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Boris is a puppet Nazi. Stop the Nazi Lib-Lab-Con party or no future for the kids

Does Bodj get a monthly pay packet from the DVD Dachau agency? Sedwill? Hancock? May? Who else? The DVD Dachau agency is said to control the IJ EU as well.
COVID World – Resist!
Iain Davis
Off Guardian Sep 22, 2020

COVID 19 is being used to create a global fascist dictatorship. From New Zealand to the the U.S, so called western democracies have adopted and developed the Chinese model of technocracy to create a single biosecurity State.

This globalist corporate State is to be centrally controlled and administered by a distant global governance cartel of appointed bureaucrats. Tasked only to serve the interests of a tiny, disproportionately wealthy group we can call the parasite class.

Every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled, as we move towards the ultimate surveillance State. Your ability to work, to socialise, to travel, conduct business, access public services and to purchase essential goods and services will be dictated to you, and restricted, by the State, based upon your biosecurity or immunity status.

This transformation process is well underway. You are no longer a human being, you are a biosecurity risk. As such you may be removed to a military controlled quarantine camp as and when the State sees fit. Detention without trial will be the norm. All protest will be outlawed unless the protest suits the agenda of the parasite class.

[Image of phones with a COVID passport] You will not leave home without it.

Your children will no longer be your own. They will belong to the State. Parental consent for medical procedures will be presumed or, in the case of mandatory procedures, not required. Once the biosecurity State is firmly established consent will be a distant memory.

We have a diminishing window of opportunity to stop this global fascist dictatorship. Violent protest will not work. Not only are they morally indefensible, they are tactically naive.
Violence is the language of the oppressor. The global State holds total dominion over instigation of the use of force. To crack down, in response to a violent uprising, is the fervent hope of the oppressor. It allows the State to exercise more, not less, authoritarian control.
In reality, to stop it, all we need to do is refuse, en masse, to comply. We must do this with our eyes open. It won’t be easy and many of us will face harsh punishment from a desperate tyrant. However, if we don’t stand up now, we are condemning future generations to unimaginable levels of slavery and misery.

In order to foist this upon us, the apparatus behind it has invested billions in propaganda. The fascist technocracy, presently being constructed at an alarming pace, requires our cooperation. Without it, the biosecurity dictatorship cannot gain its desired authority.

Our representative democratic systems are not what our forebears gave everything to build. The parasite class have hollowed them out, replacing the organs of State with their own, leaving only the shell as a chimera to maintain our delusions and keep us believing that we have a semblance of control.
It is a fool’s errand to attempt to use their system to win our freedom. It is designed to control us. Appeals to their courts will never deliver justice to us. Temporary, small victories will always be overturned. Nor can we vote harder expecting yet another of their puppets to save us.

The purpose of the representative democratic apparition is to centralise all global power in the hands of the parasite class. This course is inexorable and, while we persist in our electoral folly, we will not alter it.
We must build something new to replace it.

The obvious solution is the decentralisation of all power to the individual. We must construct a voluntary society.

Without us, without our obedience, the parasite class is currently nothing but a group of ineffectual, wannabe plutocrats, sat on piles of paper, created from nothing and worth nothing. If we don’t obey, there are no rulers.
Should we refuse to use their monetary system, their usury will be fruitless; if we decide not to pay their taxes, we cut will off their economic exploitation and if we never vote for their bureaucrats we won’t consent to their nominated, elected aristocracy.

We are the scientists and the engineers, the doctors and the nurses; we are the builders and the architects, the mechanics and the farmers; we are the soldiers who kill and die for their enrichment, we are the police officers who enforce their unlawful rules; we are the people who build and work in their factories, we are the office workers and bank clerks who administer their system, the shop workers, the programmers, the writers, the artists, the teachers and we are the people who, through our belief in their mythical authority, allow the parasite class to control us.

We are the meek, we are the receivers of all knowledge and all wisdom. We possess all the technology we need and we are the experts. It is our world, leased from our future generations, not theirs. Without us the parasite class are utterly incapable of controlling anyone or anything.

We must create, not destroy. We must liberate science, technology, art and knowledge itself from their occult control. We must build alternative decentralised systems, enabling humanity to live as a coexistence of free, sovereign beings. We must focus upon self sufficiency, we must support each other, turn our backs on the control systems of the parasitic State and build our own autonomous communities.

We must refuse to comply with any and all attempts to centralise power. We can do this by rejecting, outright, the concept of authority.
No one ever has any right to tell anyone else what to do. But nor does anyone ever have the right to cause any harm or loss to another human being. We can live in harmony because we are capable of respecting each other equally, without reservation. We know this.

Not a single human being on this Earth has the right to order any other to obey their authority. None of us possess this power. Therefore, this power can never be derived from us. We do not have it to give. The State’s claim of authority, gleaned from their electoral anointment ceremony, is a charade. Their authority does not exist in reality, only in our imaginations.
We don’t need anyone to tell us how to live. Nor how to deal with the tiny minority incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions. A voluntary society would be a society without rulers, not a society without rules.

We don’t need their systems of authority to live in relative peace and harmony and we never have. Spontaneous order is all around us. We already live the overwhelming majority of our lives free from State control and without the need for anyone to impose any rulers upon us.

[CGI pic of an artist's impression of an imaginary virus] A disease, or a control mechanism?

With a few exceptions, no State compels the farmer to grow crops, no State coerces labourers to pick the harvest or engineers to design and operate packing plants and no State forces anyone to transport the produce to market nor any consumer to buy it.
This system isn’t controlled by any single authority. It is an intricate, often global, network of free individuals, each acting in their own best interests, creating a harmonious social order way beyond the operational control of any State. The State has no part in this social order of immeasurable complexity.
This ordered social construct, bringing food to the family table, is entirely voluntary. Our society is built from millions of such systems and trillions of voluntary actions and exchanges that happen every day. The voluntary society already exists. All we need do is recognise it, and then seize it. The State is, and always has been, entirely unnecessary. It is a hindrance, not a utility.

What benefit does the State and its regulation bring to our food supply chains? It claims to protect it. Protect for whom?
It removes the free market to protect the profits of multinational corporations. It imposes taxes, raising everyone’s costs, to pay for its wars of neocolonialist exploitation. It forces wages down, it cuts the margins for everyone from growers to retailers, pushing some into poverty to be preyed upon by the same corporate State.
Its food standard regulations, supposedly designed to keep us safe, effectively reduce food quality, creates massive waste, reduces nutrition, causes more sickness and lengthens the queues at the pharmacy. Again for the benefit of the parasite class and their pharmaceutical corporations.
In a truly voluntary, free market what would a supplier gain from providing low quality, expensive produce to consumers? They would quickly go out of business.

Only State regulations can possibly facilitate lowering quality, while raising prices, without anyone in the supply chain, other than the oligarchs at the top, profiting from it. Corporate profit is the bottom line and the State’s sole purpose is to protect it.

Yet, somehow, we remain convinced that society could not possibly order itself spontaneously, without the forced coercion of the State. Despite the fact that, in great measure, it already does. We neither lack the ability nor the knowledge to build a voluntary society. We lack the confidence, because this pernicious system is purpose built to rob us of it.
We are taught, practically from birth, that respecting authority is a virtue. To obey is to be good, disobedience is punished. What could we be if instead we taught our children to think critically, that all of us have equal, inalienable rights, never to cause harm or loss and to take responsibility for themselves because there is no claimed protection from any authority?

Unfortunately, once we enter the education system the doctrine of authority is vigorously reinforced through perpetual repetition and the systemic application of reward and punishment. We are taught what we are allowed to know. This prepares us to be productive workers and responsible members of the State.
We are then permitted to work until we are no longer productive, with every last ounce of profit milked from us, as we shuffle off to our graves on pharmaceutical life support, before the State swoops in to hoover up the remnants of our lives.
This is not done for our benefit. We are programmed to believe in the farcical notion of a benevolent State. A State which exclusively serves the parasite class and one in which our lives are the real commodity.

COVID 19 is not a high impact infectious disease, it has low mortality rates and is absolutely comparable to influenza. It isn’t even clear that is can be identified as a disease at all. Sadly, it seems the vast majority of us are so adapted to our authoritarian environment that we are incapable of ever questioning anything we are told by our superiors.

Picture,“Non-Violent Resistance” by Judy Baca

COVID 19 is nothing more than a casus belli for the Third World War. As the representatives of the State openly admit, that war is a hybrid war. Just as there is no such thing as a healthy human being, nor is there any distinction between war and peace.

All is war and we are the enemy. The military objective is to grind us into docile and compliant slaves, serving the new normal State.
We must face reality. In the new normal, driven by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” our labour is no longer required. We are destined only to consume, and that consumption is to be ruthlessly controlled. As are we.
There is no black and no white, no right-wing nor any leftists, there is no gay and no straight, no Republicans nor Democrats, no Conservatives nor Labour supporters. These are just some of the divisions forced upon us by the parasite class, and its compliant lapdog the mainstream media, to keep us divided and to stop us realising the truth.
We are in this together. All of us. No matter where we live or what we believe. We are all part of a single, inviolable truth.

Call it God, Allah, Yahweh, the Divine Spirit, the Universe, Mother Earth or Natural Law, there is one truth and we all understand it. Cause no harm, cause no loss, take responsibility for our actions and treat all with compassion and respect. We are not merely a random cluster of atoms. We are sovereign spiritual beings. We have purpose and every life has inestimable value. We stand together or divided we fall.
You have a choice. Choose wisely.

Many amazing comments:
You can read more of Iain’s work at his blog In This Together

The COVID-19 Scamdemic, Part 2: Enabling The Technocratic-Parasite-Class' "Great Reset"

In Part 1 we defined the UK State and looked at the driving forces behind its lockdown response to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) declared COVID 19 “global” pandemic. Please read Part 1 first to appreciate the context of this article.

"We must construct a voluntary society"
Anna Von Reitz is doing just that in America.

The satanic incorporated cuckoo UN service corporations masquerading as government have been declared bankrupt and fraud charges are being pursued, the base creatures running the UN are squealing like a choir of stuck pigs.
The good lady cares about us too.
To know where we are going, we should know where we've been. Not what the robotic school teachers tell you.
For England -
I have a great many people from England and Commonwealth reaching out to us here every day. They realize that something is terribly wrong, that they are being fleeced senseless and deprived of rights and freedoms.
By Anna Von ReitzThere, in England, as in America, the rats “enfranchised” people and convinced them that being able to vote was a great thing—- without, however, disclosing the details.By “registering” to vote you were pledging yourself, your labor, your property assets, and everything else to the British Crown Corporation —- and you were being transported, that is, trafficked, off the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea.
They set up corporations and name them after living people, so as to impersonate the people --- a process they call "enfranchisement". Then, they bring claims in commerce against these corporations owned and bonded by Third Parties, as if the assets belonged to the corporations, and not to the living people. These are easily recognizable as crimes of both personage and barratry against the living people.
4.0 New "King" --- of the Commonwealth
It was William's strategy to create so many "kings" in England that no British king would ever be able to cause trouble again.There was only one flaw. The Church. The Commonwealth.
Quite simply, we are the victims of identity theft, impersonation, and credit fraud promoted by commercial corporations posing as our governments.
5.0 and America, Too
We have observed throughout that the Mess is not an American issue. It is a worldwide issue, with nearly every country on the globe being caught in the Corporatist web and nearly everyone on the planet being misrepresented as a Legal Person --- a slave or indentured servant --- a constructive fraud and identity theft and crime of personation designed to seize illegal and unlawful claim to our land and soil assets by Robber Baron billionaires like Bill Gates, who is aiming at the "Ultimate Theft".
(Note: Here on, Nazi is interchangeable with Fascist, traitor, sack of excrement, servant of Satan and enemy of humanity.)

Do not burn buildings, do not destroy computers, the evidence is necessary.
We need a legit temporary government, NOT of the treasonous corporation parties, in order to dismantle the Satanic State apparatus in an orderly fashion.

Parliament is not private property. We can legally occupy it anytime it is necessary. There are no private areas.
We really, really need a gallows in Trafalgar Square. And-or a large bonfire with a stake for those practicing voodoo  witchcraft, (Communist Purpose style neurolinguistic programming) as Bodj is attempting.
Drive all the sacks to Israhell, then give the Palestinians nukes, equalisers. In fact they probably have some already, Israel buys and sells them on the black market, like Ukraine, S Africa, the US and the UK, (UK? Ask Cameron). Is Macron there already? He knows there's a bullseye on his forehead.
It is essential to cleanse the Police of City controlled freemasons and the IJ EU's Communist Purposed.
High ranking regime members, the Privy Council,
high ranking Spy agency staff, military brass, (strip of rank and cashier all that failed to speak out about the treason) leadership of the Police, Civil Service, regional and local mayors and councillors and all NGOs favoured by the regime, Imperial College, RIIA etc must be held to account. The Police can't do it, like ALL the aforementioned, they've been infiltrated and compromised.
Without proof, take with a pinch of salt Fulford's sources that claim that the DVD assets (Nazies) have been sorted. They haven't. A few sacrificial woodworms have been moved around. All Cabinet members and parties' leadership are suspect. Quite a number of facsimile MPs (I hesitate to call them mushrooms) such as spooks, bank clerks, City freemasons, Communist Purposed, and dual or more passport holders must be considered.
Stage 2. How to take over essential utilities like complicit newspapers (all of them), supermarkets
in cahoots with the Nazi Con regime, water, electricity, gas, waste removal?
The country needs a standing army. We don't have one at present.
More when the coffee does its job.
On with the show. The COVID beast, a confidence trick used by sacks of excrement to make you scared and easy to bully, has been staked multiple times, plenty of others are shouting about it. In this journal, sufficient info is in previous posts and in the
comment sections.
The AGW by CO2 nonsense, used to justify the fraud based carbon tax was dispatched years ago at but like the virus - vaccine
confidence trick, its corpse is kept walking by the Satanists and paid activist traitor sacks.
Technocracy's Tyranny: The New Normal Isn't Normal
COVID 19 is being used to create a global fascist dictatorship. From New Zealand to the the U.S, so called western democracies have adopted and developed the Chinese model of technocracy to create a single biosecurity State.

"We Do Not Consent" - 1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown
Six months after parliament passed the Coronavirus Act 2020, which gives the government powers to impose lockdowns and other restrictive social distancing measures (measures that have been accompanied by stiff fines), thousands of Britons packed London's Trafalgar Square bearing signs reading "We Do Not Consent" and "Think Before It's Illegal" during a rally that was billed as a "We Do Not Consent" anti-lockdown demonstration.
Hey, Bodj, they're coming to take you away. I sincerely hope you stopped drawing a salary since you turned to the dark side and betrayed Britain.

JPMorgan To Pay Record $1 Billion Settlement Over Precious Metals, Treasury Manipulation
Last week, we reported that as Deutsche Bank's infamous gold manipulator and spoofer - and currently star witness for the prosecution in a massive case targinet precious metal manipulation - David Liew, admitted "spoofing was so commonplace I figured it was ok." Well, it wasn't ok, but since everyone else was doing it, we can see why Liew was confused.
One crime in an encyclopedia of them. Fines are an expense of doing business in the banksters' eyes. They cough up and carry on as if it was nowt, knowing the thick public can be fleeced by a bail-out on demand.


Comic corner, if you have time to waste, read how the sacks of excrement want you to pay and pay for mythical CO2 warming and the even less evidenced (if that's possible) viral pandemic. The Black Pope that isn't entitled to the role is a satanic globalist shit like the rest of the sacks.
The world will end in 2000, in 20 years, in 10 years, yesterday... oops. Yet here we are reading the same load of bollocks probably recycled from a last century dumpster.
World Leaders Fear End of Times: Tell U.N. to Act on Coronavirus and Climate or Face Doom
Not one non-money grubbing asshole amongst them.

There's no such thing as a contagious virus. How can the WHO not know? (Ask Gates and his bosses.)
W.H.O. Issues Directive for Child Masks, Says Coronavirus Pandemic Could Last 2 Years
And btw, that's child abuse because masks are harmful. Grown-ups should know better than to heed hooey.

Delingpole @ Breitbart:
Europe Is Waking Up to the Truth about the Coronavirus Scare
1 Sep 2020
Ordinary people are coming to see that coronavirus has been massively oversold by our frightened, mendacious, control freak political class.

No, the Western Wildfires Weren’t Caused by ‘Record Heat’
16 Sep 2020
California governor Gavin Newsom wants to blame the wildfires on record-breaking temperatures in LA County. So does Joe Biden; so too does the LA Times which claims that this ‘sizzling summer’ was the ‘Hottest August on Record’ in California. The not-so-subtle implication, of course, is that this is another case of ‘man-made global warming’ putting lives, property and the natural landscape at risk.

Socially-Distanced German Soccer Team Gets Thrashed 37-0
18 Sep 2020
A German soccer team has been thrashed 37-0 because its players insisted on observing rules about ‘social distancing.’

Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR
21 Sep 2020
Anyone who wants to protest against this assault on liberty ought to be ready for the worst: the police are now a political instrument.
Why not E R? They're as phony as the lady.

Boris Johnson Wants You to Play with His Dodgy Hockey Stick
22 Sep 2020
Boris Johnson’s science advisers have released a scary new graph designed to terrify the British populace into accepting a second lockdown.

Watch: Tory MP Says He Will Not Take Unconscious Bias Training; Trump ‘Exactly Right’ to Ban ‘Indoctrination’
26 Sep 2020
A British MP has followed President Donald Trump’s lead by rejecting ‘unconscious bias training’. Ben Bradley, who represents the working class, traditionally Labour seat of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, has been reprimanded by parliamentary officials for refusing to participate in what he calls “indoctrination”.
Exclusive Video: Watch Cops Storm, Forcibly Shut Down Peaceful Anti-Lockdown Protest in London
Kurt Zindulka
27 Sep 2020
London Police forcibly shut down an anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, using their batons to beat protesters as they tried to disperse the demonstration, which the police claimed violated the UK’s coronavirus regulations.
After two hours of peaceable assembly in which the protesters listened to speeches against the lockdown and chanted for freedom, police stormed into the crowds, pushing people to the ground and ultimately hitting some protesters over the head with batons.
In a Breitbart London exclusive video, women and small children were seen fleeing from the violent clashes that ensued. Women were heard screaming, and men were seen with blood pouring from their heads.
Protesters were heard shouting, “Stop hitting people,” and telling the officers that they have blood on their hands.
A man is seen with a bloody face after clashing with police at an anti-lockdown Protest in Trafalgar Square, London on September 26th 2020. Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart News

Pic: A man is seen with a bloody face after clashing with police at an anti-lockdown Protest in Trafalgar Square, London on September 26th, 2020. Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart News

A woman who was present as the police stormed the protest told Breitbart London: “My God, they just came through like a cohort of centuries. It was awful, and my friend saw them just knock a man to the ground, and he just went flying.”
“It was so shocking,” she said, “I’m quite saddened that our police behaved like that.”
The woman said that she was conflicted as she comes from a police family. She said that she was “absolutely disgusted by how they behaved” but noted that she believes many of the officers are just following orders and are concerned about keeping their jobs.
She lamented that she feels the United Kingdom is now similar to living under communist rule in East Germany, saying that the police tactics were “like the Stasi”.
How very fascist of them. Perhaps they could f**k off to the IJ EU with the traitor military. They are no use to this country as they are, mercenary, working for a foreign agency..
US Patriot 27-09-2020

____________/`` /) ________
_____/_/__./_ /__/__/¨¯\ ______
_________\_______\ ______
__________\_______\ ______

Part One: Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? Part One
by Vanessa Beeley
UKC 22nd April 2020

Part Two: COVID–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown
by Vanessa Beeley
UKC 6th May 2020
I know where Iain (first article) is coming from.
The thing about direct democracy is that May put the base infrastructure in place, then filled the positions with, well suffice to say people that don't see your interests in their ambitions. There is no bad system, just bad people.
Bodj couldn't have pulled this fascistic coup stunt on behalf of the criminally wealthy that want a tyranny in a direct democracy.
Not for young ears.
Mark Devlin, Charlie and Colleen Freak: The Q-Plan Explained, 5-17-20
GVP #158

"Your country is the capital, the centre, an advert for paedophilia..."
More above and below the show:

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