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26 October 2020 Supplemental

Fulford Weekly Reports October 19, 2020
RumorMill News MrFusion 22 October 2020

Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as early as November

By Benjamin Fulford 377 Comments
October 19, 2020

In a sign of how intense the conflict now raging at the highest levels of world power has become Russian FSB, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say serious moves behind the scenes are aiming to replace key world leaders in November. The sources say in each case the replacement may take the form of a new body double reading a new script or may involve an entirely different public figure.
MI6 sources say:
“There is a growing consensus the British Prime Minister has failed and must go. We had a comment last night from someone we listen to very carefully.”
One reason for this planned move is the dissemination of information obtained by British and French intelligence about the ongoing coronavirus scam. The fact these (and other) leaders are all pushing the scam is a sign they are not genuine leaders but rather employees of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.
The French intelligence report says:
“The entire covidocracy is a masquerade and a simulation prepared long in advance by the World Bank, the IMF, the Rothschilds and their lemmings in cooperation with the Rockefeller family.”
(The French report will be posted on the “Letters to the Editor” page, translation to English).
As evidence, the French provided official patent registrations made in 2015 but only made public in September 2020. “These patents alone are proof they knew in 2015 what was going to happen in 2020,” the sources say.

For example, a patent registered by “Rothschild, Richard A., in London, Great Britain” details how to calculate detailed biometric information from individuals via their mobile devices. The mobile devices can measure the cardiac rhythm of the individual and can combine that with other information (e.g. weight, age, etc.) to calculate many things.
The devices could thus calculate such things as how many calories they burn in a day, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and sleeping habits, and blood alcohol levels among other things. This would allow police, for example, to remotely detect if a person was drunk driving. The data would also make it possible to identify each individual via their unique breathing and heart patterns.
To obtain this data people need to be holding their phone, be connected with a Bluetooth earbud, or wearing a health monitoring watch sending to the cloud. Facial recognition is improved for 5G surveillance when people are kept at least 5 feet apart, which is why there is a campaign to promote “social distancing” and mask wearing as it will be easy to identify individuals who are not going along with the “new normal” population reduction vaccination program.
Thus the U.S. presidential election due November 3rd is largely a battle “to protect the FIAT currency and country debt money laundering and stealth state capture operations of the Khazarian Mafia,” MI6 sources say.
Under these circumstances, any politician calling for “compulsory mask wearing and social distancing,” “wait for the vaccine to end the pandemic,” and “more lockdowns are necessary,” etc. has self-identified as a Khazarian Mafia Slave (KMS).
The situation in the U.S. has degenerated to the point that only 15% of Americans think U.S. democracy is functioning properly, according to an AP poll. The rioting and looting in major cities might have something to do with those poll numbers and questions about the Constitutional Republic were not included of course.

Even U.S. government organizations like the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency report systematic threats to the integrity of the upcoming U.S. election.

However, keep in mind the upcoming presidential election is about control of the entire planet as Trump is the last man standing in the way of the satan worshipping cabal harvesting adrenochrome on a global scale from kidnapped children.

Russian FSB sources claim their country has now fallen under the control of the Rothschild family via their fake Vladimir Putin. What this means is that the Russian banking system is not under the control of the Russian government but rather the same people who control the Federal Reserve Board, the sources say. They are the ones creating the fake confrontations between Russia and the West, they add.
Also, in confirmation of what French intelligence had to report, the FSB says Russia’s banking giant Sberbank has taken over Africa’s banking system; subcontracting for the Khazarian mafia, Sberbank is offering all African citizens free bank cards and free mobile phones.
“The aim of this is not to make money but to collect biometric and other data on all Africans,” the source said. The fact that Africa has not been going along with the Covid-19 scam has added urgency to the Khazarian mafia campaign to get the African people sucked into the internet, social media, digital currency, bio-metric monitoring slavery system they are establishing in the rest of the world, the sources say.
In Russia, meanwhile, the sources say this Khazarians have managed to strengthen their control by offering mayors and other local politicians local monopolies on the manufacture and sale of face masks, etc. That is why Russian patriots in the FSB are planning to replace the corrupt leaders, possibly in November, the sources say.
The P3 Freemasons also note the similarities between what is going on now and the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917. They say the BS Coronavirus was “developed to take over the world.” They said it is a “mechanism being employed to facilitate Khazarian mafia ownership of everything.”
This battle is not between countries. For example, there is still a faction in China pushing for 5G in countries like Brazil, following the mass deaths caused by 5G in Wuhan.

In another sign China is also a battlefield between two factions, last week Xi Jinping was attacked with an electromagnetic weapon while speaking in Shenzen. Chinese sources say there are “3 or 4 Xi Jinpings,” so we may see more body doubles.

In a worst-case scenario, U.S. President Donald Trump will be killed and replaced with his look-alike actor (the one with the loose jowls and white around the eyes). This fake Trump will then proceed with RFID chip vaccinations, lockdowns, and the issuing of a digital currency connected with Certificate Of Vaccination ID (COVID) cards. He will also provoke World War III between the U.S. and China.
In this context, we note the release of the Hunter Biden computer files, complete with hints about proof of torture of children. This happened just before the election, just like the Anthony Weiner laptop leak of proof of child torture appeared just before the election in 2016.

The fact the U.S. border with Canada remains shut is also disturbing on many different levels. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who insists on keeping the border shut, is pushing the fake pandemic and calling for mass vaccinations far more than most world leaders.
We contacted his intelligence chief David McGuinty and top doctors with proof the pandemic was fake but received no replies. This is a clear sign the Canadian government has been hijacked by the Khazarian mafia.
At the same time, disinformation is being put out about Chinese troops being stationed in Canada. We have checked with many sources in Canada and are sure if any Chinese troops were really there, it would be impossible to hide. Instead, it looks like a pretext is being created for a U.S. military move against Canada. There will no doubt be Canadians who favor that scenario to oust Trudeau and his cronies and free the country from globalist control.

The situation is so dire that MI6 says:
“This public health emergency is causing severe harm and damage at this stage. Time to call in the big guns I think and put it down as an act of war, high treason, and aggravated crime against humanity.”
In this context, we note the recent public criticism of Trump by former White House chief of staff, retired Marine General John Francis Kelly. What Kelly needs to do is publicly say designated loser Joe Biden is just as bad if not worse.
If a military move is made, it needs to start by removing the entire political class from Washington DC and removing corrupt and complicit leaders around the world.
The gnostic Illuminati has also said that, in a worst-case scenario, they are prepared to destroy Washington DC with a nuclear weapon they have placed at an underground base there.
The NSA says the threat is real if they can be trusted to tell us the truth or possibly intend to create a panic and cause an election delay, time will tell.
We would also like to let readers know that this writer and his sources are under renewed attack. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to hire gangsters to murder me during his visit to Japan last week, according to Japanese underworld sources. He was turned down.
There have also been intense, repeated attempts to infiltrate honey traps into my life. The young lady who helps me with Japanese internet videos has also been approached by multiple, obvious male honey traps. The move to honey traps came after the person who tried to kill her during the summer was “dealt with.”
Other sources have been threatened, arrested on false charges, killed, etc.
They threatened people include Pope Francis (that’s why many Swiss guards are being removed because of “Coronavirus,”) and British Royals who report “credible intelligence about assassination plots.”
We also note the operational silence from both Pentagon and Asian secret society sources. This is a sign the hunt for Rothschild, Rockefeller, and other Khazarian crime family honchos is intensifying. The best defense is a good offense.
Remember these people are actively trying to either murder or enslave you and your loved ones. This is no time to sit on the fence. This is a battle between those who want humanity to be free and those who want us to be enslaved.

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Anna Von Reitz: "Mercenaries in the Civil War"
Anna Von Reitz
October 21, 2020
Well, if you think that this video is the work of conspiracy theorists and "deniers" and Hollywood Mavens just bent on giving you a new kind of threat movie, fine.
However, I have sorted through a lot of lies, omissions, and BS and have a well-honed Shinola Sensor that realizes the probability that what you are seeing here is actual and factual.
There really are mad men seeking to take charge of the entire planet and remake it (and you) into their crazy dreams and nightmares, eugenics enthusiasts who mean to destroy the diversity and meaning of being part of mankind and being a divine creation.
FB censored -- without any "fact checking" my article entitled "OMG" issued yesterday, October 19, 2020, revealing that Dr. Fauci knows that masks contributed to the more potent cause of death during the Spanish Flu Epidemic -- a hidden epidemic of bacterial pneumonia caused by mask-wearing.
I quote from the website I am directing your attention to:
"Fauci has funded and continues to fund coronavirus “gain-of-function” research projects which turn benign animal viruses into human pathogens capable of causing pandemics. The stated purpose is to learn to prevent and treat future outbreaks.
In 2014, when blocked by an order from President Barak Obama from funding dangerous “gain-of-function” studies, Fauci outsourced the research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He also covertly continued to fund the major gain-of-function collaboration between US and Chinese Wuhan Institute researchers.
Every time you see Fauci from now on, you will know what to think of him and what he is engaged in.

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BodyAlign Guru Steve Lepkowski on 5G EMF Threats and Energy Wellness
Bitchute October 27th, 2020
🎥 – 5G Danger & EMF Radiation discussion. See More Below


This is Robert David Steele 4th interview with 5G, EMF and Energy Wellness expert Steve Lepkowski.
Here are some of the things Robert & Steve talk about.
💥 What EMFs are and where they come from.
💥 Why 5G increase EMF's.
💥 How do EMF's cause Health Issues.
💥 How Body Aligns EMF Protection protects you.
And more… A must watch interview.

🚨 : EMF Radiation comes from Cell Phones, WiFi's, Laptops, Computer Screens, Pads, Microwaves, TV’s, and most electronic devices we all use on a daily basis.

With the roll out of 5G, this EMF Radiation is going to increase by a minimum of 10 times.

The good news is Steve and his partners have proven solutions to protect you and your family from this massive increase in EMF Radiation and you can get it now at

If you decide to get EMF Protection do not forget to use discount code RDS007 to get 20% OFF.
Also at R D Steele's

There's the 'urgent' vid somewhere I should include.If I find a smaller one (over 800 MB in original size).

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