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Do we want continuation of the anachronism?


After generations of deceit.
It's an expensive, self-serving office. None of the treaties with the criminal EU regime corporation (counterfeit-Jew mafia and Black Nobility) are valid as co-signor Mrs. W. was a commoner without the authority of office, none of its laws are valid because the EU regime is a criminal corporation. Their regulations have to be written into British Admiralty Law by a valid government
to be valid. May treacherously promised her masters in Germany and the EU regime that she would write them into British law. Bodj has seconded the criminal intent. Don't expect any objection from the complicit judiciary.

Here's a glimpse of what the Vatican (an institution of the financial mafia) and its monarch, the former Queen of GB&NI (for 3 days, apparently) have been presiding over:

About Flags, Brexit, 2007, and the Ongoing Outrage
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch

February 2, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I got a blurb from Greg Hallett that indicated that our brethren in Britain and Australia are just as confused about "the gold-fringed flag" as we were, here, in America, for many years.
The "return of Britain to Britain" via BREXIT was fabulously celebrated yesterday with a great deal of flag waving, and the British People rallied in the streets and dockyards, in the pubs and alleys, waving and cheering the Union Jack.
This effusive nationwide flag-waving and the ceremonies marking the end of Britain's involvement in the European Union also brought the gold-fringed flag into the Public Eye, with many Commentators thinking it was an Admiralty Flag. Not so.
As a result of many years of research by American Patriots into exactly this hard-to-track-down question, we can definitively tell the world that flags with gold fringe added to their edges are called the "National Colors" --- and are "Ceremonial Flags" used by the Executive Branch of the Government --- having no other standing or meaning as flags.

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