michael Shrimpton
Veterans Today November 22, 2020
In years to come the attempt to rig the 2020 US general election in favour of Joe Biden will come to be seen as the biggest German mistake since launching Operation Barbarossa back in ’41, after the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht bought into global warming and decided that they could dispense with winter woollies for their troops.
The DVD are of course behind the fraud, as I suspect the Pentagon verified when they seized those Scytl servers in Frankfurt. Scytl itself operates from the Kingdom of Spain, a German client state, but the election fraud was co-ordinated by Correa/COREA Group, which is headquartered in Frankfurt. The Correa Group, which is sometimes referred to as the COREA Group, was set up by the Abwehr/DVD agent Matthias Correa, who at one point was US Attorney for the notorious Southern District of New York, an appointment normally reserved for German assets.
Mathias Correa, reading to his daughter Ann.Correa acted as a liaison between the US Army and the German agent James Forrestal, implicated in the cover-up of the Amelia Earhart shoot-down, who was very properly terminated with extreme prejudice by the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1949. Involved in the establishment by the DVD of the CIA, Correa set up his eponymous group, with headquarters in the American Zone of Western Germany, with a view to controlling both the newly created CIA and the pro-German FBI.
So now you know. Nicely assembled. Surprised the name "Wettin" didn't surface. Regarding Brexit Michael should look through the Christopher Story archive. Had there been a reasonable alternative to Trump, the lesser of 2 evils, I'd have been supporting Gordon's take-down. There isn't.

Is Scytl US in the clear? Is it clear and separate from Sctyl Spain? Media doubling down on the mythical COVID19 and masks DESPITE them being proven totally useless at protecting against nano toxins and proven very harmful every whichway. The Johnson Nazi occupation regime, apparently a branch of the CIA's DVD via MI6 (FCDO) is your thieving, murdering, lying enemy.
Give the team a thumbs up and a few bob if you don't need it. They're certainly proving their worth.  Cancel your zBBC propaganda licence and send UKC the money. All you get from zBBC is enemy occupation regime propaganda and continuous deceit while the presenters (whore whores, traitors) laugh at you..

UK Column News - 20th November 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.


00:22 - Vaccine Disinformation
New Scientist: -
Neil Basu Statement: -
Act Early: -
Tim Hayward Tweet: -

06:52 - State Censorship Masquerading As NGO's
SumofUs Petition: -
SumofUs: -

08:47 - BBC Propaganda Preparing For Ambassador Obama's Ministry of Truth under
BBC Video Clip: -

14:04 - Fact Check The Fact Checkers
Twitter Trend 001: -
Twitter Trend 002: -
CNN Report: -
Daniel Dale Tweet: -

17:36 - Censored Scientific Evidence
21stCenturyWire Survey: -
Unlocked UK Dr Mike Yeadon Video: -
Unlocked UK Statement: -
Labour Party Pro Censorship Statement: -
Sky News Article: -

27:57 - What Is The Defence Budget Being Spent On?
David Ellis Report: -

29:11 - Blanket MSM and Political Silence On Potential U.S. Election Fraud
GrateGameIndia Article: -
Scytl Denial Statement: -
Sidney Powell Statement: -
Smartmatic Board: -
Smartmatic Chairman (Page Now Removed): -
Open Society Foundation Global Board: -
Samantha Power Statement: -
Politico Article: -

48:20 - COVID 19 Mortality In The UK
ONS Week 45 Mortality Data by Pace of Death: -

49:45 - Vaccine Science?
Forbes Article: -
Telegraph Article: -
Free Flu Vaccine: -
World Health Organisation Flu Monitoring: -

56:45- German Resistance To COVID Laws
DW Article: -
1933 German Enabling Act: -

59:53 - U.S. School Closures Challenged
NY Post Article: -
NY Post Article: -
CDC Data: -
Capradio Article: -
Fox11 Article: -

Latest News:
SM Twitter:

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