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FAO our 5th columnist Prime Minister and his controllers

Gates, Fauci, the military et al have been desperately financing biolabs to create one in order to have a physical  reason to create vaccines. Wuhan was likely chosen due tothe Chinese regime's low regard for human life. Luckily so far they have failed.
Mr Icke explains:

At present there is only he said she said, no virus. no contagion,no proof, and 5G RF EMR poisoning.
If a doctored bat exosome called a virus that so much has been hysterically clamoured about in the mass media actually exists, it is not contagious, in fact there is enormous doubt that it is anything more than smoke and mirrors to cover for the harm done by the illegal roll out of 5G. All the alleged COVID 19 hotspots correlate exctly with 5G hotspots. If COVID 19 hadn't been invented, the Telecoms,EE,Vodaphone etc. and their enabler politicians and councillors would be in the dock for manslaughter and grievous bodily harm to the public caused by the illegal 5G roll out.

Hopefully that day will come.

Boris, you are with the enemies of humanity, Rothschilds, Pilgrims, the FoIsrael, etc. Do you have any experience of sacrificial goats? They are tethered to a post and left for the animals to consume. Analyse your position and reconsider.

There is a lot of anger and hatred building against "the establishment" as people become aware of the hoax/scam/con that has shortened the lives of so many, and those providing cover for it.

Denounce Gates for what he is. A con man selling snake oil. Then we can get busy with the real problems, stopping 5G and the advance of Bolshevik Communism.

Masks have been proven to be harmful, but you know that, so what is the real reason for Adolfina mandating? You're a white Jew, they are educated to think of us as animals. Do you think we are animals Boris, and you aren't?

Aldolfina Sturgeon. Is there a picture of Boris with a white pointy hat embellished with a capital D for dick-head?

adolf sturgeon.jpg
(Screencap) If the mask fits...

Can't say if UKC is the best as there is nothing to compare it with.

UK Column News - 6th July 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus could lead to 35,000 extra cancer deaths
CV didn’t stop cancer treatments – it was due to the government’s response
Peter Hitchens: we’ve all turned from normal humans into muzzled masochists
Hitchens: the political cleansing of our schools and universities continues ferociously
Stasi state: people now informing on others to the police
Scotland: Devi Sridhar tweets herself into more trouble
Scots ordered to wear face coverings in ALL shops from July 10 and face £60 fine
The minutiae of your life is now dictated by the state…
LNL meetings debate 2020: Corona – the role of science in times of crisis
CoronaVirus response is not being led by science, it is being led by politicised science
Science is broken leading society into disaster – many scientists speak out but are silenced
Experts silenced: shades of the climate change agenda…?
Poynter: a leader of thoughts…fighting the infodemic – the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance
Behind Poynter: who are the Shuttleworth Foundation…?
BBC: CoronaVirus lockdown – eight ways the lockdown has changed the UK
BBC deceives the public on Covid-19 death statistics
Off Guardian comment from Catte Black
30:16 – Friends of Ian R. Crane fundraiser up and running…and climbing
32:35 – Actress behind BLM protest in Whitehall disowns ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter
BBC tells staff not to wear Black Lives Matter badges on air
BBC doesn’t get modern culture: ‘Karen’ totally misunderstood by them
Labour party’s Kier Starmer goes all-out for positive discrimination…
US President Trump speaks out against the far left at Mount Rushmore
President Trump speaks to spiritual nature of conflict: we only kneel to Almighty God
42:26 – The Times: army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No.10 plan is approved
Un-named sources being used again by the Times…
David Ellis (SDI) asks pertinent question of Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Burridge
50:55 – Technology hailed as a ‘game-changer’ will expose identities of racist trolls
Signify: the Threat Matrix tech to be used – still no definition of ‘hate’…
Enter the Organization: adapt and innovate in uncertain times
Relax, we are to be developed by ‘The Organization’

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The Story Of Influenza. An Important Tale To Tell Your Friends

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