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Commie Con Bodj training Brits to be obedient to Satanists. SIT and read.


[Understand that the COVID con, lockdown, social distancing and masks are about avoiding herd immunity and political re-education. Chinese style tyrannical Communism is being imposed.Cc]

FK TV by

The insurgency that is occurring in the US right now is going by the book, following the Tavistockian social engineering model created after World War II by John Rawlins Rees and Kurt Lewin and explored by Doug Valentine in his book, ‘The Phoenix Program’. I recommend the book, ‘Tavistock Institute: Engineering the Masses’ by Daniel Estulin to get a full understanding of the methods and mechanics of what is happening right now.

Early Friday morning, Q drop 4620 explained how the infiltration of our government by mutinous mayors and governors, DAs, judges and other politicians was effected.

Q says the #CoronaHoax and riots are a joint operation between DNC leadership and the Chinese Communist Party and that only those DNC candidates who, through the vetting process were determined could be controlled were allowed to run for office.

We’ve previously spoken about the extremely systematic, data-driven approach taken by Soros-financed groups like the Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, helmed by Silicon Valley veterans, Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti, who set out to replace the Democrat Party with the young Social Democrats who they control, like Squad members, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

Through these controlled politicians, the plan is to take control of Congress and eventually to take over the United States with Globalist, United Nations initiatives like the Green New Deal (aka UN Agenda 2030), a UN-controlled police force and a social credit system.

The framing of Gen. Flynn was designed to both cripple the Trump administration and to prevent exposure of the illegal acts committed by the Obama White House Chain-of-Command and to install the controlled replacement, HR McMaster.

McMaster immediately set about removing any key remaining loyalists in the intelligence community and replacing them with controlled rogue assets, such as DNI Dan Coats, Christopher Wray and John Bolton, who together during 2-3 years, helped prevent the declassification of the Spygate documents.

The removal of loyalists from within the intelligence community was essential for controlling this insurgent infiltration and to prevent DECLAS, i.e. the public exposure of illegal surveillance of Republican candidates, House members, Senate members, Journalists , Ambassadors, etc.

After Trump fired Comey, Robert Mueller was installed as Special Counsel to box Trump in, preventing a counter-attack. After that failed, the fake impeachment was rolled out to keep POTUS on the ropes. The fake #CoronaHoax is the insurance plan for when all else failed.

Q breaks down the stages of the #CoronaHoax psychological operation:

  • C19 stage 1: Inform POTUS [via the intelligence agencies + CDC + WHO + Special advisors] that there was “nothing to fear”, “do not close travel”, “do nothing”, etc. This was the political set-up.

  • C19 stage 2: Inform POTUS of a “Doomsday” with inaccurate’ models, predicting the death of millions, to force the lockdowns and wipe out the economic and unemployment gains.

  • C19 stage 3: Activate the controlled Dem governors to spike the death counts + to project statewide fear by presenting ‘alarming’ on-ground conditions (sending C19 patients to nursing homes, setting up fake refrigerated morgues outside hospitals, etc.)

  • C19 stage 4: Push testing, testing, testing to inflate the number of cases, while the controlled Fake News fails to report the decreasing death count; deliberate miscounting of infected numbers, labeling motorcycle accidents C19, etc.

  • C19 stage 5: Eliminate/censor any opposing views (like the White Coat Summit and HCQ posts on social media).

  • Next, they activated 4-year BLM narrative, weaponized race and overreported C19 to stop in-person voting.

Ask yourself who benefits the most from the #CoronaHoax? There was a calculated political gain in it for both the DNC and the CCP:

1. Eliminate record economic gains
2. Eliminate record unemployment gains
3. Shelter Biden from public appearances, limit public exposure of mental condition
4. Shelter Biden from Ukraine exposure with a narrative change and media focus on COVID
5. Shelter Biden from presidential debates
6. Delay DNC convention _strategic take-over of nominee after the conference
7. Eliminate and delay Trump rallies, reduce energy of his supporters
8. Eliminate ability for people to gather
9. Eliminate ability to find peace and strength in time of need with strict Church closures
10. Promote mail-in-voting as the only “safe” method, thereby bypassing NSA election security
11. Push state-bailout stimulus for bankrupt states, California and New York
12. Increase national debt, thereby placing China into controlling debt position, giving them leverage
13. Test conditional limits of public acceptance of masks, lockdowns, vaccines
14. Test conditional limits of public non-acceptance of same
15. Test conditional limits of State authority (governors, mayors, etc)
16. Test conditional limits of Media gaslighting and social media censorship

Corrupt politicians and presstitutes keep slinging the BS about how “Russia is the enemy” and “China is our friend”. Everything we’re seeing in the media are calculated political moves/events, designed and launched by the DNC, in coordination with other domestic and foreign entities, in an attempt to regain power over us and to prevent accountability for their countless crimes and years of corruption.

Q says that Barack Obama has been operating a shadow presidency with the shadow government (aka Globalists), using information warfare and this insurgency of Commie mayors and governors.


On top of all of this political turmoil, we are also amidst a currency war, according to Catherine Austin Fitts in this video.

She says, “It is essential to understand that we live and transact in a transition time. We are in between two systems. We are amidst a global currency war.

“The first system is the US dollar, which has served as the global reserve currency since World War II. Over the last year, numerous officials in the financial and political spheres have increasingly gone public regarding their belief that the effort by the Anglo-American alliance to institute a global unipolar model subsequent to the collapse of the Soviet Union has failed. They have been open about their dissatisfaction with the US dollar as reserve currency and many efforts to de-dollarize the second system are in the invention room as we speak…

“The important thing to understand in this transition period is that many members of the global leadership do not intend to bring up a new currency system for use by the general population. Instead, they intend to use the end of currency as we know it as part of a radical re-engineering of our existing laws, finances and culture.

“Their goal is the end of individual sovereignty, managed with Technocracy and transaction systems that can operate without markets or currency in the classic sense and be integrated with what have heretofore been separate control systems.

“The use of a pandemic to engineer and market the transition has made any analysis more difficult. Whoever thought that tracking the central bankers’ Global Reset would require advanced expertise, experience and an extensive network in the health sciences?

“Fortunately, the Solari team has been blessed with many subscribers and allies who have such expertise and networks. On the other hand, it has made explaining what is happening a lot easier.

“For months, I struggled to explain Transhumanism and the vision to end currencies. Having Bill Gates jump on Reddit in 2020 to propose some of the key points certainly simplified matters…

“Now is the time when you and I are called to fight back. If you are listening to this, you are among those who wish to preserve human sovereignty and freedom. I’m deeply grateful for your intelligence and your contributions. You and I are not alone. Far from it. The number of people appalled at where things are headed grows daily.

“Our opportunity is to make a difference together now, while the new system is still being prototyped and the factions competing.

“We are actors in the writing of history. We have a say now as to how things go. The state of our currency systems must be seen in this context.

“Within a raging debate regarding the future of humanity, the debate is between those who hope to profit to an obscene degree from the end of human health and freedom and those who wish to preserve a human society dedicated to spiritual and political freedom and prosperity for future generations.”

Captap RMN's Hobie

We pay these creatures to do this to us.
We could hang the leadership of the occupation regime, Civil Service, Police, military, City, regional councils and political parties and cure all this in a day. Except we don't have Common Law courts and where can one find an honest judge with balls? What's the alternative?

I hope when the likes of Heath (traitor, DVD asset, Mason, murderer, homopaedo and liar) and similar evil cesspool flotsam, Jenkins, and later, Blair, Cameron, May, Bodj and his successor remember when Satan stirs the coals under their feet, they remember why they are in Hell.
If it's true other planets have dumped their societal excreta here, I wish similar for those responsible. Perhaps we could return their favour.

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