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nCOV-19 the next question, gallows or guillotine?

Is the corona virus family modified exosomes? (Not a virus?)

If yes, who knew, when, and who modified them to be bio weapons?

How were they modded? Nano bots? Are those bots the same claimed to be in toxic persistent contrails?

Have airline unions been bought off, are airline executives on board like the zBBC and other MsM such as Google?

If there are any honest, investigative police forces left, this must be deeply investigated. The nCOV-19 hoax is possibly a bigger crime against humanity than corporation world wars one and two and all the hoaxes from the holocaust hoax on combined, if the reported national death tolls combined are considered.

National and local government cannot be trusted. The Iraq investigation and successive regimes using tax funds to pay humans to kill humans for private profit proved that.

If an investigation uncovers the serious crimes
committed against humanity, the think tanks, financiers, the enablers, the bribers and bribe takers, the doctors, hospital and GP executives, and the necessary MsM liars will need to be arrested. We'll need to spend a load of tax funds on prisons and mass graves. Anonymous burial at sea might be a better option. That is the very best they deserve in my opinion.

If the Police fail to act, defund them. Tell your local council to reduce rates by the amount contributed.  If the local council fails you, sack them. Don't wait for a vote. Just avoid them using the offices paid for with your cash. Form local police forces that work for us, not the incorporated state.

THERE IS NO  TEST THAT CAN SPECIFICALLY DETECT nCOV 19. The test is for any corona virus. Most humans have a corona virus antibody from having a cold or the 'flu. Why don't the deceivers say that? They want to scare you into getting vaccinated. I wonder what the zBBC's cut is?

Youtube 5 Apr 2020
Kevin Boyle
The "expert", Professor Neil Ferguson, whose computer model gave the UK government a pretext for the ongoing 'lockdown' now in place, was funded by 'The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation'.

Gates is a eugenicist, like his father before him. He is devoted full-time to two projects:
1) Getting everybody "chipped" (i.e. trackable, dependent, enslaved), and
2) Reducing the world's population.
Lovely man, you will agree.

Gates, Imperial College’s Ferguson Who Started this Nightmare & Jeffrey Epstein
Image: Gates Foundation - How We Work
Armstrong Economics
Posted Apr 9, 2020 by Martin Armstrong
Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in Britain is ground zero for this world lockdown. He even testified before the British Parliament and nobody really interrogated him. He projected that the death rates would be 20% of the population and then had to admit he made a mistake. While many have focused on the sex scandal between Oxford and Imperial, behind the curtain lurks Bill Gates. Yes, you have it. Even on the Gates Foundation site, they admit they provide funding to Imperial College.
Gates flew on the Lolita Express in 2013 will Jeffrey Epstein as reported in the Daily Mail in London. The connections are so deep in many different directions, this screams for a Special Prosecutor when we have people talking about we must remain in home confinement unless we are vaccinated with chips?
Images and more links:

Boris recovered due to treatment that would be given for altitude sickness, i.e. oxygen.
Thanks for the proof, Bodj,
Boris screwed us over Brexit. Royally screwed us. But what would you expect from the Friends of Israel party? Boris is Jewish. Israel has a vaccine...
Is he on commission? Or just loyal to a Zionist genocidal apartheid terrorist state that practices assassinations and terrorism beyond its borders? How much British taxes went to the monster last year Boris? There needs to be an inquiry.

Put a line of gallows in Trafalgar Sq. ready for those politicians that legislate murder and destruction of lives, especially childrens' by mandatory vaccination.
There will need to be a Common Law Court legally convened. The justice system is too corrupted to expect ANY justice from the system.
gov repair kit.jpg
(Send this picture the person pretending to represent you.)

You know, Boris, just in case, you understand.
If the nCOV-19 hoax runs the same course as the 9/11 hoax, (aluminium tubes, even tipped with DU can't fly through 3-4' thick steel reinforced top performance concrete) but especially the CO2 hoax (wherein CO2 as 0.04% of the air drives the atmosphere's temperature) then the MsM will constantly repeat unscientific lies that reinforce the surreal danger. Politicians that are performers maintaining the illusion of Democracy will vote for whatever their corporate bosses' Whips (directors) tell them to irrespective of the harm to the public.

Trump suspends US funding to World Health Organization
Has Boris suspended WHO funding? If not why not?
Boris won't delegitimise its partner in crime. London Imperial College is partnered with the WHO that is also tied to Gates' funding. Any funding from taxes must be cancelled. Any recoverable payments should be recovered. Ferguson must be tried for treason.

Evidence mounts COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan
But was it the one Soros funded?
paul reid 2 weeks ago
If you knew this guy just died from the disease, in the building, why @ 1:34 would you lift your mask?
SheepDog 5 days ago
where are the men????
yeah feminized into pussies......good job lady.....

How does the CO2 aka the climate change hoax fit in? Why was there a need to reduce CO2? Does it impede the depth of penetration of 5G from satellites balloons?

VIA JIM STONE ---- BILL GATES: the world has got your number... and they are dialing it RIGHT NOW. #timesup (views: 6019)
Watchman 12-Apr
Heartening, strong language.
Perhaps eugenicising him would be a kindness to civilisation.

More in comments and:
The Illegal United States and Allied Invasion of Iraq & Syria Reaches Crisis Point
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