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HOW THEY ARE FOOLING YOU - WITH (Coronavirus SARS COV2 derivative) COVID19, Etc.


If the so far mythical "virus" exists, it is 'doctored' with HIV inserts and glycoprotein G120. The known evolutionary process could not produce such radical changes in such a short time, so the "virus" is not natural, if it is real.
The only image commonly avilable, well I leave you to decide whether the "virus" is an exosome or an exosome is the "virus."
Bear in mind, the exosome is (also) a product, a response to cell damage such as that caused byelectromagnetic radiation.
exosomes v covid19.jpg
Every description attributed to the virus is a description of the exosome. The uglies are past masters at fooling the masses by simple changes of title, the UN service corporations that were responsible for certain aspects of governance in America illegally took on full government responsibility, for example, they used the financial system to systematically plunder the American taxpayers using variations of 'the US government' title. Anna von Reitz declared them (and the Pentagon) bankrupt. The CDC corporation has been outed as a vaccine retailer for the pharms corporations, currently bypassing safety rules, regulations and norms in order to have syringes filled with harmful substances with which to impose vaccinations on the American public. Seems as if the alleged white hats Trump and Bodj are going along with the vaccination scam. There is no virus to vaccinate against. If the vaccination averts exosome production,it is harmfully interfering in the immune system

The virus scam was a product of electrification. Huge sums were invested in infrastructure and development of machines and equipment to capitalise on the development of electrification. The war came along and in 1918, the Spanish flu outbreak became a pandemic. Doctors and researchers knew previous to 1918 outbreaks had coincided with solar maximums (indicated by sunspots) and accepted the Sun as the source of cyclical outbreaks at 11 year intervals. The cause was intensification of solar EMR. Electrification brought people into close contact with
man-made RF-EMR.

The 1918 outbreak could not be credited to a mythical contagious virus because such could not infect so many over disparate locations in such a short time, but the myth was promoted regardless. The most obvious candidates for responsibility for spreading the virus myth at the time are logically those with the most to lose if the truth got out and the most to gain from the deception. To their sick minds, EMR from electrification could not be blamed because that would have seriously impeded the expansion of electrification and so its profitability. Then the vaccine scam came along,  and its by-products like Gates, Fuci and the military from a weaponised exosome perspective.

Obviously nothing changes. The assolets have been forced to power down the 5G in America. What is to stop them going back to the higher frequency if say, the military called for it as a crowd control means?

Doctors must come clean about vaccinations. They are targetting a product of cell damage, not a virus.

People are calling out Q Anon (interpreters of strange messages from being titled Q that could be your next door neighbour)  a psyop. I would be totally unsurprised if this were true. For example there is a complete absence of any discussion or information the Q team might have wrt their intended world or hemispheral government.
They're allowing us to be restricted, "for our own safety" whilst the paedo corporations are dismantled and perverts are taken down. How many premature deaths is the cost of each paedo or otherwise criminal that may or may not have been taken out of circulation (TOOC)? UKC regularly mentions the lockdown victim casualty total. Divide that by the number of provable TOOCs. It comes to many thousands per. And if the alleged clones are real, what is the point in taking down the original if it is immediately replaced, as if the TOOC never happened?
Need more than words and interpretations of what facial expressions mean such as, I assume in response to the Bible bashing Q Anon received here:
Q Anon put this out:
"This show is Proof-Positive that all we have shared with you about The Q Team’s Plan to Takedown the Cabal is completely Factual, with the Truth staring at You in Plain Sight…"
I'll put the video in comments.
If the lockdown is completely lifted and all the restrictions completely removed, the banks and corporations leaned on to pay back bail-outs and the NHS restored, then I may consider that Trump and Bodj are not just marionettes in the charade that includes such hilights as a Rothschild surrendering in NZ. Just that,words, no further evidence.
"We're just pretending to allow the robbery of tens of trillions from the American taxpayer, and billions from the British taxpayer..."
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