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First they took COVID seriously, then they looked for it, then they ridiculed it


It is being looked for. Ridiculers get busy. Cartoonists are usually ahead of the curve on this  kind of thing.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
Curiously, Assange finds himself in a similar position to Mahatma Gandhi. Waiting for us to wake up.

How could they fool us so easily? Practice. Lots of practice.

The MsM is an intelligence operation stuffed with former and likely active assets. The occupation regime corporation is run like a branch of the intelligence services. Bodj, Cameron, Blair, maybe May = MI6 (M?), possibly double agents with the DVD. COVID 19 is a psyop to absorb blame for poisoning by 5G RF EMR. Rothschilds et al are desperate to get 5G fully rolled out and in use before the courts can be called in to reverse it. Why? The Smart Cities with 100% surveillance including through walls can't happen without the 5G DEW, (directed energy weapon).

There is an abundance of evidence that 5G is harmful and fatal to those in a weakened condition. Telecom corporations participating in the 5G roll-out and politicians and councils with prior knowledge that 5G can kill are guilty of at least deliberate manslaughter. Doctors, management and senior nurses in hospitals need to be investigated for probable murder, manslaughter, deliberate harm and fraud in support of the pandemic hoax.
Prior knowledge abounds even down to senior nurses. Taking Gates' funding of the Ferguson fake pandemic model and the former nurse's admission, the regime's Punch and Judy nonsense, (it's deadly - it is relatively harmless, as if it is the common cold) and the openly admitted fraudulent statistics (so blatant MsM couldn't hide it)  implies finger puppets throughout the upper levels of the occupation regime, the NHS, the intel services, councils and the Police. Satanists are believed to have substantial influence in the telecom industry. Councils, the Police and many 'representatives'  are controlled by the City's Satanist Masons.
We need more whistleblowers and a return of capital punishment for those that cause death in pursuit of profit and misanthropic agendas.
Hanging by the heels is an unpleasant and slow death that seems appropriate for the suffering the criminals have inflicted on their victims.

Absence of evidence evidence amasses daily.
The most convincing evidence for me was a letter to the ECDC (EU equivalent of the US CDC) by a number of qualified authors that detailed the complete absence of any indication that SARS COV2 had infected anyone in Europe, even those coming from China. (The COVID 19 exosome is a derivative of SARS COV2 engineered by the addition of HIV inserts and G120 that couldn't happen naturally.).

Letter to the editor: Plenty of coronaviruses but no SARS-CoV-2
Philippe Colson1,2 , Bernard La Scola1,2 , Vera Esteves-Vieira1 , Laetitia Ninove1,3 , Christine Zandotti1,3 , Marie-Thérèse Jimeno4 , Céline Gazin1 , Marielle Bedotto1 , Véronique Filosa1 , Audrey Giraud-Gatineau1,5,6 , Hervé Chaudet1,5,6 , Philippe Brouqui1,2 , Jean-Christophe Lagier1,2 , Didier Raoult1,2

To the editor: We read with interest the recent article by Reusken et al. about laboratory readiness for molecular testing of the novel coronavirus 2019, recently named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in expert laboratories in 30 European countries [1]. At the time of the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-coronavirus epidemic in 2012, we had highlighted the absence of diagnosis of this virus among travellers returning from the Hajj pilgrimage, which contrasted with the considerable anxiety relating to this emerging infection and its risk of importation and spread in mainland France [2]. Instead of MERS-CoV, influenza A and B viruses had been detected. This illustrated the major disconnect between the fear of a hypothetical spread in France of a virus emerging in the Middle East and the reality of the absence of diagnosed cases, while concomitantly the very real and high incidence of respiratory viruses common worldwide and in our country and their associated mortality appeared largely neglected. Seven years later, the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in December 2019 reproduced this pattern of disproportionate fear of importation and spread of infections in mainland France while the cases reported worldwide remain almost only localised in China as only 34 people died of this disease (Covid-19) outside China as at 25 February 2020 [3].
Expand. More articles in comments.Collapse )
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