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What Happens When Bandits Govern The Country? Gates-WHO woo-woo flu

Unscientific, unevidenced, non contagious Gates-WHO woo-woo toxic bioweapon miracle virus, a psyop conning the otherwise least susceptible.

Moon of Alabama – It’s time to say goodbye …in which we debunk a “debunking”

Kit Knightly
OffGuardian Oct 16, 2020

Bernhard, the proprietor of alternate-news site Moon of Alabama, has taken it upon himself to “fact-check” one of our many Covid-related articles. It was done without informing us of his intent, or indeed offering us a right of reply.
Whilst this is regrettable – and highly unprofessional – I do understand, given the nature and quality of the article, why he would neither want us to read it, nor respond to it.
Nevertheless, read it I did, and respond we must.

I would like to start with a few words of regret, mourning for the age of solidarity now passed. Until very recently I had believed – perhaps “hoped” is the better word – that all of us in the “alternate news” sphere were more or less on the same side. After all, OffGuardian and MoA have a long history – continuing to this day – of agreement.
On Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Russia-gate, Assange and MH17 our opinions and coverage have always almost totally aligned. This pattern is solid up to this very day, with the obvious attempted coup Belarus forming the most prominent recent example.
I would hope that such numerous strokes of agreement – accompanying as they do a broadly similar world-view – would therefore be able to comfortably encompass such diversions of opinion as are sure to manifest between even the most like-minded of people. I had assumed that any such conflicts of interpretation which did eventually arise would be handled with, if not amiable good humour, at least passing civility.
Sadly, that is not the case, and whilst “B” is not noted in the alt-media world for either his good humour or social skills, it is nonetheless sad to find a former ally has become so willing an enemy. Disagreeing is one thing, but publicly attacking our intentions and honesty is quite another.

Secondly, I would like to make note of certain contradictions – not only from MoA, but across a lot of those who consider themselves “independent journalists” or “alternative news” or “alt-media” or whatever their preferred nomenclature. Specifically the contradiction of picking and choosing when and how to trust the mainstream.
Many of these people devote their entire careers, if not their lives, to debunking and contradicting the mainstream media – and yet, when a story appears with which they agree, which reinforces their preconceived ideas or bolsters their own particular biases – they gladly accept it. MoA’s “fact-check” is a prime example. I have to say I fundamentally disagree with this approach.
The modern media is not a machine you can trust. Not ever. It is a construction built to control and corral opinion. To shuffle the public mind around a game-board they do not know they are on, based on rules they must never be allowed to understand. It serves no other function. It doesn’t “tell the truth sometimes”; it isn’t “occasionally trustworthy”. It’s a buffet of poisoned courses, selectively stacking your plate to suit your palate will not spare you the toxic effects. You’ll just smile as you choke.
To choose to believe or disbelieve the media only when it suits your case is as foolish as being entirely oblivious to its nature. Perhaps more foolish, because you cannot hide behind blameless ignorance. You, notoionally, know better.
Scepticism is a lens through which one must examine everything, or nothing. It cannot be put aside lightly when you want to score easy points, or salve your own sense of panic, or you just feel like fitting in for once. To do so is moral cowardice.
Using the mainstream propaganda term “covidiot” is a perfect example. It is the product of the same Deep State-media thinktanks and focus groups that birthed “conspiracy theorist” into the public consciousness. More recently we have seen “Russian bots” and “Assad apologist” and “Kremlin stooge” join these ranks – alongside the ubiquitous “denier”.
These are labels designed to encourage groupthink, to “other” dissenters and stifle intelligent and informed debate. To use them is to debase both yourself and the conversation.

Thirdly, and finally, I would like to add a few words about professionalism, integrity and the ethics of journalism. Journalistic ethics are not really different from the natural decency with which one hopes everyone seeks to comport themselves.
It is unseemly, we can all agree, to attack someone and give them no chance to defend themselves. For example, blocking someone on twitter and continuing to bad-mouth them or their work when they can offer no refutation, is not generally speaking “the done thing”. Likewise, it is basic professional practice that, if you intend to refute someone’s work, you inform them of this. It would usually be considered right to offer them space to reply.
Likewise selectively quote-mining is always considered bad form.
Claiming that “It makes little sense to review and refute the whole mess”, and choosing to “concentrat [sic] on the 6 of the 8 [sic] “Take Home Messages” might seem, at first glance, to be an effort at maintaining brevity. However a more cynical reader might point out that, in doing so, MoA has chosen the only section of the text with no hyperlinked sources.
Throughout the original 5,000 word article there are over 60 linked references, the majority to academic journals and peer-reviewed studies. Bernhard does not refute one of these sources, in fact he doesn’t even acknowledge their existence. Instead choosing to attempt to refute 75% of the article’s conclusions, whilst ignoring 100% of the arguments and facts upon which those conclusions are based.
Lies by omission are poor form, you could even call them the hallmark of hack journalism.
With all that said, let us turn our attention to the task at hand. I will address each of Bernhard’s criticisms in turn, firstly quoting the original article authored by Dr Jeanmonod, then Bernhard’s response, and then my thoughts. Dr Jeanmonod has been informed on MoA’s attack on his work, and has given his blessing to us to make a response; while we don’t speak for him, we hope he can approve.

1. Coronaviruses, colds, SARS and MERS
In the original article for OffG, Dr Jeanmonod wrote:
1. Corona viruses are one of the viral agents of the common cold, which, just like the flu, invade the whole planet every year. They cause largely widespread, mostly benign, yearly pandemics of respiratory tract infections.
MoA’s response fits a familiar pattern – a rather pedantic nitpick, and then rather dishonest conclusion.
There are seven distinct corona viruses that infect humans. Four of those can cause the common cold. The infections are generally mild. At times they have more severe consequences like pneumonia. The infection fatality rate for these four corona viruses is estimated to be about 0.1%.
This is broadly speaking true. It also doesn’t, in any way, contradict anything Jeanmonod says.
This, however, is a misleading and irrelevant tangent:
The three other corona viruses, SARS, MERS and SARS-CoV-2 are very different beasts. They cause very severe symptoms in a significant numbers of the infected people. The infection fatality rate for SARS was 9% and for MERS it is even 37%.
Equating SARS and MERS with the other four coronaviruses he already mentioned neglects an important difference: The four “common cold” coronaviruses cause around 15% of the world’s “colds”. That is literally 100s of millions of cases every year. Conversely, there have been only 10,617 officially recognised cases of SARS and MERS combined in over 18 years.

Clearly, Jeanmonod is justified in claiming the vast majority of coronavirus infections as “mostly benign”.
SARS and MERS, themselves already the subject of hysterical “global health scares”, have fatality rates based on such small samples as to make them meaningless. They are suffering from the same problem the Sars-Cov-2 outbreak was suffering from back in spring – we have only hospital admissions to go on. We have only severe case data.
There have been very, very few seroprevalence studies done on these viruses, thus we have no data for how widespread these viruses are. How many asymptomatic infections for SARS or MERS have there been? We don’t know. How many mild cases dismissed as “the flu” or “colds” etc.? We don’t know.
However, even if we accept the high fatality for SARS and MERs, that is irrelevant, which Bernhard himself admits in the next sentence…
The true infection fatality rate for SARS-CoV-2 depends on various circumstances (health service availability, social and medical conditions of the population etc.) but is currently estimated to be around 1%.
Firstly, the fatality rate for Sars-Cov-2 is not 1%. It is substantially lower than that. In May the CDC estimated it to be 0.26%, they then changed it to 0.65%. Dozens of studies have been done all around the globe which roughly confirm 0.2% (the numbers range from 0.08% to 0.3%). According to the WHO’s “best estimate” it’s likely around 0.14%.
But let’s put that aside (we’ll go into it in more detail in point 2) – let us temporarily concede that MoA’s figure is correct – that Sars-Cov-2 has a fatality rate of 1%. Why is he then listing it alongside diseases which have fatality rates between 10 and 37 times higher?
He has conceded that the IFR for Sars-Cov-2 is nothing like as high as the other viruses. Introducing the fatality rates of SARS and MERS is a good example of the Association Fallacy – an attempt to put some large scary numbers into the mix, by claiming an irrelevant connection. All it really does is demonstrate that the Sars-Cov-2 fatality rate is comparatively low.

Summary: The fatality rate of Sars-Cov-2 is much less than 1%, as evidenced by many studies. The fatality rates for SARS and MERS are entirely irrelevant to discussion of Sars-Cov-2.

2. Death rates, selective reasoning and filler

Many intelligent comments there and with little hesitation,

OffGuardian published Clothcap's comment:
Oct 23, 2020 12:44 PM

Arguing how many angels could dance on the head of a pin whilst sustaining a shared belief that angels exist and can dance, I guess.
There is no definitive evidence a virus harmful to humans exists. Until such proof is forthcoming, probably the same week the biolabs showered with finagled public funds manage to create one, it is prudent to assume that the pretended infectious virus of note is an illusionist's creation to hide a multitude of ‘sins’ and to justify the introduction of even more heinous sins.
As well as no definitive evidence the corona virus exists, there has been no proof forthcoming that the imagined virus is infectious.
“Invisible Rainbow” by scientist and researcher Arthur Firstenberg showed that non ionising EMF radiation poisoning was the primary source of induced immune response symptoms credited to the “Spanish flu” god particle. Here’s an extensive review of his updated book with many essential points listed:
Dr. Sal Martingano’s post, “The 1918 “Spanish Flu”: Only The Vaccinated Died” substantially furthers the claim the influenza phenomenon is not in anyway caused by an inert yet mutating particle containing a human chromosome 8 segment of DNA. The highly readable and entertaining Jon Rapport’s blog, “No More Fake News” (an impossible dream?) contains many articles and research demonstrating that claims of a virulent inert particle causing the flu symptoms have no foundation.
The symptoms claimed due to an inert virus by assorted corporate, financial and geopolitical interests in support of a vaccine to cure the mythical invasive particle are, curiously enough those exhibited in victims of non ionising radiation poisoning in the millimetre range. Even more curious is the fact that 5G roll-out zones are claimed COVID hotspots. Abundant evidence supporting both statements is simple to find at
The simple truth is this, the symptoms credited to the inert god particle are those produced by the body’s defences in response to cell damage, and that includes pneumonia, explained by Dr Cowan in several videos, findable in Bitchute.
The patented “virus” description is identical to a human cell produced exosome, there is one over the cell phone tower depicted on the back of the £20 bank paper.
Some more hard to digest facts: the Wuhan flu “epidemic” coincided with the Pentagon being vacated for 90 days as part of bankruptcy proceedings, I think ended at the end of May. China, Israel, Russia and the West’s Pharms industry came up with vaccines in record time and politicians rushed for the honey. Bill Gates has been on a vaccine propaganda binge since almost before the claimed inert, mutating virus made headlines.
The progress of the confidence trick is detailed in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lock Step, apparently being used in harmony with the CAGW by CO2 confidence trick (that achieved a global tax, expect a global COVID tax) playbook.
Bureaucracy and governments around the world give every appearance of having been infiltrated by assets of various organisations collectivised in the UN that was formed by former Nazies. Had Klaus Schwab been born a few decades sooner he would, no doubt have been a Nazi.
The (13 bloodlines controlled) UN’s WHO and the UN’s IMF-World Bank controlled UN service corporations masquerading as the US government (and how many other governments?) are in lock step to impose a fascist world government corporation as an EU corporation type coup. This may have been precipitated by the not so stupid Brits voting to leave and winning despite assumed attempts to fiddle the ballot, (sadly normal in recent times), Wuhan providing a deliberate or accidental opportunity to stage the Lock Step coup attempt under cover of a pretend virus that is much easier to control than a genuine item, were such to exist.
Inert bat exosomes have to be introduced into the human body as they do not mutate and cannot be replicated by human cells. To get past the body’s defenses they have to be disguised by a glycoprotein envelope, effective as a toxin, a bioweapon producing immune response symptoms that are identical to some of the non ionising radiation induced symptoms. I leave it to your imagination why these particles would be introduced by vaccines, tests and aerosols in the highly illegal, experimental 5G roll-out zones.
The financial industry including BIS led central banks is in deep doo-doo. A mass elimination of the elderly and infirm would ease their discomfort considerably as would a private bank run digital fiat global currency..
The (Cameron led?) global gov corporation seems to be up and running. To my knowledge 5 central banks are operating a fiat digital currency that appears to be in a mini war in and of itself with China releasing a government supported computerised currency that may usurp the dollar and sink the CB’s phantom fiat coin. The infiltrated communistic US Democrat party in co-operation with Soros (did May and Penn join his coven?) is attempting a Stalinist-Marxist coup.
The blatant censorship of anything that contradicts the official narrative of the pretend virus is further evidence it can’t survive scrutiny. We have criminals in charge that are party to the intended top down Fascist corporate governance of a communised, DNA altered public with a digital global currency controlled by private banks and a Luciferian religion imposed religion. 1000 years of peace – ful plunder. Has a very (European Black Nobility) Fourth Reich smell about it.
President Trump is said to be allowing parts of the (Pilgrims’?) coup attempt to proceed, especially vaccines, to force the Americans to see the evil behind the curtain. (I read somewhere that infant mortality and autism incidence fell due to lockdowns avoiding vaccination).
Being a sceptic and aware of Trump’s association with Rothschilds and his history, his seeming affinity with the Fossils of Zion, the Israeli regime and his son-in-law, I’ve adopted a wait and see approach. It’s a win-win position for the man whoever comes out on top.
Some links I didn’t manage to work into the text:
What is an exosome? This descriptive article is quite informative:
Jaspreet Kaur’s Is covid19 a virus or merely an exosome?
Coronavirus Patents Are Functional Forgeries
And this one could be a coup killer, fingers crossed:
Crimes against Humanity. The Corona virus plandemic is proved totally fake.

Where did the s**t show begin? Perhaps oldmaninthedesert of Rumor Mill found the answer? We’ve been getting shafted for a very long time, apparently.

But then, who am I to contradict Rockefeller Foundation associated UK regime (inc) scientific advisors and Gates foundation associated health officials and politicians?
No apologies for the ramble. but it is necessary for people to realise the virus-vax scam-hoax-fraud confidence trick needs to be seen for what it is. All it needs is enough people to know.
A mega thanks to OffGuardian and MoA for existing, two extraordinarily informative sites. UK Column is another from the same cloth, so to speak.
Dr. Sal Martingano’s post:

Big Pharma whistleblower: ‘97% of corona vaccine recipients will become infertile’ [VIDEO]
June 19, 2020
Note that both the man reporting in the video, Ben Fellows, and David Knight, who presents it to us, show a certain level of scepticism about the claims. Ben Fellows’ strategy will be to get access to the vaccine and the trials in order that vaccines may be lab-tested independently. (see below)
Ben Fellows comes from the group and reports on information received from a GlaxoSmithKline whistleblower on what is believed to be some of the ingredients in the vaccine (or one of them) currently being trialled.

Vid via

There is no Queen of England. Mrs Windsor Abdicated in 1953. This was confirmed in court. Regina v JAH.

Of course that means all the EU treaties were neither legal nor binding. Every leader and especially the Privy Council members back to 1953 are co-fraudsters, complicit whether witting or otherwise. Every Parliament has been complicit and illegal since that date. The current Parliament is complicit in fraud against the public.


(What does it take?)





1. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg’s Fraudulent Coronation.

  1. The person who purports to be the queen has never, in fact, rightfully or Lawfully been crowned as the Sovereign. This knowledge stems from the fact that the Coronation Stone / The Stone of Destiny / Bethel / Jacob’s Pillar that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg was crowned upon is a fake. The real Coronation Stone; made from Bethel porphyry, weighing more than 4cwt. (458lbs.) according to the BBC telex in the film “The Coronation Stone”, (Covenant Recordings), and Ian R. Hamilton Q.C. in three of his books: “No Stone Unturned” (pages 36, 44), “A Touch of Treason” (page 50) and “The Taking of The Stone of Destiny” (pages 27, 35); was removed from Westminster Abbey at 04:00 hrs on the 25th of December in 1950, by his group of four Scottish Nationalist students, which included and was led by Ian Robertson Hamilton himself. The other three were Alan Stuart, Gavin Vernon and Kay Matheson, as stated in his books. Further details at: Further proof, that she did not want it televised at her coronation: Youtube link.

  1. The real Coronation Stone (“National Treasure No. 1”), was taken to Scotland where, in Glasgow, it was handed over to Bertie Gray to repair it, and was later hidden by industrialist and philanthropist John Rollo in his factory, under his office-floor, according to Ian R. Hamilton’s books – “No Stone Unturned” and “The Taking of The Stone of Destiny”, and the factory-manager, when I visited him.

  1. A fake stone copy had previously been made in 1920 by stone-mason, Bertie Gray, for a prior plan to repatriate the Coronation Stone, and it was made of Scottish sandstone from a quarry near Scone in Perthshire, weighing 3cwt. (336lbs.). The conspirators had used it to practice with, before going to London to Westminster Abbey to remove the real Coronation Stone from the abbey. It was that fake stone copy which was placed on the High Altar Stone at Arbroath Abbey, at Midday on the 11th April of 1951, wrapped in a Scottish Saltyre (St. Andrew’s Flag – Dark blue with white diagonal cross on it) and found by the authorities, then transported to England, where it was used for the “queen’s” coronation, according to Bertie Gray’s children in a Daily Record Newspaper article.

Link to Daily Record article

  1. The stone upon which Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg was crowned weighs exactly 3cwt (336lbs.) as attested to by Historic Scotland in their official booklet titled “The Stone of Destiny”, “Symbol of Nationhood”, obtainable from Edinburgh Castle, published by Historic Scotland, (ISBN 1 900168 44 8), who have had the stone that she was crowned on in their care, in Edinburgh Castle, since it was returned to Scotland by John Major’s Conservative government in 1996.

  1. As previously stated, the genuine Coronation Stone weighs more than 4 cwt. (458lbs.), but the one that Elizabeth A. M. Battenberg was crowned on, that has been on display in Edinburgh Castle since 1996, weighs 336lbs, not 458lbs., and thus cannot be the genuine Coronation Stone, for that and other reasons, that I will go into in great and minute detail later, during the hearing on 9th May 2011.

Therefore, never having been Lawfully crowned, she has NO authority to put the defendant on trial and the judge has NO authority to try him, because the judge’s “authority” comes from her.

Further, and without prejudice to the above...

2. Some of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg’s other Crimes.


Don't forget, Brian, she didn't just lie to you, she lied to all of us. Like the occupation regime. Government does not exist.
Was Cressida Dicks appointment legal?
UK Column News - 21st October 2020 "Police under Dick brutalise demonstrators"

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

00:29 - The Fake Rebellion in the North - Where's the pandemic? ONS figures showing no current excess mortality
Andy Burnham Press Conference: -
Dan Jarvis Statement: -
Office OF National Statistics: -

05:59 - If Not Mortality what is driving the government's claims of a pandemic? The issues of non infectious RNA and massive over amplification of PCR cycles.
WHO Protocols: -

12:30 - Roll Up for your COVID 19 Test: - A look at claims about so called rapid testing. And how it reveals the globalist origins of policy.
Collinson: -
Grant Shapps Statements: - "®...

19:52 - Scotland Yard Acting as the Stasi - terrfying article spun in the Mail. Is it a news report of fear inducing propaganda? The constant bleeding from law into policy into guidance.
Mail Article: -
Crowdjustice: - The Coronovairus Act is null and void -
Crowdjustice: - Simon Dolan Campaign: -

27:20 - Cressida Dick (head of the Metropolitan Police Potential Links to Israeli Police?
Jewish News Article: -

34:23 - Monitoring What's left of the Fishing Fleet.
Victoria Prentis statement: -
36:54 - Facebook censorship
39:57 - Patrick Henningsen U.S Election coverage
41:18 - New START Treaty extension - Alex Thomson analysis

Russian Foreign Ministry Statement: -
Morgan Ortagus Statement:-

45:30 - The Atlantic Future Forum on the Queen Elizabeth floating conference centre.Mark Sedwill's comments reveals the deep state reality.
The Atlantic Future Forum: -

50:07 - Undermining of the U.S. Democracy - highlighting how the rediculous Russiagate narrative potentially exposes an effective coup inthe U.S.
Consortium News Article: -

54:14 - Media and Military Job Cuts
Forces Net Article: -

59:34: - Attack on "Covid Conspiracy Theorists" - Is it written by a member of the public or government propagandists?
Anonymous Telegraph Article: -
I'm sure the dear lady thinks she is doing the right thing working for Satan.

In the comments section below:
Achilles’ heel of ALL viruses? Scientists discover holy grail which could lead to UNIVERSAL vaccine
(Gods preserve us.)

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