clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Conversos Boris is still robbing us on behalf of criminals in the EU and the pilgrims' OWG-NWO, etc.

If he's a rabbi, he can give himself permission to lie to us. However, permission is probably automatic on becoming a satanic talmudic mason in the service of HMQ and her apparent collective regime against us and our kids.

I believe the con party in power is a for profit tax corporation. I believe Boris, in collusion with the EU, UN, IMF and assorted banks is robbing us blind, IMF "austerity" is an excuse. CO2 tax, aka carbon tax is based on fraudulent information, VAT at 20% that is still going to the IJ EU crooks, plus donations to the BIS' UN, its IMF, World Bank and Rothchild's GEF is all going out of our pockets and out of the country.
Continuance of treason, fraud and deception all voted for by us on 12th Dec 2019.
Every MP that either approves or is still benefitting from IJ EU largesse, that supports the criminal operation by the IJ EU and Boris is complicit.
Every MP, council employee and "metro city" mayor that supports the criminal puppet world government wannabes and its regions, that approves of global parliament mayors and their funding by local council tax has been and is complicit in defrauding council tax payers.
Every global parliament mayor in GB&NI is committing treason against the public, as well as deceiving us.

The BoD of the government, Civil Service and councils need to be audited and prosecuted. If Common Law courts are established, then the traitors can be hanged by the neck, publicly and then incinerated and their ashes used for concrete paving, i.e. something useful.Read more...Collapse )
Found at Mishtalk's brilliant
Global Warming Fraud Exposed In Pictures
If you believe it's about human influence on the climate after studying this lengthy debunk of the corporations as the US-UN-EU-UK-RS' white jewish type deception, see a psychiatrist (but not one of the (likely paedo) Freud fraud school).
A comment from there says it all:
awc13 Sep 30
imagine if the solution was to lower taxes and shrink the size of government, how many politicians would be on the global warming bandwagon?

Haaretz Confirms: Britain Has Been Operating As An Israeli Puppet Within The EU - Gilad Atzmon‎
Does Boris have an (enemy of humanity) israeli passport as well as his american and GB passports?

Thanks Aangirfan
Do people really believe he gives a sh*t about Great Britain and N.Ireland other than as a resource for the terrorist and mafia jews and jesuits?

If we ever get the bureaucracy corporations masquerading as public services punished and replaced, there should be an investigation of every masonic lodge including the City (that is probably a paedo's paradise like Brussels,Vatican City, Israel and likely DC) and NGOs like the inner circle of the traitorous RIIA round table that 'advises' the occupation regime in collusion with Bilderberg and other CFRs, and the strong advocates of carbon tax found in the RS round table.
Lord Browne, former BP boss, was involved in one of the more obvious climate con scams, carbon capture. Sir J Houghtonanti industrialist, CAGW zealot and many other sins against humanity. I wonder how many more not exactly straight advocates, MPs and other crooks benefitted from the climate con?

Tags: carbon tax fraud, climate change fraud, eu-un-gb deception, eu-un-gb fraud, eu-un-gb jews and eu jesuits, global warming swindle

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