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The Bodj regime corporation is insolvent, defrauding the public and acting without authority

In response to the Manchester Gestapo-like thought police and any other Gestapo-like state police force oppressing everyone that cares to think or speak out about the psyop being played out, contrary to the British Constitution and the right to free speech and thought. Is it the British Police or has it been corporatised and sold?

I also wonder whether the military has been incorporated and who its present owners are.
With a high degree of probability the local and/ or regional councils have owners that are not rate payers. They are controlled by the City Masons (Ltd?).

Has the British Police been incorporated? It seems as if every public office and public service that is capable of having Inc. inked after the title has been incorporated.

Regardless, the British occupation regime corporation owns or controls the Police. That makes it a privately controlled security force with no authority to act against anyone outside its corporate mandate. Where it otherwise the occupation regime corporation in its entirety would have been arrested for multiple frauds, perhaps selling Britain being the biggest. The good policeman that wants the public to snitch on people acting against the occupation regime corporation's interests by telling the truth or even otherwise, speaks as an individual's opinion and not with any authority to censure anyone. So I believe.

The Police should be aware:
The Bodj regime corporation is bankrupt, acting without authority and committing multiple frauds against the public. By failing to act on information publicly available, the Police (Inc?) is aiding and abetting the crimes.

We need a legitimate government, a British Police Force and a British Military. We have none at present.

Anna von Reitz initiated the establishment of a legitimate government of the United States of America having declared the other two insolvent. The present US regime corporations are acting under the false authority of the IMF and the World Bank corporations that appear to be defrauding the American taxpayers via the Federal IRS corporation, a subsidiary of the Federal Reserve, a UN Corporation subsidiary, owned by a group of Zionist controlled banks.

Anna von Reitz took time out of her busy schedule to let us know what the Friends of Israel Conservative Party branch is doing against the public's best interests.
Yes, we have had lawful money all along and the power to create more, simply by publishing a standard and doing it. Our United States Silver Dollars and your British Pound Sterling still exist and new standards can also be created.
What happened is that the Corporatists set up legal tender laws and insisted that the military and civil servants use “Notes”—- military script for money— or rather, in replacement of money.
Because we had to deal with them all the time and they could only use script, we had to convert our lawful money into their script to pay taxes and conduct other business, just as you might have to convert Euros to Yen.
In this process they received back lawful money which they couldn’t use, so they cashiered it away in Slush Funds and used our lawful money and the silver it represents as the collateral for their “credit spending” — the basis for their I.O.U.s.

The problem for them is that their script was based on our credit to start with and as corporations chartered under our authority they didn’t have the power to tax our labor or our land and so, didn’t give us anything of value in exchange for our lawful money in the first place.
So the whole thing was fraud and “nothing from nothing remains”. We are owed back our silver and our lawful money plus interest and damages and accruals— which of course, their organizations can’t pay.
So they are bankrupt and we are defrauded and all of these fraud schemes lead back to the banks and the politicians and Principals who allowed this.

We, Americans, know what we are owed and it is actually pretty easy to track the embezzlement simply in terms of “what should be there and isn’t” and their own double set of books known as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports in this country.
Long story short, both fraud and embezzlement are crimes and they are desperately trying to avoid admitting what they’ve done and are trying to use the black robes to defend them under the “Rule of Law” which is simply the court rules that govern things like “Rules of Evidence” — and are not Law at all.
So bugger the “Rules of Law” and pay attention to truth and justice and the actual Public Law and make sure these jokers enforce it or swing for treason and Breach of Trust.
My emphasis.

I wonder whether Anna has made the Vatican insolvent? If not I expect she'll get to it. HMQ's and Rothschild corporations (Crown Inc and the City Inc) are subservient to the Vatican Corporation.

I think the 90 days vacating the Pentagon premises (a lock out due to insolvency) was up at the end of April. Because of that Bodj likely started lifting the lock down at that time. He'll still there, the Police will continue their protection of the fraudsters and the corporation judges will continue protecting all the corporation members participating in the fraud. I expect the Bank of England, both corporations, are involved.
Damn good timing for a pandemic.

About the Ethereal Corona Virus Psyop
As with all things satanic Jewish*, this psyop hoax is multi-faceted.
The pension funds have been plundered and the pensions payments cannot be supported by the present fiat currency system that is on the brink of collapse. A big problem, not just for western occupation regime corporations but for China too. Seemingly, Russia is playing along, having imposed restrictions on their public as advised by the crooked UN's WHO. Problem, solution. Kill off as many pensioners as possible.
It seems as if the relatively harmless CV19 is cover for mass murder by 5G radiation, intubation and assorted other means, It is also the excuse for mass vaccinations that will probably be mandatory against National, International and Common laws. Oh, there's a subdermal tag to say you've been tagged, I mean vaccinated. Bill Gates, whom looks to be deeply involved in the Zionists'* intended global or hemispherical coup world government corporation (EU style) has a disturbing role in the global vaccination and tagging scheme. He funded Ferguson's modelling. He promotes euthanasia by vaccination as a population control method. He has killed and neutered thousands with his vaccine programs..

* Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World's Media

The Federal Reserve - Zionist Jewish Private Bankers

The Zionist Elephant In The Room

Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) & Zionists - Brutal Proof

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

Standing 6' apart outside a shop is social control. It has SFA to do with any kind of infection except on a 1 in 1000 windless day, as even a doctor with a shared brain cell would tell you if they were honest. It may be the safe distance to be from a person carrying a cell (mobile) phone that is 4G or 5G enabled.
Theory. The so-called corona 19 is not an exosome from a bat species that has been modified (engineered) i.e. weaponised. It is a human exosome produced in response to radio frequency EMR (microwave) damage to cells. Human exosomes are communicable. When the produced exosome attaches to another cell it relays info possibly that its emitting cell has been damaged. The cell takes the info and creates and dispatches its own exosomes to relay the info. Other cells that receive the human exosome repeat the message. The info is communicated to the immune system HQ and it takes action appropriate to the volume of conveyed info about the threat, raises the temperature, glands in the throat produce antibodies. Likely the swollen glands cause the dry cough.,
Healthy babies don't get CV19 or any other so-called disease that is an immune response such as influenza that is CV19-like but with a more complex message.

The flu is not contagious.
This quarantine is all a horrible hoax, deliberately inflicted upon the world to usher in totalitarian world government. The flu is not contagious. No flu has ever been contagious..

Staying indoors makes people more susceptible to seasonal illness due to aggravated vitamin D deficiency.
6 foot apart is not relevant to communicating diseases. What is the safe separation distance for those with 4G or 5G enabled cell phones communicating with cell towers and 5G satellites?

So, coronavirus 19, 2019 scamdemic is the excuse or cover for or distraction from:

  1. The illegal imposition of 5G

  2. The Pentagon insolvency 90 day shut down and UN "US government" corporations' insolvency.

  3. The global fiat currency collapse and replacement with either gold backed or cashless currency.

  4. Population control and pension fund salvation by euthanising the elderly.

  5. Global (toxic) illegal (as untested) mandatort vaccination and tagging program.

  6. Imposition of the NWO OWG in the way the CIA and Bilderberg's satanic EU was imposed.

  7. Massive plundering of public funds to prop up corporations and central banks.

  8. The plunder of ME atmospheric water for the benefit of the Zionist Sauds and Syrian oil for the benefit of oil corporations.

  9. The (illegal as harmful to the atmosphere) imposition of upper atmospheric 5G 'satellite' balloons.

  10. The expansion of the economic and biological war on China.

  11. The permanent imposition of martial law.

  12. Restructure of society and entrainment of the tax stock

  13. The destruction of small businesses in favour of corporations.

  14. The imposition of UK occupation regime totalitarianism.

Further information.
5G – A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life
It is already clear from over 10,000 studies on 2G, 3G, and 4G that these wireless network radio frequency (RF) radiation network systems are causing significant acute and chronic health problems, including life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and mental disturbances, such as depression, anxiety, and increased suicidal tendencies.
Beyond the statements of informed individuals decrying the 5G “rollover”, there are also major organizations warning of its dangers. The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space currently boasts approximately 31,300 signatories as of January 11th, 2019.

Arthur Firstenberg – The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation

There are approximately 7,000 people implementing the satanic OWG plan that need to be neutralised.

When you know the nCOV 19 aka COVID 19 is not contagious, ask how, whether it got to us Brits.
Where appropriate, in my opinion.
Some links to be added.

Taking the piss or claiming ownership of the 5G Covid 19 infection?

Under the coronavirus symbol is a 5G tower. On the other side of the note, there's a crown covering the corona virus symbol. The window, bottom left contains
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  • May's (Bolton - Netanyahu - Illuminati's) War on Iran

    If we allow May's (Bolton's - Netanyahu's - Illuminati's) war to proceed we must be prepared to take the refugees the war creates.…

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