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How the child and adult trafficking networks operate

the bridge 25 August 2019

Let Us Start at the Beginning

Vitamin K Blood Sample at Birth and Child Trafficking

Contrary to what the midwives tell you, the Vitamin K blood take at the birth of your child is for the data banks for child trafficking requirements and for the tailored vaccine program. In the trade of trafficking children they are ordered according to bloodline and blood type. Children in high demand will be targeted by Social Services with a big help from the now corporate Academies and incorporated Primary Schools. This also operates through Council connected corporate child minding operations, who are paid cash to refer children to the Social Services network.[1]

Ofsted is the corporate enforcer of this trafficking network through the issuance of fit to traffic children or not, by definition of how well a particular school, nursery, or child minding operation abides by their strict rules of data collection and readiness to become a referrer of children to the platform. Schools with an outstanding score are expert in all areas of corporate procurement.

Corporate government entraps the child minding platform through the issuance of benefits paid to the child minders through the Social allowance scheme, if you are not Ofsted registered you cannot receive the social payout :

Tax-Free Childcare is a government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It can pay for : registered childminders, nurseries and nannies, registered breakfast, after-school clubs and play schemes, holiday schemes.

Remember one thing, all monies paid to the corporations comes out of your tax pot which in the tax year 2018-19, Caesar took from you in tax , £627.9 billion. This does not include fines.

The Food Banks are a future mechanic for child procurement for the trafficking networks through the forced signature of Intervention Orders to receive a handout. This also applies to children’s charities that have full protection of non disclosure of their operations to the Public and do not need to present accounts at Companies House.[2] It is a perfect closed system.

The trafficking network is also embellished through Doctors and specialists, especially those brought in from foreign countries. This is achieved by labelling the child with a particular condition from which they insist the child receive medication, and or, some form of corporate specialist care, again enriching the body corporate. Vaccinations also operate in the same manner, creating serious medical conditions which require a constant future administration of medical intervention, ensuring the expansion of the medical industry born of the breaking of the human body.[3]

In many cases the medical intervention affects the child ‘s behaviour from which they force the children into an existing special needs category and into the hands of corporate specialist’s they go. The Mental Health industry is a major aspect of this platform.[4]

Another method is through attacking the family to create discord enough to get the father out. This is where the secret societies control of the criminal networks and Family Courts come into play.[5]

When this occurs it is child’s play to get the children into the hands of the corporate Social Services and off into corporate care. Once in care, the children when allocated to a fosterer, are sent into more affluent situation as distinct to the social capacity they experience with their family, this is due to the huge benefit payouts given to those involved in the fostering and adoption industry, the longer the child remains in care the less chance there is that they will ever adapt back into the poverty many parents who suffer child removal can offer. The parents, if they get them back, are then judged according to the disparity. If a child is adopted, absolute secrecy is the order of the Family Courts and you will never hear of the real situation of the child, ever.

Freemasonry is the main benefactor to this platform as high ranking Masons encourage their own family and offspring to become fosterers which keeps the money flowing into their craft. This will be made far easier with the introduction of the ICE, In Case of Emergency smart phone app.

7th Degree Masonry

21st Degree Masonry

As Example, from the Book : For Export Only, The untold story of the Romanian ‘orphans, P 87. We find the following statement :

“In private many people admitted it was not easy for Romanians to adopt and the healthy children were ‘saved’ for abroad. The selection of children by foreigners was sometimes very thorough. The Israeli, for example, were nicknamed ‘the vampires’ as they took blood samples of adoptable children, which were analysed in Israel before they were accepted.”

The trafficking of humans operates for adults (classed as Adulterers under Noahide Law) as potential organ donors, where adults are chosen based on their blood type for organ transplant for wealthy people abroad. This began during the Yugoslavian War. These transplant operations are carried out in Germany, Israel and is an expanding industry in China. When it comes to adults the platform is two fold, information comes out of the medical arena as they hold all the necessary data, secondary and from this data the traffickers operating on the streets in vans are sent to retrieve the victim. I was made aware of such Eastern European networks having set up base in Kent back in 2015 from an insider in Police Intelligence, with the criminal rat runs set up with the Irish traveller networks across the nation, we can assume this network has expanded to cover the country.

Academy schools and Primary schools are today set up like prison camps, with huge fencing and military type systems in place dictating how staff deal with the complaints of parents. This has been formed from the Contingency Act 2004. The corporate schools are the main facilitator to the child procurement by referring your children to the many corporate specialist operations, facilitated through the Fear Authority held by Social Services and enforced by the now fully incorporated Police Forces no longer made up of Constables,[6] a Constable is subject to the laws of nation, a Police Officer is subject and commanded by the corporate network of State which enforces Corporate Policy under the Authority of Fear.[7] Lancashire Police and Council operate under the charitable status afforded to the Blues and Twos Credit Union. Again they operate a closed system.

The Academy platform went live in the showcase Academy in Brent London and was spearheaded by ARK, Absolute Return for Kids. The Patron is Prince William who is the illegitimate son of King Juan Carlos of Spain who held the Templar title King of Jerusalem. The CEO was Arki Busson who has been named in the little black book of Jeffrey Epstein.

Aldridge Saffron another to be found in Epstein’s little black book is a British model and close friend of Meghan Markle. Her current husband is Ian Wace, financier and co-founder of the Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) charity which subscribes to the principles of child protection and has Lord ‘Hedge Fund’ Fink as co-director. The fake royal family are up to their eyeballs in child trafficking. Study.

Trafficking Children Through Child “Protection” Services?

ARK and the ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe

‘Ark also has in interest in all those ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe.’

The following is the truth about what is happening with the ‘orphans’ in eastern Europe, from the book For Export Only: The untold story of the Romanian ‘orphans’. Link here :

Extracts from this book, in three sections, showing that 1) the Romanian ‘orphans’ are not ‘orphans’ at all, 2) how the public have been misled by the manipulation of photographs and media reports, and 3) that brain research in these institutions uses some of these children as subjects.
Continues with excerpts, and more on ARK's insidious connections -

In America kids are stored in cages in underground warehouses. Battery farmed. In Britain orphanages sponsored by the Masonry and Round Table gangs appear to serve the same purpose.
Some entities that include such as senior public servants, politicians, senior Masons and Illuminati should not be mistaken for human. Is Boris one? Doubtless May and her predecessors are. Khazar Jewish Illuminati Jesuit EU presidents very likely figure. Khazar Jews have a history.

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