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Climate Change Now Questioned At German Universities – Professors Speaking Up
P Gosselin Oct 2010
The AGW religion in Germany is in deep trouble. Consensus is crumbling. the science is coming under attack. It’s taken a awhile, but slowly and surely, Germany, once the premier power in science, is beginning to ask questions again. When lectures and seminars questioning climate science take place within academic circles and at German universities, then you know something is afoot. Skeptic blog Readers Edition posted yesterday a clip of a seminar here by Professors Dr Klaus Landfried of Heidelberg and Dr Werner Kirstein of the Institute for Geography at the University of Leipzig before an audience at the University of Leipzig.
The seminar is titled:  “Where’s The Climate Change?”
Dr Kirstein opens the seminar and expresses his surprise that so many people are in attendance, some travelling from far away. The introductory part is then handed over to Professor Dr Klaus Landfried. Professor Dr Landfried reminds us that a university is one of the few places in society where questions can be asked freely, where answers are searched, and then questioned again, and that without any restrictions, in an environment where debate is free.  Landfried says, “Religions have a hard time dealing with that.” Landfried sets the tone of the seminar in no uncertain terms. This is a seminar that is absent of Rahmstorfian rules and Schellnhuber suppression. At the 7:10 mark Dr Landfried slams any peer review process run by a good ol boys network.
In the world of science it is unavoidable, as humans are involved, that there are always attempts to portray truths as unacceptable, or to try to suppress them using methods that have nothing to do with science, and perhaps to even slander persons in an attempt shut them up. One method used here is to claim that everything that is good must go through peer review.
Dr Landfried delivers his speech forcefully, slamming peer review processes that involve a cartel of ideas, where some participants are excluded, and the others focus on concentrating their power. He reminds us that the misuse of peer review has always been a problem in science. Conflict in science is nothing new. For example, oncology has long been in bitter dispute. At the 13-minute mark, Dr. Werner Kirstein starts his presentation. He addresses three main topics:

1. Are the IPCC model-based climate projections something to be taken seriously?

2. Sea level rise and glaciers

3. The controversy and politics of climate change /continues

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