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The CV19 scam. What in hell's name is going on?


Is COVID 19 a Satanist scam? What the con men are selling as a virus is a modified bat exosome that has to be introduced into our bodies by artificial means because exosomes are inert and incapable of reproducing. Human cells can't reproduce bat exosomes.
One immune response to RF EMR is that the cells produce HUMAN exosomes that are falsely sold to us as animal crossover "viruses" that need to vaccinated against. Those provably killed by the immune response to the modded bat exosome have been MURDERED for the benefit of criminals like OWG Agenda 21/30 Gates and suchlike.
The bat exosome gets into the body undetetected due to a G120 mask, likely human G120. The mask dissolves and the bat exosome is revealed and prompts an immune response. If enough animal exosomes get into a person the immune response can be severe.It can get into us by introducing it into the air we breathe via helicpter, military drone and plane contamination of the atmosphere and by a simple spray can. It can be in vaccinations, corona "virus" testing kits (the immune response production of exosomes, called a "virus" driven disease by our common enemy produces antibodies the same as for the Telecom equipment emitted RF EMR caused common cold and "flu". It may be in the ground dust that appears when rainfall dries. It may be in the water supply but damp air appears to break it down, it can't be killed because it is a toxin, not alive. Bleach and chlorine such as in tap water from reservoirs, chloroquine, maybe chlorine based mouthwash and similar cause the bat exosome to break down.

It gives every appearance of a massive Satanic Jew controlled Mason and media (zBBC etc.) driven con, hoax, scam, scare story to sell vaccines and to introduce controllable nano tech into everyone's body.

Bodj (MI6, like Cameron and Blair) told us it is a relatively mild poisoning. Then he rolled over and followed 3rd party (pharms industry? Gates? Prince Philip? The FCO?) instructions to impose martial law that involves house arrest, social interaction cancellation as "distancing" that has been outed as a con because individual identification by GCHQ and similar corporations' computers don't work at lesser distances. Effectively outing the despicable intelligence services taking our money to help with poisoning us and tracking us for control by the misanthropic scum-like Pilgrims, their Bilderberg, CFR, (military, industrial and intelligence complex) the Vatican's (Holy See) CIA and similar gangs.

The following vid is interesting because it suggests that nano tech has been tied to the bat exosome maybe as a delivery mechanism. Tech that can alter our RNA on demand to produce an immune response that can be used as a false excuse to impose illegal mandatory vaccination around the world. Vaccinations can also deliver nanobots.

An extremely good insight into what really is happening right now (IMPORTANT!!)
By CharlesWard

Posted By: Lymerick
@ RumorMill News 18-Jun-2020

The Most Incredible Military Operation In History Under The Cover of Covid, A Recorded Interview
At Youtube:

We have an engineered bat exosome with 4 HIV inserts that is not alive, i.e. not contagious, being used as an excuse to commit GBH with vaccinations. What other agendas are being advanced using the CV19 con, scam, hoax, scare story?

I think it was Mike Adams that told us that vaccines are to be tested for harmful adjuvants that cause permanent infertility in men and women and for cancer causing agents, (another big profit making con, candida was found by a doctor in every cancer sample, the candida was being disappeared by the regular purification process, likely not accidentally). NWO-OWG eugenicist Gates likely profited hugely from false cures that kill more than they save.

Then there is the communisation of the West assisted by Satanist attempts to generate racial conflict via highly funded BLM and Antifa. It is a bit difficult for the thick KJ Satanists to get western Democracies to fight Russian Democracy for the benefit of covetous and evil Satanist Jews.

So, telecoms with full permission and co-operation of occupation regime corp'ns like Bodj's to install 5G and upgrade 4G everywhere to produce symptoms falsely attributed to CV19 bat exosomes. It is unlikely that Bodj is not part of the Satanist Khazar Jews' collective. I expect his loyalty to that org. are far higher than to Britain and N.I.

If the KJ Satanists are avoided from making especially 5G everywhere , the smart cities where everything is watched and controlled won't happen. Wired with optical cables to your router is faster than wireless and more reliable. So why are telecoms so anxious to go wireless? Who owns the telecoms? Why are they co-operating with the KJ Satanist controlled banks, the Masonic military and police, and in Britain, the Masonic City that is a foreign state that controls GB&NI local and regional councils,  and its Crown Ltd Bodj regime corp'n, not forgetting its 5 I's? Rothy once claimed Masons to be his secret army. Masonry is Talmudic, similar ceremonies, same worshipped invisible being passed off as Lucifer but in fact Satan.

It seems always to come back to the Black Nobility figurehead of the Pilgrims and Masonry, and the so-called learned elders at the root of societies' malaise. As Anna says, any serious criminality, especially theft always comes back to England.

Is 5G harmful? Some references worth considering:

Summary. Engineereed bat exosomes and human exosomes passed off as COVID19 viruses are sold as the cause of EMR poisoning. Without this alternative, people would be looking at telecom RF EMR on top of EMR from all sources, including solar EMR for the cause of their annual illness that causes suckers buy into vaccines.
Once solid proof is available I hope to form a group to sue the ass off BT. 500 people would be enough. If it were possible to make politicians personally accountable... I suspect banning all present politicians, Masons, Jews or CP from ever standing for any public office again would be the smallest punishment. All their ill gotten gains should be confiscated. Lobbies need to be financially crippled not least for influencing governance against public interest. As for the Satanic Mason controlled zBBC and the Satanic Talmudic Jew controlled MsM, each promoter of the CV19 myth should be closed down permanently.
If all the false CV19 death certificatess were re-examined, with a high degree of probability the honest numbers would fall inside expected common cold deaths. Curiously the common cold is a human corona exosome that triggers an immune response to EMR poisoning. If you had a corona exosome cold in the past 2 or 3 years, you have corona "virus" antibodies.

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