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Is Britain's Occupation Regime Making War On The Public?


Is Britain's Occupation Regime Making War On The Public?

Note to Boris and the UN service corporation he presides over.

Dear PM or CEO as you prefer,

Is the UN regime passing itself off as the British government at war with Britain's public?

It has become clearer than ever that there is no contagious virus and never has been. The virus-vaccine confidence trick has been a scam from the get-go, capitalising on both genuine and deliberate misdiagnoses for profit. Easy to understand why when you learn that the Spanish Flu that originated on a military base in America was caused by electrification causing the emission of electromagnetic radiation that produced immune response symptoms that killed many. The symptoms had previously been seen only when solar emissions were heightened approximately every 11 years. Electrification's vested interests stood to lose not just short term but a whole future of huge profits if it could not be blamed on something else. Vaccines and electromagnetic radiation were the profitmongers' grim reaper weapons.

The confidence trick has been refined over the years and now telecoms have been roped in to help with the deception. As a victim, I'm sure you are aware of the joys of being targetted by telecom's (the Satanists') directed energy weapon. Lucky the E U Commissioners hadn't got access to it  when you were giving them the bird.

The main point of this note is to demonstrate that there is no contagious virus. There never has been a contagious virus. There has never been a scintilla of proof that the immune response symptoms (that is what EMR flu is) are contagious. The only test for contagiousness for which there are accessible reports was made in 1933. And despite extraordinary efforts to convey the immune response symptoms in a manner an imaginary contagious virus would, the result, unfortunately for the criminals that know this and conceal it for private profit was a complete failure. Not a single sniffle could be reproduced in healthy subjects.

As an intelligent person I expect you have already worked out that the desperation of the vested intests to keep hidden the fact there is no such thing as a contagious virus is to con the public into getting a vaccination. Can I prove my statements? Only with words of others but my opinion is that their statements are falsifiable and thus acceptable.

Scientist and researcher Arthur Firstenberg has written about the electrification of the planet at length and presented much evidence to support the fact that flu symptoms are those of an immune response to electromagnetic radiation poisoning. Other salient truths are espoused in his updated his book, The Invisible Rainbow. In the widely censored video clip, Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. discusses the Coronavirus, the doctor explain the methodology employed to test for contagiousness, all methods resulted in failure.

This leads to a question. Not why are the health authorities doing this, but what are they using for proof? If bat exosomes are found in an British person's blood, they must have been introduced. The only known means to do this at present are unnecessary, harmful vaccinations such as for seasonal flu, spraying from jet aircraft or helicopters or in consumables. A not widely known delivery method was created by the Liebers, funded by Dr Fauci, the creation of a delivery container from nanotubes that requires the 60GHz range of radio frequencies to break it down to release the contents, be they bat exosomes, gene altering enzymes, sarin or whatever.

Why would a contagious disease require a delivery means?

Masks are harmful. The reason for forcing people to wear them is not for public health, that much is obvious with the laziest of research. Considering the increase in the death rate that can be ascribed to lockdowns, there is no option but to consider the imposition malicious.

PCR tests look for a human chromosome. How curious. PCR tests are useless except to corrupt health officials. They do not test for the alleged virus. They do test for human chromosome 8. Results are being falsified across the board as evidence of a nonexistant pandemic. The fact that all data concerning the deaths and injury caused by electrification have been falsified is just another aspect of this global confidence trick.
At a personal level, I hope the UN service corporation acting as government reconsiders its choice of health advisors and surrenders itself to the security services for trial in consideration of the huge number of deaths that have resulted from the snake-like manner these impositions have been imposed.

As an amateur, I would encourage professionals to pursue further evidence connected to the illegal imposition of 5G, of the illegal coercion of the public to accept vaccinations and the illegal spraying of harmful pollution using military and commercial jet aircraft, and of malicious governance by the regime occupying the Parliament buildings.

While I have your attention, on the Brexit subject, I'm sure your advisors have told you dealing with the criminal organisation known as the European Union Commission is illegal. Evidence abounds, particularly at the Christopher Story archive:
And his documentary:

The fact that there has been no Queen of Britain since 1953 means that even were the EU treaties to be found legal, Mrs Windsor falsely signing as HMQ invalidates all of them The additional fact that sovereignty is indivisible, you have it or you don't further testifies to the treasonous nature of the EU treaties. The last treaty was supposed to be the irreversible coup de grace. We have had criminals in charge for too long, likely each government since Cromwell sold us out to the criminal counterfeit Jewish Dutch bankers.


Some sources:
A review of Firstenberg's Invisible Rainbow 13th ed. is here:

Dr Cowan's extensively censored video clip can be watched here:
The gentleman's lengthy webinar wherein he discusses the problem with not just the virus but the virus-vaccine industry at length:

Details of Dr Fauci's nanotube delivery system is here:
More extensively:

PCR test revelations:
At best it could be said that PCR tests look for a product of non ionising radiation poisoning.

Data falsification even at the highest levels of administration:

Vacant throne since 1953

Cromwell was an asset of the Dutch bankers


Dr Cowan's much censored video clip:

Dr Cowan's webinar:

(This is just the Doctor's lecture. I amputated the setting up part at the beginning and the Q&A at the end so LJ's vid handling service could manage it, this year. The Q&A's are worth listening to.)

Are the (EU feminisation program) pussified Brits worth it?

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