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Fool me once, shame on EU.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

There is no such thing as surrendering a piece of sovereignty, you either have it or you don't
Like virginity, you have it or you're screwed.

The UN was disincorporated by Judge Anna Von Reitz due to its abject failure to fulfill its mandate. It is now a private organisation and individuals can be sued. Considering its crimes against humanity, it is certainly far from fit for purpose as a world government.

Should the Johnson regime try the same confidence trick the DVD asset, traitor, paedophile and Prime Minister Edward Heath played on the British public, he admitted to lying when he said there would be no significant loss of sovereignty, (a death bed confession) I hope that the British public treat it as treason and respond accordingly.

My advice to the British public is to get together and form a British Army as we don't have one at present. Retired and service completed ex military, I'm very sure would help. The public should also form a British Police Force, we don't have one at present, we have a partially militarised, fascist led political state police. As for government, like all the satanist gangs, a nest of vipers surrounded by useless idiots, we're better off without one Still, we've been condioned and the best sytem for the least corruption is participatory direct democracy. May installed the framework then filled it with mankind's enemies, Communist purpose, Conservatives, Friends of Gates, and satanic freemasons.

By staging a Fascist coup against Britain, the Johnson regime has stepped over a line in the sand in the perennial betrayal of the nation. The leaders of the coup (Cabinet, party leadership, Civil Service and military top brass, senior Police, Britains EU regions' global government parliament mayors and others must be brought to book and held to account.

The depth of the skulduggery and treason is almost unbelievable. Had Britain's vote to leave the EU been "adjusted" a small percentage more, we would still be part of that criminal organisation. Luckily the despicable vote miscounters and intelligence services' maximum distortion was insufficient. It would have been a landslide if there were no skulduggery. The only surprise was that Cameron didn't call for another "are you sure" vote, as the Irish sacks did. Perhaps he knew it would be even closer to 100% than the real percentage of the leave vote that was probably over 70%. And yes, the Satanists can and regularly do fix elections, mostly with the postal vote and disapearing ballot boxes. (The Communist Democrats in America are trying everything including flooding the electorate with mail in ballot applications.) Attempts to screw the system go much deeper.

If we forbid with prejudice the J regime to surrender, what is the Satanist UN going to do?
It would badly harm the last shreds of credibility it desperately clings to, (sadly aided and abetted by copy typists that pretend to be journalists) if it invaded Britain, partnered with, of course its sister corporation, the criminal Satanist EU's EUFOR. Satan's army, NATO would have to come to our rescue according to its mandate. But at the end of the day, Britain won't be Britain until we have a government that isn't overflowing with criminals, traitors, Fabians, Zionists, freemasons, assorted other riffraff and globalist megalomaggots like Blair, Cameron, May and Johnson.

On the two Satanist UN service corporations that have been masquerading as the US government have been under the Satanist UN's IMF and World Bank control, President Trump has taken the IMF under White House control. He has also taken control of the COVID (radiation poisoning) information that the CDC had been corrupting to fool the public. He is allegedly a white hat, opposing the Satanist globalists. Bodj was supposed to be one too, but I think his loyalty to other than Britain was stronger.

The Satanist UN is the front for organisations like the Cameron world gov corp, Bilderberg and Davos. Bilderberg is predominantly Black Nobility, high office paedophile Satanists, nation leaders, some of whom were allegedly snuffed by US military in a raid in Belgium very recently. Hopefully the Davos sacks that are Nazi Satanists are in the sights of the US (JFKj) clean-up crew,


Here is a good video made by George Gammon that breaks down and explains the moronic machinations of the Davos despicables that have placed themselves in charge of the global currency reset. Soros is a member, that gives some idea of the misanthropic undertones of this bunch of arrogant despicables and other megalomaggots. Other members of this gang have also benefitted massively from the global debt currency ponzi fraud.

Global Elite’s “Great Reset” Agenda (Shocking Discoveries Revealed)


The confidence trick, the manufactured COVID crisis that has been used for oppression, the unforgivable satanic abuse of people's readiness to believe those in authority and the deliberately debilitating naziesque political response has had enormous consequences for the less well off. Small businesses have been targetted by the disturbingly insane in the seats of power around the world. The ambition of the Davos despicables is to end all small business in favour of corporations, steal the last of our freedom and individuality and to rescue their crooked institutions, governments, banks and global corporations that are all equally responsible for the currency collapse, destruction of the environment by pollution for profit enhancement and poisoning of the atmosphere, using it for industrial waste disposal under cover of climate control and military advantage, all funded by future generations' wealth surrendered to them by you using deception, e.g. occupation regime corporation debt passed off as national. The Georgia Guide Stones inform their further intentions.

Clearly, the global economic system, a ponzi, collapsed in 2008 and has been on life support in the form of insane currency printing by the BIS collective of private Central Banks, notably by the Satanic UN's IMF. The 2010 Rockefeller Lock Step instructions is the banksters get out of jail free plan. The method to introduce the plan and the steps currently being performed against us are all there, including using the coronavirus. COVID is a fraudulent confidence trick to enable the destruction of economies, the elimination of the elderly and infirm and the forced closure of small businesses, the imposition of a fascistic global government corporation over fascistic national and local governments and the mechanisation of mankind.

Right now the COVID fraud is enabling the imposition of fascistic governance of a communised public and ever increasing restrictions on liberty. The kicker wil be the COVID tax. It is remarkable how closely the consipracy is mirroring the CAGW by CO2 confidence trick that was used to impose a global carbon tax. That is why I'm confident  there will be a COVID tax, regardless of what they call it. Btw, we're still paying EU VAT and the Johnson regime corporation is still handing  it over. It's called theft by deception, fraud.

In this absurd and badly acted black comedy performed by Nazi sacks (the same gang that was behind the Nazies, the UN, the EU, and NATO, different faces, same plan) that have bestowed themselves the right to dictate the future of society, culture, business, trade, governance and evolution, the only light is Trump(!). Despite his existing indebtedness to kingmaker Rothschild, (that may be helping him) I believe he truly wishes to end paedophlia and the enormous industry, adult and child sex trafficking, taking and selling the blood of tortured children and murdering them, and body parts trafficking, that defines the Russian Jewish, Italian and Chinese mafias, the intelligence services, Black Nobility, Zionism, freemasonry and its orphanages, politicians, senior bureaucracy, banking and mainstream media (e.g. the FCO's zBBC) that all support it. Mainstream media has played a star role in keeping the public uninformed of the disgusting perversions of the mistitled cultured classes.

However discomfitting I understand Trump's reluctance to immediately eliminate the entire set-up and punish the perps, he's getting the dirt on a lot more than the ~160k indictments using his methods, but it is trading the suffering of present victims for those that would be victims in the future if the intelligence services-police-justice system-old boys network-MsM protected vampires and paedos were not uncovered using the barter system. Setting up paedos in photographed sessions in such as Elm House for the purpose of blackmail, especially politicians and others of influence has been the norm for more than 50 years. These private freemason (satanic) spy agencies on the public purse teat need to be cut free and dealt with. They serve neither national nor the public's interest.


A little light in the spreading darkness.
Has the WHO Changed its Mind About Lockdowns?
Lockdown Sceptics 12 October
By Toby Young

David Nabarro, one of six Covid envoys appointed by the Director General of the WHO, was interviewed on Spectator TV on Thursday and – to everyone’s astonishment – said the WHO wasn’t in favour of lockdowns. has more.

The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies. Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus.
He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.

[Not mentioned because lockdowns increase the total with premature deaths. Cc]
“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

“We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr Nabarro told the Spectator.
“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganise, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”
Dr Nabarro’s main criticism of lockdowns involved the global impact, explaining how poorer economies that had been indirectly affected.
“Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry in the Caribbean, for example, or in the Pacific because people aren’t taking their holidays,” he said.
“Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world. … Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”

You can watch Dr Nobarro’s entire interview with Andrew Neil here.
Or here:

Is this now the official position of the WHO or has Dr. Nabarro gone off-piste? If it’s official and the WHO has done a U-turn on lockdowns, that will have the censors at YouTube chasing their tails. Earlier this year, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki said any content that “goes against” WHO guidance would be removed. Does this mean YouTube’s censors will have to remove every pro-lockdown video that’s been posted since last January? Or will YouTube finally acknowledge that there is no scientific consensus about how best to respond to this pandemic – no monolithic body of opinion called “the science” – and allow scientists and others to set out their stalls on the lockdowns, both for and against, in a spirit of free and open inquiry?
The other articles accompanying the above are worthwile reading.

Two criticisms. 'Virus' is used without its prefix, 'hypothetical' or 'unproven', e.g. The measles virus hypothesis was proven false in German courts. has oodles of evidence that testify against the existence of any harmful viruses. 'Contagious' is used without its prefix, 'pretended to be'.
Not mentioned are the facts that EMF radiation poisoning immune response symptoms have been credited to COVID. 5G roll-out zones are ALL COVID hotspots.

As desperation spreads due to the failure to brainwash a majority of the tax stock, the satanists will attempt to convince you exosomes that are a part of your own body's defences are viruses. They aren't. With an extremely high degree of probability, viruses that are harmful to humans don't exist.
Pneumonia is a last ditch attempt by the body to clear toxins and debris caused by e.g. EMF radiation poisoning. Bat exosomes modified to resemble human exosomes do not mutate or evolve, they are lifeless. Human cells are incapable of producing bat exosomes. All biolabs involved in development of such as the bat exosome must be closed down with extreme prejudice. If occupation regimes don't do it, the public must. Those such as Fauci, Gates, Soros and spy agencies that skirt the law by funding (with tax money) bio-toxin development and delivery mechanisms in biolabs in foreign countries must be held to account.

Take away:
Influenza symptoms, including pneumonia and shortness of breath are the body's response to toxification by EMF radiation poisoning, pollution and bacteria.
Not highly profitable, imaginary harmful viruses.
Belief in viruses harmful to humans is a mental condition aggravated by funding directed research, 'coincidentally' another factor in common with the CAGW by CO2 confidence trick.

There is no evidence, 'coincidentally' another factor in common with the CAGW by CO2 confidence trick.
It appears that being a Satanist eliminates creativity. :)

Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world
Oct 13
by Jon Rappoport

ANOTHER key architect of the COVID PCR test had no coronavirus; the whole fake COVID house is falling down.
"We know exactly what we’re doing, but we have no virus available."

I’ve been exposing the fact that the CDC, in July of this year, admitted, in a document, that…
They didn’t have the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It wasn’t “available.”

This means they couldn’t obtain an isolated specimen of the virus. There is only one reason why.
The virus hasn’t been isolated. And THAT means no one has proved it exists.

And now, I’ve discovered ANOTHER key document. This one apparently formed the basis for the first PCR test aimed at detecting the COVID virus all over the world.
READ WHAT THIS STUDY SAYS. These quotes should be engraved in stone above the entrance to a museum dedicated to the history of medical fraud.
“We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.”
TRANSLATION: We want to develop a test to detect the new COVID virus without having the virus.

“Here we present a validated diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV, its design relying on close genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”
TRANSLATION: We HAVE developed a diagnostic test to detect the new COVID virus. We ASSUME this new virus is closely related to an older coronavirus. We ASSUME we know HOW it is related. We ASSUME, because we don’t have the new COVID virus. Therefore, all our assumptions are made out of nothing. Actually, we have no proof there is a new coronavirus.

“The workflow reliably detects 2019-nCoV, and further discriminates 2019-nCoV from SARS-CoV.”

TRANSLATION: Our new test to detect the new virus? We don’t have the new virus. We’ve never observed it. We can’t study it directly. There is no proof it exists. But we will use the test to detect it.

The study is titled, “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR.” [Euro Surveill. 2020 Jan;25(3):2000045. doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2020.25.3.2000045.]

Those quotes from the study are astounding. A diagnostic test for the virus, but there is no virus. No standard against which to compare the reliability of the test.

The authors blithely assume they can somehow infer that the virus exists in the first place, without having an isolated specimen.

Then they assume they can understand the structure of the virus that isn’t there.

The virus isn’t there. It has NOT been isolated. It has NOT been separated out from other material. Therefore, it has not been observed and its existence has not been proved.

And yet, the test which these authors have developed is launched, all over the world, to detect that virus; to promote the unproven notion that there is a pandemic; to form the basis for counting COVID case numbers; and ultimately to justify all the lockdowns which have crashed the global economy and destroyed millions upon millions of lives.

A great deal of confusion has been created, because scientists are now talking about the “new virus” as if they understand its structure and sequence. No. They’ve INTERPRETED that genetic structure. And once they’ve made their interpretations, they gibber about what it means.

It’s like this. A man has a very thick steel vault. He clams there is a pile of treasure inside. But no one can open the door to the vault. People show up with all sorts of fancy instruments, and they make indirect measurements. They then issue very authoritative-sounding statements about what is inside the vault.
But no one can get in there. This is a magic vault, you see. You can’t drill into it. You can’t blow it up. But in its vicinity, all sorts of hustlers are gathered. And they PONTIFICATE. They BLOVIATE. They wave their credentials. Reporters interview them. Governments follow their recommendations.

And that’s all it is. It’s that kind of party.

There is also confusion about what the word “isolate” means, when it comes to viruses. SAYING you have isolated a virus doesn’t mean you have.
It may mean you THINK you have the virus inside a mess of material which contains many different genetic sequences and all manner of cellular debris and who knows what.
Some scientists will claim “a lesser amount of mess” entitles them to state they’ve “isolated” the virus.
Other scientists will claim that because they can grow, in a dish, what they BELIEVE to be the virus, this is “proof” that the virus exists.

They’re wrong.

Still other scientists will say that, in a dish in a lab, they “have the virus growing”, and they know it, because the virus is destroying certain cells in the soup in the dish. But in this soup, there are various added chemicals, and those chemicals could easily be doing the cell-killing.

So they are wrong, too.

As the late independent researcher David Crowe has written: “And the word ‘isolation’ has been so debased by virologists it means nothing (e.g. adding impure materials to a cell culture and seeing cell death is [as] ‘isolation’).”
This is why something called real-world experiments were introduced into science. Experiments that were forced out of the lab into the arena where actual humans live.

In my last article, I described exactly the kind of experiment that should have been initiated five minutes after scientists claimed there was an “outbreak in China.” It’s a large scale study involving humans who were diagnosed with the “epidemic illness.” Tissue samples would be taken from 500 of these patients and correctly analyzed via electron microscope photography.
But studies of that dimension and precision don’t interest scientists who live in the lab. Such studies are too dangerous. There is every chance that, in the harsh glare of sunlight, all their warnings about a vast pandemic will be shown to be false. False and ridiculous. Absurd. And insane.

These “experts” don’t want to take that chance.
So they fiddle and diddle in their labs, and they make wild claims based on nothing, on NO VIRUS.
For them, there is no such thing as NO VIRUS. There must always be a virus. They will build strings of thought that circle around and meet up and shake hands and justify themselves, BY DEFINITION.
When all is said and done, that is what they are playing at. “We make all the definitions, and therefore we can conclude anything we want to conclude. And call it science.”

That’s what’s going on.

I see the con and I’m pointing out the con.

I’m telling scientists who are honest to call it a con, too.

Empty out the house of modern virology; open the windows and let the fresh air in; and then we’ll be living in a far better world.

And, oh yes, prosecute these researchers who devised a test for the virus they never found. Prosecute them for crimes against humanity, and send them to prison.
More evidence from Jon;

To appreciate and fully understand what's behind the 13 bloodlines-Zionist-Black Nobility moves to install a global government at this time, bearing in mind if Bexit is accomplished without any further dealings with the EU criminal organisation, other countries will follow and the UN EU NWO imposition falls down, please read this:
A Special Note to the British Peerage
4th title down.
"They know that no law or treaty she has ever signed has any validity. They know that she is not actually the Queen and that any contract or covenant she had with the British People was severed within three days after her Coronation. They've all known that for eight (8) years, full on, in their faces, undeniable.
I guess they hope that the rest of us won't notice, but we have.
If the Queen isn't the Queen, there is no valid power of enforcement behind the British Courts, including the British Territorial Courts. Quite simply, they have no lawful or legal authority to say or do jack-diddly.

Non Gestapo-esque thug Police constables across the nation need to show Commissioner Cressida Dick they have no confidence in her. IMO she is an indoctrinated EU Common Purpose graduate politician first and has demonstrated unsuitability in the role as a British police woman.

Added a vid in the comments section that will see Hillary making a high speed exit from the stage, either deep underground or to Gitmo, summary trial and execution. Kaddaffi must be creaming himself laughing wherever he ended up, (a postcard would be nice) some say it was a double that the Sarkozy hit squad tortured and killed. If Google blocks it, it is concealing evidence of treason.

Rumors Oct 9 - 13
How come there haven't been any earthquakes under Denver, CO airport? It calls into question the whole premise that DUMBs are being destroyed with explosives. Why use nukes inside the tunnels when simply collapsing one that is under the ocean would be far more effective. Assuming the "aliens" aren't salt water breathers.

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