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The UN's (IMF-World Bank) US occupation regime corporation. For profit by banditry.

Openly Using America's Tax Funded Defence Forces as Thieves in the Service of Private Corporations.

Trump repeats Syria intention: US troops are taking the oil

Sunday, 12 January 2020

US President Donald Trump has once again revealed his intention to take possession of Syrian oil in what is seen by experts as a move that would amount to a war crime.
Defending his decision to leave some American troops in the war-torn country, Trump told Fox News Friday night that “they say he left troops in Syria... do you know what I did? I took the oil.”
“The only troops I have are taking the oil, they are protecting the oil,” Trump said, prompting the interviewer, Laura Ingraham, to try to correct him by saying the soldiers were there to guard the facilities. But the president cut her off.
“I don’t know, maybe we should take it, but we have the oil. Right now, the United States has the oil. We have the oil.”
Trump has before too publicly mused about stealing Syria’s oil reserves.
In October, after ordering the withdrawal of American forces from Syria, Trump said he wanted a US oil firm to go to the Arab country to tap its oil.
“What I intend to do, perhaps, is make a deal with an ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly,” he said back then.
In a major U-turn in the US military policy, the White House announced on October 6 that the US would be withdrawing its forces from northeastern Syria, clearing the path for an expected Turkish incursion into the region.
Three days later, Turkey launched the offensive with the aim of purging the northern Syrian regions near its border of US-backed Kurdish militants, whom it views as terrorists linked to local autonomy-seeking militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
In late October, the US Defense Department confirmed that “mechanized forces” would be redeployed in eastern Syria to protect oil fields there, a clear departure from Trump’s earlier order to pull out all troops from the country.
In November, the US president made it clear that his only mission to keep troops in Syria was to take possession of the country's oil.
“We’re keeping the oil. We have the oil. The oil is secure. We left troops behind only for the oil,” Trump said.
Trump's remarks contradicted earlier remarks by his Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who tried to justify the presence of "500 to 600-ish troops" in Syria by alleging they were seeking to deny ISIS - an acronym used by US officials to refer to Daesh terrorist group - access to Syrian oil reserves.
Taking hold of a foreign country's oil reserves without permission from the sovereign authority would be a serious breach of international law.
In addition, the Geneva Convention, to which the US is a signatory, explicitly forbids the looting of property during conflict, referring to it as a war crime.
In December, a senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Damascus planned to file a lawsuit against Washington for plundering the Arab country’s oil resources.
Bouthaina Shaaban said the United States had no right to Syria’s oil, warning the US of popular opposition and operations against the presence of its troops at Syrian oil fields.
Shaaban was referring to Trump’s September announcement to retain American forces in Syria to secure oil reserves there.
Benjamin Friedman, policy director at think tank Defense Priorities and adjunct professor at the George Washington University, told The Independent last year, “The president appears to believe that the US can sell the oil, based on his statements in the past about Iraqi oil and Libyan oil ... thinking that we can loot countries.”
“Taking the profits from the sale of Syrian oil for the US treasury would be illegal. That would probably qualify as pillaging under the law.”
The US ltd's ISIS was stealing Syria's oil and selling it to Turkey via Iraqi Kurds.

Cameron was no different to Trump, a corporation Gunda Din.
We still have toxic con trails, we still have glyphosphate on shop shelves, we still have unlabelled, harmful GM foods on supermarket shelves. We still have military and intelligence personnel in the ME and NA conflict zones for the benefit of corporations. We still have harmful vaccines. We still have IMF austerity and illegal IJ EU VAT siphoning GB&NI wealth out of the country destined for the UN (in addition to direct wealth transfers to the UN) private bank accounts and poor countries' corrupt regimes from whence more will be siphoned to private bank accounts. We still have the IJ EU neutering of females and homosexualisation of males via oestrogen and its mimics in food. We still have council tax funded IJ EU (OWG) Communist Purpose regional assemblies (rebranded Local Authority Leaders’ Boards) and council tax funded, unelected and illegal communist merto city global government parliament reps masquerading as mayors, feeding at the council tax funds trough.
Boris has been on board for all of this through the Cameron and May occupation regime corporations.
We need a Europe-wide Yellow Vests army, unarmed unless...
A few decorated lampposts will see the parasites and their sycophants fleeing.
Blair knew he would be committing treason when he abolished hanging. It seems only criminals are allowed by the satanic "establishment" to achieve premiership. Boris gives every appearance of continuing the tradition not least by sustaining the illegal flow of wealth from GB&NI with his pretend brexit.
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