clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

The zBBC said PANIC

And most did. Why?

It's a hoax purveyed by the complicit zBBC et al to enable massive theft, an act of treason against us.

A smokescreen imposed via the zBBC and all the usual MsM suspects. How far down the ladder from Cressida Dick are the masonic Police involved?
I've related most of what's happening on the American side of the pond mostly using Anna von Reitz' bulletins in the comments section under the previous post and earlier. A $multi trillion financial heist that makes the 9/11 gold heist, insurance fraud and insider trading profits together look like chump change.

Some comments from Aangirfan's post 'CORONAVIRUS FALSE FLAG'University of Hamburg data
The number of deaths in the world
in the first two months of 2020
2,360.........Corona virus
69,602.......Common cold
193,479.....Road accident
And alcohol and cigarettes are government approved.
As is cancer causing GM food. Take your pick.
[Seasonal flu numbers? Cc]

Greg Bacon 25 March 2020 at 14:58
"Goyim, STFU and keep dumbing yourself down, that way you won't ask why YOU have to bail out those TBTF banks AGAIN and other financial outfits who took on bad debt just to make some quick shekels, now that the debt is imploding, guess who's going to pay?"
There's anudda 1.5 QUADRILLION in stinky derivative bets that are going sour, guess who gets that bill?
Give all you can Goyim, so we can keep living like royalty while you work 2 jobs and barely make it by.
"Let them eat cake? More like "Let them eat shit"

Anonymous 26 March 2020 at 03:30

Anonymous 28 March 2020 at 02:26
Hoaxers from the very start

Anonymous 28 March 2020 at 04:16

Anonymous 28 March 2020 at 04:17

Anonymous 28 March 2020 at 04:44

Anonymous 28 March 2020 at 10:46
February 26: "Coronavirus could kill HALF A MILLION Britons"
March 28: "UK will have done well if FEWER THAN 20,000 die"
Wow - what a difference a month makes.
In this case, all being well, 480,000 BRITISH DEATHS HAVE BEEN MIRACULOUSLY AVERTED!
And all because we've been good little subjects (most of us) and played along nicely with the global elite's false flag.
But remember - if we're naughty subjects going forward - if too many of us challenge the limiting of civil liberties, the trashing of our livelihoods and businesses, the disaster capitalism, and the inevitable bail outs of billion-dollar corporations - the original figure of "500,000 British deaths" will be revived to scare the bejeesus out of us once more.
Better be on best behaviour...

Got it?

Now we need the names of the dregs of humanity that the elderly psychopathetic nut jobs of Zion, the Zionist bankers and their cohorts used to fool us.

Here's a start.
Gordon Brown.
David Cameron

David Clementi Chairman
Tony Hall Director-General
Elan Closs Stephens Member for Wales
Tim Davie CEO, BBC Studios
Shirley Garrood Non-executive Director
Tanni Grey-Thompson Non-executive Director
Ian Hargreaves Non-executive Director
Tom Ilube Non-executive Director
Ken MacQuarrie Director, Nations and Regions
Steve Morrison Member for Scotland
Nicholas Serota Senior Independent Director
Ashley Steel Member for England
Francesca Unsworth Director, News and Current Affairs

All paid by the public to broadcast perversion and propaganda to us and our kids, and to fool us with the covid shit their policy decisions invoke. These are the lowlifes Mary Whitehouse would be railing against were she still alive.

Bodj seems to be playing along, but he may have had no option. Up to him to be branded just another sack or make us believe he is not part of the scam.

.Keep your mobile phone at least 9" from your body. The covid invader (if it exists) may be triggereded by MW radiation. TheWuhan high kill count was created by a microwave burst, possibly emanating from the thousands of 5G satellites.

Captap HotCoffee
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