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Doctor!! DOCTOR!!! You NEED to See This..!!!

Youtube Premiered Mar 29, 2020
John E Hoover
This analysis is not news. This video is an independent opinion journalism project and represents our opinion, and our opinion only.
Doctor Fauci
Doctor Ted
Global Pandemic?
Based on what criteria, exactly?
What was the straw that "tripped the wire" that made them declare it a Global Pandemic of Epic proportion....????
What was the Tipping Point?
I queried the CDC database.
The results are shocking.
Have we seen numbers this high in any year since 1918?
If so, when, exactly?
Are the rapid COVID19 deaths caused by a COMBINATION of Influenza H1N1 or similar, and COVID19, as simultaneous infections, causing rapid decline in pulmonary function...???
Cap tap Paul Stramer
(Play at 0.25 (click on the cog and select speed) to see the docs and the sources.)

5G flu, 4G flu, radar flu, phone flu, EMR flu, sarin flu, QE2 flu, Pirbright flu, Welcome flu, Wuflu, Gates flu, psy-op flu, like picking a name for a baby.

If we can decisively prove the hoax, WHO can we sue-jail-hang? Telecom corp'ns are the weapon.

The re-americanisation of America
Judge Anna lays down the law with a little help from her friends.
[Service as in, "You've been served."]

Second Decree Over Mandate
Lincoln County Watch
Monday, March 30, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz
See attached.  Signature page JPG and mailing receipts will follow in a day or two. See below.
Final Second Decree Over Mandate
[Read and be amazed]

See the Webinar of March 30th for the explanation of what this is and why it's important.
Zoom Webinar #55, March 30th 2020,
[Download option at Zoom.]
Signature pages and Postal receipts for proof of service  published 4 2 2020
Signed page 1
Signed page 22
Post office pages with receipts.
1 of 9
2 of 9
3 of 9
4 of 9
5 of 9
6 of 9
7 of 9
8 of 9
9 0f 9
Print these out and keep them in your files for proof of this important 22 page document and it's accompanying proof of service. They will try to make this go away at some point in the future.
I can't guarantee this huge database will always be available on line.
Paul Stramer
Judge Anna in the video, "I've cut down the trees now get out there and get mowing." Or words to that effect.
Thank the gods she's on the side of humans.
Hopefully Bodj has given his cold to all those involved in the imposition of the ridiculous medical martial law, house arrest and social distancing and they end up in hospital with "NO RESUSCITATION" pinned to their forehead with a nail gun.
Keep your phone away from your child, your body and especially away from your brain. Try to leave it at home when you go out. Turn it off when you aren't expecting any necessary calls. Petition the occupation regime corporation to outlaw 5G and 4G with prejudice. AVOID VACCINATIONS LIKE THE PLAGUE. THEY ARE A PLAGUE.

Promoted from the comment section:

Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan
Tags: 4g flu, 5g flu, emr flu, pirbright flu, qe2 flu, radar flu, sarin flu, welcome flu, wuflu

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