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Biofuel, CCS and other gang green cock-ups

At last, after several years the message is finally reaching the wooden tops. They and their crackpot boondoggles are bad for the climate, bad for civilisation, bad for business, bad for humanity and bad for biomass. Biofuel is the easy one, not so many politicians and government advisors have investments in it. Windmills, solar and carbon credits will be the hardest to kill despite the fact that they are counterproductive climatically and financially and do nothing to reduce fosfuel dependence. There are too many vested interests in the portfolios of the authorities. The royal estate profits mightily from offshore wind via leases.

Biofuel worse for climate than fossil fuel - study

European plans to promote biofuels will drive farmers to convert 69,000 square km of wild land into fields and plantations, depriving the poor of food and accelerating climate change, a report warned on Monday.
The impact equates to an area the size of the Republic of Ireland.
As a result, the extra biofuels that Europe will use over the next decade will generate between 81 and 167 percent more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, says the report.

Despite Billions in Subsidies, Corn Ethanol Has Not Cut U.S. Imports
In the next few weeks, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to rule on a proposal to increase from 10 percent to 15 percent the amount of ethanol that may be blended into gasoline. If the EPA approves the move, the U.S. motor-fuel market would yet again become the victim of misguided federal intervention. Since the 1970s, Congress has justified subsidies to the corn ethanol industry with the oft-repeated claim that boosting domestic production of ethanol will increase America's energy security by reducing U.S. oil imports. That claim has no basis in fact.

Biofuel plan will cause rise in carbon emissions
Britain's promise to more than double its use of biofuels by 2020 is "significantly" adding to worldwide carbon emissions, the Government admitted yesterday. Britain is signed up to a European guarantee to source 10 per cent of its transport fuel from renewable sources, such as biofuels, within the next 10 years.
But ministers have said that the policy is proving counter-productive and the greenhouse emissions associated with biofuels are substantially greater than the savings. They are now urging the European Commission to rethink the plan. The admission coincides with a major study published this week which concludes that biofuels will create an extra 56 million tons of CO2 per year – the equivalent of 12 to 26 million cars on Europe's roads by 2020. (Independent)

Forced use of biofuels could hit food production, EU warned
Area the size of Ireland could be lost to conventional farming as global warming accelerates, says environmental study
Plans to make European motorists use more biofuels could take an area the size of Ireland out of food production by 2020 and accelerate climate change, a study has found

More EC and UK luhnacy
EU Opens Bidding for $6 Billion in Carbon Capture, Renewable Energy Aid
The EU invited bids for “clean coal” and renewable aid that will come from the planned sale over the next two years of a total of 300 million allowances to emit carbon dioxide under Europe’s cap-and-trade program. Today’s announcement covers 200 million of the CO2 permits, which will come from a reserve set up for the post-2012 phase of the EU emissions-trading system.
The European Investment Bank, the 27-nation EU’s lending arm, will sell the allowances to generate revenue for the winning carbon-capture and renewable-energy projects. The EU trading system imposes CO2 quotas on around 12,000 power plants and factories, forcing those that exceed their limits to buy extra permits and allowing businesses that emit less to sell their surplus.

Meantime, with borrowed money that could be used to reduce the UK's 7.9 trillion national debt:
'Cleaner gas' drive in £9bn carbon plan
If Huhne is unaware that there is no justification for CCS regardless of belief in CO2's godlike abilities, he is unfit for his position.
NYT - "That’s a lot of money for a technology whose adoption faces three potentially insurmountable hurdles: it greatly reduces the output of power plants; pipeline capacity to move the newly captured carbon dioxide is woefully insufficient; and the volume of waste material is staggering" and "Analysts estimate that capturing the carbon dioxide cuts the output of a typical plant by as much as 28 percent."
Master Resource - No one in the bureaucracy has had the courage to stand up and refute this politically correct but scientifically bankrupt concept.
(Gods forgive me for quoting -) Greenpeace - "Carbon capture and storage is a scam. It is the ultimate coal industry pipe dream,”
Oxburgh pres. of the CCS assoc. (
Link) "There is no doubt that CCS is too expensive today to become a viable solution. It will lead to a 30% increase in electricity costs and requires a 20-25% increase in the physical footprint of power plant facilities.

Read that last as a conservative estimate, 20-25% increase in the fossil fuel used. We have wind energy that is was sold to Joe Public as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel dependence that fails utterly on both counts (see The Wind Energy Boondoggle & Supplement) and to rub salt in the end user and taxpayer wounds it is a prohibitively expensive highly undependable energy source that has no place in the energy mix. Then along comes Huhne, probably pushed by vested interests, he wants to increase fosfuel dependence with CCS and further increase energy bills on top of the nonsensical wind energy penalty users are already paying. 28% reduction in output in the face of coming Brown outs. Cloud cuckoo land hardly begins to describe it, either that or a criminal enterprise (possibly the EC or the bankster cartel) is at work. How long will the public tolerate this illogical, hugely costly behaviour? Especially as more and more people are coming to realise CO2 is no threat to the climate.
(Also How Stupid Can It Get? Carbon Capture, Huhne Surrealism)

With regard to wind farms, when an honest and or intelligent person gets in charge of energy, there is no problem cancelling contracts. Wind was sold based on its energy capacity. It delivers around 8% of that capacity in usable energy.

More rent seeking nonsense:
New ocean acidification study shows added danger to already struggling coral reefs
The problem with these studies is that they work on the premise that coral uses carbonate for shell building. In fact it uses bicarbonate that dissolving CO2 increases. Link

E.U. Sees U.S. "Disappearing" As Partner On Climate
Sanity is slowly returning to US politics after their public gave the gang greenists a mighty kick in the particulars in the mid term elections. Except California that is now being steered towards bankrupty by Arnie.Stupidity doesn't deserve bailing out. The federalist-globalist EC sees only financial and political profit in promoting the lie that CO2 is harmful.

The Guardian is running at least 4 rising seas-drowning island pieces [@ 3mm per year, probably declining as the oceans are cooling.]
The view from beneath the waves: climate change in the Solomon Islands
The devil and the deep blue sea: Climate change on Kiribati
Kiribati climate change conference: voices from the South Pacific
Climate change could kill my islands' culture

It is sad that the a combination of tectonics and human activity is to blame for their woes and financial help is not the subject of objection. What is objectionable is the obtainment of public funds by fraudulent means and that a national newspaper of some standing supports the fraud is beneath contempt.

The BIG LIE of Global Warming!
The First Big Lie of the Global Warming Believers (the Warmists) is that the whole debate comes down to one issue on with which you either agree or don’t agree.

  (Bishop Hill)
Some of you may remember Deutche Bank's amusing attempt to address "major sceptic arguments". I posted something on this back at the start of September. Ross McKitrick has now posted up a back and forth between himself and the authors, Mary-Elena Carr, Kate Brash, and Robert Anderson.
Ross's reply to the Deutsche Bank paper.
CABR's response - Part 1, Part 2.
Ross's subsequent response.

1010 snuff film post mortem (Jo Nova)
This is a veritable moral swamp that needs to be drained.  Standing at the edges of it, we can see unpleasantness, scaremongering, arrogance, ignorance, intolerance, brutality, destructiveness, and terrorism.  Quite a result to follow from the speculative insertion of a dramatic effect for CO2 into computer models of the climate!  Fortunately the real climate has displayed no such role for this beneficial gas.  In our world, the dramatic role for CO2 is found in its impact on plant growth.

From Bob Felix's place,
It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle
Listen to this eye-opening interview with author Robert Felix, climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball and meteorologist Joe D’Aleo.
A True Inquiry Into Climate & Weather, Part 1: A Hot Potato
Humans have nothing to do with it

Kim Greenhouse interviews Robert Felix about  Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

Geologist - Increasing volcanic activity extremely disturbing
9 Nov 10 - "The current increase in volcanic activity for me is extremely disturbing and yet the media is completely ignoring it. I really feel it will be like Pompeii all over again but on a global scale."

Troubling Global Volcanic Activity on the Rise
By Alan Caruba
3 Nov 10 - The news is all about the U.S. elections, but some of us are concerned about a possible eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland.

Ice ages caused by orbital variations – Next ice age now due
6 Aug 09 - Researchers conclude that wobbles in Earth’s rotation – not changes in CO2 levels – drive the ice-age cycle.
Ice ages caused by orbital variations

Yet Resilient Earth posted this:
The Antithesis
[...] Looking at orbital mechanics and model results, Loutre and Berger (2003) in a landmark paper (meaning a widely quoted and discussed paper) for the time predicted that the current interglacial, the Holocene, might very well last another 50,000 years, particularly if CO2 were factored in. This would make the Holocene the longest lived interglacial since the onset of the Northern Hemisphere Glaciations some 2.8 million years ago. Five of the last 6 interglacials have each lasted about half of a precession cycle. The precession cycle varies from 19-23k years, and we are at the 23kyr part of the range now, making 11,500 years half, which is also the present age of the Holocene.
Which is why this discussion has relevance.

The LIA is believed to have been caused by a quiet Sun reinforced by volcanic activity. Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised if it stays warm.

Thanks Junk Science, CO2Science, Icecap
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