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Flu is not contagious
29 March 2020

World economy wrecked by a hoax
Social distancing, quarantines are bogus


The Invisible Rainbow
A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg, 2017
Chelsea Green Publishing
White River Junction, Vermont

This is the best detective story ever written. The flu is not contagious. This quarantine is all a horrible hoax, deliberately inflicted upon the world to usher in totalitarian world government. The flu is not contagious. No flu has ever been contagious.

Arthur Firstenberg has changed the future and won himself a Nobel Prize with the publication of The Invisible Rainbow, which proves, among other things, that . . .

• The flu is an electrical disease. The trigger, Firstenberg writes, is connected to seasonal variations in solar radiation, as so many have suggested over the previous two centuries.

Long ago reports have shown that flu epidemics tend to occur during years of maximum solar activity, and that cases can rise and fall with the number of sunspots.

Famous thinkers who have connected flu with sunspots range from Noah Webster to Fred Hoyle. In 1836 Heinrich Schweich observed that it was a common belief that accumulation of electricity within the body caused influenza. His contention has never been disproven, Firstenberg reports.

The period of 1645 to 1715 is known as the Maunder Minimum, where no sunspots nor auroras were seen. There were also no worldwide pandemics. It wasn’t until 1727 that sunspots numbered more than 100 for the first time in more than a century. In 1728 influenza arrived in waves over the surface of the Earth and lasted by some accounts until 1738. Some 2 million died, Firstenberg wrote.

The pandemic of 1889-94 swept over the entire planet. Firstenberg theorizes that this accompanied the first electrification of the planet with electric lights turnin on everywhere.

A litany of quotes from the past two centuries all testify to connection between worldwide influenza outbreaks and the solar cycle.

Firstenberg targets the beginnings of misdiagnosis of a disease once called neurasthenia, or electrical sensitivity, to Sigmund Freud, who classified it as an “anxiety neurosis” in 1894, ending research into the electrical causes of the flu down to this very day.

“Because of him,” Firstenberg writes, “we are today putting millions of people on Xanax, Prozac and Zoloft instead of cleaning up the environment.”

Thus, all this present day twaddle about “social distancing”, quarantines and business closures are deliberate impostures by medical quacks who have ravaged the population with poison vaccines for the disease caused by electrical sensitivity. A thorough investigation followed by arrests and lawsuits for malpractice are totally in order for the criminals who seek to destroy the governments of the world with deliberately false information. Vaccines for flu have been foisted on the public for many decades and Firstenberg’s research shows they have always been totally inappropriate, not to say criminal.

“The Invisible Rainbow” was first published in 2017 and since has been rereleased in a paperback version by Chelsea Green, based in White River Junction, Vermont.

A more complete review will follow shortly, but the brakes need to be put on this legislative and medical hijacking of the American republic and all the governments of the world by criminal politicians, doctors and billionaires who plan on killing millions of unsuspecting victims with their poison vaccines which are totally inappropriate for the electrical sensitivity disease they have turned into a cash cow for unscrupulous vaccine manufactuers.

Firstenberg also wrote that several prominent virologists have admitted over the yers that vaccination has done nothing to stop epidemics and that the disease still behaves as it did a thousand years ago.

“The embarrassing secret among virologists is that from 1933 until the present day, there have been no experimental studies proving that influenza — either the virus or the disease is ever transmitted from person to person by normal contact.”

In September 1918 tens of millions died from the so-called Spanish flu but there was never any evidence it was caused by contagion. There were nosebleeds and blood hemorrhaging. Blood wouldn’t clot and there was a lot of hair loss from the unprecedented worldwide use of radio waves.

Numerous attempts were made to make it contagious but they all failed.

1889, power line harmonic radiation began.
1918, the radio era began.
1957, the radar era began.
And 1968, the satellite era began. These were the significant times when large changes to the Earth’s electric field were made. Each was accompanied by a significant flu pandemic. And each time the public was hoaxed by phony attempts at vaccines that those who administered knew wouldn’t work.

Then came the wireless era and HAARP, the High Altitude Auroral Research Project, which will be reviewed when this report is continued in part 2.

In the meantime, the measures imposed on the peoples of the world based on false information from unscrupulous doctors and politicians must be immediately reversed. Life must return to normal and those responsible for this fiasco of totalitarian abuse must be punished to the full extent of the law.

Social distancing, quarantining, the closing of businesses are absolutely unnecessary because no flu is contagious. The duplicitous medical community has played a joke on an ignorant public in order to turn the freedom loving American way of life into a diabolical Communist concentration camp, apparently with an idea to reduce the population with totally unnecessary poison vaccines.

Spread this news far and wide. Time is short. And the forces of evil are arrayed against all humanity, with the power of corrupt media and bought-off politicians all willing to end freedom with this cynical barrage of blatant lies that has disrupted the entire world and left its population terrified. For this hoax there is no forgiveness.

Can 5G exposure alter the structure and function of hemoglobin, causing coronavirus patients to die from oxygen deprivation?
Natural News April 06, 2020

Is 5G to partially blame for coronavirus deaths? Can 5G cause the blood that’s circulating in your body to be unable to carry oxygen?

What’s especially horrifying about the critical care of coronavirus patients is that they aren’t suffering from “viral pneumonia,” but rather from an inability to absorb or carry oxygen in the blood.

This has been confirmed by NYC ICU emergency physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who has released several videos detailing how coronavirus is not a kind of viral pneumonia. “We’re treating the wrong disease,” he says. And the ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients. He explains:

COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.

Watch him explain how coronavirus patients are dying from oxygen starvation, not from a viral pneumonia lung infection:

How does blood transport oxygen in the first place?

As described by Natural News:

A thorough review of the available published science on wireless (WiFi) and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure has identified at least seven different ways that WiFi and EMF microwave pollution actively harms the human body.

Published in the journal Environmental Research, the peer-reviewed paper explains that exposure to WiFi signals, which are everywhere these days, can lead to: oxidative stress, sperm and testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG (electroencephalogram) changes, apoptosis (programmed cell death), cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload.

Note that coronavirus patients are already being observed with neuropsychiatric effects, testicular damage and oxidative stress, three of the symptoms of 5G exposure.
Vid  5G: Next Gen Health Dangers (Documentary)

We just created this simple chart to point out the similarities between 5G exposure and coronavirus symptoms. Feel free to share everywhere, and link back to this article if possible

Mass insanity due to psychiatric effects of cellular poisoning
[Evidenced by Boris, his gang, medical pros, Gates, Fauci and various newspaper typists. Cc]
Can 5G exposure alter the structure of hemoglobin by increasing its affinity toward other molecules which are not O2?
While I strongly disagree with those who are claiming there’s no such thing as a virus or that the coronavirus is a hoax, I do agree that the widespread deployment of 5G antennas is a kind of suicide pact for the world.

My take.
Along with the excellent presentation of research info., Mike advocates harmful masks and wants the truth out without killing the golden goose is my reading of the article. Kaminski wrote the review at the top of this post, not the book.
It is probable the engineered exosome called SARS COV2 variant CV19 was produced. It failed to prove contagious (like all 'viruses') so the most likely reason for its deployment was to hide the consequences of the illegal 5G roll-out.
It is probable that due the doctored exosome's inability to pass from person to person so needing a huge volume to provoke even a small immune response in a large group of people the Pentagon-CIA ran out after dosing countries perceived as unsympathetic to military-industrial and Satanist ambitions. That amounts to an extremely marginal harmful biological and acutely harmful electromagnetic warfare on Italy, Korea, Spain, Germany, Iran, Switzerland and Turkey, and likely via NATO ground forces, (terrorists) Syria.
I believe the Chinese admin and the mil-ind complex (CFR) and Satanists (advising both the Trump and Chinese admin.) co-operated to switch the blame for death by ARDS from the 5G roll-out to the CV19 bat exosome to avoid resistance to the illegal roll-out.
The 'coronavirus' common cold is attributed to the exosomes produced by EMR damage to cells, usually associated with cold weather when the immune system is depressed by staying indoors due to reduced exposure to sunshine (vit D) and fresh air, rebreathing communal stale air at the same time as using increased amounts of electricity in close proximity and peak solar EM activity symptomised by sunspots.
It is likely that areas that have seen an illegal roll-out of 5G in the countries mentioned were specifically targetted so as to avoid blame being attached to 5G that would avoid further expansion.
Why the underhandedness? Aside from it being the preferred method of the Satanists, there is some desperation evident in the haste to get smart spy cities established where even minutiae are regulated by the snakes' AI.
No 5G, no smart  spy cities.
5G roll-out is an illegal experiment on the planet. It is unknown what direct and indirect effect the 42,000  5G transmitters in space plus those on the ground added to radar and the already exising EMR will have on life and the Earth's magnetic field. If that is broken, we will all die along with all other life. The Satanists, their politicians and mercenary military either aren't aware or don't care.

To sum up, flu is not contagious, 5G is a killer. Vaccinations are an immensely harmful profit and Agenda 21-30 driven confidence trick. Gates, Fauci, top brass et al have been trying for decades to obtain a contagious virus by funding research illegal in America and so far have failed. All they have is lies, deception, politicians and access to public funds. Hanging is too good.

Stop 5G

GB. Hang or jail those councillors that took the bribes and ok'd the democidal 5G roll-out.

Scientists and researchers please get behind those debunking the existence of harmful viruses and the vaccination scam and maybe people will again repect what was an honourable profession before it was prostituted.
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