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[Do not print this poster and stick it on a 5G mast, pole or lamppost, it may make you ill if you get too close to it. I don't want to put stupid ideas in peoples' heads either, like wearing a radiation protection outfit if you are daft enough to stick it to them..
There is a neat explanation of Wuhan COVID19 outbreak in the article. ]


Wuhan coronavirus pandemic STAGED to

cover-up the public health crisis caused by

the intensive 5G roll-out in Wuhan in 2019

State of the Nation

“China was long ago set to be the 5G showcase for the world. Major metro areas and technology hubs like Wuhan were selected to be official 5G Demonstration Zones. Only such a high concentration of 5G radio-frequency transmitters andmicrowave towers would permit a citywide build-out of the Internet of Things. 2019 was the year Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, was
“expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration”.
Then the coronavirus hit,so the whole world was told.  What really happened was that a new variant of the coronavirus was released in Wuhan after the 5G experimenters saw an epidemic of 5G Syndrome explode.  The 5G guinea pigs were literally dropping like fliesas soon as they flipped the 5G switch.  The
ERs and urgent care clinics were overwhelmed.  The 5G scientists watching the burgeoning public health crisis immediately activated Plan B: Blame it on a virulent flu—a bioengineered coronavirus that produces symptoms similar to 5G Syndrome.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer

The New World Order globalist cabal will
not allow anything to impede the military deployment of 5G worldwide.

That’s it!

~~~ END OF STORY ~~~

5G Syndrome Maps Perfectly with Coronavirus Outbreaks

There’s a LOT of hard evidence now emerging the further away we get from the original crime scene in Wuhan, China and as the coronavirus pops up around the world in 5G Hotspots that indicates this pandemic is being manufactured for multiple reasons.

As it turns out, those nations with the most advanced 5G roll-outs have the highest incidence of COVID-19 cases, both infection rates and death rates.

In those countries that have permitted IoT build-outs where the 5G power grids are the most developed, the coronavirus infection rate istaking off.

What’s really interesting is that Africa has thus far shown very few cases. As of this weekend there were only 3 medically acknowledged cases on the entire continent. Which begs the question: How do the Third World countries in Africa avoid such a contagious strain of the coronavirus given the pervasive lack of proper sanitation and necessary hygiene?

In light of how deeply involved the Chinese are with development projects all over Africa, it’s quite curious how that infection number is still so low. Perhaps it’s directly related to the absence of 5G roll-outs in the vast majority of African nations.

Before those nations suffering the greatest nmber of coronavirus infections to date are further investigated — China, South Korea, Italy,Iran, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, United States, France, Spain, Kuwait — another curious development ought to be looked at closely.

The Proof is in the Cruise Ships

The single best proof of the quite obvious 5G-Coronavirus linkage are the various cruise ships that have seen an inexplicable mushrooming of coronavirus cases, even after all the passengers were quarantined.

Many of the biggest cruise lines now advertise the fact that they have the latest and greatest 5G technologies in place. The most advanced cruise ships actually possess the best examples of what the Internet of Things (IoT) will look like in the future … if the build-outs proceed unimpeded by the very serious health concerns and safety issues.

KEY POINT: Cruise-goers, by and large, love to stay connected with the folks back home. They especially enjoy texting their many photos-by-smartphone back to family and friends. Businessmen have a need to stay in touch with the office as other passengers want to stay abreast of all the breaking news in 2020.  Hence, every cruise ship will eventually become a 5G–IoT paradise if they’re not already.

What really happened on the quarantined cruise ships is that those folks were likely quite vulnerable to the flu bug for a variety of reasons. Then, when they entered the fully operational 5G space* on the ships, their immunity was profoundly weakened so that they would be susceptible any influenza strain, including the Wuhan coronavirus—COVID-19.

*The cruise lines have literally put their 5G technology on super-steroids as seen in this promotion: MedallionNet™: The Best Wi-Fi at Sea.

5G Nations

It has also been astutely observed that those nations with the most pervasive and powerful 5G networks fully functioning are those that have suffered the biggest outbreaks of the coronavirus to date. Why should anyone be surprised at this wholly predictable outcome?

The following excerpt comes from: CORONAVIRUS BOMBSHELL: This proves it should be named “5G COVID-19”

The importance of viewing the coronavirus COVID-19 as a “Telephone Disease” is that by doing so it explains some perplexing mysteries about the spread of this disease—such as why this disease has struck the Gulf nations and monarchies in the Persian Gulf region, but becomes explainable when one notices their ongoing 5G revolution—most particularly in Iran, where this country is completely blanketed to its smallest village with 4G technology coverage—but who are now putting the finishing touches on rolling out 5G technology throughout their entire nation in the coming weeks—finishing touches that included Iran activating their Chinese bought 5G technology for testing—that was immediately met by Iran having more coronavirus cases and deaths of any nation outside of China—and whose Vice President is one of seven of their top government officials now infected.

Coronavirus COVID-19 disease outbreak begins to spread in Persian Gulf nations and monarchies activating 5G technology.

Both 5G Demonstration Zones such as Wuhan, China and floating 5G cruise liners are correctly considered 5G Hotspots. These 5G Hotspots, for the uninitiated, are really KILL ZONES because many folks will die early the longer they bask in those dangerously high levels of 5G radio-frequencies and microwave radiation.

The following excerpt from a previous exposé provides critical links for every individual who lives, works and/or plays in a 5G Super-Hotspots.

Which brings us to the single most perilous aspect of the military deployment of 5G—KILL ZONES.

All the scientific evidence available in the public domain now indicates that wherever 5G infrastructure is
located in the greatest concentration generating the most powerful EMFs
and microwaves, those 5G Super-Hotspots will effectively function as kill zones. As follows:

5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located!

In order to fully grasp the highly destructive and deadly potential of these rapidly emerging 5G Super-Hotspots,
the following video exposé presents a scenario where the most powerful
“directed energy weapons” will be located within these 5G kill zones.


WEAPONRY: Microwave Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation
Warfare, Full Spectrum Dominance & Total Human Control (Video)

Which bring us to the primary purpose of this article—5G Syndrome.

5G Syndrome

5G Syndrome is a relatively new disease that has yet to go
mainstream because of how its official recognition would immediately
terminate the ongoing 5G roll-out.

Exactly what are the symptoms of 5G Syndrome?

There are many, and they manifest differently in each victim of this insidious disease.

Of course, a good number of typical flu symptoms mimic 5G Syndrome.

But what’s most important is that these two illnesses — Influenza and 5G Syndrome
— will mutually sustain each other. In that way, it can be quite confusing to accurately
tease out which symptoms are associated with which disease.

In other words, if you have the flu, your exposure to 5G will make it much worse. Likewise, if you have a case of full-blown 5G Syndrome, you will be much more susceptible to getting the flu, and if you do, it will be significantly worse.

Back to the primary symptoms. The best medical reference that we have at this point, since 5G Syndrome is still a relatively new medical phenomenon, is another disease known variously EMF Hypersensitivity Illness and Electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

What follows are just a few of the most common symptoms that are frequently experienced by people who know they have EHS. (Also, see the preceding diagram.)

There are several other symptoms that are also being recognized as
the direct result of intensive EMF and microwave exposures. As follows:

KEY POINT: It’s essential to correctly comprehend the difference between 5G Syndrome and 5G flu.
While there are several similarities, it’s the differences that really matter.  Hence, every smartphone user
and IoT enthusiast is compelled to contemplate any new health conditions or unusual symptoms or inexplicable sickness, particularly those that have been chronic and/or long term.
See: CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL REPORT: Worldwide Outbreaks of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu Driving Pandemic


The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has awakened many to the reality of 5G Syndrome.

Perhaps it took all of humanity to get freaked out by a scary
frankenvirus — COVID-19 — in order to wake up to this extreme and
growing danger in our midst—5G technology and the slowly emerging IoT.

With this crucial understanding, at least now we know what we’re
really dealing with. So, the best thing informed people can do is pass
the word around: It’s really 5G and your smartphone that is causing the current pandemic, not necessarily the coronavirus or even any of the many other flu bugs circulating around the planet in 2020.

Now many folks will naturally get a bad case of one of the many types
of influenzas, or even the coronavirus itself, and they will need to
take that illness/disease very seriously. If they are elderly or infirm
or suffer from other illnesses, they especially need to follow the best
advice out there.  For the sake of prevention, there is this sage
advice: Here’s How Everyone Can Avoid Getting The Coronavirus.

For other alternative treatments and holistic approaches, excellent guidance such as this can be followed: Natural Protection Strategy Against Viruses, Including the Coronavirus

Lastly, it’s important to note that the 5G Syndrome angle presented here is only one of several perspectives concerning what is really an ongoing series of bioterrorist attacks
being carried out in 5G-intensive zones. The perpetrators are
continuing the bio-attacks wherever they must cover up an epidemic of 5G syndrome
so that the worldwide military deployment of 5G is not jeopardized by
disclosures about the extremely serious health dangers and safety

Do you see how they do it?!

The NWO globalists are very clever, aren’t they?

State of the Nation

March 1, 2020

Author’s Note

This “CORONAVIRUS HOAX” does not mean there is not a highly
contagious bioengineered coronavirus that is being released as a
bioweapon in the nations that have experienced the ongoing bioterrorists
attacks. It means that these stealthy bio-attacks were meant to cover
up the raging epidemics of 5G Syndrome in those specific
locations. So, the coronavirus is quite real just as SARS and MERS, Bird
Flu and Swine Flu were real. But, the Wuhan coronavirus was
specifically bioengineered in order to create and hype a global pandemic
around COVID-19. Again, the hoax aspect does not refer to a
non-existent coronavirus; that frankenvirus is quite real indeed and
being cunningly used as a decoy.


[1] ‘Wuhan City, the
capital of Hubei, is expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end
of 2019’ — Head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration.

Thanks Author. Brilliant. We are still waiting for proof the CV19 exists and that it is contagious. I suspect it isn't as the pics I've seen show an exosome presented as a virus. They are inert and produced by cells in response to damage or to communicate. Those produce by human cells serve a role in the immune system. Human cells can't produce bat exosomes. Vaccinations to suppress immune response to exosomes must seriously compromise the immune system, but who cares, look at the profit.
I recommend spending a long time reading what SOTN has to say about the COVID19 experience and 5G.
In your face - is people that work on this stuff. It's a bit scientificy but hugely informative.

If either are unreachable via firefox, use opera vpn (not available for phones)..

The NWO globalists are very clever, aren’t they?
No. If they were their think tanks wouldn't cost us a fortune.

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