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The CO2 confidence trick and child farming, abuse and murder will end the NWO-OWG project

I made this prediction some time ago.
CO2 demonisation propaganda is never far from the front pages of humanity's enemies' MsM. Truth is simply censored, decried, downplayed or ignored. The zBBC paedophile shelter whose leadership invariably consists of a Bilderberg participant or a Mason is a leader among the propagandists (deceivers).
The abundant supply of young homosexual prostitutes at Bilderberg meetings readily exposes the nature of the attendees, either tolerant of child abuse and murder or abusers and murderers themselves. Masonry sponsors orphanages. Many orphanages have been found to be used by child abusers and murderers, the murders foully quasi legitimised as religious sacrifice, especially among Satanic (Pagan) Jews of Khazarian descendents and their converts and sychophants.

On the CO2 demonisation for profit and advancement of Satanic globalist agendas, (global poll tax, global population decimation, perversion legitimisation), batting for truth and reality, Patrick Moore was interviewed on Conversations That Matter by Stuart McNish.

If you prefer not to sign in to gootube -

Take-aways from the interview.
"If we stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, there wouldn't be a tree left on the planet in 2 years."
CO2 is essential for life to exist. Optimum CO2 level for biomass is 1000ppm, and that is harmless to us, e.g. cinemas regularly exceed that by hundreds of ppm. At 150ppm biomass dies off. CO2 dropped to a dangerously low 180ppm and through natural warming, and good fortune - the great ocean conveyor, that takes around 1000 years to complete a full circuit, sequestered CO2 from the end of the MWP and recent years saw the oceans and complimentary atmosphere temperatures co-operate to raise CO2 levels to 400ppm. It is speculated that humans contributed 3% of that. It is actually impossible to quantify because human CO2 is identical to natural CO2. Directed public and private funding by the EU-UN corporations, assorted occupation regime corporations and NGOs saw scientists using the mention of CAGW, nowadays called climate change to guarantee acceptance of papers and funding for otherwise undeserving unrelated research and projects.

Batting for the children, Aangirfan:
Sunday, 1 March 2020
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Tags: child abuse, child farming, child murder, co2 con, nwo, owg
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