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Green idiocy and China

Obama wants an area the size of California given over to wind turbine power generation. Ignoring the cost-benefit proof of idiocy, the simple fact is that without enormous subsidies production will go to China because they can produce and ship them far more cheaply due to the absence of a green millstone around their producers' necks. With enormous subsidies, where will the money be borrowed from to finance such? China is the West's main benefactor, buying up much of the government stock that funds idiotic political whims. In financial terms, they already own the US.

China wants the West to succumb to suicidal 40% CO2 reductions before it will commit itself to reductions sometime in the future - at a time when the truth that CO2 emissions are harmless will be widely accepted - so gaining economic advantage over the West. Even without the competition obliterated, China's economy is burgeoning and they don't have lemming leaders like we have. They won't cede to crackpot limitations until they are guaranteed ownership of the world. Do we really want to be governed by eastern culture because that is where all paths the agenda blinded EU and governments are following lead to. Due to an overwhelming financial advantage, China will also have the military advantage. With regard to infantile commitment to green energy, China has been busy, very busy buying up oil supply options, increasing domestic coal production and stocking up on Aussie coal. As an economic and cultural competitor, how clever our leaders are to legislate belly-up spineless homage to our main competitor. In the process they are driving former unallied nations, India and Russia, to align with the East.

Russia is close to selling worthless hot air to Japan for $350 billion. When the bottom falls out of the carbon credit (indulgences) market, as the sale of any non existent commodity inevitably does, ongoing commitment of public money will bankrupt countries and the recent financial debacle will be a non event in comparison. As another EU disaster, carbon credits will stand apart from the bottomless green pit as a disaster of sufficient magnitude to warrant an individual section in the library of EU mega-bloomers.

EU warped logic driven by misanthropic ideology and hatred of all things caucasian seems to go this way. Reduce already slowing Western CO2 emissions in the absence of a similar reduction in ballooning Asian CO2 production. That way there is a suspicion (at best) increasing temperatures will be offset or cooling will be accelerated by a few hundredths of a degree C at a cost of trillions.

They give a toss about your grand children? ROTFALMAO
They care even less about your grand parents.Emigrate while there is still time. Give your grand kids a chance.
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