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Earth Rings and Space Fence Control Grid

Anthropogenic Earth Rings

Elana Freeland – Earth Rings and Space Fence Control Grid, Part 1 and 2
Bye Bye Blue Sky July 04, 2018
By Suzanne Maher

No one articulates the Geoengineering/Space Fence agenda more succinctly than author and researcher Elana Freeland.

As Elana states, this is not the Space Age JFK envisioned, but a militarized Space Age to completely control the planet.

The HAARP experiment in Gakona, Alaska was far from the first phased array base. Puerto Rico, Long Island, Norway and Russia preceded Gakona. What Gakona had, was the power and steering mechanism the other bases didn’t.

The HAARP base in Gakona which began in the late 90’s to 2013 (and which was then retooled and amplifed) can pinpoint certain areas of the atmosphere, zap with microwave frequencies, heat it up and bubble it out in the cosmos, thereby activating the electrons for increased ionization, swirl down the millions of magnetic lines of force, and down into the atmosphere.

They now brought all this energy down into the atmosphere and required the conductivity to keep it going. The nano particulate operation now enters the stratum which began in the late 1990’s. The particulates began being added to jet fuel and possible supplementary systems, and you now have the chemtrail ‘Pump and Dump’ as Elana has called it.


("... get people through the Van Allen radiation belt because we haven't been able to do that yet." We heard that from a NASA employee and now from Elana. No-one has walked on the Moon. If it was possible, the hydrocarbon barons would be there already.)


Elana discusses; knowledge, truth to power, mind discipline, breaking free of the social engineering trap and mainstream ‘mediation’, occult America, the modern day Inquisition which is the Space Fence.


Tags: earth has rings, elana freeland, geoengineering, haarp, space fence

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